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A/N: Hi guys! Since Robotkitty5848 and I had finished First time for everything, and since we had so much fun with it, we had decided to write a whole new story together. Instead of using Alex and Sam in Echo Village, (Sam and Rod are happy now by the way) we'll be using Chase, (who's not from Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility) and Robotkitty's OC, Hazuki, in Oak Tree Town. We hope you'll enjoy reading it as we'll enjoy writing it. :) If you'd like to check out First time for everything, it's under Robotkitty5848's name. :)


Chase's P.O.V

So this is my life. It's the same routine day in and day out. I'd wake up, eat something very healthy, do my daily thing of nothingness while I watch the maids clean my room, and so on and so on. Being the son of a billionaire can be tiresome. Ever since I was born, it's like I can't do anything for myself. And I don't have any friends. People would hang out with me just to get favors from me. Even my last girlfriend used me. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of people using me. I am 20 fucking years old, do I get a say what I want in life?

No. I don't. It's not that easy. I wish it was that easy but it's not. I'm never alone and I'm not allowed to lift a finger. I even can't go anywhere without being recognized. When people see me, they think I'm this jerk who only cares about his looks. Sure I have nice clothes but I could care less what I wear. As long as it covers my body I'm happy. And another thing. I don't have a job. My dad told me that I don't need to worry about money ever again but I rather...I rather work. I rather earn it instead of being handed out to me on a silver platter. I hate my life!

And that's why I left my home. I've left my life as a rich boy. I'm still rich, I just left my lifestyle behind. All I have on me right now is one backpack, and a bag of change of clothes.

Now the question is, now what. I honestly thought I wouldn't get this far without being caught. I thought my Green-Checked Jacket would give me away but I guess not. I looked around. Where am I anyway? I read the sign that was nearby. Oak Tree Town. Never heard of it. Sounds like a good place to start my new life. I just won't say anything about being rich. These people don't need to know. I just hope nobody recognizes me.

Walking in town, I can see people walking around, looks like...shopping? And, just hanging out. And nobody has spotted me yet. It feels nice. I was wondering around when I bumped into someone. Literally.

"Sorry," the girl said as she got down and picked up her things.

"It's alright." I got down to help her. "Here's your..." I looked at the girl. Man, she's pretty. The girl had brown hair and blue eyes, and had on a yellow outfit. "Notebook." I handed it to her.


"Chase." I helped her up.

"Lillie." She gave me a smile. "I should get going but it's nice to meet you Chase." She said as she walked away.

Well, whoever that was, at least I got her name. She was cute too.

As I was wondering around, I came across a forest area, and as I walked up the mountain, I've spotted a bridge that looks like a path to a farm, and a farmer? Was fishing. The young man had red hair and he looked very dirty. My mom would kill me if she saw me like that. I smirked at the thought.

Continuing my way up the mountain, curiosity got the best of me and I came across a farm. Luna farm. I read the sign. It's actually pretty. Is Luna the name of the farmer? I never stepped a foot on a farm before so this is amazing. The farm looks amazing. Hopefully whoever lives here doesn't mind me look around.