This is a short story, just while I'm waiting for ideas for my other story, 'Dissectable', to dance into my head. It might turn out to be longer, who knows, but whatever. ENJOY!

Blackstar's Innocence

Narrator P.O.V.

Liz, Patty, and Blackstar were all leaning towards Kid's bedroom door, listening to what was going on. Tsubaki and Crona were in a corner in the living room, sulking, whilst Maka was trying to pull the twin guns away from the door which protected their eyes from 'Yaoi'. Maka was blushing fiercely, embarrassed that she had even thought about looking through the keyhole. Inside she knew what was going on in there, but she looked anyway. She shuddered as she remembered. She wasn't even going to try and pull Blackstar away. One, because he'd probably knock her out. Two, because she really didn't care. The two mating lovebirds would have to deal with him later. She finally succeeded in pulling the chuckling girls away. They had all been reasonably quiet, so they probably wouldn't be at all disturbed. They were probably thinking that the group would take another couple of hours to get back from their trip. If they were even thinking about anything other than lovemaking. Maka had no idea Soul was gay. She dragged Patty to the living room at Gallows mansion. Liz had finally come to her senses and walked normally. Crona and Tsubaki shifted their heads to the sound of Patty's maniacal laughter, that had risen in noise level once they had entered the huge, dark oak door. Maka threw her in and shut the door quickly behind her, panting. Tsubaki stood up and looked around.

"Where's Blackstar?" Tsubaki looked like she was on the edge of hyperventilating. Maka sighed in exhaustion.

"Tsubaki, you know what Blackstar will do if I even try to touch him." Tsubaki looked down onto the ground.

Back in Kid's Bedroom

Soul looked down at Kid. He was thrusting as hard as he could into the young reapers backside. Kid was softly moaning, and Soul wanted more. But he knew they had to stop. The others could appear any second. Soul thought he heard laughter. He stopped what he was doing and put his finger on Kid's lips, a signal for him to keep quiet. This time, he definitely heard a laugh. It was coming for downstairs. Kid's eyes were wide with horror. They were both thinking the exact same thing. 'What if the others found out?'

"Kid… I think… We may have to stop now…" Kid nodded at Soul. Soul sighed a little, but pulled out of Kid.

"I'm going to go for a shower." Kid grabbed a black towel. "There's another bathroom through that door." He pointed to another door, that Soul hadn't noticed before. Why would Kid actually need two bathrooms anyway? Soul shrugged it off and grabbed another towel. This one was white.

Few minutes later

Soul and Kid opened up the door.

"AAHHH!" Both boys stared at the blue haired creature lying face down on their feet.

"What. The. HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" Soul kicked Blackstar of their feet. Kid just buried his head in his hands. Soul glared daggers at Blackstar, who was now standing up. He stared at Soul

"That… Was…" Blackstar paused.