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Chapter 2: The Dealer


"...What a long night that was..." Takeshi muttered to himself tiredly. After the incident that happens within the park, he felt physically and mentally tired from what transpired. His fight with the Fallen Angel, and then the revelation of Rias Gremory being a Devil.

After their introduction, Rias then walked over to the corpse of his classmate, and simply picked his body up. The two then vanished from his sight. If he could remember correctly, his late father told him that Devils have this thing called Evil Pieces, which will basically turn anyone into a Devil. Takeshi kind of hoped that it was Rias's intention, considering that his classmate died for some unknown reason. Even if Issei is a pervert through and through, that doesn't mean he deserve to die.

Takeshi was seriously surprised when he fought the Fallen Angel. Not just because of the Fallen Angel alone, but the battle itself. Having zero experience in combat, Takeshi just did whatever he can from his past training and what to do in battle. He certainly didn't expect himself to use his Enchanter spells to the utmost efficiency and use it to manipulate the battle. Then again, Enchanter magic is a magic that will help manipulate the battle in his favor, but he didn't expect it to use it so well on his first try.

It was just that when the battle came to him, his mind suddenly went into some form of mode. Like he mentally prepared himself for this kind of battle, even though it was his first time. He didn't know why, but he was at least thankful for it. But he decided not to think too much on it, and just focus on getting some sleep.

"I guess my training paid off...or it was just fluke and luck..." Takeshi said tiredly to himself. He changed into his sleeping attire, and headed straight into his room. As he did, he noticed his cat Blair in the room sitting on his desk while looking at him with a tilted head.

"Sorry Blair-chan, I'm just a bit too tired from what happened tonight. I'm just going to get some sleep. I'm too tired to practice with my magic..." Takeshi muttered sleepily as he collapsed onto his bed and laid his head onto the pillow. He then closed his eyes and let sleep overtake him and let it take away his exhaustion.

He could've sworn that he saw some outline of a woman with cat ears near him before he went to sleep.


For the first time in his morning schedule, Takeshi found himself walking to school at a casual pace this time. Well, considering that he collapsed onto his bed and didn't spend his time training his magic did give him the hours of sleep he needed and the time to wake up.

'So this is what it feels like to just walk to school. It honestly feels less tiring and stressful than my usual mornings...' Takeshi thought to himself with a considering tone. 'Perhaps I do need to sleep a little early...' Takeshi thought to himself.

He soon found himself walking through the school gates at a casual pace. But there was one thing he didn't expect to see once he crossed the gates.

"Hey...isn't that Fuyushima-kun? Doesn't he appear nearly late for school?"

"Yeah...he's actually here before school actually begins..."

"Well that's a shocker..."

Takeshi sweat dropped at the comments he received.

'Did I really gain a reputation based on me almost being late? I didn't know that was even considered special to people at this school...huh...the more you know.' Takeshi thought, not really bothered by their comments. Rather, he just accepted it in a positive manner and just went along with it.

Then again, he did know that the student body of this academy really loved to spread word around and try to make a big deal out of it. Special examples include Yuuto Kiba's princely attitude and Koneko Toujou's cuteness. Infamous included, such as the Perverted Trio, as if that wasn't obvious enough.

"Well this is a surprise Fuyushima-kun." a familiar voice said near Takeshi, causing him to blink and turn towards Souna Shitori. The student council president stood there with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh, Kaichou. Lovely morning, isn't it?" Takeshi simply greeted her with a laid back smile. The young student council president simple folded her arms.

"Yes, I suppose it is..." the young woman said while looking at him with that sharp analytical look of hers. "While it makes me wonder what brought on this change, it seems I won't have to scold you for almost being late. You better keep this change up for the sake of yourself, otherwise you'll make things stressful for both you and me. Best keep that in mind Fuyushima-kun." Souna told him with that usual stern tone of hers as she walked passed him.

"Roger that Kaichou..." Takeshi said with a lazy salute, and made his way to class.

"I guess getting a few more hours of sleep is really good for you..."


After finishing class, Takeshi just sighed as he leaned back on his chair. As he leaned backwards, he was met with the sight of a pair of large breasts once again. He blinked a bit, before recognizing who it was.

"Oh, Kiyome-chan." Takeshi greeted his childhood friend. The young woman simply sighed at him.

"Normally, I would yell at you to stop calling me that, but there is something more important." Kiyome said while sighing. She then recognized the position they're in, and she blushed as she backed up away from him.

"Do you mind?" Kiyome asked him with an embarrassed tone. Takeshi simply shrugged at her.

"Hey, you were the one who walked in on me while I was in that position." Takeshi responded, causing Kiyome to childishly glare at him, but just coughed to hide her blush.

