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Fate/the Game

Chapter 1: Berserker

In the frozen wildness of Northern Germany. Illyasviel von Einzbern was running for her life.

Illya had nothing on, beside a night gown and was being chase by ravenous hungry wolves. The reason why Illya was in wilds of Northern Germany was because of her "grandfather", Jubstacheit von Einzbern, had thrown her in there as a final test to summon a Servant for the Fifth Holy Grail War, and to prove she was worthy to be a Master.

The cold air wind blows against her already frozen skin, chilling her farther, as she ran deeper into the woods away from the wolves. Illya quickly hid behind a tree, waiting for a bit, before she looked over the corners of the tree. Seeing nothing but the falling snowflakes, Illya let out a sign of relief. She had lost them.

Illya then ran deeper into the forest. Running for a bit, before coming to a clearing, she thought this was a good place to summon her Servant.

Now Illya had gotten bitten earlier by one of the wolves, when they were chasing her. So by using the blood from the bite mark, she began to draw the summoning circle in order to summon her Servant.

With the patterns drawn, Illya got into position to begin the incantation to summon a Servant in the Berserker class. But as she was about to begin the chant, the cries of howling could be heard close by. The wolves had found her.

Illya began to speak incantations quickly but clearly, so as to not make a mistake. If she misspoke one word then the summoning will not work, and she would be left defenseless against the wolves. Getting close to the end of the chant, even as the wolves entered the clearing and began to draw closer to her, she then added the line in the chant, which would allow her to summon a Servant of the Berserker Class.

'Please', thought Illya, 'Let me summon a powerful Servant. One that will help me get my revenge against my brother for stealing my father away from me and to win the Holy Grail for the honor of the Einzbern Family.'

But then quiet in her own mind, she also added, 'and one that will never leave me. Who will look after me, protect me from harm, and be there for me like my father should have been.'

The wolves were drawing closer to Illya and were about pounce her. Even as she was saying the final sentence of the chant. As she also voiced her secret wish, inside her mind.

'I don't want to be alone anymore.'

She then finished the chant just as the wolves pounce upon her.

A huge explosion of energy came forth from the summoning circle stopping the wolves in their tracks as Illya watches in amazement and silent awe. Then a beam of pure energy shot to the sky staying strong for a few moments before it begins to die down and stop completely leaving nothing but a smoke covering the circle.

Illya tries to see past the smoke. Did it work? She wonders, had she summon a Servant? Just as the smoke was clearing, Illya could see a huge silhouette outline in the smoke.

That also was when one of wolves, jump into the air and was about to bite into Illya's flesh.

Or would have, had not a huge figure shot out of the smoke, and punching the wolf midair with a huge fist driving the wolf deep into the ground, creating a small crater. The wolf was no more.

The figure then stood up, standing protectively in front of Illya, blocking her from the wolves. The rest of the pack saw how their pack member was killed by the huge figure and they began growling at it for denying them their meal.

Surprisingly, the figure growls right back at them, showing them that it was not afraid of the pack. The wolves began to growl and bark even more and then they charged at the figure, for vengeance for their fallen pack brother and to devour this new being. The figure let out a bellowing roar as it too charges at the wolves.

Illya watches in awe, as the figure, which was most likely her Servant, tore the wolf pack apart.

Two of the wolves jump in the air, trying to bite at neck of the Servant. But the Servant easily catches them in its huge hands and bashes them together, crashing their skulls. As the Servant threw them aside, another wolf went to bite at the leg of the Servant. But it too was killed, as the Servant simply lifted up its foot and stomped on the head of the wolf, crashing it. Another two wolves try to attack the Servants at its side. But they were simply swatted aside by one huge hand, sending the two wolves into a tree and crashing against it, and breaking the tree and sending it to the ground. Now there was only one wolf left.

