Chapter 3





Location / Date / Time Change

Both Weiss and Ruby clung to the Nevermore with all their strength, trying not to fall off. "Ruby!" Weiss screamed. "I told you this was bad idea!"

"We're fine!" She shouted to the heiress. "Stop worrying!"

"I am so far beyond worrying!" Weiss shouted back.

"In a good way?" Ruby asked.

"In a bad way!" Weiss answered. "In a very, very bad way!"

"Well then, why don't we just jump!?" Ruby asked.

"Are you completely insane!?" Weiss asked back. Her answer never came as Ruby let go. "You insufferable little red-"

"Blake, did you hear that?" Yang asked as the other girls looked up. "What should we-" She stopped talking when the three girls pointed up, making Yang look up to see Ruby falling from the sky.

"Heads Up!" Ruby shouted as she fell. A few feet before impact, Jaune crashed into her, sending them both crashing into a tree. "What was that?" She asked before she locked eyes with Jaune who was hanging upside down.

"Did your sister just fall from the sky?" Blake asked Yang.

Before the blonde could answer, an Ursa burst through the tree line. An explosion went off behind it, making it fall dead and Nora roll off the head. "Aw, it's broken." She climbed onto the neck as Ren came into view, panting.

"Nora..." He said between pants. "Please... Don't ever... Do that... Again." He looked up and found her missing. He frantically looked around until he saw her at the temple.

"Oooo..." She eyed a gold rook before picking it up and danced around. "I'm queen of the castle! I'm queen of the castle!"

"NORA!" Ren shouted, snapping his partner back into reality.

"Coming, Ren." She chuckled as the piece fell of her head and into her hand.

"Did that girl just ride in on an Ursa?" Aerith asked staring at Nora.

"I-" Yang started to respond before more trees fell over as Natsu and Vergil fled the giant snake behind them.

"I thought you said this would work!" Natsu shouted as he jumped, avoiding a lunging bite from the snake.

"Just give it a little more time!" Vergil shouted back.

"Are those two trying to tie up a King Taijitu?" Ryuko asked before a shrieking noise tore them away from the sight.

Pyrrha ran through the woods as the Deathstalker chased her, knocking down any trees in its way.

"Jaune!" She called out concerned before jumping between its right pincer.

"Pyrrha!" He shouted back. He looked over as Ruby jumped down from the tree. "Ruby!"

"Ruby?" Yang asked as her sister landed beside her.

"Yang!" The two were about to high five in joy when...

"Nora!" Nora got between them.

"Did she just run all the way over here with a Deathstalker on her tail?" Blake asked as Yang shook in annoyance.

"I can't take it anymore!" Yang shouted as her eyes turned red in rage. "Could we all just chill out for a few seconds before something else crazy happens!?"

"Um, Yang?" Ruby tapped her sister on the shoulder before pointing up. Hanging from the talons of a Nevermore above them was Weiss.

"How could you leave me!?" She shouted, barely hanging on.

"I said to jump." Ruby defended herself.

"She gonna fall." Blake stated as Aerith and Ryuko nodded in agreement.

"She'll be fine." Ruby said, brushing it off.

"And she's falling." Ren, who had run over, stated as the heiress fell from the sky.

Jaune finally managed to unhook himself from the branch and looked up as Weiss fell. Summoning his courage, he leapt from the branch and grabbed her midair. "Just dropping in?" He asked before looking down, unaware of how high he was. The two hugged each other before plummeting to the ground, with Jaune acting like an unwilling pillow for Weiss.

"My hero..." Weiss said uninterested.

"Ah, screw this!" Natsu shouted before sprinting away from Vergil. The snake Grimm caught this and followed after him.

"What are you doing!?" Vegil asked.

"Giving you a chance to grab a relic!" Natsu shouted back before running through an old building. The Grimm followed him, breaking pillars as it slithered after him. The roof began to shake before chunks of it fell off, crushing everything underneath them.

"Well, this is a great second day." He said sarcastically as the whole roof caved in, crushing both him and the Grimm under a pile of rubble.

"Natsu!" Vergil shouted as he ran over and started throwing rocks out of the way. A clawed hand burst through the top of the pile and Natsu climbed out.

