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Chapter 11: The Familiar

(Saturday Morning)

A few days have passed since Kokabiel's invasion on Kuoh. Thanks to the combined efforts of everyone involved, they've managed to avoid the worst scenario to come, and everything began to settle. Kuoh Academy was forced to be closed down due to the battle that took place, and reported that a gas line explosion took place as a cover up. So Takeshi had his own things to do with the free time he is given.

And because the events with Kokabiel have ended, that means Kiyome no longer has to stay at his home to keep an eye on him.

Kiyome, on the other hand, says otherwise. Kiyome's parents are still out on their business, and will be returning home in a few days. With that in mind, Kiyome is using whatever time she has to keep an eye on Takeshi to make sure that he doesn't get himself into any further mess, even if there isn't any danger around.

Well, knowing his luck, it might actually happen.

The only thing Takeshi can do is let her stay. After all, he did hypnotize his childhood friend to sleep to go off and risk his own life against a powerful being that has enough power to nuke the town. He felt immensely guilty for doing so, and he is currently doing his best to make it up to her.

It was a rather rough start at first. Even though they did hug at the end, Kiyome was still miffed at the principle of him hypnotizing her without her consent, and didn't talk to him for a while. It was only thanks to Takeshi's persistence in making it up to her that she slowly began to talk to him, and things were slowly getting back to normal.

It was quite early in the morning as Takeshi gave a few stretches to himself while wearing a black tracksuit with dark blue outlines. After finishing his warm ups, he then slipped on his running shoes.

Before he could grab onto the door, something else caught his attention.

"Takeshi-kun? What are you doing this early in the morning?" a voice spoke up, making Takeshi turn his head towards the source of the voice.

Kiyome was standing on the stairs, wearing her sleepwear, which consisted of a plain white shirt that seems to wrap nicely around her curves, and pink flannel pants. The young woman looked at him with a bit of surprise.

"Oh, sorry for waking you Kiyome-chan." Takeshi apologized while offering an apologetic smile. "I was just planning on doing a morning jog before I start training with my magic."

"But why? It's unusual for you to do this sort of thing." Kiyome told the young Magician in training, as her past experiences with him usually has him sleeping in on mornings due to his studying habits with magic late at night.

"Well, with Erika gone, I don't have anyone to coach me in my physical training. And with my Sacred Gear, I need to hone my physical abilities if I truly want to use it." Takeshi explained, and went into a small fond smile. "That, and I guess Erika left an effect on me. Now I just have the urge to just exercise to keep myself in shape."

Kiyome's eyebrow twitched upon the mention of a certain Fallen Angel, seeing how she affected Takeshi. She also didn't like that fact that the two already formed a healthy friendship, as if Takeshi calling Erika her name in a casual basis is a dead giveaway.

It didn't sit well with the Beast Tamer.

"I see..." Kiyome muttered, before she cleared her throat. "Well then, if that's the case, then I will join you." Kiyome declared.

Hearing her declaration made Takeshi blink in surprise.

"Really?" Takeshi asked with surprise. Kiyome huffed as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Yes. I have to keep myself in top shape if I'm going to be a proud member of my household. Taming beasts requires a lot of physical work. This is the perfect chance to keep myself in shape." Kiyome answered.

Takeshi gave a thoughtful look at her answer before he gave his usual smile.

"I see. Well, the more the merrier I guess. It's a shame Blair couldn't join, but she does like to sleep in. She is a cat after all." Takeshi replied with a slight disappointed tone, but then gave a chuckle at Blair's cat-like tendencies.

This made Kiyome's eyebrow twitch once more upon the mention of another female that is quite close to Takeshi.


The young woman who appeared out of nowhere during the fight and helped Takeshi stop Kokabiel's spell from destroying the town. The very same person that Takeshi decided to keep as a household pet. It was an understatement that Takeshi was shocked to discover that he had a yokai living with him for most of his life.

Especially with the conversation that ensued with Blair regarding her identity.


Recently after the battle with Kokabiel, everyone decided to go and get some rest. Takeshi and his group of friends went their separate ways, with the exception of Kiyome and Blair following him home. In the family room, the cat woman was currently sitting in front of Takeshi and Kiyome. Her tails swayed while giving a laid back smile to the two.

Takeshi and Kiyome, sitting together on the sofa, gave different expressions. Takeshi looked rather dazed upon knowing that his pet is actually a yokai, while Kiyome gave a neutral expression yet focused expression towards the nekomata.