"Anyways..." Kiyome said, trying to having the topic back in focus. "Thanks to the rumor system in this academy, I caught wind that you actually came to school without burning your shoes." Kiyome told him with a raised eyebrow. Takeshi rose up from his position nodded at her.

"I know, right? Even I'm surprised with myself..." Takeshi commented while a thoughtful look as he eased his body onto the desk and slouched on it with his arms crossed and head on top.

"So what brought this sudden change?" Kiyome asked curiously with a raised eyebrow. Takeshi simply shrugged at her, and figured that his childhood friend will ask that sort of question.

"Oh, something really big came up, and it required my attention and effort. So by the end of it, I ended up exhausted and crashed right into bed." Takeshi answered her, causing Kiyome to frown at him as she folded her arms underneath her large breasts.

"What kind of event?" Kiyome questioned, causing Takeshi to simply scratch the back of his head.

"Well, after I finished having dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant, I noticed that it was almost late, so I took a shortcut through the park." Takeshi told her, making Kiyome blink upon what he just said.

"Wait, isn't that the time where couples usually do their own activities there?" Kiyome pointed out. Takeshi nodded at her.

"Yeah, but I was lucky that no couple was there last night. However, I managed to come across an injured man who unfortunately had an accident happen upon him. I think it was a skateboard accident if I remember correctly..." Takeshi said while successfully playing a bit ignorant to the story he manage create. It was technically true with last night's events, minus the skateboard detail part.

"I see..."

"So after that, I ended up calling 119 and had to stay with the poor guy to make sure he's alright. Thankfully, help arrive right on time and took him away." Takeshi explained, once again creating a story similar to Issei and Rias coming in to help.

"Well, I guess that explains a few things." Kiyome said with a nod. "I guess you're good act last night must've exhausted you. I would be too after coming across an event like that." Kiyome said with acceptance.

'Well that's one cover up story taken care of...' Takeshi thought to himself while nodding at her. "Yeah. And now, I learned that getting your a few extra hours of sleep does help you a lot. And honestly, less tiring." Takeshi said with a grin.

"Obviously. You need the rest Takeshi-kun, or else you'll end up crashing." Kiyome chided him.

"Alright mom, I'll be sure to go to bed on time..." Takeshi said with a playful tone, making Kiyome lightly huff at him while lightly slapping his arm.

"Don't sass me Takeshi-kun."

The two childhood friends silently looked at each other, before the two went off into light chuckles upon their small banter. As they did, a young man with short blonde hair entered his classroom. He looked around, and spotted Takeshi.

"Yo, Fuyushima." the young man called out to him, causing Takeshi to turn his attention towards the person, and blinked on who he saw.

"Um...you're...Saji, right?" Takeshi asked, partially recognizing the man in front of him. He heard that he was the student council's secretary recently, but not much else to say about him. The young man known as Saji nodded at him.

"Yeah, that's me. Kaichou sent me to get you because she wants to discuss something." Saji told him, causing both Takeshi and Kiyome to blink at this information.

"Kaichou? I wonder what she wants with me?" Takeshi muttered to himself both with confusion and curiosity, before he packed up his stuff. "Alright, I got it. Let me just pack up my staff then." Takeshi said as he began cleaning up his table. He then noticed out of the corner of his eyes that Kiyome looked a bit concerned upon this. Seeing this, Takeshi turned to her with a small smile.

"Don't worry Kiyome-chan. I'm sure I'm not in too much trouble. I don't remember doing anything wrong." Takeshi reassured her, but Kiyome simply bit her lip.

"I'm sure..." Kiyome said skeptically. Takeshi just gave her a reassuring grin to her.

"Oh relax. I'll be out of there before you know it without any trouble on me." Takeshi told her as he walked pass her, not noticing the look Kiyome gave him.

Takeshi soon followed Saji out of his classroom, and the two walked together towards the student council room. As they did walk together, he turned to the blond man with a raised eyebrow.

"So you have any idea why Kaichou is calling out for me in the first place? I mean, I haven't exactly caused any trouble around here..." Takeshi said while trying to look back at his memory to see if he did anything wrong, other than her scolding him about him almost being late. Saji simply shook his head.

"It's not like that Fuyushima. She just wants to talk to you." Saji said, but he grumbled a bit under his breath.

"Something wrong?" Takeshi asked, seeing the grumble.

"It's nothing." Saji responded. Seeing he won't answer him, Takeshi simply just shrugged.

He'll get his answers sooner or later.

(Student Council Room)

The two soon arrived at the student council room, and Saji pushed open the doors. As he walked inside the room, he realized this was his first time inside the Student Council Room.