"Well, that's something I never want to go through again." He chuckled as he brushed himself off. "Aw man, I lost my snack bag."

"Haha." Vergil started laughing in disbelief. "You get buried under a pile of stone, with a giant two headed snake, and you're worried about a snack bag?"

"Yeah, I guess it does seem kinda silly." Natsu chuckled back as Pyrrha ran by them before the Deathstalker swung its pincer, sending all three flying over to the temple.

"Great!" Yang said, looking at the bodies lying on the ground infront of her. "The gang's all here! Now we can die together!"

"Wow, that was dark." Aerith said to the blonde.

"Not if I can help it." Ruby smirked before charging forward. She unfolded her scythe and fired a round, sending her flying closer to the Deathstalker, only to be swatted by its claws. "I'm okay!" She turned around and fired a round, only to have to glance off the beast's armor.

She ran away and put her weapon in its holster as the Deathstalker chased her. "Ruby!" Yang called out to her sister as she ran over. The Nevermore flew above them before it fired its feathers like arrows, trapping Ruby by her hood and blocking Yang. "Ruby, get out of there!"

"I'm trying!" Her sister shouted, pulling on her hood, as the Deathstalker raised its tail to strike. Ruby and Yang looked in horror as two figures raced towards them.

"You are SO childish!" Ruby opened her eyes to see Weiss and Natsu standing between her a giant chunk of ice holding the scorpion back.

"Weiss?" Ruby asked surprised. She thought anyone BUT Weiss would come help her.

"And dim witted." Weiss continued as she pulled her sword out of the ground. "And hyperactive, and don't even get me started on your fighting style. And I suppose, I can be a bit..."

"Difficult?" Natsu asked as he leaned against the ice. "Stubborn, uptight? Am I in the ballpark?"

"Anyway..." Weiss brushed off Natsu's words and looked to Ruby. "If we're going to do this, we're going to have to do this together. So, if you quit trying to show off, I'll be... Nicer."

"I'm not trying to show off." Ruby defended herself. "I just want you to know I can do this."

"You're fine." Weiss said as she walked away.

"Normal knees..." Ruby whispered to herself. She stood up and looked in awe at the mass of ice trapping the Deathstalker's tail and pincer.

She turned around as Yang ran over and hugged her. "I'm so happy you're okay!" Yang told her sister.

The group looked up as the Nevermore roared as it soared through the air. "Guys!" Jaune spoke up as they all looked to the sky. "That thing's coming back here! What are we gonna do?"

"Look there's no need to be dillydallying." Weiss spoke up. "Our objective is right in front of us."

"She's right." Ruby agreed. "Our mission is to grab a relic and make it back to the cliffs. We don't need to fight these things."

"Run and live..." Jaune summed it up. "That is an idea I can get behind!"

"Hey, as long as nothing else falls on me today, I'm good." Natsu joked as he, Ruby and Jaune walked over to the temple, grabbing a golden bishop, knight, and rook, respectively.

The Deathstalker pulled on the ice, trying to free its limbs. The ice began to crack under the pressure, growing weaker and weaker. "Time to go!" Ren told everyone.

"Right." Ruby nodded before turning to everyone. "Let's go." She waved everyone ahead as Yang stared with a smirk.

"What is it?" Blake asked as stopped.

"Nothing." Yang answered, before the two ran after the group.

The pile of rubble began to move as the white snake head burst out of the rubble and slithered after them, dragging its dead half behind it.

The group of twelve ran as the giant bird flew above them. The bird tuned around and hovered in the air as the group took cover. It landed on an old temple and cried out.

"Well, that's just great." Yang said sarcastically.

Jaune looked back as the Deathstalker burst through the trees. "Run!" He shouted.

"Nora, distract it!" Ren requested as the beast flung more feathers at them. Nora jumped and dodged before taking her grenade launcher off her back and fired, hitting the bird.

Nora kept firing, unaware that the Deathstalker was right behind her. As she turned around, Blake and Ren ran and struck it with their blades. Weiss jumped near Nora and created a glyph, letting the two jump higher.

As the group ran to the bridge, Natsu heard a hissing sound and looked back. The white half had caught up with them and lunged at him before flinging him into the air.