"So Blair, you've been hiding your true form form Takeshi-kun all this time?" Kiyome spoke up first.

"You got it!" Blair admitted easily.

"And your true form happens to be a nekomata of all things?" Kiyome clarified, making Blair nod at him. Kiyome huffed, and gave Takeshi a bit of an envied look.

"Only you, Takeshi-kun, could manage to obtain a nekomata as your familiar of all things while my family doesn't even have one." Kiyome told him, making Takeshi furrow his eyebrows at her.

"...I'm sorry?" Takeshi apologized, thought he sounded unsure of it. Kiyome just sighed tiredly.

"Nevermind. So Blair, care to explain why you hid your true form up until now?" Kiyome questioned. Blair hummed in thought, before she simply shrugged.

"Well, can I say I did it out of whim and the goodness of my heart?" Blair teasingly asked, making Kiyome give a flat look at her while Takeshi scratched the back of his head. She pouted at the responses.

"Boo, you don't make things fun..." Blair complained.

"Can you please answer our questions?" Kiyome asked while putting in a bit more force into it. Blair simply giggled and shrugged.

"Well, I mainly did it out of two reasons. The first is that my master's life is in danger It is only natural that I will protect my master's life." Blair simply answered, making Takeshi lightly chuckle a bit upon agreement.

"That I can accept. And your second reason?" Kiyome questioned further.

"Well, the second reason is because my former master told me to keep watch over you while I stayed in this form." Blair answered, which made the two blink at this.

"Former master?" Takeshi asked with surprise. Blair simply nodded at him. Kiyome narrowed her eyes while folding her arms.

"Then who is your former master? I find it rather suspicious how Takeshi-kun is involved of all things." Kiyome questioned. Blair hummed, before she simply shrugged.

"Nyah, I can't seem to remember." Blair answered, making Kiyome falter for a bit while Takeshi blinked owlishly at her.

"W-What do you mean you can't remember!? How can you forget your own master!? Every familiar should have knowledge about that! Otherwise, you're just lying about having a master!" Kiyome accused, but Takeshi placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

Kiyome lightly glared at him about this matter, but Takeshi shook his head at her. She then huffed while crossing her arms, while Takeshi looked back at Blair.

"Can you explain what you mean by that Blair?" Takeshi asked. Blair simply nodded at him.

"Of course! You see, my former master gave me one last order, which is to keep watch over you. However, my former master knew that I was going to be discovered eventually. That is why my former master worked on manipulating my memories a bit." Blair answered, much to the shock of Takeshi and Kiyome.

"M-Manipulating your own memories!?" Takeshi said in shock. "But for someone to manipulate your memory...!"

Blair simply giggled at Takeshi's response.

"Not to worry master! I can assure you, nothing is heavily altered in my memories. Rather, my former master simply just removed any knowledge of anything relating to their identity. So while I'm aware of my former master, I just don't know who he or she is." Blair told him.

Takeshi's jaw dropped a bit, before he puts on a complicated expression.

'I remember dad telling me something about familiars. Magician's don't give up their familiars so easily. It's especially abnormal for a Magician to give their familiar to another. For this person to give me their familiar...or rather having the familiar watch over me...' Takeshi thought as he inwardly frowned

He wouldn't lie when he found this situation unsettling.

[I honestly don't see any reason to doubt her.] Jingzhu interjected, snapping Takeshi out of his thoughts.


[If what you told me about your experiences with your familiar is true, then I don't see any reason to doubt her. As a horse thief, I know a thing or two about deception. And if she truly was trying to bring any harm to your being, it would've been logical to do it while you were extremely young. No sane man would ever waste so many years around their target.] Jingzhu told him.

When Takeshi heard this, he paused his train of thought for a bit.

'Yeah...you're right.' Takeshi inwardly agreed. 'Blair has been with me for such a long time...she even risked her life to save me from Kokabiel.'

"Even with your answer, it is still suspicious..." Kiyome said with a skeptical tone. Blair simply sighed.

"Believe what you want. I'm simply saying the truth here. It's up to you if you accept it or not..."

"Alright then." Takeshi simply answered, making Kiyome turn to him in shock.

"Takeshi-kun!?" Kiyome squeaked out in surprise.

"Kiyome-chan, I trust Blair's words. Blair has been keeping watch over me all these years, and she had never done anything to harm me. She also saved my life during Kokabiel's attack. I think that is a good enough reason to believe her." Takeshi told her, making Kiyome frown at this.

