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Chapter 3 - Training & Legacy

Naruto was now walking to training ground nine. Gai told him he would be learning a Taijutsu style today. Naruto walked into the clearing and saw Lee and Gai already there.

"Hey Bushy Brows-sensei and Bushy Brows." Naruto yelled out excitedly as he ran over to Gai and Lee.

"Naruto-kun I see that you've arrived. We may now begin our warm ups together!" Gai had youthful fire blazing behind his eyes as he said warm ups.

"Warm ups?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, before learning this style you will need to warm up so you do not pull a muscle." Naruto nodded. How bad could it be?

One hour later… Naruto was nearly exhausted from the insane amount of running around and push ups he had done.

"Now that you have warmed up I can teach you, your most youthful Taijutsu style." Gai yelled.

"Cool, so what is the style called Gai-sensei?" Naruto had finally caught his breath.

"It's called the Rolling Fist." Gai simply said.

"The Rolling Fist?" Naruto asked. He had never heard never heard of that style before.

"The Rolling Fist is a rare Taijutsu style that many simply do not bother learning. The Rolling Fist style was almost lost however one dojo still remains that teaches it." Naruto nodded to Gai.

"Now, it's called the Rolling Fist because of how the style delivers a punch. I noticed that you rush forward not thinking things through or caring where you hit. The Rolling Fist can deliver great damage to an enemy from anywhere that is hit. Unless of course the hit only grazes them." Gai Explained.

"Cool so um, what do I do first?" Naruto asked excitedly. The Rolling Fist sounded really cool.

"First I will teach you the stances of the Rolling Fist copy me." Gai spread his feet out to remain balanced as he put out his left arm up with an open palm. While his right hand was beside his waist but not touching him held in a knife hand position. Naruto copied the stance to the best of his ability.

"Alright now I will show how to strike, for the Rolling Fist is simple yet very effective. You simply start off with a jab and then in the middle you roll your fingers and curl them. Your fingers should not touch your palm." Naruto nodded and went to form the fist.

"Naruto stop, mid jab is when you should roll you fist not before. By doing so you are adding a small amount of momentum to your fist making the impact stronger." Naruto quickly nodded.

"Yes, sensei!" Gai then pointed to a post.

"NOW 300 punches do not forget to roll your fist!" Naruto nodded and went to the post. Naruto began striking the post while curling his fist, yet it felt like it did the same damage.

"Naruto do not use speed at first. You curled your fist before you swung. Start slow so you can get memorize the movement and then begin working on increasing the speed." Naruto nodded and was about to start practicing again when he had an idea.

'Wait can't I just use my shadow clones to practice for me. How the hell could I have forgotten about their training use for so long? It's almost been a month since I used them, damn it. But I won't be able to use them for physical training.' with that in mind Naruto went off to training ground thirty seven and created about a hundred clones to practice the Rolling Fist while he worked on his physical training

The week went by fast as Naruto developed his Haiton Jutsu and his Taijutsu. He had learned a few techniques from Gai to help with his new fighting style. Yugao was supposed to come back today and Naruto was at training ground thirty seven waiting for her remembering what had happened to him on the first day of his Taijutsu training.


Naruto had arrived at training ground thirty seven a few minutes ago and was currently running around the training ground working on his speed. While running he happened across a bear that had come from the Forest of Death that began chasing him. As Naruto was running he tripped and fell into the Naka River that just so happened to run through training ground thirty seven. The Naka river had swept him stream toward the waterfall that entered the old Uchiha district. Naruto was thrown over the falls, but he was able to quickly pull out a kunai and stab it into the side of the falls to keep himself from falling on the rocks below. As he was trying to think of a way to get off the falls without falling to his death he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

'What the hell is that?' Naruto wondered seeing what appeared to be a small cave with a light coming from it right behind the falls slightly to the left of him. Naruto pulled out another kunai and carefully made his way over to the cave entrance. Upon entering the cave Naruto noticed that it was actually quite bigger than he had thought. He decided to explore the cave and find the source of light that was coming from deeper inside of it. He made his way through the cave to a room that had an ever burning torch and a small pedestal with a few scrolls, a katana, and a note on it. Naruto picked up the note and read it.