"Natsu!" Vergil cried out as the snake lurched upwards and ate Natsu. Its mouth violently shook before Natsu pried it open.

"A little help here!?" He cried out as he held onto the beasts fangs with his hands and feet.

Vergil drew his pistols and charged towards the snake. He looked over and saw Aerith and Ryuko running alongside him. Ryuko turned her blades into their tommy form, as Aerith's staff shorted and folded into a four barrel duck-foot pistol. She spun a gear near the handle and the barrels grew closer. All three opened fire on the beast, taking care not to hit Natsu.

Pyrrha looked over her shoulder as the Deathstalker was hot on their heels. "Go, go!" She ordered everyone as she turned around and fired at the beast, with Blake and Ren joining her when they got closer.

The Nevermore circled back around and smashed the walkway they were on, leaving Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Nora and Jaune on one side, and Ren, Blake and Pyrrha on the other fighting the Deathstalker.

Vergil, Ryuko and Aerith kept firing at the King Taijitu as the beast kept squirming around with Natsu in its mouth. Ryuko transformed her weapons back to their scissor form and charged the beast, swinging her blades at its stomach, trying to slice its scales before jumping back.

Vergil holstered his guns and ran up to beast and jumped onto its back, stabbing as he ran up. He reached the head and was about pull Natsu out when the beast flung its head, launching the two into the girls on the ground. The group slowly stood up, only to have the snake wrap around them all and began to apply pressure to the group.

Jaune looked over as the beast knocked Blake out of the air as she tried to attack it. "Man, we have to get over to them! They need help!"

"Let's do this!" Nora said as she ran up, gun in hand.

"Yeah, but uh..." He looked down at the gaping hole beneath them. "I can't make that jump."

Nora smirked as she whacked Jaune to the ground and turn her weapon into its hammer form. She jumped off the edge and turned around before slamming her hammer into the ledge, catapulting Jaune over to the other side. She pressed a button and flew across the gap before raising her hammer to strike.

"Nora Smash!" She shouted as she struck the scorpion. The beast ready its tail, catching Nora's eyes so she launched herself backwards, inadvertently send Blake falling off the ledge.

Blake flung her weapon into the stone, letting it hook in before swinging on the axis created. The Nevermore flew after her but she used her semblance to fool it and struck its beak before flipping onto its back and swinging her sword and sheathe before jumping off and landing next to the other girls.

"It's tougher than it looks." She informed them.

"Then we just hit it with everything we have!" Yang declared as the large bird circled back around. Ruby unfolded her scythe, and Blake turned her weapon into its gun form. Weiss launched ice via glyph as the rest fired bullets. They bounced off the bird as it crashed into the building they were on, sending them falling.

The girls jumped off and made their way back to a platform. "None of this is working!" Weiss stated.

Ruby looked around and noticed Blake swinging up and Yang blasting the bird from afar. "I have a plan." She told Weiss. "Cover me!"

The Taijitu squeezed harder, crushing the students against its abdomen. "Can anyone do anything?" Natsu asked as his tail could barely wiggle around.

"I got this." Ryuko said as she pulled her arm out. Her hair flared up and her highlights spread across. She swung her arm forward, and a chunk of stone crashed into the snakes head, breaking its focus and freeing the group.

"How did you do that?" Vergil asked.

"Semblance." Ryuko answered as she grabbed the air above her hand and pulled, revealing almost invisible strings coming off her hand. The beast recovered and roared, pulling them out of their conversation.

"Keep it busy for a second." Natsu requested. The group looked at him confused before the snake roared again. With no time for argument, the other three charged forward.

Natsu reached behind him and opened a pouch hidden under his jacket. He brought his hand in front of him and opened it, revealing a small red Dust crystal. 'That damn snake ate everything but this.' He thought to himself. 'Well, let's use it.' He plopped it into his mouth and swallowed.

Aerith swung her staff, The Dreamwatcher, and broke the lower fangs. Vergil fired his pistols to keep it confused as Ryuko cut it in half, separating the black and white halfs. Natsu charged forward, his body ablaze and tackled the beast into a cliff. He punched the beast with flame infused punches, as Vergil kept firing.

