Everything was perfect in central city.

The evil meta-humans were locked up under STAR labs, captain cold and heat wave were on some time traveling voyage to save the world (which didn't actually surprise Barry, he always knew that Lenard Snart was too smart to be a common criminal), Iris finally said yes to Barry's proposal which by the way happened all too suddenly and without thinking about it the speedster had kissed the girl of his dreams (he finally realized that it wasn't a dream when Iris had kissed back).

Caitlyn and Jay were together now, and Cisco was at the peak of his career, what with working to and fro between starling city and central city's police departments R&D.

And Joe had finally asked Wally to move in with him.

The father and son duo were closer than ever.

Above everything however, was the Fact that Zoom was dead.

Barry had finally defeated him, defeated it.

The monster from his dreams.

The monster that had plagued his life was finally gone.

And Barry had never felt better.

But then why did it feel like something was missing?

Why did it feel like it wasn't over?
He was so restless.

Everything was so calm and quiet.

No crazy villains popping up to attack his city, no criminals to defeat, no thugs to beat up.

It felt wrong.

Not that Barry wanted anyone to get hurt, never.

But then if there was no enemy to defeat then what was the purpose of him being a hero?

With a startling clarity he realized what was wrong.

He was running too fast.

Skidding to a stop the flash looked up at the sky, thinking where to go now.

Ironic, the fastest man on earth doesn't know his path.

His destiny.

Destiny of a hero too strong, too damn fast.

Suddenly a bright lit up the sky, bright and powerful, magical, the light molded into a symbol so unique and yet familiar, Barry couldn't help but smile.

The world needs you flash, the world needs a hero.

Barry ran, he ran the fastest he had ever ran in his life.

The world needs you.

He had never felt so alive before.

Would you like to be a member of the justice league?

He was Barry Allen.

He was the flash.

And now,

He was about to become a legend.