The room was quite spacious, with one long rectangular desk in the middle of the room, probably for the Student Council members to do their work. He saw a few file cabinets on the side of the room, and saw one small sofa on the other side of the room. At the end of the room was one long rectangular window that allowed light to flow into the room.

Upon entering the room, he saw that all the Student Council members were there, each one of them working at their respective work spaces. But he also noticed a few additions to the room as well.

That addition being Rias Gremory herself, as well as a few other people he recognizes, due to their great influence and presence within the school.

Standing near Rias is Akeno Himejima, the second most popular girl at school, who also happens to possess a highly voluptuous figure as well. She had long black hair tied in a pony tail, and she stood there with the usual smile on her face. For some reason, thought, Takeshi just felt chills when he noticed her presence.

The other person is Yuuto Kiba, the school's most popular male and titled "Prince of Kuoh". He is known to be the ideal boyfriend for every single female in the student body, and the receiver of ire and hatred from the males of the school. He swore that every time Yuuto walked by while he was around, females were always asking him for dates while the guys were sending death glares, like they were trying to murder the guy. For that fact, Takeshi just pitied Yuuto for having to endure such a thing.

And lastly, there was Koneko Toujou. A petite girl with short white hair, she is unofficially announced as the school mascot, due to her cuteness. A disturbing rumor he heard going around was that Koneko was targeted by a few secret lolicons in the school, despite the fact that she is 15. He noted how weird that was, but he guessed that was their taste. A weird and disturbing taste for that one.

Each person before him held a reputation in school, and they fact that they were here with Rias could only mean one thing.

'Wait...are they...?' Takeshi thought in realization. Before he could continue his thoughts, he heard Souna's voice enter his ears.

"You brought him Saji-kun. Good. You may go take your seat." Souna told him, causing Saji to straighten at her.

"Right!" Saji said with a diligent tone, and immediately moved to follow her commands. Takeshi couldn't help but notice his positive and diligent responses towards Souna, unlike the other people he interacted with. He decided to think about it later and focus on what is important here.

"Fuyushima-kun, please take a seat. We have a lot to discuss about." Souna told him, causing Takeshi to silently nod at her as he took a seat. He then noticed all eyes on him, and it made him almost twitch at the attention he was getting.

"Now then Fuyushima-kun, do you know why you're here?" Souna asked him, causing Takeshi to silently shake his head. "I see..." Sonua said as she folded her fingers together while closing her eyes in thought. "If that's the case, then I believe it is better if we introduce ourselves for more understanding."

'Understanding?' Takeshi thought, before he was met with the sight of multiple bat-like wings pop out of their backs, just like the ones he saw that night. Takeshi's eyes widened a bit upon seeing this.

'...Oh...Oooooohhh...they're all Devils...' Takeshi thought with realization and surprise. He was surprised by the fact that there were more Devils in the area than he thought, and a bit alarmed because they're Devils. His late father told him about the Three Factions, and he saw that Devils and Fallen Angels must be approached carefully. Some Devils and Fallen Angels will come to humanity with intent to kill, but a majority of them usually don't want to associate or harm them at all. Rather, they either leave humans alone or interact with them for their own needs.

It was just a small part of him that told him to be cautious of the Devils. He wasn't sure whether they tend to be of harm to the school, but there really wasn't much or even anything done by them, so he supposed they're harmless under the right circumstances.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Sona Sitri, heir to the Sitri household. The Student Council as you know is my Peerage" Sona introduced herself, as well as her Peerage around her.

Takeshi went silent for a bit, before he scratched the back of his head upon the information.

"Devils, huh? Well that was unexpected." Takeshi said while maintaining a calm mind.

"We didn't know that you were a Magician either, Fuyushima-kun." Rias told him while smiling. "In any case, based on our previous meeting, it seems you possess knowledge about the Three Factions. And you also didn't seem to know who I was, nor Sona for that matter. So I'm guessing that you no knowledge of Devils in this area?" Rias asked him with a raised eyebrow. Takeshi nodded at her.

"Well, that's one good observation there. Yes, I didn't really know that Devils were in this area. To be honest, I thought I was the only person with special powers in the area. Guess that's taken of the list…" Takeshi said while sighing.

"So you lived in this area without knowing who we are. Well, I suppose it's understandable with the given circumstances." Sona said with a patient tone.

"So what now? Are you guys going to kick me out due to me living in your territory, or…?" Takeshi asked with a slightly anxious tone, seeing how he's living in someone's territory. However, both Kings of their Peerage shook their heads.

"There is no need for you to do such things Fuyushima-kun. We understand that you lived in our territory without knowing, thus showing that you aren't a threat, so long as you don't show any signs of aggression, we shall do the same." Sona told him, causing Takeshi to sigh in relief.

