Shadow - A few notes here for the story and what you can expect.

Jango will be getting his ship and weapons and won't necessarily always be one of the good guys.

Shepard is a female paragon.

I don't plan on pairing anyone in the story as of yet. This may change in the future.

A Hunter Out of Place

Prologue: A Bounty Gone Wrong

This was supposed to be an easy mission. He was supposed to simply bag and grab the target, collect his pay, and head home to Boba. The blaster fire going over Jango's head at the moment would say otherwise. He'd gone in to get the target but he didn't expect the resistance of at least fifty armed guards. It was supposed to be just one rogue Kaminoan that Dooku apparently wanted. Reports and scans showed little activity on the swampy world of Abraxin. The compound however was highly guarded but he had slipped past the guards and made it in, getting out proved to be far harder as he started a firefight with the entirety of the compound. He currently had the bounty tied up with his whipcord and was running from a rather large group of hired thugs.

The muddy terrain made it almost impossible to sprint in but his ship was only parked about one hundred feet away. He sloshed through the swampy water while dragging his bounty. Looking over his shoulder and shooting a few times at his pursuers who were steadily getting closer. He was closing the distance now with only fifty feet left. He felt a shot graze his shoulder but his Mandalorian armor held. He walked out of the water still carrying his prisoner. Jango simply had to walk just a bit more to his destination. Upon reaching his ship he opened the door and lowered the ramp, he dropped to the ground, the back of his leg burning from a blaster shot. He turned around to grab his prisoner but he spotted his prisoner already wielding something in his hands.

The Kaminoan smirked as he chucked a round like object at Jango and ran for his life. Jango immediately reached for the small round object but before he could reach it the item detonated. His vision blurred as he couldn't quite see past his helmet anymore. The pain that came with whatever was happening was intense. Jango was a strong willed man however and tried his best to hang on. The force of whatever happened eventually caused him to black out despite his efforts.

Jango awoke to the sight of a rather pleasant looking field. His head swiveled as he took in his surroundings. Grass surrounded him and what looked like primitive buildings stood in the distance. He slowly stood up from the ramp of his ship and looked around. No Kiminoan in sight. Jango sighed before muttering. "Damn Kiminoan was more trouble than he was worth." Deciding his best bet to figuring out where he currently was standing was the basic looking town in the distance. Jango set out towards the town at a casual pace.

Upon hearing gunfire however Jango slowed his approach and prepared his weapons; pulling out his Westar-34 blaster pistols. He saw something that looked somewhat familiar and yet foreign at the same time, a machine that worked much like the droids from the Federation. The droids were currently slaughtering the inhabitants of the town as he took cover behind a rather large building. Jango cursed himself for not bringing all the weapons he had stored on the Slave I.

He felt himself lift off the ground as he used his jetpack to get to the roof of the building. With his new position he could see more of the town he was in. He spotted two aliens below he hadn't ever seen before, though that wasn't the most surprising thing, the universe is a big place. They were talking about something but he couldn't quite hear them with the current distance. He used his helmet's zooming function and microphone to hear.

He only was able to listen in halfway through the conversation. "-Ought you could use some help on this one." The Cyborg or at least what he thought was a cyborg with his enhancements, said as he placed a hand on the other's shoulder. Jango began recording the exchange with his helmet as the red one said. "I wasn't expecting to find Geth here. The situation's bad." Jango saw the red one turn his back. "Bad move on his part." Jango muttered as he watched the cyborg pull out a pistol and aim it at the red one's head. "I've got it under control." The cyborg said before blowing the other alien's brains out.

Then Jango heard it; the sound of something taking off. When Jango turned back to looked, he spotted a massive ship the size of a star destroyer taking off into orbit. Red electricity sparking off the ship as it gained speed. Once it was gone, Jango turned back to find the cyborg leaving his area. He used his jetpack to descend down to the dead alien and searched his dead corpse for anything useful. He synced his suit with whatever odd system the alien was using. Upon collecting the information however, Jango realized he wasn't home anymore. Jango wasn't even in his own galaxy anymore. The star charts looked completely different and he hadn't heard of this Citadel before.

Jango heard some rummaging from behind him and quickly pulled out his pistol before whipping around to face whoever was hiding from him. "P-Please don't shoot." A rather cowardly looking man uttered as he slowly stepped out from behind the box. Jango thought on it for a second before saying. "Don't tell anyone I was here and you get to live." The man muttered a meek "thank you" before darting behind his boxes again. "How did that idiot manage to survive?" Jango muttered to himself as he took a few credits off the man. Strange that a galaxy different from his own used the same basic currency as his. He looked up to see approaching figures in the distance and quickly left the area; not quite wanting to be seen quite yet. He ran around the corner before using his jetpack to lift himself onto the roof.

Shadow - Thanks for reading. This is only a prologue sorry its kinda short. It's supposed to give you a bit more incentive to read the rest of the story.

Anyways, thanks for reading.