Hello everyone, and welcome, now please note this isn't a new story or new chapter but a request for assistance, I'm planning on writing a Self-Insert story involving a few Dark Riders. Here's the gist of the plot, six friends on their way from a Kamen Rider Convention get sent to a different world, which world I've yet to choose, each one gets the power of a Dark Rider based on the merchandise they had on them the Riders will be listed below

Edit: As of 2/6/16 all positions are filled.

Kamen Rider Eternal: Me

Kamen Rider Orga: Toa Solaric

Kamen Rider Nega Den-O: Generalhyna

Kamen Rider Sorcerer: Element-OverLord

Kamen Rider Arc: Dash master 48

Kamen Rider Glaive: maxpower02

Please note you must send your request in a PM to either me or Toa Solaric. Also note that Arc will be the size of a normal human. I hope to hear from you soon.