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Chapter 1 - Ash Awakening

Naruto Uzumaki was currently thinking about all of the amazing Jutsu he had seen and heard about up until now. The reason he was obsessed with ninjutsu was because each Hokage had a special type of Ninjutsu they used in their fighting styles, the First used Mokuton Jutsu, the Second used high level Suiton Jutsu, the Third was said to have mastered all 5 main elements and all non-clan Ninjutsu in the leaf, and the Fourth had created a Jutsu said to be the pinnacle of shape manipulation and mastered space/time Ninjutsu.

Naruto believed he needed a unique style like the previous Hokage. One of his own creation, so that he could be the Hokage someday. Naruto did something he never did. He went to the library. He was a ninja now so they couldn't kick him out like when he was an academy student and still technically a civilian. Naruto wondered what he could learn at the library. He hated reading with a passion, but for his dream he was willing to learn. Even if it meant doing something he absolutely loathed.

While thinking over the awesome and cool Jutsu that could be in the library, Naruto noticed that he had arrived at his destination. Naruto walked inside only to instantly be confronted by an old woman he could only assume was the librarian.

"What are you doing here demon." Naruto sighed realizing he most likely wouldn't be getting into the library any time soon or maybe ever at all.

"I'm just researching Ninjutsu." Naruto answered hoping that maybe the old librarian would let him in if he had a good reason.

"I don't care get out!" She yelled obviously not caring what Naruto was doing there.

"What the, how can you kick me out of a public place without a reason." Naruto asked quite bitterly.

"You being a demon is reason enough! Now go!" Naruto hung his head in defeat. He didn't want to deal with this anymore, so he left without another. He thought to himself that he would come back later and try to get through using the Transformation Jutsu.

'Great why the hell does everyone have to be an asshole to me just because of the damned Kyuubi sealed in my gut.' Sighing Naruto went into an alleyway and leaned against the wall sitting down with a small amount of depression clearly showing on his face.

"Hey there." Naruto turned to see Ebisu standing just inside the entrance to the alleyway.

"Great the closet pervert. What do you want?" Ebisu glared at him for that comment.

"I merely wanted to know what you would want in a library." Naruto sighed.

"Ninjutsu" Naruto answered. "Every Hokage has a special Ninjutsu style. I was hoping to try and make one of my own, so I went to the library to look up some Ninjutsu." Ebisu nodded with Naruto's obsession with being Hokage it made sense. He knew the boy could be serious if he needed to be, yet he didn't go to the Hokage and tell on the women. Most likely to not get the woman in trouble.

"I see, what about your Jounin sensei shouldn't he teach you Ninjutsu?" Ebisu was wondering why Kakashi had yet to teach him any Ninjutsu. Naruto had been on his team for 2 weeks already and Jounin were suppose to teach all new genin a few supplemental techniques such as tree climbing. One of these supplemental techniques was supposed to be a D-rank Ninjutsu in case a mission goes bad and they need to fight.

"All he ever does is train Sasuke, I'm stuck working on chakra control, but I don't even know what I am doing. He hasn't even taught me how to control chakra." Naruto had no idea why he was talking to Ebisu of all people about this.

"I see perhaps I can help you." Naruto blinked and looked at him. "Let's say it's me thanking you for helping out Konohamaru." Ebisu had stopped calling Konohamaru honorable grandson after realizing his mistake of how it made Konohamaru feel .

"Really you'll teach me some cool Ninjutsu to help me make a style!" Ebisu sighed. Yeah he was going to help the kid out as a thank you, but he was a full time sensei.

"No." Naruto looked down. "But I will show you three chakra control exercises I know and maybe a Ninjutsu afterwards. Can you tell me how long you have been doing missions though?"

"I started after I became genin, why?" Ebisu frowned it was normal for a sensei to take a week off before starting missions to teach their students chakra control and Kakashi had failed to do even that.

"Merely making sure of something. Let's continue to a training ground. Preferably one with water and lots of trees." Naruto nodded has he and Ebisu went to training ground seven.

"Alright for the first exercise is tree climbing." Naruto fell over with a huge sweat drop on the side of his head.

"Um, Ebisu-sensei how is climbing a tree going help me with controlling my chakra?" Naruto was slightly confused. Anyone could climb a tree how was that going to help his chakra control.

