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I honestly didn't think that I would publish a new fanfic so soon, but I felt it was appropriate after recent events happened in my life.

Recently, my grand uncle has passed away from both cancer and old age. And him passing away left a huge impact on my family. And I mean a lot, because he was sort of like the unofficial head of the family, even though we never spoke of it. His works were also well known to the architecture community as well, and has affected many many people and created beautiful places all around the world.

He has also played a huge moral support towards my real life goals, so I too was saddened to see him go. But I suppose that life comes with death, and I have to accept it. Doesn't mean it'll be easy though.

So in memory of my grand uncle, I have decided to dedicate this fanfic to him. His personality and ideals has helped me managed to make the OC that I wanted, so that's another add.

So after some time, I finally managed to create an interesting story with some inspiration from other animes, like Log Horizon, Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2014), and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon.

And to take a new approach to my usual OC making, I have decided that my OC will not be as strong as my other OCs at the beginning of the story. With Takuya (The Zero) being a powerful Shinobi, Terra (Dragon Slayer) being a kickass Dragon Slayer, and Alexander (Mechanical Devil) who is a badass genius. So I've decided to have an OC that develops in the beginning of the story.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the story, and let my grand uncle rest in peace and be reborn into a new prosperous life (it's Japanese culture).

High School DxD: The Divine Magical Rider

Takeshi Fuyushima is a young Magician who struggles in developing his magic skills. If that wasn't enough, he has to juggle his high school life, his dealings with the supernatural world, and for some odd reason, finding out about his unknown heritage that he possesses. Honestly, he can't just catch a break...

Chapter 1: The Enchanter

(Home - Underground)

The town of Kuoh is your average japanese city, brimming with urban designs everywhere, nice suburban neighborhoods, busy shopping districts, and a rather grand school. Within this city lied a house that is average sized, making it fit in with the neighborhood of Kuoh. This house on the outside was considered normal, but what was on the inside is what made it stand out the most.

Underneath the house was a rather large and spacious room, big enough to hold a a medium sized party. Near the middle of the room was a teenager who appears to be 17 years old. He is a young man with short messy black hair, and stood at a height of 5'8. His skin was light brown, and had brown eyes.

Currently, he is wearing a simple black shirt and some jogging shorts. The young man sighed tiredly as he sat on the floor. His clothes was covered in smoke, and the area around him had burnt marks everywhere. He groaned a bit while scratching the back of his black hair.

"Not good. Not good at all..." the young man muttered to himself, and then gave a tired sigh. "No matter how many times I try a basic spell, it always ends up in failure. Geez..." the young man said to himself. He then made himself sit up and pat the smoke marks off of him.

"Well, at least there are a few spells I know, but..." he said to himself once more, before his eyes glanced to the clock before him. His eyes widened when he saw what time it is.

"Oh crap! School is almost about to start!" the young man shouted, as he hurriedly got out of his clothes and put on his school uniform. As soon as he dressed himself, he soon ran to the ktichen and took out a large bag from a certain pantry of his. He then proceeded to tile the bag and pour its content out and onto a bowl on the floor.

"Breakfast is ready Blair-chan! I gotta go soon!" he shouted to the hall, and soon heard a "meow" made itself known in the room. It's a purple colored cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail. The cat before him is a pet of his he adopted when he was young, and has taken care of it ever since. It beats being alone in the house most of the time.

"Take care Blair-chan!" he said his goodbye to his pet cat, and then proceeded to rush himself out of his home.

(Kuoh Academy)

The young man made himself rush as fast as he can through the streets of Kuoh, and his eyes soon saw the gate of the school called Kuoh Academy close before him. Gritting his teeth, he pushed himself to the absolute limits as he ran at high speed. He soon jumped through the narrow opening of the fate, and made himself roll onto the ground. After the roll, he made himself stand up while looking behind him, only to see the gate close and the gatekeeper just looking at him with an amused look.

"*Pant...*Pant*...*Pant...just in time...for school..." he said to himself while breathing tiredly, and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. "Ah, what a relief..." he said to himself, and thought to himself he got out of any more problems.