The Lone wolf takes one look around at the carnage, which the Servant had wrought. It turns tail and ran. The clearing was now silent, nothing moved besides the deep breathing of Illya's Servant and Illya's own small ones. Then the Servant looks around the clearing, looking for more enemies. Seeing nothing but the dead bodies of the wolves it had killed. The Servant spread out its fisted hands and lets out a huge bellowing roar.


As the roar vibrates throughout the forest. Illya looks at the Servant, she had summoned and then at the bodies of wolves it had kill and then back at her Servant. Illya could only say one thing, as her Servant turns to face her.

"You're Perfect"!

In the dead of night, in the quiet and deserted streets of Fuyuki City. Shirou Emiya, alongside with his Servant Saber and somewhat ally Rin Tohsaka, were being stared down by a little girl.

The girl looked about 11 to 12 years old, with pale light skin with pure white hair and red eyes. She was dressed in winter clothing with a purple hat as well as a purple coat. She also looks vaguely familiar to Shirou.

"Hello again, Onii-chan" the girl said with smile. She then saw both Rin and Saber, "Oh allow me to introduce myself."

She did a cutely bow, "My name Illya. Illyasviel von Einzbern and Master of Berserker."

"Einzbern"?! Rin gasped, shock.

Surprised, Shirou turns to Rin.

"Do you know her Tohsaka-san?" Shirou asked.

Rin quickly explains that the Einzbern were one of the three magus families that created the Holy Grail. She also said that they lost at all the pasted Grail Wars.

Shirou turn back to Illya, who was still smiling at him. "So then you're Master?" Illya nods, still smiling. "Why are you here then"? He asked confused.

Illya's smile turns wicked. "Why to kill you Onii-chan" she said innocently. She turns to the side and calls out.


Appearing out of glowing green dust, was the huge form of Berserker. Berserker was immensely tall, standing at 259 cm (8'5 ft.) and look like he was made of pure muscle. But the most unusual about Berserker was his green skin. He also had green eyes and black green hair. But it was his aura that truly frighten them. His aura almost screamed an uncontrollable rage and power, which said no one could stop him.

Both Shirou and Rin were stunned by the sheer power of Berserker, as Saber tensed and got ready for combat. Illya smiled and then said, "Berserker. Kill them all!"


Berserker bellowed out a huge roar, as he leap into the air. Rising his fists he was about to bring them down on Shirou and Rin. But Saber quickly grabs them and leapt away. As Berserker landed and brought his fists down, his fists crating the ground where Shirou and Rin were just standing.

Landing a few meters away from the newly form crater, Saber sat down Shirou and Rin. Then bringing her invisible sword to bear, she charges at Berserker. Using her unique ability, "Pana Burst", her speed increase drastically, allowing to close the distance between her and Berserker.

Saber lift her invisible sword and was about to bring it down on Berserker. Berserker quickly lift his forearm to defend against the strike. The invisible blade came down Berserker's right forearm, creating a shockwave from the impact. Berserker quickly retaliated, punching Saber with his left arm, sending Saber flying.

Saber quickly righted herself and skidded to a stop and got back into a combat stance. But to Saber's surprise and amazement, the area where she had strike at Berserker, show no damage at all.

Berserker charges at Saber, bringing down his fists to crash her. Saber dodges the attack, and tries to counter-attack but she had to quickly move to side to avoid another punch from Berserker, which produce a small fist shape crater and a shockwave. This continue as Saber had to dodges the many strikes from Berserker, which change the landscape from the powerful blows.

After dodging two more punches, Saber wanted to change the flow of the battle. Waiting for Berserker to strike again, and just as he brining down his fist to punch her. Saber leapt into the air dodging his punch, she twirled and land behind Berserker. Using Pana Burst, Saber increase the power of her slash, which allow her to land a deep cut on Berserker's back.

Berserker roared out, more in rage then in pain. He try to retaliate by back-handing her. But Saber quickly ducks and cuts him on his left leg. Moving with great speed, Saber cuts him on his other leg and then kicks behind his knees, sending him to the ground. Jumping back for a breather, she then return to renew her assault.