"Naruto you will not be using your hands." Ebisu had an amused grin on his face while saying that.

"WHAT! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?" Naruto shouted thinking he was tricked. However he stopped when he saw Ebisu begin walking up the side of a tree.

"Naruto it's easy. Plus we ninja can shoot fireballs out our of mouths, summon creatures, and much more, yet you question walking on walls?" Naruto was quiet. Ebisu had a point.

"OK, so how does it work?" Naruto eagerly awaited his temporary sensei's direction.

"Simply channel chakra to your feet and use it to adhere yourself to the tree. If you put too much chakra into your feet you will be blasted off the tree. If you use too little chakra you'll slip right off. You might want try using a running start." Naruto nodded and ran up the tree only making it about two feet before being blown backwards.

"Naruto you should use shadow clones to help you with this." Ebisu commented off handedly knowing that Naruto could make a good number of clones to increase his training.

"What good would that do?" Naruto was slightly puzzled over Ebisu's words not knowing the training value of shadow clones.

"How far did you get in that scroll?" Ebisu asked not at all surprised that Naruto hadn't read the whole description of the shadow clone Jutsu.

"Um, only the hand sign and that it was a clone Jutsu." Naruto lamely answered.

"I see, Naruto every clone technique has a special ability. If I were to make a water clone it would turn into water allowing for the use of another water Jutsu and a regular clone can cause a person to run out of kunai if they believe it is you, even though they make no sound. The shadow clone is a scouting technique. Anything the clone learns you will as well after they dispel." Ebisu said in a lecture ish tone.

"WHAT?! How come no one ever told me? Damn it." Naruto was pissed. Both at himself for not noticing and at Kakashi for never telling him. Ebisu just decided it would be easier to ignore this little outburst and continue training

"Just use them and it will be fine as long as you don't use too many." Ebisu left Naruto and his clones to their training for the day and told Naruto to meet him in the training field the next morning. Naruto practiced until around midnight, when he with the help of his clones finally mastered the tree climbing.

Naruto woke up the next day and was thankful Kakashi had given his team the day off before heading to training ground seven to meet Ebisu. He walked into the training ground and noticed that Ebisu was already there waiting for him. While he was already five minutes late.

"You're late." Ebisu said looking at him.

"You try having Kakashi-sensei as a sensei." Ebisu nodded.

"I understand his habits but whenever he is late why don't you simply train?" Naruto blinked he had never thought about that.

"However that is unimportant right now. Now for your next lesson. I will teach you how to walk on water." Ebisu was about to begin a demonstration when Naruto had interrupted once more.

"WHAT!" Yet again Naruto had become overly surprised by something as simple as a widely known chakra control technique.

"Naruto remember when you had the same reaction with walking on trees yesterday." Naruto nodded. "Naruto you shouldn't be shocked by the power of chakra. It is almost infinite in what it allows ninja to do."

"Yes, Ebisu-sensei." Naruto replied taking the words to heart.

"Good, now make some shadow clones to help." Naruto nodded and went to work. Naruto spent five hours with shadow clones learning water walking until he finally got it.

Naruto smiled as he laid in a patch of grass taking a rest. "So what's the next exercise?" Naruto asked Ebisu who frowned.

"Naruto those were all the exercises I have to teach you." Naruto frowned.

"What but you said three chakra control exercises?" Ebisu nodded.

"Yes you have three what about the leaf exercise." Naruto blinked.

"Oh." Naruto was crestfallen at that.

"Alright Naruto, now remember not to stop doing these exercises. They along with helping with chakra control can also expand your reserves and help you in battle." Naruto nodded. "Now since you have mastered these exercises I will teach you a Jutsu alright." Naruto beamed at him and nodded.

"THANK YOU EBISU-SENSEI!" Naruto shouted out, while extremely happy.

"Now Naruto I have a fire affinity, however your elemental affinity might not be fire. It could be another element." Ebisu began explaining.

"Element?" Naruto asked confused.