"Takeshi-kun, are you not aware that someone is keeping an eye on you?" Kiyome reminded.

"Well yeah, that is a bit unsettling. But if the person truly wanted to harm me, would've done it sooner. But Blair kept me safe. It's not 100% accurate, but I want to believe the person wants to keep me safe." Takeshi answered.

"But that doesn't make any sense. If they want to keep you safe, why hide themselves? It just screams suspicion." Kiyome countered.

"I'm sure they have their reasons Kiyome-chan. I may not know the answers now, but I promise I'll look into it. Is that fair?" Takeshi asked. Kiyome sighed while massaging her temples.

"You're too soft in this Takeshi-kun..." Kiyome told him, making Takeshi chuckle.

"Well, it still doesn't change the fact that Blair-chan is still my pet...or should I say familiar now, considering the contract we have with each other." Takeshi said with some thought.

"You can call me pet if that is what you're into master~!" Blair cheerfully said, making Takeshi blink owlishly at what she just said, while Kiyome glared at the yokai.


After that particular night, Takeshi has clear knowledge of who Blair is and slowly come to grips with Blair as a nekomata living in his home.

Though it did take a bit of time to get used to Blair's new freedom of showing her human form, and took advantage of that freedom.

It led to some interesting...interactions between him and Blair.


Takeshi was currently in the kitchen preparing tonight's dinner, and he was humming to himself as he was preparing the tempura. While doing so, Takeshi suddenly felt arms wrap around torso and very soft sensations on his back. Blinking, he turned around, only to see Blair standing there with her usual carefree smile.


"What are you cooking? Oh! Tempura! Be sure to make plenty of shrimp tempura! Pretty please master~?" Blair cutely asked while her eyes sparkled a bit at the sight of the tempura shrimp being prepared.

Takeshi just sighed while doing his best to ignore the soft sensations on his back.

"Blair-chan, you can call me Takeshi rather than master. There's no need for that kind of formality between us." Takeshi told her, making Blair pout a bit.

"But you are my master~"

"If you keep calling me master, I won't make more shrimp tempura." Takeshi told her, making Blair look a little horrified upon hearing this.

"M-Master, how could you do such a cruel thing to your own familiar? I thought you were intent on making people happy!" Blair told him.

"Even so, that doesn't mean I'll scold them from time to time if they misbehave. You're certainly not exempt. Remember the time I didn't give you your favorite treat after you made a mess in the library?" Takeshi reminded.

"N-Nya, you bring up a fair point. Fine...I'll stop for now..." Blair pouted, making Takeshi chuckle.

"I suppose that's good enough. Now can you please let me go? It's kind of hard to prepare dinner with you hugging me like this." Takeshi stated while also noting the arms are still wrapped around him.

"But you're warm~! And it chilly inside the house!" Blair complained, making Takeshi sigh once more. He was very tempted to tell her to wear a sweater because he can practically feel the entirety of her breast, and he was soon cut off by another voice.

"Oh? Seems like you two are having fun."

The two turned, only to see Kiyome standing there with an unamused expression.


Kiyome huffed as she turned around and started walking away.

"Call me when dinner is ready." Kiyome moodily told the two of them as she walked away from the scene.

Takeshi couldn't help but give a confused look at Kiyome's moody behavior while Blair simply gave a small mischievous smile, knowing exactly why Kiyome is acting like this in the first place.


To this day, he still doesn't understand why Kiyome acts moody whenever she sees Blair acting affectionate with Takeshi.

Perhaps she was jealous that he had a nekomata familiar while she doesn't?

For Takeshi though, it only took a short amount of time for him to get used to Blair's physical affections. He is honestly used to having well-endowed women surround him for most of his life. After all, he spent a good majority of his time with Kiyome, and noticed a certain aspect of her body undergoing fast growth. And with Kiyome constantly dragging him around by wrapping her arms around his arm, which meant physical contact with her breasts.

It was thanks to puberty that he took notice of such things, and he was glad he was over with it.


Asides from being used to well-endowed women, Takeshi saw Blair like family. She's been with him since an early part of his life, and continued to keep him company from solitude after his father passed away. So it honestly felt like he was living with an older sister, something that he deeply appreciated deep inside. So her cuddling is like an older sibling being affectionate with their younger sibling.

So he tells himself, thinking that's how sibling interact with each other.