She continue to do this, cutting Berserker on multiple parts of his body while dodging his punches, using them as a means to block his view and cut him on his arms. Saber was silently impress with this Berserker. Not only was he able to still fight with his injures, he didn't seem to be even tiring, and was still was as strong as he was at the start of the fight.

But Saber's luck didn't last, just as she was about dodge Berserker right punch, he fakes the blow and punches with his left, hitting Saber into the chest, denting her armor, and sending her flying. She flew 50 feet away, crashing through two house, where she was out of sight.

"SABER!" Shirou yells out in horror.

"No way" whisper Rin. Her face show her shock and denial of the situation. "H…He…He so strong."

Berserker leaps after Saber. Then after a few seconds, Saber came flying back into the deserted street, hitting against a wall and cratering it; coughing up some blood. Berserker landed right in front of Saber, he grabs her right leg then pulls her out of the wall, only to send her face first into the ground. He turn Saber over in the crater he used her to make, and began to punch her, sending her deeper into the street and injuring her more.

"He's beating Saber, the strongest class, basically destroying her, like it's nothing." Rin said in almost a daze.

Rin heard giggling and turning her head, and a ways away stood Illya sitting on a bench.

"Silly Rin". Illya continue to giggle, as though the whole of idea was a joke. "You thought Saber was strongest, what a silly idea."

Illya then smile a dark smile at Rin. "No, the strongest is my Berserker, that's because there is no end to his strength. He will never get tired, never grow weak, and you want to know the best part." Illya pause for dramatic effect. "As the battle continues, his strength grows to the point where there is nothing he cannot destroy.

Illya smirk at the horrified expression on Rin and said. "Face it Rin, my Berserker is the strongest one there is."

As though agreeing with Illya. Berserker let out a huge bellowing roar, as the limp form of Saber lade in the crater at his feet. Berserker roared out.


In the warehouse distinct of the city. Lancer was having the time of his life.

So far the war has been super boring for Lancer, mostly thanks to his current Master, the fake-priest Kirei, and who in Lancer's option is a jerk! First off, he kill off Lancer first original Master, who Lancer found was really nice and shouldn't have been backstab like that; literally. But the worst part about the whole arrangement, Kirei (the jerk) wanted Lancer to scout for the other Masters and Servant and was order not to fight them, and not at his full strength. Let it be known that Lancer hates scouting, but let be even more known that Lancer hates holding back!

But it was all good now. After seeing, meeting, and even fighting many of the Servants of the war; Kirei now had all the information he need, so he allow Lancer to fight with his all. Which now leaded to Lancer fighting against the powerful Servant, Berserker.

Looking up, Lancer had to quickly dodge the punch send his way by Berserker by rolling. Getting 20 feet away from Berserker. Lancer look right at Berserker and smirk, 'Oooh yeah, things are looking up'.

Lancer and Berserker were both fighting in a warehouse. The place has been abandon for years, and inside the warehouse were shipping crates, broken down machinery, and even broken down cars. With all that plus with it being night, made it a perfect place for a battle between two mythical beings.

Lancer charged at Berserker, closing the distance between them quickly. Stabbing forward with his red spear, Gae Bolg, Lancer try to pierce Berserker. But Berserker swatted it aside. Undeterred, Lancer twirled around, and bring his spear to bear, he swipe Berserker on his right thigh. The Lancer then jump up and using Berserker as a springboard, Lancer jump off Berserker creating some distance between them.

Gaining himself a few seconds, Lancer try to figure out a way to take down Berserker. But Lancer had to roll out of the way of a huge crate thrown by Berserker. A grin beginning to form on his face, Lancer sprints toward Berserker; along the way dodging and leaping over more crates, broken pieces of machinery, and even chunks of the floor that Berserker threw his way.