"Yes, you see every ninja has a natural element they are aligned toward. Mine is fire, which means my chakra is more attuned to using Katon Jutsu. Water will allow easier use of Suiton Jutsu, earth for Doton Jutsu, lightning for Raiton Jutsu, and wind for Futon Jutsu, but I doubt you would have a wind affinity." Naruto took in the all the information slightly giddy, but then wondered why he wouldn't have a wind affinity.

"Why wouldn't I have a wind affinity sensei?" Ebisu sighed at Naruto's general lack of information.

"It is a rare affinity in Konoha. I only know of one person who has a wind affinity. Though along with a primary affinity some ninja can learn a secondary affinity to help them. Seeing as I have a fire affinity water is my weakness, so I would learn a earth Jutsu to overcome it. Even though most people only have one primary affinity it is possible to develop an affinity for all five elements such as the Third Hokage and your sensei Kakashi. Now water beats fire, fire beats wind, wind beats lightning, lightning beats earth, and earth beats water." Naruto made sure to memorize everything Ebisu had just said.

"OK so how do I know which element I am?" Naruto really wanted to know what his affinity was. He hoped that it was water so he could kick Sasuke's fire using ass.

"Well normally I would use chakra paper, but I'm out of chakra paper at the moment, so I was planning on teaching you the Katon: Fireball Jutsu. The Katon: Fireball Jutsu is a D-rank jutsu that the Uchiha clan invented and donated to Konoha upon the founding of the academy for students to learn when they graduated. It is the precursor of the C-rank Jutsu Katon: Grand Fireball Jutsu. Also Konoha is known for fire Jutsu and many have fire as their natural affinity, so it would be understandable for you to learn one even if it is not your Primary affinity. With your reserves it shouldn't be a problem, especially a low rank Jutsu." Naruto was slightly upset that he wouldn't be able to learn what his affinity was, but that was quickly outweighed by the fact that he would be able to shoot a cool fireball like he'd seen Sasuke do many times now albeit a weaker version.

"Now I'm going to show you how to perform the Katon: Fireball Jutsu but be aware that it has a weakness in that it will always be shot straight." Ebisu told his temporary student of the Jutsu's major weakness.

"If I'm going to be learning a Jutsu then wouldn't it be better to learn something without a weakness?" Naruto asked slightly worried that he was being ripped off again.

"Naruto every Ninjutsu has at least one weakness your shadow clones for example can only stand a single hit. Some may be hard to control or cause damage to the user, so remember no matter how powerful a jutsu is it will always have a weakness." Naruto nodded and took the information in. He wanted to learn everything about Ninjutsu he could.

"Alright, now here are the hand seals Snake, Boar, Tiger." Ebisu and Naruto began practicing the Katon: Fireball Jutsu.

Naruto laid in his bed as he stared at his burnt hands. The Katon: Fireball Jutsu had burned his hands when he tried using it. Ebisu had said that the burning would go away as he got more used to the Jutsu, which would take time. Though he did wonder why the Kyuubi hadn't healed his hands yet? Normally the burns would have been gone in some minutes.

The Kyuubi sat inside a cage in the sewer that was Naruto's mindscape pondering what to do about his pitiful host. Ebisu had taught Naruto a fire element Jutsu even though Naruto was in fact a wind type. This was what had caused the severe burns Naruto received. The Kyuubi had a fire affinity, so naturally he had assumed his host would have fire due to his influence.

However that was not the case and out of all the types it had to be wind. The Kyuubi was utterly insulted that his host would have any affinity but fire. His host needed fire after all fire is about power and while wind may be all about combat fire was destruction. It perfectly represented the Kyuubi and his might.

The Kyuubi would not be humiliated by something as simple as elemental affinity. He then smiled as an idea came into his head. It would cost some of his chakra, but he would force Naruto to be a fire affinity by destroying his wind affinity and replacing it with his own.

Naruto woke up in a sweat as a burning sensation swept across his whole being. He blinked and looked down at his hands which were now completely healed. If he was healed why was he sweating and where did this feeling of heat from deep within himself come from? Naruto didn't know what to do was he sick? He never got sick, the Kyuubi made sure of that.

Naruto suddenly vomited and fell to the floor as he passed out.

Sasuke sighed as he knocked on the door to Naruto's apartment. Five hours had already past before he, Sakura, and Kakashi had even realized that Naruto hadn't shown up for training. Sasuke heard no answer.