"Oh really? That's a relief to hear…" Takeshi said with a relieved tone. Rias just giggled at his expression.

"Now then, now that the issue is out of the way, do you have any questions?" Rias asked him. Takeshi looked down in thought, before he blink upon something.

"Is Hyoudou alright?" Takeshi asked the crimson haired princess, causing Rias to nod at him.

"Issei is alright Takeshi-kun. I've already healed him with my magic, as well as using the Evil Pieces to give him a stronger body." Rias answered him.

"Oh, well that's good to hear…" Takeshi commented.

"Hm? I didn't know you were that close to Issei Takeshi-kun." Rias said with intrigue, but Takeshi shook his head at her.

"It's not like that. I barely know him, but all I do know is that he was innocent, and the Fallen Angel just killed him for an unknown reason." Takeshi explained.

"So there is a Fallen Angel within the area…" Sona muttered with narrowed eyes, before she looked at Takeshi with a raised eyebrow. "And you've managed to escape without any harm?" Sona asked. Takeshi nodded at her while scratching the back of his neck.

"Well, to be honest, it was more of a fluke or luck. If Gremory-senpai hasn't shown up, I might've ended up a bit worst." Takeshi answered, causing Rias to look at him with a surprised look, along with the others.

"Really now? But you've managed to survive before I arrived. So I assumed you're a skilled Magician." Rias pointed out, causing Takeshi to give a slightly embarrassed smile.

"Not really. I'm still a Magician in training to be honest. I'm still having difficulty casting a basic fireball spell." Takeshi admitted with a slightly embarrassed tone and expression, surprising everyone in the room.

"If that's the case, then how did you survive then?" Sona asked him with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, despite the fact that I'm not a skilled Magician, I'm actually a bit proficient in Enchanter Magic. But even that magic is barely used." Takeshi explained, causing everyone in the room to look at him with surprised expressions.

"…Well this is unexpected." Rias said with a surprised expression. She then sighed. "Well, even so, your skills must've been at least good enough to help you survive. So it ended well for you." Rias said.

"Indeed. Now that we're done with this type of discussion, I just have one question for Fuyushima-kun here." Sona said as she looked at Takeshi.

"What is it?" Takeshi asked.

"Are you interested in joining my Peerage?" Sona asked, causing surprise to go throughout the room.

"Seriuosly…!?" Saji whispered with surprise, before he eyed Takeshi with a skeptical look.

"Sona! You're asking him without giving me the chance to ask!?" Rias said in shock. "You sly Devil!" Rias said with an accused Devil. It was then Sona broke out into a small smile as she pushed up her glasses.

"I could say the same for you Rias." Sona said cooly. "I've already let Issei Hyoudou into your Peerage due to certain circumstances. However, I believe it is my turn to ask for a new possible Peerage member as well." Sona responded with a calm tone. But for some reason, Takeshi could've felt the smug air around her.

All he did was just see Rias pout heavily at Sona, before she huffed. Seeing their little fight come to an end, Sona turned back to Takeshi with a raised eyebrow.

"Fuyushima-kun, what is your answer?" Sona asked him. Takeshi kept silent for a while, before he looked back up to her.

"…Sorry Kaichou. I'm not really interested in joining Peerages. As much as power and riches sound nice for joining a Peerage, I'd say I'm rather content with my current life." Takeshi answered her honestly. Sona didn't give a sigh, but merely closed her eyes upon his answer.

"I see." Sona responded. "If that is the case, then I shall respect your decision. However, do note that a spot is available to you." Sona told him, causing Takeshi to nod at her.

"I'll keep that in mind." Takeshi told her, as he stood up from his seat. "Well, it was nice introducing ourselves to each other. Hopefully, we can get along with the way things are going now. Later." Takeshi waved a goodbye to the Devils in the room as he exited out of the door.


"Well, I guess everything turned out well, all things considered." Takeshi said while sighing with relief.

"So I guess I'm living with Devils now. I'm sure things won't be too bad if we just leave each other alone. They all seem like reasonable people." Takeshi told himself as he continued to walk down the hallways.

As he continued to do so, he soon heard a voice call out to him.


The voice caused Takeshi to turn his head towards the source of the voice, which turned out to be Kiyome leaning against the wall. Takeshi just blinked at her appearance.

"Oh, Kiyome-chan. You needed me for something?" Takeshi asked her. However, Kiyome simply walked up to him with a narrow look.

"Tell me, did anything happen to you when you went to meet with Kaichou?" Kiyome immediately asked him, causing Takeshi to tilt his head at her in confusion.