"Maybe while I'm out, I should make a quick stop by the market and get her favorite snack..." Takeshi muttered in thought.

Kiyome's eyebrow twitched and it kept bothering her why she felt so irritated by this type of thing. She also took great care of her tamed beasts and showered them with affection, something they return as well. So it's only natural for the same thing to happen with Takeshi and his familiar.

However, the irritation kept tugging away in her chest. And she didn't know why. And she didn't like it.

"If you keep spoiling her, you won't be able to stop her from doing something you won't like." Kiyome told him. Takeshi chuckled when he heard this.

"You think so? Well, I guess it's my fault I kept spoiling her when I thought she was a cat. Guess that habit is hard to shake off." Takeshi said with a fond smile.

Kiyome's eyebrow twitched once more. She huffed and went back to her room to get changed.

(Lubbock's Shop)

After finishing his morning exercise, the next thing Takeshi decided to do is check up on his friends to make sure they're doing all right. Kiyome decided to follow along as well, seeing how she had nothing else to do today and spend time with her childhood friend. That, and at least try to keep out her friend out of trouble, even after what they dealt with has ended. Blair decided to just laze around at his home, leaving the two alone in the meantime.

Takeshi, Kiyome, Lubbock, and Lisbeth were all seated around a table while they all held a taiyaki in their hand.

"You know, you didn't really have to go out of your way to get me some taiyaki. I ain't complaining though." Lubbock said with an amused tone while enjoying the sweet pastry he is holding.

"Consider it a thanks for helping out in the battle against Kokabiel." Takeshi said with a smile. Lubbock simply sighed with a smile.

"Dude, I intervened because YOU were getting yourself involved in a do or die situation. I had to keep you from digging a deeper grave." Lubbock told him, before he shrugged. "Besides, now we're even. I sent you into danger for that business event, now I help you out of another dangerous event."

"Even so, risking your life is not the repayment I wanted nor needed." Takeshi said to the young merchant, making the green haired young man raise an eyebrow at him.

"Says the guy who risked his life when picking a fight with a Cadre." Lubbock retorted, making Takeshi immediately shut up.

"Unfortunately, it's that kindness of his that leads him to those situations." Kiyome sighed, and then noticed Takeshi's raised eyebrow at her. "Do you deny it Takeshi-kun?"

Takeshi didn't say anything as he focused back on his pastry.

"Thought so."

'Why am I being picked on today...?' Takeshi sulked.

"I'm more surprised by the fact that you two decided to just face a Cadre head on without any second thought. The two of you really are similar." Lisbeth commented while chewing on her pastry.

"Thankfully, they aren't that similar to each other." Kiyome commented with a somewhat dry tone, as she knew about Lubbock's strong interest in the female body.

"True. I don't know how I would handle two Lubbocks at the same time. I feel like I need to install a security system in my workshop to keep him out." Lisbeth agreed.

"I'm right here you know..." Lubbock muttered while sitting in a corner with a depressed air around him, while Takeshi was standing near him while patting him on the shoulder to comfort him.

"Oh, that's right, I remember something." Lubbock snapped out of his depressed state and turned to everyone in the room.

"What is it Lubbock?" Takeshi asked.

"Well, since we survived an attack from a Cadre, I think a small celebration is in order. I mean come on, not everyone survives an attack from the Cadre." Lubbock announced to everyone. Everyone blinked upon hearing Lubbock's proposal.

"Well, I'm not exactly opposing it, but it feels like a hollow victory considering that fact that you guys barely held him off and relied on the hakuryuukou to come in and save the day." Lisbeth pointed out. Lubbock just shrugged at hearing this.

"Even so, it feels like we deserve a well earned break after everything we've been through." Lubbock replied.

"I guess you have a fair point." Lisbeth acknowledged.

"But what kind of celebration are we doing?" Kiyome asked, curious to know what kind of activity they'll do. Lubbock hummed while giving a thoughtful look.

"That's a good question. Let's see...how about the arcade?" Lubbock suggested.

"I wouldn't recommend it. The place is going to be packed considering that there is a tournament going on. And no Lubbock, we're not signing up. We don't even have the skills to play competitively." Lisbeth shot down. Lubbock clicked his tongue.

"Shoot. We're a bunch of casuals at best, considering our occupations. Takeshi is not even a gamer, considering all he does is dive into the books all day." Lubbock said with a knowing tone.

"I beat all the top puzzle games on my phone for fun. Does that count?" Takeshi asked with a raised eyebrow. Lubbock gave him a flat look.

