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Blackstar's Innocence

Narrator P.O.V

"AWESOME!" Blackstar jumped up and down. The pair just stared in disbelief. Was there a perverted side to Blackstar they never knew about?

"Uh… What?" Soul finally spoke.

"That was an awesome move! You even got Kid practically crying! I know how awesome I am already, but with your help I could use that move and defeat Kid in a battle! Then I would really have surpassed God! I might even share some of my awesomeness with you… Maybe…" Blackstar's eyes were glowing with confidence. Suddenly Kid cracked up, laughing – practically choking. He was rolling around on the floor, tears streaming down his eyes. Then Maka burst in through the door, her having heard laughter that wasn't Patty's own screeching. Soul was also laughing. This time it was Blackstar's turn to stare.

"Are they mental? Why are they laughing? I was completely serious you know, a big star like me can't afford to joke when these opportunities come by." This just sent the duo laughing even more. They were going to run out of oxygen.

"What the heck is going on here? Why are you two laughing? I see you've finished whatever that was." Maka was annoyed at them. First reason because Soul was gay and he never told her. Soul immediately stopped laughing. Did she know what happened? He quickly jumped to his feet. His face was steaming up (The embarrassment he was feeling would cause your screen to blow up if I wrote it down).

"How di-… Wha-… Why…?" Soul was lost for words. By this time Kid stopped laughing and was sat on the floor, legs spread out, and blushing fiercely.

"Yeah, yeah, we all know about you two and your gay desires." Kid's and Soul's faces were practically tomatoes.

"Gay…? What are you talking about, Maka?" Blackstar looked confused.

"Umm, Blackstar do you even know what was going on in there?"

"Yeah, Soul was beating Kid up. I wish I could have watched properly… If Soul can surpass God, then there's no doubt I can!" All three were staring at Blackstar, not believing what they were hearing.

"Err, why are you guys staring at me like that…?" Maka smirked. She leaned sideways to grab a fat dictionary that was lying randomly. "Maka…? What are you doing?" He looked around to the two boys. They were also walking up to him. They were all smirking evilly.

"Soul, Maka, maybe we should take him to Dr Stein so that they can have a little… talk." Blackstar slowly backed away. He pressed himself against the wall.

"That sounds like a swell idea, Kid…" Maka swung the dictionary up. And back down. Blackstar crumbled to the floor.

"Heheh… This should be interesting… Luckily it's only 5pm, so Stein should still be awake…" Soul and Maka grabbed Blackstar by the legs, and pulled him down the stairs.