"Happen to me? What are you talking about?" Takeshi asked her in confusion. The girl simply furrowed her eyebrows.

"I mean…did anything about you change after you left the room?" Kiyome pressed on, causing Takeshi to look highly confused upon this.

"Huh? Nothing changed about me at all Kiyome-chan. I don't get what you're talking about. If you're concerned about me getting in trouble with Kaichou, it's nothing really. All she did was ask me questions regarding about school." Takeshi said while covering up his chat with Sona.

Kiyome started at him for a bit longer, before she huffed as she crossed her arms.

"...Well then, if that's the case, then I'll just take my leave." Kiyome told him as she walked away from him, leaving him really confused upon what happened.

"…I really don't get what is going on with her…" Takehsi muttered, before he turned and walked away.

(Student Council Room)

"Did you change Takeshi-kun into a Devil?" Kiyome bluntly asked Sona as she crossed her arms underneath her large bust. The moment she departed with her childhood friend was the moment she made a B-Line for the Student Council Room and demand answers from Sona. And she did so literally, as she just opened the doors without any care and just asked her without offering any pleasantries.

"Hello to you to Abe-san..." Sona greeted calmly, not perturbed by her sudden appearance. "And what was that question you have asked earlier?" Sona said, as she didn't really catch on with the question because of the sudden appearance.

"I said did you turn Takeshi-kun into a Devil?" Kiyome repeated once more. Sona blinked at this, before she shook her head.

"No. He turned down our offer." Sona answered, causing the young Beast Tamer to sigh in relief.

"Oh, I see..." Kiyome said with a relieved tone, before she raised an eyebrow at her. "Wait, then why did you call him here in the first place? I know he almost runs late, but I've never seen him get into trouble." Kiyome pointed out. Sona pushed up her glasses.

"We were simply discussing a few things about what happen last night. He was telling us how a Fallen Angel has attacked both Issei Hyoudou and him." Sona told her, causing Kiyome's eyes to widen upon this.

"Fallen Angels!?" Kiyome said in shock. Sona nodded at her.

"Fortunately for Fuyushima-kun, he managed to escape without any injuries. We took him today for him to inform us on what specifically happened." Sona explained to her. Kiyome blinked upon this information, before she raised an eyebrow upon something she now realized.

"Wait...you invited him to your Peerage, and he managed to escape a Fallen Angel unharmed. What exactly makes him special?" Kiyome asked her. Sona blinked upon this question.

"You mean you do not know? I assumed that you being an Beast Tamer, I though you knew each others identities." Sona told her, causing Kiyome to blink upon this.

"Wait, what do you exactly mean?" Kiyome questioned.

"Fuyushima-kun is a Magician Abe-san. You did not know that?" Sona asked with a raised eyebrow. Sona didn't see that as a no, as she saw the shock evident on the young woman's face.

"...Excuse me." Kiyome immediately said, excusing herself out of the room immediately at a fast pace. She didn't bother giving a proper goodbye, as she was processing the information given to her.

As soon as she left the room, she walked a good distance away from it, and then proceeded to rub her temples heavily.

"...Takeshi-kun is a Magician. That...That honestly explains everything..." Kiyome muttered to herself. She heavily sighed upon this.

It made sense and explained everything. Why Takeshi kept giving vague answers to her, why he sometimes acts a bit strange, and he does his best to cover something. She honestly couldn't blame him, considering that fact that Magic must be kept from public. Just like him, she must also hide the fact that she is a Beast Tamer. And she also kept secrets from him as well.

"...I don't know if this brings me ease or worry upon this fact. Being at ease that he and I have a lot more common, or I should worry about what he is getting himself into..." Kiyome whispered to herself.

(After School - Home - Underground Floor)

A day has passed since his meeting with the Peerages, and thankfully, things have gone normally, with the added exception of Issei being added into Rias's Peerage. Takeshi couldn't help but chuckle at the negative feedback of the entire student body towards Issei joining the Occult Research Club, all of them speculating that he's blackmailing Rias Gremory for his own perverted needs.

Well, it is understandable in the sight of normal people. It also didn't help that Issei had such a bad reputation to begin with anyway.

"...Let's see, let's see..." Takeshi muttered to himself, sitting in the middle of his training room. In front of him laid multiple papers with sketches of magic formulas and equations laid before him. "If I maybe change the numbers or adjust this part of the circle, I may be able to adjust this certain spell to match my own capabilities..." Takeshi pondered, before he narrowed his eyes upon seeing something.

"...No. If that we're to happen, there may be side effects or errors to the spells, making it ineffective or in worst case scenario, blow up in my face. I'd rather not get blown up by my own magic..." Takehsi muttered to himself, picking up the paper he had in his hand and crumpled the paper into a ball, and then toss it into a nearby recycle bin nearby him.

