Chapter 2

As Nightwing began to slowly wake up in the middle of the night, he could feel that he was somewhat drugged from earlier. Now that he was somewhat awake, he felt a bit angry that Mya did that to him. As he stood, he walked over to her room and knocked. The knocking was not enough to be scary, but enough so that she could tell he was angry. Now somewhat nervous, Mya opened the door and the frustrated hero looked at her sternly.

"I should be angry at you for doing that to me," he growled and his eyes narrowing.

"I was only trying to help, Nightwing," Mya explained calmly.

"Listen…it's my duty to protect the city. Now that I'm awake, I can clearly see what you've done. Do you know what kind of danger you put yourself in?!" He said, now sounding more harsh.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"Me being asleep could have lured enemies here; if they had a way to track us and I was asleep, you could have been killed immediately and I could've been killed in my sleep," he thundered.

"LOOK! I was only trying to help you!" She said, now snapping at him.

"HELP?! What kind of help is drugging me!" He hissed.


And with that, she slammed the door in his face and he was about to say something else, but he felt that his back had been bandaged and that she only did it because she knew he wouldn't accept her help before. Now heaving a heavy sigh, he knocked a bit more gently this time.

No response.

"Hey…answer the door." He said quietly.

No response.

"Umm…Mya…that's your name, right?" He asked.

No response.

"C'mon…at least let me say I'm sorry, okay? I know I was a jerk a second ago." He said.

No response.

"Look, just open the door, Mya. I'm not gonna leave 'til you do," he said, now getting frustrated.

"Just leave me alone," came the small and saddened voice.

"No. I'm not gonna leave you alone," he said, now trying the door, but feeling it was locked. He then reached in his boot and pulled out a sharp, metal-like pick and unlocked the door. Once he walked in, he saw Mya sitting on the bed and she looked like she had a fever now too.

"Mya," he said, now coming closer. She looked at him in surprise as he came strolling in and stood up in a hurried fashion.

"W-What on Earth?!" She gasped.

"Mya, easy…look I'm sorry, okay?" He said, now coming closer. Mya nodded and placed a hand out as they shook hands.

"I'm sorry too, Nightwing; I did deserve that scolding. I shouldn't have put that sleeping medicine in your drink, but I knew that you could get hurt trying to be on patrol and having an injury," she said.

"I understand," he said, now glancing around the room. "So, do you live here by yourself?"

"Yeah, I am still getting used to it though," she said, now rubbing her arms.

"Lonely?" He asked, now coming closer and wrapping a blanket around her shoulders for comfort.

"Yeah just a bit. I mean I'm looking for a job and just getting adjusted being an adult," she said.

"A job huh? I think I can help with that," he smirked.

"Really?" She asked hopefully.

"Yeah, Bruce Wayne's company is hiring," he said, now sitting on her bed and lying back. His chest muscles and body rippled through his skin tight suit and that made her blush hard. He smiled in a devilish manner because he knew he was making his fan blush hard! "How about you give me your application and I can make sure Mr. Wayne gets it?"

"I don't think I can do that," she said, now looking away. Her face was tomato red at this point.

"Why not?"


"Because what?"

"Just because! Important people work for him; I'm not…,"

"Whoa, stop right there…," he said, now kicking a leg up and startling her. It made her fall back towards the bed as she squeaked in shock. Nightwing chuckled because that is exactly what he wanted. Once she fell back, he gently turned her to face him. "Listen…you are important Mya, whether you believe it or not."

"Thanks, but…"

"No buts. You went out of your way to help me and that was enough for me," he smiled, now ushering her to stand up. "Now, c'mon…say you'll come."

"To meet Mr. Wayne?" she squeaked out.

"Yeah," he said.




"C'mon, Mya…," he said with a grin, now grabbing her arm and pulling her to him in a bear hug. That made her blush hard and he knew exactly what he was doing. "If you go and talk to him, I'll give you something."

"N-Nightwing, I don't need anything; I was just trying to help," she said, now blushing as he tilted her chin up.

"But I will if you do that for me…," he smiled.

"W-What?!" She asked. She then squeaked as he kissed her on the forehead.

"That…," he whispered gently. She let out a dreamy sigh and then nodded.

"Well, I guess I can come for a few minutes…," she said, now making Nightwing smile.

"Perfect," he said, but his smile faded as he noticed she had some cuts of her own. "You're bleeding. Come here so I can help you."

"W-What?" She said in concern.

"You heard me; you also have a small fever I need to tend to," he chuckled, now sitting up more on her bed and smirking at her.

"N-Now Nightwing that's not necessary! I can take care of myself," she squeaked out, now seeing him slowly beckon to her with his finger.

"Come here…,"

"Nightwing!" She protested.

"Mya…," he teased in a whiny voice.

"I am fine!" she huffed, now crossing her arms. He only sighed and flipped over her and locked the door to her bedroom again.

"You're not going anywhere," he said, now grabbing some nearby cleaning supplies. Mya let out a shout in surprise as the hero pounced on her and began tickling her sides. That made her struggling die down as she laughed in glee and soon he was able to clean her wounds.

"N-Nightwing," she said gently as he finished up the wounds.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Thanks," she smiled, now gently leaning up and hugging him. He was somewhat surprised, but then hugged her back.

"No problem, Mya," he grinned, now separating from her. Mya was no longer alone and the future looked bright as the moon climbed higher and higher into the beautiful sky.

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