"Dobe if you don't come out. I will drag you out." No answer came and Sasuke sighed. He didn't want to deal with this today. He would rather be training. Sasuke opened the door and froze. Sasuke saw Naruto lying on the floor next to some dried vomit. While Naruto was drenched in sweat with deathly pale skin and very shallow breathing.

"OH SHIT!" Sasuke said before rushing to get Kakashi.

Naruto woke up in a white room with a strong scent of antiseptic. He looked around and noticed he was in the hospital. Naruto sat up and began stretching. He felt way better than normal. Then Naruto heard the door open and saw the Third Hokage enter.

"Naruto you're awake." The Hokage was surprised to see Naruto up and about already.

"Hey old man" Naruto said looking at the third Hokage.

"Naruto we need to speak," Naruto nodded to the Hokage who spoke. "I don't want to drag this out but I believe you have awakened a bloodline."

"Bloodline, what's a bloodline?" Naruto asked.

"A bloodline is something that is carried through the genes of ninja that give them special chakra." The third answered as Naruto started beaming. "Now we are unsure of what bloodline you have have gained. Bloodlines are usually a subelement or some physical change, such as the First Hokage's Mokuton and the Uchiha's Sharingan. We believe the new bloodline you unlocked is a subelement as it is more common."

"Wait what's a subelement?" Naruto was confused for like the millionth time this chapter. Ebisu had never said anything about subelements, only the main elements.

"Naruto a subelement is the combination of two main elements. Someone with a subelement bloodline is born with two primary elemental affinities that they are capable of combining into a new element. Wind and water make ice, fire and water make steam, fire and earth make lava, earth and water make wood, water and lightning make storm, earth and lightning make explosion, earth and wind make magnet, and lightning and fire make blaze. Currently we don't know what the combinations of wind and fire or lightning and wind make yet because no has ever had either." Naruto nodded in understanding.

"So I can use one of these combined elements and I have a primary affinity for two different main elements." Sarutobi nodded and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Now all I need you to do is channel your chakra into this piece of chakra paper, so we can know what your primary affinities are and the subsequent subelement." Naruto nodded. Then he began to channel his chakra into the chakra paper. What happened shocked the professor, the paper split in half and then began to burn into into ash.

"So wait that is fire affinity right?" Naruto asked.

"No if it was only fire affinity it would have just burned, but it split in half first which shows wind affinity. It also turned into ash even though normally the whole paper would have just burned away. I had never believed it possible, but you have the ability to mix wind and fire." Naruto blinked at that.

"I thought you said no one had ever combined wind and fire elements before?" Naruto asked clearly confused. His Jiji had mentioned that wind and fire along with lightning and wind had never been combined before.

"Yes, Naruto no one has ever successfully combined the two. Though there was one Jutsu, even though it was low rank that could slightly combine the two elements. The Jutsu could never be furthered because someone would need a subelement bloodline to use it successfully." The Hokage explained.

"Wait why would people try to combine it I thought you needed a bloodline?" Naruto asked wondering why people would even try when you need a bloodline to use a subelement.

"Naruto in the old days it was believed elements were inherited. As such people with two different elements would marry such as earth and fire which people believed would make lava. They attempted each combination over time however wind and fire, and lightning and wind were never able to be combined." The Professor told Naruto while remembering the days shortly after the founding of the hidden villages in which many people attempted to make new bloodlines, so that they could join one of the villages. Many of these attempts ended in failure, but some succeeded and different bloodlines went to different villages.

"So I have a bloodline no one else could possibly have or has even heard of?" Sarutobi nodded.

"AWESOME!" Sarutobi smiled and then spoke.

"Naruto when you are released I want to see you alright I have a Jutsu that might help you." Naruto beamed and then frowned.

"But I am fine right now. Why can't I go ahead and learn it?" Asked Naruto miffed that he couldn't start using his awesome bloodline right away.

"Naruto do this for me and I will treat you to ramen after I finish my paper work alright. By the way Naruto-kun you might want to look in a mirror." Sarutobi had a grin at the sight of Naruto instantly cheering up at the mention of ramen.