'To the person that has found this place. Please use the things that I have left behind to protect Konoha and the will of fire, for I am no longer able to myself. Signed Shisui Uchiha The Teleporter.' Naruto was surprised that he had found the last will of Shisui Uchiha. Shisui had been one of the few people that was kind to Naruto when he was young. For the first time in a long time Naruto allowed himself to cry knowing that Shisui had loved Konoha until the very end. Naruto grabbed the three scrolls labeled Body Flicker Jutsu, Halo Dance Style, and Chakra Wings and stored them away. Then he pulled the katana from it's completely black sheathe looking over it. The blade was a deep black with the edge being slightly lighter, the guard was a pure white, and the handle was crimson red. Looking at the black blade's even temper wave pattern Naruto decided to name the blade Shisui (Death Water) in honor of it's former master.


Naruto had taken a look at the scrolls and realised that he could only practice the first stage of Shisui's Body Flicker Jutsu with his current chakra control and that the Chakra wings were currently out of his reach having needed to master all three stages of Shisui's Body Flicker to use it. He had also decided to wait until Yugao returned to begin practicing the Halo Dance Kenjutsu style seeing as Yugao was a sword master.

'Well might as well work on my ash spike Jutsu.' Naruto thought before going to work on the only Haiton Jutsu in his arsenal he had yet to complete. It was a few minutes later the Yugao had arrived.

"I see that you've improved that Jutsu." Yugao said as she appeared.

"Yeah I can make it attack but it takes too long to form at the moment." Yugao nodded. "It is good to see you again sensei." Naruto said with a smile. Yugao nodded.

"Naruto tell me have you learned a Taijutsu style or started one yet?" Naruto nodded.

"Gai-sensei taught me quite a bit of The Rolling Fist." Yugao nodded.

"Very well though Naruto I have been wondering why you only come up with attacking Jutsu?" asked Yugao.

"Um, there are other kinds?" Yugao sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"There are many attacking, tracking, defending, support, wide range, clone, and many more." Yugao said.

"Though I'm not expecting you to come up with all of them, but you should try to make some other kinds. I also wanted to give you a present Naruto." Naruto blinked.

"You got me a present?!" Naruto said trying not to yell in excitement. Yugao smiled and nodded, she then pulled out a scroll. As she poured chakra into the scroll there was a poof of smoke and a katana appeared. The katana had a black and red handle while the blade was a fine silver.

"Um, Yugao-sensei not that I don't appreciate the present, but I already have a katana." Yugao was surprised that her student had gotten a katana while she was gone.

"Right now your Kenjutsu is limited to kunai, so I got you this katana to expand your Kenjutsu, but it seems you were already one step ahead me of me getting your own katana. Allow me to see it so I can make sure that it is useable." Naruto nodded with a smile. He knew Yugao was looking out for him wanting make sure he had a good sword, so he pulled out the scroll that he had sealed Shisui into. He then began pouring some chakra into the scroll and a poof of smoke appeared along with the blade. Naruto handed shisui to Yugao, and she began examining the katana. Yugao gasped as she looked at the finely crafted katana.

"Naruto this is a very well made sword. I've never seen a katana of this quality before. The only swords that I can think of that are of this quality would be the Seven Swords of the Mist. Naruto where did you get this katana?" Yugao was almost speechless at the katana's quality and couldn't help but wonder where Naruto had gotten it. It definitely wasn't through normal means.

"It was a gift from an old friend of mine Yugao-sensei." Naruto said with a happy yet sad smile on his face. Sensing that Naruto didn't want to talk about Yugao decided to continue on with training.