Takeshi gave a tired sigh as he laid down on the floor, his eyes staring up to the ceiling.

"Magic is more complicated than it is. Makes me wonder how those gifted magicians manage to do it with ease..." Takeshi quietly muttered to himself. His ears soon picked up a soft meow, and he turned his head to see Blair walking up to him. He picked himself up, and petted his cat as it got close to him. The pet gave a soft purr as it did.

"Hey Blair-chan." Takeshi greeted his cat. "Just as usual, your Magician is struggling with the wonders of magic. But he'll succeed in it someday..." Takeshi softly told Blair while letting a comforted smile appear on his face while his cat simply nuzzled into him.

After a few moments of petting and silence, he decided to stand up and pat the imaginary dust off of his pants.

"Welp, time to see what the library has to offer." Takeshi said to himself, before he walked towards a door in the ride of the room. As he approached the door, he channeled some magic into it. The door soon glowed, and a circle with multiple movable parts appeared before him. It's something his late father managed to set up for a certain specific room.

Seeing that the circle is a password to the room, he simply arranged the circle to the correct codes. The magic circle soon glowed, and faded away. A door click was soon made, and Takeshi followed through the door.

When he entered inside the room, he was greeted with a vast library, large enough to put public libraries to shame. The walls were high, and had shelves of books everywhere. Around the room were stalls of books as well. This library room was personally made by his father with his practice with dimensional pocket magic, a very advanced magic to practice at a scale like this. It also helped that his late father was a rather avid collector and researcher of magic, so he got many books.

Takeshi hummed to himself as he walked into the room, with Blair following after him. Scrolling through the sections, Takeshi could go through each book he could find.

"Let's see...Let's see...Let's see..." Takeshi muttered to himself. "No...I can't really master you. No, too complicated and advanced even for me to practice. Tried you, but it's an epic fail." Takeshi commented, before he reached for a ladder nearby.

"All right, let's see what's on the upper shelves..." Takeshi made his way up the latter to find a grimoire he could work on. After going up a few steps, Takeshi soon caught a particular book in his eye.

"Nature magic? Well, I haven't tried that before..." Takeshi said, reaching for the book. He made his way down the latter, and cleared the dust off of the grimoire. As soon as he held it, he closed his eyes.

"All right weird abilities, do your thing..." Takeshi muttered to himself, before he concentrated on the closed book before him. As he did, he felt a certain feeling in his head, before he felt his mind become rushed with information, and he felt himself reading through the entire book in under a few seconds, word by word, picture by picture. The process soon ended after that, and Takeshi opened his eyes to look at the grimoire before him.

"And that's another book memorized..." Takeshi quietly said to himself.

There is something strange he found about himself. Whenever he comes into contact with a book, no matter what kind of book, he always manages to memorize all of the contents and information within it. And the memory sticks well within his brain, like looking it up in a computer. His mind had that sort of power. Strange thing is, it's not even some sort of magic he applies. It's more of a ability that is a part of him.

He and his late father tried to figure it out, but they came up with dead ends. Whatever it is, Takeshi intends to find out, along with developing his magic skills.

"Well, nature magic needs nature, kinda obvious enough..." Takeshi said as he shrugged to himself, before he decided to leave the library.

"Later Blair-chan! I'm going out for a nature walk!" Takeshi called out to his cat. "Oh, I better take the staff out for a spin to!"


Takeshi decided to go out to the forest near Kuoh and practice his magic there. He was currently in a secluded part of the forest, and Takeshi had a concentrated look on his face as he focused on his magic. He was currently trying to focus on the basic step of nature magic: growing a lead on a tree. However, Takeshi found himself in quite a predicament when nothing is resulting, no matter how much time and magic is spent on it.

After a considerable amount of time, Takeshi gave an exhausted breath as he took a few steps away from the tree.

"Welp, that's a bust..." Takeshi muttered to himself, seeing the fruits of his labor before him. "I can't even grow a single leaf. Guess that means nature magic is out of my reach..." Takeshi said to himself as he scratched the back of his head, and then looked towards the staff in his hand. It is a a brown finely wooden shaped staff with a grip near the top-end of the staff. Attached at the top of the staff is a C like wooden shape with a slanted block on top off it.

His late father called it the Prudent Owl Cane, a special Magician staff that is blessed by some divine owl that me met during his travels. According to his late father, this staff greatly increases both magic power and casting time.

"Even with the staff, it still does nothing..." Takeshi silently muttered to himself with his expression slightly a bit down.