"Aaaaand point proven. Any other ideas?" Lubbock asked around.

"Well, I have been invited by Issei to go bowling and karoke with them. Does that work?" Takeshi suggested.

"Not a bad idea..." Lubbock replied.

"I can do bowling, but karaoke is something I'm not interested in participating." Lisbeth said.

"And I'm not sure if I feel comfortable being in the same room with those three perverted men..." Kiyome said while looking uncomfortable.

"There are more? Ugh, it's bad enough with Lubbock. Now I have to deal with four?" Lisbeth shivered in disgust.

"Gah!" Lubbock looked like he was struck by an arrow in the chest, and once again went into the corner with a depressed air around him.

Takeshi could only sigh as the females in the room are not up for this particular event. But Takeshi's eyes soon widened a bit when an idea passed through his head.

"I think I have an idea that will work for each group!" Takeshi said to everyone, making everyone turn their heads towards him.

"What is it Takeshi-kun?" Kiyome asked.

"Well, since you feel uncomfortable with karaoke, why not have a friendly bowling competition between us and Issei's group. It's not a bad idea, right? We're out in public and not in a room, so you won't have to worry about that problem." Takeshi suggested to everyone.

"A bowling competition? That does sound fun, even if there are those mentioned pervs. At least it is in a more open space and where people can see. And I can scream I'm being violated if the pervs were to do anything to me." Lisbeth said with a considering tone.

"And it certainly helps expanding my horizons when it comes to competitive sports..." Kiyome noted.

Lubbock chuckled as he patted his hand on Takeshi's shoulder.

"Well Takeshi, it looks you thought up of a solution once more. There's a reason why you're the brains of our ragtag group." Lubbock remarked. Takeshi could only chuckle while scratching the back of his head.

"Thanks. But let's ask Issei and the others and see what they say about this."

(Bowling Alley)

"I certainly didn't expect you and the others to accept it so easily." Takeshi remarked as he looked at Issei and his group standing before him.

"Of course! Who wouldn't be pumped up for a bowling match, especially since its a group match!" Issei exclaimed with an enthusiastic tone.

The entire group stood before each other in the bowling alley. Literally a day after Takeshi suggested to Issei about the idea, Issei immediately agreed. His other friends seemed fine with it as well, some being a bit excited than others.

"Well, thank you for accepting our idea. Let's have some fun with this match." Takeshi said with a friendly smile.

"Of course!" Issei agreed while pumping his fist. Takeshi looked behind Issei and observed how they felt about this event.

The group that came with Issei consisted of his two perverted friend Matsuda and Motohama, their tagalong Kiryu, and his fellow Peerage members, consisting of Asia, Koneko, and Kiba. Asia simply gave a pleaseant smile in the event that she is in, Koneko still gave a monotone expression, and Kiba gave a more brighter and refreshed smile. Kiryu was quietly laughing while adjusting her glasses, while Matsuda and Motohama look rather ecstatic in the situation they're in. Yet at the same time, they were giving intense glares towards Takeshi.

"...I'm starting to have second thoughts. I feel like my purity is already being ruined...!" Lisbeth muttered while shivering in disgust as she hid behind Takeshi's back as if he is her protection.

"That's what Kuoh Academy has to deal with every day. Even my tennis club has fell victim..." Kiyome remarked with a dry tone. She wasn't hiding behind Takeshi, but she certainly stood a bit closer to him while carefully watching the two perverts.

"At least I oogle at women when they're not aware of it. They're just plainly do it..." Lubbock muttered while looking at the two. While a fellow pervert, he does have common sense not to make it too obvious. The two members of the Perverted Trio, and Issei to an extent, are too open with it.

Takeshi sweatdropped when he felt the mood between his and Issei's group. He wanted to come here for fun, not be cautious of each other. Well, not cautious of Matsuda and Motohama. Even if the reasons are justified.

"U-Um, is it alright for me to be here? I feel like I'm intruding..." spoke up a familiar voice next to him. Takeshi turned his head towards the person and gave her a reassuring smile.

"You're more than welcome among this group Asuka-chan. Considering that we fought together against Kokabiel, how could I not leave you out of this? It's my way of saying thanks." Takeshi told his Shinobi friend.

His words didn't put that much ease on his friend, as Asuka was nervously squirming around while looking around her surroundings.