Unfortunately, there is the saying of "out of the frying pan and into the fire".

"This makes this the 37th time you're almost late for school, Takeshi Fuyushima..." a strict voice came to his ears, causing his body to straighten at the voice. He slowly turned his head around, and found a female standing there with a stern and strict expression, and he knew that she was unamused by this. Before him was a young woman who had a slim figure, but enough to look healthy. She had black hair styled in a short bob, and had violet eyes. As usual to this particular area, she wore the standard Kuoh uniform.

In front of him was Souna Shitori, the student president of the student council. She was considered to be the student president, as well as the most strict student in the school. Nobody dared to cross her, and for some who do, they aren't able to come out unscathed by it.

"Oh, hey Kaichou." the now named protagonist, known as Takeshi, greeted with a smile on his face. Souna just gave him a narrow look.

"Fuyushima-kun, I will not tolerate such tardy acts upon this school. Surely, breaking such rules will lead you to punishments." Souna told him with a strict tone, causing Takeshi to simply chuckle at her.

"Well, technically, I'm never late for school. Only almost late, so I'm exempt from being treated as being late." Takeshi pointed out. It was true, since the past events where Takeshi is running late for school, he manages to make it right on time. So he is never late...just nearly late.

Upon hearing this reasoning, Souna opened her mouth to argue and correct him, but soon stopped when she saw the reasoning behind it. Soon, she just sighed tiredly as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"...*Sigh*...just get to class Fuyushima-kun." Souna said while looking tired by this.

"Roger!" Takeshi said as he ran at full speed to get to class. As he rushed past her, she took a glance at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Honestly, he's going to be a problem if this keeps up..." Souna sighed, despite the fact that he didn't really do anything wrong to the school or its rules.


"I'm tired..." Takeshi groaned as he lied on his desk, not bothering to get up as class finished. As he did, he failed to notice someone walking up to him. The figure just put her hands on her hips and just gave a huff.

"Honestly, if you want to stop this pattern, why not get to school in time?" a feminine voice said to him, causing Takeshi to turn his head, only to find a pair of large breasts above him. Takeshi paused for a moment, before he shook his head and sat up from his position. Seeing who it is, he simply sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Hey Kiyome-chan. You're still a big ball of sunshine on my day..." Takeshi said while giving a teasing face. The mentioned person then gave an embarrassed blush at him.

"Hey, don't call me that while we're in school! You are to address me as Abe-san, or even Kiyome-san if you want to get more familiar! But that sort of name shall not be used within this school!" Kiyome told him heatedly.

Introducing Kiyome Abe, a third year student of Kuoh Academy. She is a young woman who had long brown hair in multiple drill-like curls, as well as possessing above average breasts. She is also known as the captain of the school's tennis club, earning her a reputation at Kuoh Academy.

They were also childhood friends who practically grew up with each other.

Such familiarity lead to him calling her Kiyome-chan, much to her chagrin while at school. Despite the fact that she kept telling him to call her a different name, he just shrugged it off and kept calling her as such. As a result of this, the students of Kuoh Academy have been talking among each other, talking about whether or not Takeshi and Kiyome are in a relationship. Thus, this caused rumors to fly around the school, and they couldn't do anything about it once it spreads.

"So anyways..." Takeshi said, moving on from the subject. "I've heard something about the tennis club going into hiatus for a while?" Takeshi asked, causing Kiyome to sigh at this.

"Yes. The tennis club has to wait a bit before the tennis field is renovated. Until then, we're temporarily out of activity." Kiyome said while sighing.

"Huh, bummer..."

"What about you? You've been staying up pretty late working on whoever knows what. Seriously, what is it that calls for your undivided attention?" Kiyome asked, as he doesn't clearly know what he does when he's alone in his home.

Well, considering that fact that he's a magician, he cannot expose the art of magic to the general public. Apparently, people of this particular time cannot handle the facts of magic, and only accept their "reality". If it were to be exposed, it would surely cause world uproar and chaos everywhere. Despite the fact that he and Kiyome are childhood friends, he cannot show her the arts of magic in order to keep her safe.

