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A Hunter Out of Place

Chapter 8: Titan's Fall

Calm breathing was the first thing Jango had to focus on as he attempted to steady himself. It was just the shock of whatever had happened. There was no pain that came with his arm so he just needed to focus. He really hated Mass Relays. Mandalorians were made of harder stuff and it was going to take more than a debilitating injury to put one down.

Jango regulated his breathing as he slowly raised himself to his feet by pressing his good hand to the wall. Saren was still a problem and he couldn't give up yet. Fett could tell that most if not all of his wounds had reopened as he took his first few shaky steps forward. He looked down at himself and there was an uncomfortable amount of blood on him. He took a few more unsteady steps before finding his footing.

The bodies helped the bounty hunter follow the Commander to an elevator. He quickly entered before leaning against one of the walls. His breathing was shallow and his right arm hung loosely at his side. He could do this; he just needed to press on a little more. It was then that he noticed that the glass on the elevator had been shot out.

The elevator stopped and he barely managed to grab on to something before being sucked out into space. The broken glass led straight to the inside of the Citadel which was currently closed. The inside of his helmet displayed a timer. Jango silently thanked that his suit was closed off and had an air supply. He needed to start counting though as he only had a little over an hour of oxygen.

What interested him far more however was the current ship attached to the main Citadel tower. It was an all too familiar ship that he had seen when he had first been thrust into this galaxy. It was a Reaper and running up the side of the tower were a few figures he couldn't make out. With the level of destruction behind them Jango knew it was Shepard and company.

He could see the figures jump into the upper part of the tower and knew his destination. He bent his knees as he pressed up against the non-broken wall of the elevator before jumping out. The lack of pressure on his body felt nice since his wounds weren't being pressed on. Jango didn't know if that caused him to bleed out faster or not but right now he didn't have the time to question it.

The tower became closer uncomfortably fast and Jango realized he was slightly off course. Sacrificing some oxygen caused his jetpack to come to life and propel him closer to the target. A few short moments later he had to turn away and use his jetpack to slow his momentum.

Jango landed with a soft thud on the outside of the tower in a crouched position. He raised his head first as the rest of his body got up from the position. He only had to walk a few more feet before he spotted an elevator. He walked towards it though it was more floating with thrusts from his jetpack. His mind wandered for a moment as he entered the elevator. He noticed that there were a few sentry towers on the main Citadel building that were destroyed. He imagined Shepard did that but he wondered if they would have shot him if she hadn't destroyed them. She might have saved him indirectly.

He pulled his blood-loss addled mind back from his thoughts and out the elevator as it opened. He took a few steps forward and noticed he was in the Council chambers. The next thing he noticed was that it was on fire. He slowly walked forward as he noticed the dead Geth around him.

The stairs ahead led up to burning and destroyed trees. It was almost beautiful in a chaotic and destructive way. Across the room and up another set of stares was his target and Shepard. He'd finally collect his bounty.

The two were talking about something as Saren had them pinned behind cover. The first to notice him was Saren as he walked into view. He was climbing the stairs before the rest of the room noticed him. The surprised look on their faces almost made the wounds and the trip worth it, almost. What would make it worth it would be Saren's bounty.

He finally reached the top of the stairs and idly thought about trying to twirl his weapon. He was out of it at this point which probably added to the idea. He quickly pulled out his weapon with his good hand before twirling it a few times and aiming at Saren. Shepard and Saren were still talking to and about him or maybe they were talking about something else? He couldn't quite make out what they were saying anymore.

He imagined Shepard was trying to talk him down but Jango decided to kill him before Shepard's talking proved ineffective. A single blaster round went through the Turian's shields and skull before the alien fell off his hovering platform and through some glass into a room below. That was a distant shot for him in his current state; he still had it. He had recorded that for the reward right?

When Jango had arrived, Shepard was somewhat thankful and worried. Another gun would help stop Saren, but Fett was also a loose cannon. "It's over Saren, we have even more back up on the way," Shepard lied through her teeth as she turned back to Saren. She needed to just keep him talking for a little bit.

Saren glared at the blue Mandalorian as he replied, "the Reapers can't be stopped. Their curiosity about the bounty hunter is just that, curiosity. It won't save you from what's to come. No amount of reinforcements can."

Shepard could hear the familiar sound of Jango twirling his pistol as Saren continued, "the Reapers will find a way even if you stop me here."

She had been trying to talk Saren out of helping the Reapers use the Citadel as a mass relay to get the rest of the Reaper forces into known space. It had little affect so far but she decided to try again as sh…

What appeared to be a laser from Jango's weapon penetrated Saren's skull and left a sizzling hole. There was shock on her face that turned to anger as she turned back to the Mandalorian to see him get thrown back by a furious Liara. "Garrus, stop her," Shepard commanded as she turned back and ran up to the Citadel's arm controls as Saren fell.

If the Reaper's wanted to keep the Citadel closed off to the fleet waiting outside, she'd force it open from the emergency controls here. She just hoped that the fleet would be able to destroy Sovereign in time.

"Joker get the fleets ready, we're at the main controls for the Citadel," Shepard spoke into her comms as she began using the holographic controls in front of her.

There was a slight pause before Joker replied, "they're already on standby but the Ascension is in trouble. We can either wait to hit Sovereign when it's vulnerable or go in now and try to save the Council."