He inwardly chuckled to himself to see how Asuka, who is outgoing and friendly, is nervous in this type of situation. Though, come to think of it, he doesn't really see Asuka with other friends, other than him. And most of the time, she spends time training with her grandfather.

'Now that I think about it, her grandfather was rather encouraging for Asuka to get out of the sushi shop and hang out with us. Perhaps she wants her to make more friends outside her training.' Takeshi thought.

"Have you ever tried bowling before?" Takeshi curiously asked. Asuka shook her head.

"Not really. I've spent a lot of time training with jii-chan and missions." Asuka told him.

"Well, now is as good as any time. You'll have fun, I promise." Takeshi reassured, making Asuka give a small relief smile as her tension lowered a bit.

"If you say that, then I guess I will."

"Oi, Fuyushima!" a voice called out to him, making Takeshi turn his head towards the person in question.

"Yes?" Takeshi responded to Motohama. The person's glasses glinted dangerously while he pointed accursedly at him.

"Who is this bishoujo that is next to you, and what is your relationship with her!?" Motohama heatedly questioned. Takeshi blinked at the question, before he turned to the person in question.

Blair, in her usual attire, simply waved cheerfully at Motohama while sticking close to Takeshi.

It was a surprise to his group that Takeshi invited Blair along as well. His reasoning is that he still wanted to thank Blair for what she did during Kokabiel's attack, and he wanted to get to know her better know that their relationship is more open with each other. Plus, with Blair moving into his circle of friends, he might as well introduce her to more people. She's always alone at home, and felt bad that she had to undergo isolation with only him.

The group accepted his reasoning, though Kiyome looked strangely skeptical and mildly miffed upon hearing his reasonings. Blair, on the other hand, happily accepted if it meant being close to her master.

Takeshi honestly found himself at a lost of words as he had a bit of trouble trying to come up with what to say, knowing that the truth will expose the supernatural.

"W-Well, she is..." Takeshi tried to think up of an answer on the spot.

"Blair is Takeshi's cousin." Lubbock spoke up on his behalf with an easy going grin, making Takeshi and the two other perverts turn to the other pervert among the group.

"She's...his cousin?" Motohama said with a confused and skeptical tone.

"Yep, Master and I are family to each other!" Blair cheerfully responded while leaning a bit closer to Takeshi, her breast almost touching his arm. This made Kiyome's eyebrow twitch upon seeing this.

"Then why is she calling you master?" Matsuda spoke up.

"And why is she wearing a witch costume?" Motohama followed up.

"Oh, that? Takeshi's cousin works at a maid cafe with certain costume themes. She's just practicing on being a maid while getting used to her costume. Isn't that right Takeshi?" Lubbock asked, breaking Takeshi out of his stupor and rapidly nod at this.

"R-Right! That's exactly she is doing!" Takeshi hastily agreed.

"Hoh...I guess that makes sense. She certainly does look like she works at a maid cafe." Motohama said while flashing his glasses.

"Hmhm...I should check out this maid cafe. If someone hot like her works around, then surely there must be other busty maids there!" Matsuda said while flaring his nostrils.

"True!" Motohama agreed.

The two then turned around while they were quietly talking to each other and scheming future events for their perverted adventures. As they did, Takeshi turned to Lubbock with a grateful look on his face.

"Lubbock, you are the best!" Takeshi gratefully whispered to his friend.

"Heh, don't mention it. In return, I want you to bring Blair more to the hideout. It could always have a bit more...feminine touch." Lubbock said while winking at Takeshi.

"What was that?" Lisbeth spoke up while giving a dark glare towards Lubbock, making Lubbock break out into a cold sweat.

Takeshi simply chuckled.


The bowling game between the two groups went through normally, and everyone had a good time during the event. After finishing their round of bowling, everyone decided to take a short break and get some drinks to cool off.

"I'd never thought bowling could've gotten that intense..." Takeshi commented as he drank from a bottle of water.

"Well, two of the perverted Trio wanted to prove their mettle to the females of this group. They just ended up looking silly." Lubbock commented with a chuckle.

"At least they were easy to ignore." Kiyome commented.

"Agreed." Lisbeth followed up.

"At least the important part was that we had fun at most!" Asuka chimed in.

"Do you think if I flaunt my breast a bit, I can distract the two and make them get a gutter?" Blair asked mischievously.

"I think something already hit the gutter." Lubbock remarked, making the group softly laugh upon hearing Lubbock's retort.

Takeshi took a sip out of his water bottle, and then noticed Issei and Yuuto approaching the group.