Frustrated and becoming even more enraged, Berserker move to a broken down car, and lift above his and letting out a roar, he threw it at Lancer. But instead of dodging it, Lancer simple smirk and leapt into air and drop-kicked the broken car right back at Berserker. Berserker caught it and stop it cold, only taking one step back to stop its momentum.

Growling, Berserker was about to throw it again, before he stop and look at the broken car. He then tore the car in two and then bash the two pieces together against his fists, creating make-shift gauntlets. Roaring, Berserker charges to confront Lancer.

Lancer's smirk widen, and he too charge to meet his foe, and he thrust his spear forward to clash against Berserker's armored fist. As their individual weapons met, it created a shockwave, sending debris flying. The two warriors were now fighting with risk abandonment, cutting and bruising each other like there was no tomorrow.

Lancer using all his skill with the spear and his class given ability, to cut, dodge, and outmaneuver Berserker. Berserker using all his unnatural strength to destroy everything in his path and his endurance to take everything Lancer threw at him and come back for more. This was not a fight between heroic spirits, but a battle between two beasts, who fought to prove who is the strongest.

A lucky punch from Berserker, send Lancer flying into a wall. Cratering it on impact, Lancer quickly tore himself out of the wall. Wiping away some blood on corner of his mouth, Lancer turn his glaze to Berserker.

To his silent amazement, Lancer watched as every wound, he inflected on Berserker was healing. In seconds, all the wounds on Berserker were healed, leaving his skin just as untouched as he was in the beginning of the battle.

Lancer's face broke out into a huge grin and said, "Hehe, so not only are you tough as hell, you can heal from any injuries you get from a fight." Laughing now, Lancer couldn't help to contain his joy as he continued. "Oh yeah, this fight getting better and better than it already was! Come on, big guy show me what else you got".

Berserker threw off the now ruined make-shift gauntlets and got ready for another round with Lancer. But to Lancer amazement, Berserker spoke. "BESERKER….WILL….SMASH…PUNY…BLUE-MAN!"

Lancer roared with laughter, then he charged while shouting out, "Alright then, BRING IT!"

Just two as the two beasts were about to collide again. Lancer amused.

'Yep, things are definitely going my way.'

The two clashed into each other.

The warehouse began to cave-in on itself, as the sounds of explosions and min-earthquakes overtook the area.

In the courtyard of the Einzbern's castle. A battle was being waged.

On one side of the courtyard, stood a blonde man with snakelike red eyes, wearing stylish black clothing, and with golden glowing portals behind him. This man was none other than Gilgamesh, the oldest mythical hero, and Archer of the Fourth Holy Grail.

A cruel and arrogant being, Gilgamesh saw all others as subjects, with which he can do as he wishes. He shows his power as he fires his many Noble Phantasms from the Gate of Babylon; in the forms of swords, spears, axes, and maces.

On the other side of the courtyard, enduring the destructed assault from Gilgamesh, stood Berserker as he punches and swats away the many weapons send by the Gate of Babylon. Behind Berserker as he stood protectively in front of them, was Illya and her two maids, Sella and Leysritt, as Berserker took the full blunt of Gilgamesh's attack.

Sella, who was wearing white maid outfit, had wrapped Illya in hug as she try to protect her from some of the explosions. Also standing in front of them and directly behind Berserker, was Leysritt who wore a similar white maid outfit to Sella, but had some black added in, and who used her halberd to block and deflect some of the weapons that got behind Berserker.

Berserker roared out defiling, as he continue to swat or punch the many powerful weapons aside, as he took a step forward. He took another, as he continue deflecting the Noble Phantasms. He took another step, then another, and another till he was running at full speed at Gilgamesh. As he ran, Berserker put up his arms in front his face to protect himself from the explosive barrage.

Crashing the pavement under his feet, Berserker cleared the distance between himself and Gilgamesh. Closing in, Berserker pull back his left arm to punch Gilgamesh, while using his right to block the incoming weapons. As Berserker send his punch forward, Gilgamesh seeing it, merely smirk, and opening up a new glowing portal open, as majestic sword appear out it. Gilgamesh wave his hand forward, commanding to the blade to fire. The blade shot forward and hit Berserker, causing a massive explosion.