"OK Jiji!" Naruto leaned back and smiled as the Hokage left the room, but then frowned at the last part as he just realized what Sarutobi had said. Naruto got up and went to the bathroom.

He froze what he saw shocked him as he no longer had blonde hair. His hair had turned completely white except for the tips of the natural spikes in his hair which had become a crimson red color. His eyes had also changed. What were once beautiful cerulean blue orbs with black pupils had become deep azure blue with crimson pupils and crimson rings around the irises.

It was the next day with Sarutobi now in the council room.

"Hokage-Sama what is the meaning of this meeting?" Danzo asked has he hadn't been informed of anything coming up.

"Naruto Uzumaki." Sarutobi said one of the few things that could cause all hell to break loose in the council room.

"Are we finally going to kill the demon?!" One council man yelled.

"No, Naruto will not be harmed. No civilian can harm him in any way, any who do, will be punished for hurting a clan heir." The Hokage said much to the shock of many in the room.

"The demon has no clan!" A council man shouted as others were also shouting except the clan heads.

"I know this however Naruto Uzumaki has unlocked a bloodline." All noise stopped.

"If this is true what bloodline does he have?" Hiashi Hyuuga asked.

"I tested Naruto's affinities and it turns out that he has the ability to combine wind and fire." The clan heads were silent at that. No one had ever managed to combine wind and fire, yet the boy had done the impossible yet again. Many council members were thinking of how to get the boy to join into their clan.

"What good are wind and fire?" Suko Haruno asked.

"Shortly after the hidden villages creation many different people tried to create new bloodlines by marrying people with different elemental affinities. The result was subelements similar to the First Hokage's Mokuton. Many of these attempts failed, but eventually a bloodline did appear for most combinations each ending up in different villages. Two of these combinations never appeared no matter how much people tried and were eventually given up on. Wind and fire was one of these combinations, as such we now have a never before seen bloodline in our village with the potential to become as powerful as the First Hokage's Mokuton." The Professor explained very seriously.

"Are we going to enact the C.R.A.?" Danzo said smiling as he was already making plans.

"I've decided to allow Naruto to choose whether or not enact the C.R.A. He will be able to enact it upon either reaching the rank of Chunin or at 16 years of age if he so chooses." Danzo was slightly angry that Sarutobi would leave such a decision in the boy's hands, but wouldn't try anything because Naruto might release the Kyuubi and then die losing the bloodline.

"I am merely holding this meeting to state that Naruto is now considered a clan heir and no longer fails under the civilian council." The clan heads were smirking at the civilian council who still didn't like Naruto.

Naruto was now in front of Sarutobi smiling.

"Naruto what I am about to give you cannot be given to another. It will be considered your first clan technique." Naruto nodded and took the scroll. "Naruto I must inform you that do to you being the only one holding the bloodline you will be given a book on how to create Jutsu. The reason being that you must have at least three Jutsu revolving around your bloodline." Sarutobi said.

"WAIT, how am I supposed to come up with that?" Naruto was panicked at the thought of having to create his own Jutsu.

"Usually one would make a clone technique, an attacking Jutsu, and a wide range Jutsu. Normally this is not required, however with you having no clan or scrolls to help you. This will insure your clans development as well as your safety. The Jutsu I'm giving you is the Haiton: Burning Ash Jutsu. It is a C-rank attacking Jutsu." The Professor said while changing the name from Katon to Haiton on the scroll now that Naruto could use Haiton(Ash Release) Jutsu.

"OK so a clone and a good wide range Jutsu. Wait I have a clone technique?" Naruto remembered his shadow clones.

"Naruto the Shadow Clone Jutsu requires you to use massive amounts of chakra. You can only do that because of the Kyuubi." Naruto nodded and took the scroll and the book.

"OK Jiji, but can I have a week off to work on my bloodline before returning to my team then?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I will tell your team that you're undergoing special training for the weak." Naruto nodded his thanks.

"Wait they don't know about the bloodline?" Sarutobi gave a small smile.

"Naruto no one but the council currently knows. Seeing as no one knows about your bloodline and change of appearance why don't you take this chance to change clothes without shopkeepers knowing." Naruto nodded and smiled he could finally get rid of the orange jumpsuit.

"Thanks Jiji!" Naruto shouted running out of the office.