"Ah, it's just a personal hobby of mine like I told you. It's a bit embarrassing..." Takeshi said while chuckling. It was part of the truth, considering that it was a bit embarrassing for him. He doesn't have that much progress in developing his magic skills, considering the fact that most spells either end up in failure and explosions. However, he does know a few spells in his arsenal, and is trying his best to develop it.

Kiyome just looked at him with a raised eyebrow, before she sighed.

"*Sigh*...Well, I can't really pry on personal matters. But still, seeing you in a tired state will come back and bite you rather hard." Kiyome pointed out, causing Takeshi to just wave it off.

"Ah don't worry about it. I get plenty of sleep...sometime during Friday nights and weekends." Takeshi said, adding in the last part.

"You're impossible..." Kiyome said to him with a tired tone.

"You know we're friends because of that..." Takeshi said while giving a small grin.

All Kiyome did was just huff at him.


After school, Takeshi decided to return home and continue on with his magic practice. As he entered the home, he took off the shoes at the entrance, and turned to the empty house before him.

"I'm home..." Takeshi quietly said to himself, before he walked further inside.

Takeshi lives alone within the household, as he doesn't have any known family relatives. He was originally an orphan who stayed at the orphanage, until a man came to his room and asked if he wanted to be adopted. Naturally, any orphaned child would say yes and accept the offer. When Takeshi was adopted by the man, he was very surprised to learn the fact that his adoptive father is a Magician. Being the curious child that he is, he asked his adoptive father to teach him the ways of magic.

Of course, his father accepted and decided to teach him the ways of magic. But as the teachings went underway, there was something wrong with Takeshi: he couldn't perform that much spells. In more detail, Takeshi has a hard time of manifesting his spells forth, but there are certain spells that he could perform. His adoptive father explained to him that most humans don't have the talent or ability to perform magic. He was told that all humans contain a small amount of magic energy within them, but most humans cannot harness it.

Another fact is that most humans don't even know about magic, so that's another factor in the world of magic. And when said person knows and uses magic, they're considered Magicians. He remember his father told him that most Magicians today come from a long family history of possessing magic, while the other part is being born with magic potential alone. Though, that's highly small. Takeshi accepted the fact, considering he was an orphan. However, he could still perform spells.

First, the only spells he could perform set to fall under the category of the Enchanter. Enchanter magic is basically a type of magic meant to enhance the target before you, or it could hinder the enemy in certain ways. This type of magic is actually useful if used in the right way, as they can turn the tides of a battle. Unfortunately, the offensive and defensive forms of this type of magic is relatively low, as it is only comparable to a low-mid rank mage. As such, this magic is only practical when you're with allies. If you're alone, the magic is surely weak. Thus leading this type of magic to be rarely used.

But Takeshi didn't complain, seeing how it can show that he can do magic. But that didn't stop him from trying to practice with different types of magic, so he worked hard to perform them, but had multiple failures in doing so. But he didn't give up, as there is trial and error in these cases.

It was unfortunate that Takeshi couldn't receive any help, considering that his adoptive father passed away due to an illness he possessed, and it cannot by cure through any medical or magical means. So Takeshi spent an early life learning to live on his own from here on. But in memory of his adoptive father, he dedicates his time in the path of magic.

"I better go put my stuff away..." Takeshi muttered to himself, as he was preparing himself for his practice session once more.


Takeshi blinked when he heard his stomach growl, and felt himself getting hungry by the passing moment. Seeing this, Takeshi simply sighed as he walked into the kitchen. As he set his backpack on the table, he looked at kitchen counter to find a jar of money. He looked closely to it, before he smiled and nodded to himself.

"Alright. I have enough comfort money to go get some sushi..." Takeshi said to himself, before he puts away his stuff and grabbed some money.

(Sushi Bar)

The restaurant he decided to visit was a family friendly sushi shop that only took a 10 minute walk from his home, or 5 minute by bike. As he entered the restaurant, he then took a good whiff of the fresh fish being served. He exhaled while giving a small smile.

