Hello everyone! :D So I have played around with making a story with Kagome x Kurama and here it is.

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Unusual green eyes scanned his new schedule as he walked down the hall of his new university; his first lesson was Japanese history with Kagome Higurashi.

Wonderful, a female teacher.

Kurama hoped his new history teacher would have more brain than his fangirls, he really didn't want to get mixed up with a teacher even if he was attractive to older women purely due to their maturity.

The classroom was pretty much empty except for a few handfuls of students; he ignored the adoring stares and whispers from the small group of girls in the corner as he moved over to pick a seat.

Human females weren't worthy of his time; they were all the same after all. They never saw past his looks and he couldn't honestly bother with a female who couldn't accept all of him.

The red haired kitsune choose a window seat in the second row, it wasn't too far from the board but not too close either and he would be able to look at the nature outside.

Kurama ran a hand through his fiery coloured locks as he watched the rest of the students enter the room, he winced faintly at their loud chattering and turned his attention back to the window – hopefully university would be calmer than high school.

He heard the door opening and he let out a small sigh, his eyes sliding to the woman that entered. His breath got caught in his throat at the sight, a young stunning woman made her way to the board. His new teacher had the most stunning sapphire eyes with long black hair with a small tint of blue to it and pale flawless skin – maybe this Kagome wouldn't be too bad.

"Konnichiwa everyone, my name is Higurashi Kagome and I'm your Japanese history teacher." The teacher's smile was bright and caring, like a warm ray of sunshine.

Something primal in him snapped as he watched the young woman, her aura called to him like a moth to a flame, which could only mean one thing – a miko. His new teacher was a miko, her aura were too large and pure to be anything less.

Kurama couldn't help but smirk as he watched his new obsession with intrigued green eyes, a few specks of gold mixing in with his emerald gaze – the kitsune was out to play.

Word explanations:

Konnichiwa - Hello/Good afternoon.

Miko - Japanese priestess.