"Oh, hey Issei. That was a nice game, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, we all had a blast!" Issei agreed with a grin.

"I certainly enjoyed the event." Yuuto responded with his usual smile.

"So, you up for the next round? You may have beaten us in the first round, but we're going to make a comeback!" Takeshi said with a friendly and competitive smile.

"I look forward to it. But before that, there is something I want to take care of first." Yuuto said, making Takeshi raise an eyebrow at him.

"What is it?"

It was then Yuuto bowed towards him in gratitude, surprising Takeshi and his group of friends.

"I just never had the chance to say thank you." Yuuto said while bowing to him.

"Thank you?" Takeshi repeated with a confused look. Yuuto then gave him a thankful look.

"You've willingly helped me out with my personal issues, even if you didn't need to help. You even risked your life for my sake. For that, you have my gratitude for contributing to my selfish needs. If you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask me." Yuuto told him. Takeshi simply shook his head at the blond Knight.

"I'm just glad to help you out. No need to thank me." Takeshi responded with a friendly smile. Yuuto simply chuckled as he turned to Kiyome.

"It was quite surprising for you to join in as well, considering your views on us, but you have my thanks as well." Yuuto told him. Kiyome just huffed at this as she crossed her arms underneath her well developed bust.

"Think nothing of it. All I did was keep an eye over Takeshi-kun to make sure he doesn't get into further trouble. Unfortunately, the results weren't as desired." Kiyome said while casting a dry look at Takeshi, making her childhood friend chuckle while scratching the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

"Well, at least I've got positive results out of it. Kiba got his issues resolved, we saved the town from Kokabiel, and discovered something important about Blair along the way." Takeshi reasoned, making Kiyome sigh tiredly upon hearing this while shaking her head.

His group of friends either chuckled or nodded in agreement. It was then Issei gave Takeshi a curious look.

"Oi, Takeshi, I've been meaning to ask you something." Issei spoke up.


"Is that bishoujo really your cousin?" Issei asked while leaning in with interest and curiosity, making Yuuto look at him with curiosity as well. Takeshi simply chuckled while scratching the back of his head.

"Ah, that was a cover up made by Lubbock." Takeshi answered, making Issei blink upon hearing this.

"So...she's not your cousin."

"Blair-chan is, more or less, my familiar." Takeshi answered, making Kiyome slightly pout upon the mention of that fact.

"Uoooh! I'm so jealous! You get to have a hot familiar while I get nothing! I wanted the slimes and tentacles to be mine, but they were destroyed!" Issei wailed upon the painful memories.

Kiyome's face curled up in disgust and discomfort.

"Ugh, please don't mention those vulgar beasts. Even I, as a Beast Tamer, want nothing to do with them." Kiyome said while shuddering at certain memories.

"Bad memories?" Takeshi asked.

"You have no idea." Kiyome muttered.

Seeing Kiyome's discomfort, he cleared his throat a bit.

"Well then, I think it's time to start our second round. How about it?" Takeshi asked everyone, to which they all agree to.

(Takeshi's Home)

After spending their entire afternoon in their little bowling tournament, everyone decided to call it a day and head home. Especially a certain childhood friend of his.

Takeshi and Kiyome were standing in front of his house, with Kiyome holding a luggage while giving Takeshi a stern look.

"Be sure not to get yourself in any more trouble while I'm gone Takeshi-kun. I don't want to receive anymore stress on hearing you getting wrapped up in some crazy event." Kiyome told him.

"Alright alright mom, I got it." Takeshi responded with a mixture of a playful and exasperated look, after hearing her tell him this for the umpteenth time.

"I'm serious Takeshi-kun. I don't want hear anything dangerous happening to you while I need to go back home and spend time with my parents returning." Kiyome told him.

"Don't worry so much about it. Besides, I'm going to use the rest of my free time researching and practicing magic, so I'm pretty much going to be at home most of the time." Takeshi reassured her.

Kiyome sighed.

"Normally, I would tell you not to shut yourself inside the house this much. Now hearing this actually puts me at ease." Kiyome shook her head. "Honestly Takeshi-kun, you should not give me this much stress."

Before Takeshi could say anything else, another voice entered the conversation.

"You two sound like a married couple, with the wife constantly worrying over her husband's safety while she's gone~" Blair interjected playfully.

Kiyome's cheeks immediately reddened while glaring indignetly at the Nekomata, while Takeshi simply sighed as he scratched the back of his head.