"Welcome! Oh, Takeshi-kun!" a feminine voice said, causing him to turn his head towards the source of the voice. He saw a small statured girl who has her dark brown hair tied in a medium sized ponytail with a white ribbon bow. She currently wore the standard japanese female sushi uniform.

"Oh, hey Asuka-chan." Takeshi greeted the girl, who is known as Asuka.

He and Asuka met each other at a young age as well, when his adopted father took him to this particular sushi shop for dinner. During their visits, Takeshi usually meets and encounters Asuka. The two then usually happily chat with each other while Takeshi ate his sushi, while his adoptive father and her grandfather watched the interaction with amusement.

He also learned that Asuka usually had a hard time getting along with others during her young age, which usually leads her to beating them up. But luckily for Takeshi, he was able to get along fine with her.

"So, seeing you here, I take you're here for the sushi special?" Asuka asked him with a knowing smile.

"You know me. I earned enough money for this meal, and I'm just dying to have that special again." Takeshi said while grinning at the though of their special.

"Of course you do..." Asuka said while shaking her head with a smile. "Well, take a seat and we'll come up with your order."

"Thanks." Takeshi said, as he sat down at the sushi bar. While doing so, he found a familiar man walking out of the kitchen. When the man noticed him, he simple gave him a nod of acknowledgment.

"Ah, Takeshi-kun. Here for the special again?" the man asked.

"That's right, Hanzo-san." Takeshi said, causing the elder man known as Hanzo to nod in acknowledgement to him.

"Special is ready!" Asuka called out as she placed the plate in front of Takeshi. Takeshi grinned as he brought out his chopsticks.


(Kuoh Park)

After staying at the sushi bar and having a chat with Asuka, he decided it's time to head home before it gets too dark. He noticed that he might've stayed a bit too long, and taking the usual route home will make the hour dark already. So he decided to take a shortcut through the park. He normally doesn't take the shortcut because the park was usually known for the "couple" time. So he didn't want to stumble across a couple having a good time.

As Takeshi gave a small jog across the park in hopes to avoid such a situation, his skin soon made a few goosebumps.

"What...?" Takeshi muttered, and looked at the area around him. He felt something disturbing in the air, and he didn't know why. Cautious of this, he carefully walked forward, knowing something is seriously wrong.

As he walked forward, he soon walked to the center of the park. And he was greeted with the sight of something he never expected.

Before him was a teenager before him, being impaled by a spear glowing with energy. Takeshi's eyes widened upon the sight, and even recognized who this teenager was. It's rather hard not to recognize him, as this guy has a rather infamous reputation.

Issei Hyoudou, one of the biggest perverts in Kuoh Academy, and is considered the leader of the Perverted Trio.

Takeshi watched with shock as he saw Issei just fall back with some sort of spear impaling him, and then fall to the ground while lying in a pool of his own blood. Takeshi's eyes widened upon the sight, and then he heard a chuckle ring through the air. He immedeatly turned his head towards the source, and his eyes widened upon the sight.

It was a young woman who appeared to be around his and Issei's age. She had long black hair that fell down to her hips and had violet eyes. She currently wore a short black dress with a small, light purple jacket on top. But the most important feature was the fact that she had black wings. Upon the sight, Takeshi muttered two words upon the sight.

"Fallen Angel...!" Takeshi muttered with surprise. When the Fallen Angel noticed his presence, all she did was give a cold smile.

"Oh? It appears we have a witness here. How unfortunate. For you I mean." the Fallen Angel said while giving a giggle. She then stood up from the fountain, and formed a spear in her hand.

"Sorry boy, but I'm afraid you have to die as well. Blame God for putting you in this mess." the Fallen Angel said as she raised her spear, ready to throw. However, Takeshi didn't plan on dying tonight.

'Fat chance...!' Takeshi thought, channeling magic through his body. He then summoned a magic circle in front of him, casting his spell. "Electrical Fuzz!" Takeshi shot forth a magical attack in the form of a small white orb with electricity pouring out of it. The Fallen Angel was caught off guard by his abilities as a Magician but soon blocked the attack with her spear. The attack impacted, causing sparks to fly everywhere, blinding the Fallen Angel for a bit.

