Summary: Batman after being shot by Darkseid's omega beams, he instead of being sent to the past he instead id sent to an alternate reality, where the Justice League don't exist, where Humanity after third world war is threaten by Interdimensional creatures called NOVA and the organization called Chevalier, sent genetically enhanced children to fight them. Will the Dark Knight appearance make a difference in this world?

Setting: the Concept setting mixing Elements of DC AND Freezing.

#Antilife Equation and Stigmas are the same thing only with slight difference, Gengo Aoi plotted on depriving humans from their free wills by turning them into an ascended humanity using the stigmas, turning them all into one conscience. In resent chapters of the manga it was seen Kazuya using his new power which consist in manipulating a pandora as she were doll , the pandoras wills couldn't fight it the power so they submitted throwing themselves into battle without self-preservation. The stigmas are a crystallization of the AntiLife-Equation the only thing there is left is solving it.

#Pandoras and Furies all are Psychologically Scarred since in the end the only thing they have left in life is their duty and their psychological anchor to their humanity whom by the time passes it will rust and break. Duty becoming the only reason to keep existing.

#New Gods and the Novas are the same only that one is a true sentient individual that travels through boom tubes to adapt to the dimension. The Novas are heralds a creation based on the power of the new gods like Darkseid minions only they dont come through Boom Tubes using mother boxes but by their own power thus making being Giants. Gengo refer to those that send the novas as Gods so there you have an idea why they might be the same.

#Radion could kill a nova and Legendary Pandora with one shot only and destroying all with stigma within them.

#Mother/Father Box doesn't exist for the new gods of freezing to travel extra dimensionally through boom tubes they cant adapt their form to the dimension they are traveling.

#Nova plasma blast is like lesser Omega Beam. If they are minions of a New God it would be lesser to the real deal.

Organizations: Groups that might exist.

League of Assassins-Society of Assassin: Societies that train Humans to be elite are various types of assassins. Some female enter to genetics or chevalier due to their compatibility with the stigma.

The Executive Assistant Assassins: woman sometimes since children been attending a special school where they learn how to provide information management support; representing a executive to others. At the same time to be ruthless and efficient killers trained in hand to hand combat, arms training, tactics, often bought by CEO's of big companies or kings in millions (depending on their demonstration the price might rise) to serve as bodyguard, lover and personal hitman. They are slaves with no will, they will pull the trigger if their master orders her to do so without question they only exist to serve.

Source: Aspen's comic Executive Assistant: Iris, Assassin, Lotus, Orchid, Violet

Plot: I don't have one but the story is set in the Freezing (manga) taking place after the supposed death of Batman in Final Crisis using elements of Return of Bruce Wayne, and Batmans from other earth. So I expect at least everyone agree with me that this might turn into Batman X Harem.

Character: The Background for their roles.

1. Bruce Wayne/Batman (New Earth or Any Earth): He wakes up in a hospital bed apparently he was found unconscious after the 6th Nova Clash. While unknown to him suffers side effects from the Omega Beams and the travel through reality to an atomic level that might start to be seen as time pass. He will try to influece world even if it means becoming its enemy.

2. Gengo Aoi: The scientist responsible for the creations of the stigmas, a scientist who believe that the antilife in the form of apotheosis is the only salvation of humanity.

3. DC Universe Characters: Are normal Humans or Pandoras in this universe.

Example 1: Clark Kent a freelance Reporter that often works in third world nations.

Example 2: Diana Prince , Pandora of Chevalier born in Greece, Daughter of Hipolyta a Pandora Veteran part of a feminist society: Her main Weapons Sword and Shield. She was a born in vitro fertilization, her sperm donor someone with the alias of HADES.

Example 3: Selina Kyle(aka Catwoman) an ex-pandora. Who now is an Adviser for those pandoras who want to return to a normal life.

Example 4: Hal Jordan a Pilot of Chevalier or Army.

Example 5: Pamelas Isley(aka Poison Ivy) a Botanic who is also a Activist.

Example 6: Harley Quinzel an Pandora from Chevalier that works as Psychiatrist who treats the Mental Ill Pandoras. As her hobby she is masochist that goes to SM clubs.

Example 7: Cillian Murphy (Aka Scarecrow) works on making drugs for the enhaced pandoras who suffer depression.