"Ok Naruto let's start practicing using a katana, for right now I'll teach you the basic forms and we can find you a specific style later." A carrier pigeon then landed on Yugao's shoulder. Yugao looked at the scroll and spoke. "I will have to show you how to use that katana later the Hokage wishes to see us." Naruto nodded and slung Shisui over his shoulder using the strap that Yugao had brought for the other katana.

Naruto was now with Yugao in front of the Hokage.

"Naruto I am glad you are here, this concerns you Ash bloodline." Naruto nodded. Yugao knew what the Hokage was thinking.

"Hokage-sama you cannot put him in the C.R.A he is too young." The Hokage sighed.

"What is the C.R.A?" Naruto asked.

"The Clan Restoration Act. It allows a male with a bloodline to marry up to three women to make sure his bloodline continues on." Yugao answered for him.

"Wait What?" Naruto was very surprised.

"Naruto I did not call you for that but it does concern the C.R.A. You see I have decided that once you become a Chunin or reach the age of 16 you may decide whether or not you wish to invoke the C.R.A ." Naruto nodded. So he had 3 years at most to make a decision.

"However you must take the upcoming chunin exams." The Professor said.

"Huh, Why?" Naruto was little confused. Why was he being rushed to becoming a Chunin

"Naruto the council wants you to have children to pass your bloodline to as soon as possible and you taking the Chunin exams coming up was the only way to get them to allow you to decide. They already know you have created three ash Jutsu and know of the burning Ash Jutsu meaning you're more than eligible for the chunin exam in their eyes." The Hokage gave a sigh.

"Wait, but one of those Jutsu isn't even finished yet." Naruto was concerned that he might not be ready for the Chunin exams yet, seeing as he had no teammates.

"I know however they do not care. I am sorry about this Naruto." The Hokage said disappointed in his council.

"It's ok Jiji I understand." Naruto said smiling to hide his uncertainty.

"Good luck Naruto." Sarutobi said as Naruto and Yugao left.

Three days later... Naruto sighed as he kept working on his ash spike Jutsu. No matter what he did the Ash spike took too long to form. Naruto kept adding more chakra into but nothing happened it would still be to slow. Naruto sighed and kept at it, for he knew Jutsu took a long time to complete. Maybe he was adding too much chakra? Naruto began to lesson his chakra, but the same thing happened. It was still too slow. Naruto grabbed his hair in frustration trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with the Jutsu?

"Your adding way too much chakra Naruto." Naruto turned to see Yugao.

"I tried adding less chakra, but the speed stays the same. I don't know how to fix it." Yugao frowned usually Jutsu that cost less chakra where faster.

"Try the attack again Naruto." Naruto nodded as he made the hand seals Bird, Ox, Tiger, Rat. The ash gathered together forming a large spike nearly as big as him after a few moments it hardened into a black spike with red ash surrounding it.

"Now try a small spike." Naruto was confused but nodded. He let the giant ash spike fall apart then made a smaller spike. As he did he made it about the size of a regular Kunai. Naruto Then was shocked it took a mere two seconds to completely form.

"I see the more ash you use the slower the Jutsu forms. Naruto try making the spike in the form of a senbon." Naruto nodded. Naruto changed the shape making it use even less ash as the ash Senbon hovered in the air. Seeing the ash senbon hovering in the air reminded Naruto of his match against Neji when he created an ash spike in the air. He then remembered something he read in the book on how to create Jutsu. He quickly dropped the Jutsu and changed the hand seals to Bird, Ox, Tiger, Hare.

"Haiton: Ash Senbon Jutsu." Naruto created 20 senbon out of ash and launched them at a training post. The next instant the senbon flew through the post and deep into the ground. Naruto and Yugao were both was shocked at the speed.

"Naruto you made another new Jutsu." Naruto nodded and then grinned.

"Thanks Yugao Sensei!" Yugao nodded. "Now I don't have to worry about the ash spike!"