"Aerith, up!" Ryuko shouted as she combined her blades and braced herself. Her partner ran over and jumped off the blades, flipping in the air. She slammed her staff into the cliff top and created an avalanche, burying the body. Natsu jumped back to avoid being buried as Aerith slide down on a chunk of rock.

The head burst out of the pile, but Ryuko and Vergil acted quickly and sliced its head off, finally killing it. The group panted in victory as Natsu fell on his back.

"Think we should help them?" Aerith asked, pointing to Jaune and his group.

"Nah." Natsu answered. "They've got it."

The Deathstalker pulled its tail out of the walkway, destabilizing it. "We have to move." Jaune told everyone as they charged the beast. It raised its right pincer, but Pyrrha blocked it and swung her sword. It raised its other one, but Jaune blocked, allowing Pyrrha to strike it.

Ren opened fire on the beast as it stabbed its tail. He dodged it and hooked on, letting him blast the tendons it was connected to. Nora charged and turned her hammer into its gun form, firing two grenades. The beast covered itself with its pincers, punching Jaune and Pyrrha back.

She threw her spear and punctured an eye. The beast flailed around in pain, causing Ren to lose his grip and fly off.

"Ren!" Nora shouted in concern. Ren smacked into a pillar and fell to the ground.

Jaune groaned as he stood up and noticed the tail was barely hanging on before getting an idea. "Pyrrha!"

"Got it!" She replied as she flung her shield and severed the tail from the body, causing it to crash into the torso of the scorpion. The shield bounced of a pillar before returning to the thrower.

"Nora, nail it!" Jaune ordered.

"Heads up!" She shouted as she jumped onto Pyrrha's shield. She pressed a button flew off as Pyrrha jumped at the same time. The hammer wielding girl flipped in the air and hammered the tail into the body, catapulting the other two into the air. Jaune landed on his back as Ren walked over to the group and collapsed.

The group looked behind them as the Nevermore circled around Yang as she fired of blasts at the bird. She reloaded before firing again, this time hitting it in the eye. The bird turned and flew towards her, opening her mouth to eat her. Yang jumped into the mouth and began firing down the bird's throat. "I! Hope! You're! Hun! Gry!"

She looked behind her and flipped out of the mouth as the bird crashed into a cliff. She looked up as Weiss charged and the two past each other. The Nevermore was about to take off again, but Weiss trapped its tail in ice. She jumped back and ran over to the group.

Blake threw her gun and Yang caught it before shoving it into a crack on a pillar. The two pulled the string taunt as Ruby flipped into the air and pushed it back to Weiss, who used a glyph to keep her from flying.

"Only you would come up with this idea." Weiss said.

"Can you make the shot?" Ruby asked.

"Hmp.. Can I?" Weiss asked smugly.

"Can you?" Her partner asked again.

"Of course I can!" Weiss said back. Ruby cocked her gun as Weiss deactivated her glyph, sending the red hooded girl flying into the cliff. The force pushed the Nevermore against the cliff with Ruby's scythe at its neck.

Weiss created a series of glyphs along the cliffs wall, letting Ruby run up it. Ruby fired shots as she ran, increasing her speed until she reached the top, where the cliffs edge and her scythe worked to decapitate the giant bird.

The headless corpse fell, as the on looking teams stared in shock.

"So... That just happened." Yang said as she and Blake jumped down next to Weiss.

Beacon Academy

"Russel Thrush, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, Sky Lark." Ozpin spoke to the large crowd as pictures of the four mentioned moved on a monitor above him. "The four of you retrieved the Black Bishop pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team CRDL (pronounced Cardinal), led by Cardin Winchester."

The four boys turned and left the stage as a new group took their place. "Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkayrie." Ozpin said as the group stood at attention. "The four of you retrieved the White Rook pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team JNPR (pronounced Juniper). Led by, Jaune Arc."

"Huh?" Jaune asked surprised. "Me?"

"Congratulations, young man." Ozpin said as Pyrrha pounded his shoulder, knocking him to the ground. She pulled him up and the group left the stage.