"*Whistle*...your magic skills are sure taking a hard time, huh?" a voice spoke with an intrigued tone.

Takeshi's eyes widened, and he immediately turned to the source of the noise while raising his staff.

"Electrical Fuzz!" Takeshi casted the spell upon reaction, sending out a ball of electricity towards whoever talked to him. As it flew through the air, he heard a bit of a zapping noise and flash.

"...Ow?" a figure said, a bit unsure if the spell caused damage or pain. The figure walked out of the trees, and Takeshi had a good view on who the figure is. It is a man who appears to be in his twenties while wearing some form of yukata. He has black hair, golden bangs and black goatee.

The man before Takeshi simply scratched the back of his head while looking down at his chest, where there is a bit of burnt cloth at his chest level.

"I don't know if that was supposed to damage me, but I will say this." the man said as he pointed to the electrical orb that is floating around him while trying to damage him. "Gonna take more than that if you want to even scratch me." the man said with an amused smile.

At the same time, Takeshi grew more alarmed upon seeing the man. He knew that he sucked at most magic, but his Enchanter spells should've caused some damage. The man before him took his attack like some 10 year old kid threw his baseball at him. So Takeshi took a few steps back while raising his staff, readying himself for a possible battle between him and the unknown figure.

"Woah woah, easy there kid. I don't mean any harm..." the man said while putting up his hands to show that he means no harm. "I just want to talk. Is that a bit too much to ask?" the man asked with a relaxed expression.

Takeshi stayed a bit silent, before he slightly lowered his staff.

"All right...what do you want to talk about? I highly doubt that you're a human, considering that you shrugged off my spell like its nothing." Takeshi told him.

"You have sharp eyes. Seems like you do fit the description." the man said with a nod. Takeshi frowned a bit, before he decided to ask the question that has been bugging him.

"I don't mean to be rude, but who exactly are you?" Takeshi asked with a raised eyebrow. His was answered with the sight of twelve black wings popping out of the man's back.

"Well, we can start it off by saying that I am Azazel, Governer of the Grigori. Nice to meet ya." the man, now known as Azazel, introduced himself with a nonchalant wave. Takeshi silently stood there for a few moments, blinking a few times upon seeing the man. It was then he recognized who the man is before him.

"Oh...Oh...Oooooooohhhh..." Takeshi managed to utter out, before his body slightly slumped in recognition. "...Huh. No wonder I didn't really damage you." Takeshi commented. Azazel simply chuckled.

"It'll take more than that if you want to at least leave a scratch on me." Azazel told him while simply dusting off the area he was hit.

"Well, I guess I'm sorry for...attempting to hurt you?" Takeshi tried to phrase it correctly.

"Meh, no harm done. Literally and figuratively." Azazel said with a shrug. "But anyways, don't worry, I'm not here to cause any harm. I prefer talking." Azazel said. Takeshi looked a bit unsure upon this, before he lowered his staff.

"So...what do you want to talk about?" Takeshi questioned. It wasn't everyday that you get to meet with a leader of a faction. Especially the leader of a faction that had its member try to kill you. He was surprised how he is dealing with the situation itself. It was then he realized something else.

"Wait, here's a better question. Why do you choose to reveal yourself now of all times?" Takeshi questioned. Azazel simple chuckled upon hearing the question.

"You're a pretty sharp kid at this age. Let's see..." Azazel said while stroking his chin in thought. "Ah yes, now I remember. Do you remember the night that a Fallen Angel attacked you?" Azazel asked. Takeshi stayed silent a bit, remembering those memories a bit, before he silently nodded at the Governor

"Good. I have to tell you something. Even though the Gremory heiress managed to intervene in time, it isn't everyday that a Magician like you manages to escape unscathed from a battle with a Fallen Angel. Especially Raynare. She's a bit above the average two-winged Fallen Angels, but still below that of a four winged Fallen Angel. And you managing to fend her off requires either a lot of luck, or just skill." Azazel told him, before he noticed that area around him. "And to top it all off, a beginner like you has survived. No offense by the way."

"None taken." Takeshi simply replied. "Well, if anything, the Fallen Angel I fought is more out of pure luck. I saw her a bit arrogant, used whatever I had in my arsenal, and use the time available to me to just survive." Takeshi said.

"That counts as well, and that's more than enough." Azazel said, before he gave a small smirk towards Takeshi. "Tell you what, how about we make a deal?" Azazel said. Takeshi slightly narrowed his eyes upon hearing this.

"Depends. What kind of deal are we talking about?" Takeshi asked. Azazel then reached into his pocket and took out three pictures.

"Recently, four of my subordinates disobeyed my orders. I never ordered anyone to be killed, or even a certain project that is about to unfold sometime in the future. I want this to be stopped before it gets out of control." Azazel told him.