"Naruto, the ash spike is still incomplete this Jutsu is something else." Yugao said.

"How are they different?" Naruto asked.

"You saw what your ash senbon did right." Naruto nodded. "Now, I want you to use the Ash Spike on the post." Naruto nodded as he made the Ash Spike. it took a while however before Naruto finished his spike and sent it at the post. The ash spike hit piercing a hole straight through it. The hole began expanding until the entire training post had been burnt away. Both Naruto and Yugao were gaping at the training post after what they saw. Naruto then realised why the Jutsu was so slow at forming. The reason being that he wasn't using all of the hand seals he would need to properly control it. Naruto again quickly went through hand seals but this time some had changed and a few more had been added. The hands seals were Bird, Ox, Dragon, Tiger, Ram, Dragon.

"Haiton: Ash Spire Jutsu" A spire of ash quickly shot up and pierced through another training post twice as fast as the previous ash spike. Rest in peace all of the brave training posts that have sacrificed their lives to improve Naruto's Jutsu. Amen.

"..." Yugao was completely speechless after Naruto's little display of the fully completed version of the ash spike, now ash spire Jutsu.

"Naruto you really are the most unpredictable ninja ever aren't you?" Naruto just gave a foxy grin. Yugao let out a sigh.

"Well Naruto you can practice your new Jutsu latter, for now we need to go get a mission from the Hokage." Naruto nodded.

"Ok sensei." Yugao and Naruto left hopefully to get a good mission.

"Let's see... finding the Fire lord's wife's cat, painting a fence, babysitting the.."

"Hokage-Sama." Sarutobi turned to Yugao. "I was actually wondering if there were any genin teams on a C-rank mission that could use our assistance." Naruto started smiling at the thought of a C-rank.

"Are you sure he's ready?" Yugao nodded.

"He's made four Jutsu, mastered three more, learned the Rolling Fist from Gai, and begun learning the Halo Dance Kenjutsu style. The next thing he needs is some experience in the field." Sarutobi nodded.

"I see, the only team on a C-rank mission is currently Team Seven. They went on a mission to wave to protect a bridge builder." Naruto looked down at the thought of Team Seven.

"Naruto are you ready to face them?" Sarutobi asked noticing Naruto's downtrodden look.

"I... I don't think I can." Naruto said slightly depressed.

"I think I might have an Idea Naruto." Naruto blinked at Yugao. "I can go as Neko and you can go has Kitsune." Yugao said.

"Huh?" Naruto said confused. The Hokage then threw a white Fox mask at Naruto.

"Think of it as ANBU training while on missions above D-rank. We will use the code names Neko and Kitsune along with wearing these masks that way no one knows who we are." Naruto nodded grinning to himself. It was kinda like a prank.

"Very well Team Seven is currently in Wave country. Your mission is to catch up to them and assist in their current mission." Yugao nodded then she and Naruto left to pack.

Naruto now wearing his usual outfit along with his new fox mask and his sword slung over his shoulder was walking to the village gates with Yugao. Yugao was wearing the normal ANBU attire along with a cat mask.

"So Neko-sensei what is wave like?" Kitsune asked.

"Well it's a port town from what I've heard. They sell to people around the continent using their large sea trade industry other than that nothing." Kitsune nodded accepting the answer.

'Why would the Hokage think something was special about this mission... unless.' Neko shook her head. The Hokage wouldn't send Genin if he suspected that but just to be safe.

"Kitsune I don't want you shouting the name of your Jutsu alright." Kitsune nodded but was confused. Neko knew she had to come up with a cover, so Kitsune wouldn't get suspicious.

"The Jounin of Team Seven is Kakashi Hatake the copy ninja. The eye he keeps covered up is a Doujutsu that copies Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. You should try to keep your Jutsu hidden from him, so that he may not copy them." Kitsune nodded as he wanted to protect his Ninjutsu.

"Ok, sensei." Yugao nodded