"Vergil Inferno, Ryuko Matoi, Aerith Gainsborough, Natsu Dragneel." Ozpin spoke as the new group stepped forward. "The four of you retrieved the White Bishop pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team NVAR (pronounced Never), led by Natsu Dragneel."

'Dragneel?' Vergil asked himself as he looked to his partner, noticing the somber face the Faunus had. 'I thought his last name was Goodwitch. What's going on?' He had questions for his new leader as they walked off the stage.

"And finally, Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and Yang Xaio Long." Ozpin continued as the final team made its way onstage. "The four of you retrieved the White Knight pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as Team RWBY (pronounced Ruby). Led by Ruby Rose."

The girl was in shock as Yang wrapped around her. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Looks like this will be an interesting year." Ozpin said to himself.

Student Dorm Hallway

"I can't believe we're a team!" Aerith shouted in joy as the group walked to their room. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

"No kidding!" Ryuko added. "We'll be the best team ever! Right, Vergil?" Her answer never came. "Vergil?"

"Huh?" He asked. "Sorry."

"What's with you?" Aerith asked. "You've been staring at Natsu ever since we were made a team. Did he do something?"

"No." Vergil said, taking his eyes off Natsu who was leading the group. "It's just, something he said to me in the forest. He told me his last name, but it was completely different from what Ozpin just said."

"What?" Both girls asked shocked.

"Come to think of it, am I the only one who found it weird that he switched from ice to fire?" Aerith added.

"I thought that was just part of his Semblance." Ryuko said. "You know, like he controls thermal pressure or something."

"No, something is up." Vergil said as they rounded a corner and bumped into Natsu. "Why'd you stop?" He asked before looking up. Standing in front of their room was Glynda Goodwitch. "Ms. Goodwitch?"

"I wish to speak with Mister Dragneel." She said as she opened the door. "Alone."

"What?" The other three started to ask before Natsu started to walk forward.

"It'll be fine." Natsu told his team with a smile. "Trust me." He walked into the room.

"You three find something else to do." Glynda turned and closed the door behind her.

Natsu walked over to his bed and sat down, staring at his hand. "Did you tell Ozpin to use that name, or was that his decision?"

"You know it was for your own good." Glynda said somberly as she walked over. "If we used my name, people would get suspicious. They would start digging, and if they found out the truth..."

"They'd kill me without hesitation." Natsu finished for her.

"No, we don't know that." Glynda sat down next to him and put her hand on his back. "But we can't be too careful."

"I know, I know. But did you have to use that name?" Natsu asked. "You know how I feel about it. It makes me feel like I'm an animal."

"Natsu-" Glynda started.

"Achoo." A sneeze tore their attention from each other.

"Who's there!?" Glynda stood up and waved her crop, opening the door. Standing with ears to the door were the rest of Natsu's team. "I thought I told you three to leave!" She waved her weapon again and pulled the three in before the door closed.

"How could we?" Ryuko asked. "If something is wrong with our leader, we have a right to know."

"Please, we want to help." Aerith added.

"I have to agree." Vergil said. "He's my partner. We've told each other about ourselves. He's the only one we know nothing about."

"Mom..." Natsu spoke up. "They're my teammates. They have to learn it at some point."

Glynda sighed in defeat. "Sit down." She told the three and they sat at their respective beds. She looked back at Natsu and nodded and he started taking off his jacket. "What I'm about to tell you is highly classified. You tell anyone outside this room, you will disappear..."

Unknown Warehouse

Roman Torchwick stared at a map of Vale while on the phone. He slammed the phone on the table in front of him before he took out a cigar and lit it. A masked man walked in pushing a cart infront of him.

Roman showed him five credit cards before the masked man picked them up. "Open it." He requested. The masked man obeyed, revealing all kinds of Dust crystals in the case. Roman picked up a dark blue crystal and stared at it intensely. "We're gonna need more men..."

The teams are set, and the school year has started. Now, I like the name NVAR. It describes their aditudes. Never give up, never surrender and more importantly, never lose anyone again.

Yes, I know that Aerith's weapon isn't called the Dreamwatcher, but let's be honest. It's a much cooler name than 'The Guard Stick.'

Now, what's Natsu's secret? I can't tell you now, because that would ruin the story. Keep on reading and find out.

Beta read by digemsmack.