Example 8: Roman Sionis (aka Black Mask) a reenowed world wide criminal who works with anything. Objective of various police organizations such as DEA and INTERPOL.

Example 9: Ra's Al Ghul Leader and founder of the League of Assassin inheritor of the name Head of the Demon

Example 10: Talia Al Ghul a Padora of Chevalier daughter of Ras Al Ghul official information says she comes from Israel

Example 11: Slade Wilson (aka Deathstroke) a mercenary who currently works at Chevalier

Example 12: Harvey Dent (aka Two Faces) part of the Board of Chevalier.

Example 13: Edward Nigma (aka Riddler) a analist and decoder of Chevalier who works under table for Harvey Dent.

Example 14: Sandra Wu-San(aka Lady Shiva) a Pandora from Chevalier who lives to fight, and the only thing keeping her mind is train the recruits harder. She had one night stand with a hitman named David Cain, she ended up pregnant.

Example 15: Katherine Kane (aka Batwoman new earth) a Suspended Pandora of Chevalier

Example 16: Lex Luthor part of the Board of Chevalier, searching alternative means to get rid of the Nova without turning the humans into superhuman monsters.

Example 17: Mercy Graves and Hope Taya Lex Luthor's Assistants and Bodyguard possibly the prototypes for the alternative means to get rid of the nova.

Example 18: Ace and Krypto (aka Bat-hound and Super-dog) a breed of genetically engineered dogs used during the World War 3, now used by the military and some reach people to hunt and guard.

Notes: With Sources

#Writer Peter David introduced the idea in Supergirl vol. 4 #29 that the New Gods were giants and that the Boom Tube would shrink them as they traveled to normal time and space or enlarge beings who traveled to the Fourth World realm. For example, if Superman were to travel to Apokolips under his own power, he would be miniature in comparison to the New Gods – Orion remarked that "Earth is but a speck in an air pocket" and that the universe of New Genesis is the "real world". Proportionally, entire planets were shown to seem no larger than golf balls.


#Jack Kirby's original comics established the Anti-Life Equation as giving the being who learns it power to dominate the will of all sentient and sapient races. It is called the Anti-Life Equation because "if someone possesses absolute control over you - you're not really alive."1 Most stories featuring the Equation use this concept. The Forever People's Mother Box found the Anti-Life Equation in Sonny Sumo, but Darkseid, unaware of this, stranded him in ancient Japan.

DC Wikia /Anti-Life_Equation

#The Omega Effect is a strange force of entropy, perhaps a destructive side to the often creative nature of the Source.

It is Darkseid's possession of the Omega Effect that allows him to fire his Omega Beams from his eyes. These beams are capable of vaporizing, erasing, or transmuting any form of matter, living or non-living. They can send/retrieve something from different places, times, dimensions, and even universes.

Darkseid uses his Omega Beam to send Batman back in time at the climax of Final Crisis. From there Batman had to journey through time in order to get back home to his own time period.

It is practically impossible to avoid, dodge or deflect Darkseid's Omega Beams, as the beams are able to make sharp turns around obstacles and few can withstand a direct hit from them.

Comicvice omega-effect/4015-48937/

#The Nova Clashes are the battles between the forces of Earth and those of the inter-dimensional beings known as Nova.

From the years 2012-2065, Novas have made their appearance on Earth. This resulted in major clashes between the humans and Nova, labelled as "Nova Clashes". The occurence of the 9th Nova Clash in 2064, and the following year having a total of four clashes, ignores the previously observed pattern of 8 years between clashes.

The 6th Nova Clash took place in America, near the Colorado River in August of 2045. Pandora Mode is deployed for the first time against a Type-F Nova. Margaret Lindman is considered the hero of this clash, having dealt the finishing blow to the Nova at the cost of sustaining near fatal injuries.

Freezing wikia/Nova_Clash

Freezing Zero chapter 23

#Apotheosis (from Greek ἀποθέωσις from ἀποθεοῦν, apotheoun "to deify"; in Latin deificatio "making divine"; also called divinization and deification) is the glorification of a subject to divine level. The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre.

In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature. In art, the term refers to the treatment of any subject (a figure, group, locale, motif, convention or melody) in a particularly grand or exalted manner.

wikipedia /Apotheosis

#The Chevalier is a supranational military organization dedicated to fighting the Nova.