"BERSERKER"! Illya screamed.

Berserker was send flying from the blast, and landed nearby Illya and the maids. Groggily and wounded, Berserker try to stand but fell to his hands and knees. He had a huge black scorch mark where the blade had hit him, and many other small cuts and bruises. But thankfully his wounds beginning to heal.

"I see", Illya look over to where Gilgamesh stood as he was smirking at the direction of Berserker, "Only the strongest of my treasures can harm you."

A wave of his hand and new portals opens, with more powerful looking weapons appeared. Gilgamesh arrogantly said, "You should feel honored mad dog, for me to waste even a single one of my treasures on you, it shows how much of an amusement you are to me."

With dark glee and evil grin on his face, Gilgamesh shouted out. "Now, entertain me!" Gilgamesh fire the off all the weapons towards Berserker.

Berserker now fully healed, got back up and roared at Gilgamesh. He then charges at him, running full speed to crush Gilgamesh. But then the first weapon hit him and the many others after it. Multiple massive explosions so follow afterwards.

Illya, Sella, and Leysritt watched in horror, as Gilgamesh fired off some of his most powerful Noble Phantasms at Berserker. Berserker now roaring with rage and pain as constant barrage of mythical weapons rain down upon him. He try to defend himself, but he was simply being overwhelm from the power of the attacks and their sheer numbers.

"No". Illya whispered, as a tear went down her face.

Watching as Berserker was being destroyed, was tearing up Illya's insides. To her Berserker was more than a Servant, he was her friend. When he wasn't fighting, he was calm and quiet, and he was always there Illya. He watch over her as she slept, he play with her with what simple intelligence he had left, and he always was there protected her. To Illya, Berserker was everything she had wish for and more, and to see him hurt in such a way was the worst thing she could ever had imagine.

For Sella and Leysritt, it was almost as hard for them as it was with Illya. They saw since Berserker's summoning, that their mistress was smiling more and enjoying life more, and not solely thinking about vengeance. It also help that Berserker's protective nature for Illya, extended to them as well, because he quickly came to their defensive when Gilgamesh invaded the castle, protecting them from his attack. To see the powerful Berserker being beaten so soundly, it brought tears to their eyes.

Gilgamesh continue endless barrage for a while, before cutting it off. As the smoke clear, there on the ground, on his hands and knees, was Berserker. He was even more injured than before. Covered in scorch marks and bleeding wounds on his arms and his chest. Berserker was not healing.

"Is that it?" Gilgamesh ask in a bored tone. He walk a little to get a better view of Berserker. "Is that all you could do? Maybe I shouldn't have waste so many of my valuable treasures on you after all, mongrel."

Shaking his head little and signing, Gilgamesh continue. "Well I think this farce has gone on long enough" Gilgamesh reopens the Gate of Babylon. "Don't worry beast, I'll end your miserable life, what good king would I be, if I allowed such filth to continue live in my beautiful kingdom." He then restarts the endless bombardment on Berserker, causing multiple explosions to fill the area.

"No, no, no, NOOOOOOO!" Illya screamed, as she try to run and help Berserker. Sella quickly catches her though, and said. "Milady don't, there nothing you can do"!

But Illya continue to struggle, calling out to Berserker, telling to him run away or change into spirit form.

As Berserker lay on ground, being constantly being bombardment, he hears Illya's voice. Weakly lifting his head, even as it was hit by one of the mythical weapons, Berserker try to see through the smoke. As some of the smoke cleared for moment, Berserker was able see Illya struggling in Sella's arms reaching out for him and screaming. The scene reawaken something in Berserker.

He remembered in another time in another place. Where another was crying out to him, when he being attacked. As they plea to Berserker's attacker to stop, to leave him alone, but they refused and the only the person could do was cry out to him. That memory as well as seeing Illya act it out almost exactly. It filled Berserker with rage.