"Gah!? A Magician!?" the Fallen Angel exclaimed in surprise, before she scowled. "Hmph! Looks like you just made it harder for me to kill you then! Fine! Let's see how long you'll last!" the Fallen Angel shouted as she swung her arms to dispel the spell, but the spell soon took form of a small spark ball that just flew around her. She gave a grunt of annoyance, seeing as to how she cannot get rid of it. But she soon threw her spear towards the target.

Seeing the incoming spear, Takeshi just raised his hands and hoped that it'll work. He then channeled magic into the spell, causing a magic barrier to form in front of him. The attack soon impacted, and it caused both spear and shield to shatter on impact. Takeshi jumped back a little at the shatter, and decided to cast his spell once more.

"Cast on Beat!" Takeshi casted spell on himself. It was a self-reinforcement spell that will help speed up his magic process. While this spell was considered a bit useful to Magicians, Magicians themselves don't generally use it, considering that a spell takes 2-3 seconds to cast a normal spell. However, Takeshi uses this self-reinforcement spell to his advantage.

"Pulse Bullet!" Takeshi then formed another magic circle in front of him, this time the magic circle poured out a lot of magic this time. Magic bullets came out like a machine gun, rapidly firing them at a non-stop rate. The Fallen Angel saw the myriad of bullets and immediately saw that it was dangerous to stay in its path. Each bullet looked weak, but a whole barrage? Not smart to test it out.

The Fallen Angel flew into the air, while Takeshi directed the magic circle to aim at the flying Fallen Angel. As he did, all he did was narrow his eyes. "Why did I leave my staff at home today...?" Takeshi muttered to himself, before focusing on shooting down the Fallen Angel. The Fallen Angel cursed to herself, seeing how this shower of bullets is attempting to hit her.

"Damn you Magician!" the Fallen Angel cursed as she raised her spear. "Die!" the Fallen Angel attempted to throw the spear, but Takeshi raised another arm and a small magic circle appeared in front of it.

"Astral Bind!" the spell then casted froth magical threads from the ground, and immediately wrap themselves around her wrist. Her eyes widened upon the spell, and Takeshi made the threads pull on her wrist, making her aim of her spear go way off target. It was then Takeshi directed the magic circle towards her once more, and this time deliver the the barrage of magic bullets towards her.

The Fallen Angel screamed in pain as she was faced with the bullets attacking her. However, Takeshi soon felt that his magic reserves weren't going to last if he kept up this sort of spell. The combination of his Cast on Beat and Pulse Bullet will drain his reserves, so he ended the assault of his attack. The results was that the Fallen Angel was still flying in the air, but had a bit of wounds all over her due to the attack he performed.

"Damn you human! I'll make you pay for this!" the Fallen Angel attempted to retaliate, but was soon caught off guard as a magic circle of red popped out of nowhere. When the Fallen Angel saw this, she scowled.

"Tch! It seems that she's going to be here." the Fallen Angel muttered with an annoyed tone. She then turned to him with a scowl. "It seems that I'll grant you mercy this time Magician! But mark my words, this won't be the last time you'll escape alive!" the Fallen Angel shouted, before she flew away and went into a bright light.

Seeing the battle done, Takeshi gave a heavy sigh while collapsing onto his butt.

"Hah...I really should've brought my staff with me..." Takeshi muttered to himself while shaking his head. "Damn, and that was my first time using magic in real life combat. I don't know if this is just a fluke or luck..." Takeshi said with relief, before he turned to find the magic circle glowing brighter. It was then a familiar person came out of the magic circle, something that Takeshi knows as well, due to the reputation and the constant words he hear throughout the school.

It was a young women with light skin, blue-green eyes, and a had a rather voluptuous figure. Her most distinctive feature is her long, crimson red hair that reaches down to her thighs, with a ahoge. Her hair also has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face. She also wore the standard Kuoh Academy female uniform.

This was Rias Gremory, the most popular girl at school. When she opened her eyes to see her surroundings, all she did was blink in surprise upon seeing the sight of him.

