Guess who is tired of college. If you guessed me, then you get a cookie.

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The dinner went as always. Kagome would keep quiet while Shippo animatedly talking about his most recent trip, including whatever gossip and drama that happened between his employers. Kagome loved these moments with Shippo, it wasn't often he took time off from his fashion job in Paris to visit her in Japan.

A soft smile was still highlighted on her pale face as she washed up the dirty dishes from the dinner. – Shippo having left shortly a cup of chamomile tea, saying something about calling to a client before he forgot.

She put the cleaned cutlery back into the drawer before leaving the kitchen, her eyes feeling rather heavy with the need for sleep and so the young woman made her way to the bathroom to finish her nightly routine. The minty taste filled her mouth as she brushed her teeth while turning on the shower so the water can heat up in the meantime.
Kagome spat out the foamy toothpaste out in the sink before stepping into the shower, her long black locks tugged up in a bun to keep it from getting wet – twenty minutes later Kagome was done with her shower, the warm water and steam having made her body feel limp.

The soft white cotton sheets felt pleasant against her tired figure and she nearly forgot to set her alarm for the next day of work. – She was not looking forward to getting up at six and then spending half an hour in the train. She was looking even less forward to a certain redhaired student.

A small frown marred the red-haired man's face as he left the apartment, his stomach filled with delicious oden and deep worry for his mother's life. Shippo plucked his phone to the car speaker as he leaned back in the cream leather seats, intending to speaking to Sesshomaru about the situation of the flickering demon aura at Kagome's school.

The car purred to life as he turned the keys, the phone dialling in the meantime.


The fox grinned at the familiar emotionless voice. "Sesshomaru, old dog. It seems like my dearest mother is attracting problems."

"Hn. Nothing new." – a sigh came through the phone.

"No. But there is someone in her class whose aura keeps flickering from demon to human." Shippo frowned at the silence that followed on the line. – "Sesshomaru?"

"Hn. I'm listening, kit. I'll make someone keep an eye on the school, but that's all I can do without attracting attention. Don't get involved."

The phone beeped as the old dog hung up, leaving his adoptive soon in a mix of feelings. Shippo knew that Sesshomaru would do everything in his power to keep Kagome out of sight, but he couldn't help but feel frustrated – she was his mother, she was everything to him.

The frown stayed smeared on his handsome face and the nervous feeling in his gut stayed with him through the night.