"Stay out of this!" Kiyome snapped.

"Blair-chan, I don't think teasing Kiyome-chan in this situation helps." Takeshi softly chastised his familiar.

"Fine~, was I just lightening the mood a little." Blair relented before she winked at the two as she went inside the house. "But seriously, have more faith in him. He's not that bad as you think."

Saying her final words, Blair left the two alone. Takeshi gazed a bit longer at Blair's retreating form, but then focused back on Kiyome.

"Don't worry Kiyome-chan. You have my word that I won't voluntarily involve myself in anymore troublesome situations." Takeshi told her.

"Even if it is for the sake of trying to make someone happy?" Kiyome immediately questioned.

Takeshi paused for a short moment, before he sighed.

"...If I say I can help them without ANY harm or risk to my being, will you allow it?" Takeshi asked.

Kiyome stared at him intently for a good moment, before she huffed.

"I suppose you can do that. But other than that, you're not allowed to risk your life for someone else's sake, got it? You need to start thinking for yourself for once."

"Of course. I still have to make up for making you upset for what I did. Like I said before Kiyome-chan, you're someone I need to constantly bring a smile to. Can't exactly do that if I'm dead." Takeshi told her with a friendly smile.

Kiyome's cheeks went bit redder as she heard him say this, and proceeded to clear her throat.

"So long as you understand. Well, I suppose I should heading off now before my parents get home and start worrying where I went off to." Kiyome said as she grabbed hold of her luggage.

"Take care Kiyome-chan."

(Takeshi's Bedroom)

Takeshi decided to take things a bit slow for the night and not practice his magic in his training room. Instead, he decided to cut back a bit and spend time in his room. After spending a good amount of time reading literature, he then sat at his desk while busy drawing something.

Takeshi narrowed his eyes in concentration while focusing on the details he drew, and gave an exhausted breath as he finally finished the finishing details. Takeshi looked at the drawing for a good bit, before he nodded in satisfaction upon what he achieved.

"Neh, Takeshi, it's time to go to bed." Blair said while wrapping her arms around Takeshi while pressing her well developed breasts against the back of his head.

Trying to ignore the sensation on his head, he glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight. Takeshi gave a small yawn upon seeing the time.

"I guess I should. Today was eventful after all." Takeshi said as he stood up from his chair.

Making his way towards the bed, he collapsed right onto it while burying his head onto his pillow. Getting into a comfortable position, he was about to close his eyes when he suddenly felt something soft press against his back while arms were wrapping around him.

"B-Blair-chan?" Takeshi stuttered in surprise.


Takeshi went silent for a bit, carefully thinking about the question and how to ask it.

"I-Is there something you need?" Takeshi asked.

Blair giggled as she snuggled further into Takeshi's back.

"Why, sleeping with you of course!" Blair answered like it was natural, making Takeshi blink owlishly upon this.

"Urm...there's a spare bed you know? I don't think sleeping with me is comfortable, considering it's a rather cramped with this size..." Takeshi explained.

Blair simply giggled.

"Don't worry, I'll sleep perfectly fine! Besides, you're warm. Perfect to snuggle with while going to sleep!" Blair chirped.

Upon hearing this answer, Takeshi just gave an exasperated sigh.

That sounded typical of Blair. In her cat form, she always had a habit of snuggling up to him while he was sleeping. Guess she still chooses to do so in her human form.

At the same time, however, this is a particularly new situation to him. He's used to Blair's affections and well developed body, but to sleep in the same bed with a female, even if he saw her as family, is something very new to him. And he didn't have the heart in him to kick Blair out of bed if she's this happy in cuddling with him to go to sleep.

'...Good grief, I'm really spoiling her too much. Guess there's a first time for everything.' Takeshi thought with amusement, before he sighed in resignation.

"...Alright. Don't blame me if thing get uncomfortable when we sleep." Takeshi said, all the while trying to prepare himself to sleep with someone in the same bed as him. He felt his eyelids getting heavy as he found himself drifting off to sleep real fast.

Just as he was about to go off and train with Jingzhu, he heard one whispered sentence from his familiar.

"Just being here with you is all the comfort I need."

And with that, the two fell into a comfortable rest.

And that's a wrap to the chapter.

So yeah, this chapter was pretty much slow, but I've decided to write back the characters just kicking back and giving some focus and explanation for Blair. Pretty much a laid-back chapter, something Takeshi needs at this point before things start kicking off once more.

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