"Um...If I remember correctly, you are Takeshi Fuyushima?" Rias asked with a bit of surprise. Takeshi simply nodded at her.

"Urm, yeah..." Takeshi said, not knowing what else to say at this point, but just had one question in mind.

"Gremory-senpai, who exactly are you...?" Takeshi asked with confusion. Rias tilted her head at the question, before she gave a smile at him. It was then bat-like wings sprouted from her back, causing Takeshi to blink upon the sight.

"My name is Rias Gremory, a Devil." Rias introduced herself to him.

Silence passed between the Devil and Magician as soon as she said that.


Looks like he won't be spending any time practicing in his basement.

And that is a wrap to this chapter, and the beginning of a new story!

And here is a special note to all of you guys. The reason why Takeshi can only use Enchanter Magic is not from his talent or abilities. Rather, it is planned from the beginning and has meaning to it. All will be revealed later in the story.

(The Raynare Clothing Cliche)

You know the most painful and most common cliche in DxD stories? The fact that they use anime appearance of Raynare instead of her actual Light Novel appearance. Seriously, every time I look at Raynare in DxD, I always cringe to myself to the fact that the animators decided to say "Oh hey, since this is an ecchi anime, let's make her ecchi as well!". I understand that is was an ecchi anime, but to downgrade the appearance of someone into that? I just cringed a bit.

Seriously, I'm like a small percentage of authors who use Light Novel appearance Raynare. Though, I'm not one to talk, considering I used Raynare's ecchi appearance in my previous stories. But that was before I realized the light novel appearance.

(Takeshi's Alignment/Species)

Takeshi will stay human and not join any Peerages. I also barely see any OC that is primarily a Magician him/herself throughout the story. Most of the time, it's mostly OCs who are Magicians and join Peerages themselves.

I should also mention that Takeshi is a special type of human. If it makes you guys feel any better, Takeshi isn't Half-Devil, Half-Fallen Angel, nor is he Half-Angel. I find that thing sort of generic when it comes to an OC's species. Just what is he then, you may ask? You'll just have to read and find out.

OC Profile

Name: Takeshi Fuyushima

Race: Human (With Special Trait)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: A young man with short black hair and brown eyes, and wears glasses. Look at the cover image to have better visualization.

Personality: Caring, Carefree, Intelligent, and Mature.


1) Enchanter Magic - This particular magic is mainly support type magic as explained in the chapter. It is considered rather helpful when it comes to crowd control, hindering enemies, and supporting allies, but this magic is rarely used since most people fight alone with the skills rather than have teamwork with others. The spells I'm going to use come directly from the Light Novel/Anime Log Horizon, mainly the Enchanter Class Skills.

2) To be revealed later.

3) To be revealed later.

4) To be revealed later.

5) To be revealed later.


1) To be revealed later.

2) To be revealed later.

3) To be revealed later.

4) To be revealed later.

Harem:{Going to be revealed as the story goes on. Meaning I won't give you the entire harem list at the beginning}

Notice: His harem isn't going to involve Issei's harem, so it is outside. I'm not really into that sort of thing (with the exception of my Zero story).


Takeshi was originally an orphan who was raised at the orphanage. One day, a man came before him and asked if he wanted to be his son. Being the child that he is, he immediately accepted with a smile, causing the man before him to smile as well. When adopted, Takeshi learned one crucial fact about his adoptive father: he is a magician. When he learned of this, he too wanted to learn and follow the art of magic.

His adoptive father accepted, and teached him the ways of magic. However, for some reason, Takeshi's progress with magic didn't go so far, as both son and father don't know why this is happening. His father did the best he could, but he couldn't find out about Takeshi's progress with magic.

A few years after his adoption, his adoptive father passed away due to a terminal illness that couldn't be treated through any medical or magical means of magic. Saddened by this, Takeshi continued on the ways of magic to honor for everything his father gave to him. Unfortunately, his ability with magic is rather difficult, as he has the hardest of time developing spells. The only thing that he is compatible with is a type of magic known is Enchanter magic.

Even with his limitations, Takeshi hopes to work hard and become a successful Magician just like his adoptive father.

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