With his eyes glowing green, new strength filling his veins, Berserker got back on his feet. He roared over the explosions, as he began to punch and swat aside the weapons send at him. He stood, as he took a step, even as more weapons rain down on him. But he continue to punch and swat them aside, he continued to walk through the endless barrage. Till he finally clear the smoked area.

When both parties saw Berserker come out of the smoke. With his wounds healing almost instantly, and his eyes glowing monstrous green. They were shock. In fact, Gilgamesh was so shock, that not only was Berserker still alive, but standing and fighting, he had accidently stop firing the Gate of Babylon for a moment.

That's all Berserker it need.

As Gilgamesh stood across from Berserker, Berserker shouted out. "HULK" He raise his fists above his head. "SMASH", he brought them down, cratering the ground and creating spider cracks going in the direction where Gilgamesh stood.

Off balance, Gilgamesh fell to the ground when the crack reach him, cutting off his focus for the Gate of Babylon. That all Berserker need to leap into the air and land directly on top of Gilgamesh, punching him in the face, driving him deep into the ground.

Berserker didn't stop. He rained down, blow after blow upon Gilgamesh, creating cracks around the areas where he punched. He then pick Gilgamesh up and punches him so hard that he goes flying right through a wall into the castle. Berserk leaps after him.

Now in dancing hall of the castle, a bloody and wounded Gilgamesh rise shakily to his feet, just as Berserker landed. Glaring at Gilgamesh, Berserker bang his fists against the floor like an ape, and was about to charge Gilgamesh. But Gilgamesh shouted out.

"ENOUGH"! Stopping Berserker in his tracks.

Glaring hatefully at Berserker, Gilgamesh continued, "I am a King, you dull-witted creature, and I will not be bully by-".

Whatever he about to say was stop cold. As Berserker quickly grab him by his leg, and began banging him against the floor. Doing it once, twice, four times before looking at Gilgamesh and doing two times more, before throwing him into the ground, in a human size crater.

Gilgamesh stares dumbly up into the ceiling, as Berserker walks away. Berserker looks over his shoulder as walks away and said, "Puny King", before leaps away to check on Illya and her maids.

The soft sounds of pained whimpers could be heard, before Gilgamesh dissolve into gold dust.


True Name: Hulk/Bruce Banner

Crossover: Marvel

Master: Illyasviel von Einzbern

Alternate Classes: Saber

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Strength: A+-EX

Agility: B (A+)

Endurance: A+-EX

Mana: A (A++)

Luck: C (B)

(The latter stats are with Noble Phantasm activated)

Class Skills:

Mad Enhancement-B: Rank up for all parameters, but takes away most of sanity.

Personal Skills:

Monstrous Strength-EX: For a limited time, Berserker can increase his strength levels to EX levels usually when angered and as well as being attack. Normally this skill would be an A to an A+, but while under Mad Enhancement, the skill allows Berserker's strength to always be increasing.

Battle Continuation-A+: Berserker can survive fatal injuries and can continue fighting without a problem.

Innocent Monster-A: Berserker is constantly in his Monster form and cannot turn back into his human one.

Noble Phantasms:

Healing Factor

Rank: EX

Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

Heal Factor is Noble Phantasm that allows Berserker to heal from almost any injury be it from cuts, lost limbs, or even organ failure. Also the speed of healing increases along with his parameters when using "Monstrous Strength".

And finish! So the first one-shot was for the story was Berserker class, and the character use was none other than the Incredible Hulk. I was really surprise that nobody did the Hulk as Berserker before, so I decided to do it myself.

Now if everyone has a problem with the Servant static sheet I made for the Hulk. I know it is bad, but I did the best I could. I've never done before, if anyone knows how to make a better static sheet, please let me know.

Also can everyone tell what scenes in story, I base off of scenes from movies? If you can, good for you, because you know your Marvel Movies.

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