Freezing wikia/Chevalier

#The Nova are the main antagonists of Freezing. They are a race of aliens from another dimension that have been invading Earth. The invasion of the Nova led to the development of the Pandora, Limiter, and Stigmata by the Chevalier.

Freezing wikia/Nova

#Pandora are genetically modified girls who undergo intense training at special military schools in order to become soldiers and learn how to fight the Nova, creatures from another dimension that are invading the Earth. A Pandora's strength originates from Stigmata, which are implanted into their backs, giving them superhuman speed and strength that is ten times that of an average person and allows them to use special Volt Weapons and Volt Textures that respond to their bodies. Pandora were developed by Dr. Gengo Aoi.

Freezing wikia/Pandora

#A Limiter is the male partner of a Pandora, whose primary role is to neutralize the Freezing field emitted by a Nova so that their Pandora may attack them.

Freezing wikia/Limiter

#Stigmata are special tissues that grant superhuman abilities to Pandora and Limiters. They are created through two methods, by reverse-engineering the cells of Maria Lancelot, the first Pandora or by directly extracting tissue from the core of a defeated Nova. The practical use of Stigmata was developed by Gengo Aoi.

Due to the fact that Stigmata came from the Nova, there is a chance it can take over its user and turn them into a Nova as well, respectively called Nova Form. Because of this, Stigmata are considered double-edged swords.

Freezing wikia/Stigmata

Challenge: Guideline

1. No age regression of any type Batman must be an Adult not a high schooler.

2. The side effects involve Bruce Wayne/Batman memories (knowledge/experience) of his alternate universe selves being mixed with him. (Inspired by God Slaying Blade Works. By Marcus Galen Sands) or make him ageless, or both. Or Non of them. Or body being enhanced.

3. Batman cannot be godlike since that would be absurd, he doesn't require it to kick anyone's Darkseid's or Superman's ass. "It wasn't easy to make, Clark. It took years and cost a fortune. Luckily, I had both."- Batman Dark Knight Returns part 2.

4. Love interest can be anyone; it must have a role and be possible to engage a relation with Bruce/Batman for Plot Sake

Example 1: Yu-Mi Kim, The event of her meeting Bruce Wayne might be because of some event that Elize Schmitz dragged her to, and casualty Bruce is there. All start with talk. Possibly Plot material since she works in West Genetics a place Bruce suspects there is something hidden, he might use her to find out what is.

Example 2: Scarlet Ohara, due to her being previous assistant of Gengo Aoi, she while in a bar she comes across Bruce Wayne, Bruce offer her job in the newly born Wayne Tech.

Example 3: Elize Schmitz, Due to her laid back personality and her possible night outs to relieve her stress she comes across Bruce.

Example 4: Su-Na Lee, Bruce might invite her to a Date and she wanting to break the routine for a while accept to see what happens also her boss(Gengo) want to know about Bruce Wayne's intentions.

Example 5: Violete L Bridgette, She being owner and manager of resort and being daughter of Howard L Bridgett who manages Chevalier makes her someone of interest if its to make business

5. Bruce in this world will have protégées, possibly his adopted children will be trained and infiltrated in Genetics. Possible first steps to the Batman INC.

6. Bruce must make again his millions to create Wayne Tech (use any name) to create his gadgets.

A. Method used to gain money:

B. Decipher how the lottery works and win the gran price then start investing the money.

C. Discover formula that can be applied to Wall Street and sell it in Millions. Or use said formula to gain millions and invest.

D. Gamble and clean the house then start investing the money.

F. All above.

after the investing, he starts making name for the company. Is introduce to support Chevalier giving him the perfect oportunity to investigate the organization.

8. Kazuya Aoi must exist and cant be removed of the story due to his many uses to be a Plot Device on the story.

9. Gengo Aoi, The Chevalier have a role of allies and antagonist of Batman.

10. The story must start before the 2065 where canon takes place.


It's an Idea that has been distracting me for a while so I share the concept with others. If anyone wish to do the challenge and use the conceptual setting I wish you goodluck and please PM to know.

Another note: I would appreciate if you gave a visit to my profile. You see I am writing Berserk crossover and I can't decide which series I should cross it, so I created a poll with the series in mind.

Edited: 15/2/2016.