"But wait. You're the leader of the Griogori. Can't you just..." Takeshi said, before his eyes widened a bit. "Wait, if I remember anything from politics and structural workings, you intervening will only serve to make things worst. You're an important figure, and anything you do is significant. So stopping this particular activity might upset balance within your faction, showing an abuse of power of sorts." Takeshi said with realization. Azazel gave an impressed whistle upon hearing that.

"Definitely a smart and sharp kid. I'm glad I chose you." Azazel said with a nod. Takeshi realized on where Azazel is going with.

"...You want me to stop your subordinates." Takeshi said with realization.

"And that's not all. I also want you to capture four of my subordinates and bring them to me alive." Azazel also added in. Takeshi stood there as he blinked owlishly at his request, before he scratched the back of his head.

"...That's a LOT to have on my plate." Takeshi said with a sigh, before he looked at Azazel with a raised eyebrow. "What do I gain out of all this, if I succeed?" Takeshi asked.

"What will you gain? Well, how about a personal favor in return by yours truly?" Azazel offered with a small smile. "It can be anything you want, so long as it is within my power to do so." Azazel told him, making Takeshi pause upon hearing this.

'...Let's see here. Stop four Fallen Angels, who have the power to kill me if they want to, from going on with their plans. And I also have to do it discreetly, otherwise things will get even more complicated. And to top it all of, I need to take them in alive and back to Azazel, who says he'll owe be a favor after it's all done. Or simply say no, and turn a blind eye towards this whole thing while Rias, Sona, and the others can take care of this whole shindig.' Takeshi mentally summarized, before he nodded at the choice before him.

'Welp, I know what my answer is going to be, which was pretty obvious from the start.' Takeshi thought to himself, and looked back at Azazel who stood there with a patient look on his face.

"...I'll accept your deal. But only on one condition." Takeshi said to Azazel, making the leader of the Grigori raise an intrigued eyebrow upon hearing this.

"And what would that be?" Azazel asked curiously.

"If I'm going to do this, then there is no way I can do it on my own. I'm a novice magician who only knows Enchanter magic. If I'm going to get into this whole mess that's set up before me, then I need help. You will have to send someone you trust to help me." Takeshi told Azazel, making the man blink upon the condition.

"Well now, increasing your chances of success with some help? You must be really after that favor." Azazel said with an amused smirk. Takeshi only shook his head in response.

"You can take away the favor if you want. What I'm doing is making sure the innocents of this area doesn't get caught up into this." Takeshi told Azazel. Azazel blinked upon hearing this, before he gave a chuckle upon hearing this.

"Well now, isn't that something?" Azazel said, before he held out his hand to Takeshi. "Sure, I'll accept that condition kid. Sounds easy enough."

"I have a name you know. It's Takeshi Fuyushima." Takeshi said, before he held out his hand as well and shook Azazel's hand, sealing the deal. While he shook the hand, Takeshi looked at it.

"My dad always told me not to make a deal with the Devil. I'm wondering if this applies to Fallen Angels as well." Takeshi wondered as he shook Azazel's hand. Azazel simply laughed upon hearing that.

"Oh trust me, we Fallen Angels aren't that sinister in our prices. In actuality, we gave things to the humans instead. Only problem is, they usually tend to abuse it in the wrong way." Azazel told him.

"Ah, the Book of Enoch. If I remember correctly, you taught weapons and cosmetics to the people." Takeshi said with recognition.

"Oh wow, somebody actually read that book? They're barely read that in this day of age besides the Church." Azazel said with an amused smile.

"I'm a really avid reader." Takeshi simply responded.

Things certainly took a turn from here, and it won't stop from there.

(Abilities and Equipment Update)

Abilities #2 - Encyclopedic Knowledge - As described in this chapter, Takeshi possess an ability that allows him to easily absorb and understand the information from contact with a book. Not only that, but he could easily memorize word by word, and even the littlest of details on a picture. While it may seem lacking in the offensive department, it does provide Takeshi mental support, furthering his mind and intelligence. Another interesting fact is that unlike most human brains who can only hold so much memories and knowledge, Takeshi's mental limits have none. He doesn't suffer any backlash from holding so much knowledge in his brain.

Equipment #1 - Prudent Owl Cane - This particular staff is a keepsake and memory of Takeshi's adoptive father. What makes this staff so special is that it increases casting speed and magical boosts to the user. In Takeshi's hands, the time to cast the spells only cost half a second, effectively making him a quick cast Magician. An interesting story behind it is that the staff is blessed by a divine owl. (I also took this from Log Horizon)

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