Shepard knew her decision already but she stood silent for a few moments steeling herself. "Save the Ascension," she replied as the arms opened up and the fleet that was blocked off outside flooded in to attack Sovereign. She didn't know how many lives she had just sacrificed but she didn't want to think about it right now.

Only a few moments later a red energy shook the room as Saren's corpse exploded with energy.

So that was the thanks he got for killing a known terrorist and traitor that was trying to destroy the galaxy; a biotic blast to the face. He had been knocked on his back and barely rolled to his side before he was thrown on to his back again. An irate looking Liara stood over him before punching at his helmet.

Beskar iron was hard however and she found herself hurting her hand instead. "How could you," the Asari shouted at him as he lay there disorientated. "I trusted you, you even saved me! Then you killed my mother for some extra credits!" The next punch was biotic infused and hurt a hell of a lot more.

With his one good hand, Jango managed to grapple her arm before throwing her off him. "Saren had to be stopped along with your mother, it was happening one way or the other," Jango grumbled out as he got to his knees. It wasn't even a sorry but he was a bounty hunter not a pacifist. His job came with situations like this and he couldn't let his emotions get in the way of a contract though he couldn't deny his feelings of guilt at the moment.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye," Liara said as another blast knocked him back.

Garrus finally arrived and held Liara speaking too low for Jango to hear. She had at least ceased attacking him so he was thankful for that at least. He slowly rose once more to his shaken feet.

The Mandalorian wasn't one for comforting others but he could at least try for the girl because despite technically being older than him, she was obviously emotionally younger. His helmet finally came off and Liara could see a worn out but unbroken warrior. The helmet covered how bad his condition was. Blood ran down the side of his head and his breathing was labored; along with that the now calmed Asari could see that his arm was hanging at an odd angle. His eyes met Liara's as he spoke, "I can't bring your mother back. I don't think anything could by that point. She was enslaved to Saren's will and desperately wanted to be free."

Jango's thoughts wandered as anger filled his voice. He had always despised slavery and he knew that what Benezia had gone through had been worse than simple slavery. "I'm sorry that your mother is gone, but know that in her last moments she was free and with you. That's all I could have given her, all anyone could give her." This was as compassionate as he could be. Fett killed people, he didn't save them. The look in his eyes gave Liara a small glimpse into a life of pain and sorrow.

Jango could see through his blurry vision that tears were running down Liara's face. As he looked down at his helmet, the image of a tired, broken, old man stared back up at him from his visor. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind as he put his helmet back on. He didn't bother turning back to see Liara's reaction.

A red pulse filled the room and the trio turned to see the platform Shepard was standing on fall. "Haar'chak," Jango cursed as he limped his way up the stairs to Shepard.

Shepard's two companions managed to make it to the platform faster than Jango could. Jango was just barely looking down below as the three engaged a robotic skeletal version of Saren. He could hear the robotic voice of Sovereign speaking through Saren's corpse, "YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED." The sound seemed to reverberate inside his head. The nightmarish metal creature was just a puppet now. The Mandalorian let out a low groan as he descended the make-shift ramp.

Once at the bottom he opened fire on the quick creature. He was glad there was a biotic in the group as that was the only thing that could keep it still long enough for any of the group to get a shot at it. Jango had to limply dodge to the side to avoid a few projectiles as his companions kept fire upon it.

This thing was insanely fast and managed to scoop Jango up by the back of his neck before throwing him at a wall. He hit the wall hard before falling to the ground. He laid there for a while simply coughing and groaning. His wounds along with the current beating should have knocked him out or killed him by now. But he was a Mandalorian, so he slowly pushed himself to his feet and reentered the fray.

The Alliance fleet had flown in to save the Council and stop Sovereign. The single ship seemed to have the firepower of an entire fleet as it destroyed ship after ship with what appeared to be lasers. The battle was uncertain and Joker was nervous as he flew circles around the Reaper coming in for an attack every few circles.

It was on his latest run that he noticed another insanely fast ship firing lasers. The Slave I was on the scene and doing more damage than quite a few of the larger ships. He would have been impressed if he wasn't the great pilot that he was. He flew away from the Reaper and went to make another go around.

Garrus was knocked down and getting back up, Shepard was firing and missing Saren, Liara was still charging up her biotic attack, and Jango was currently trying to stay awake and keep firing. This thing was a monster.

Another barrage of small explosives from the monster knocked the rest of the group off their feet. Jango was just getting to his feet as a hand covered his visor. The thing had grabbed him by the head before picking him up. It lifted him completely off the ground and hung him there for a moment. He weakly grabbed the thing's wrist with his good hand but the thing brought him back down to the ground. He felt his world spin and his body ache as he went head first into the ground.

It immediately began beating him like a savage animal with metal swords for arms. He let out yells of pain with every hit but he was too weak to keep up with the monstrous creature. It reared its arm back before plunging it downward.

The bounty hunter rolled left but the creature changed course with him and impaled his leg instead. He screamed out in pain this time as the thing dragged him back. He managed to roll over to see "Saren's" eyes light up as it was about to launch an explosive attack at point blank range.

Jango reflected on the people he had killed. He knew not all of them had deserved it and that some of them had. He had thought about the Jedi and Dark Jedi he had killed. His thoughts drifted to his clone son. He couldn't die here, he had to get back.

A biotic blast sent the creature flying as bullets flew over him. Jango attempted to sit up but his body was simply too weak to do that anymore.

Jango could see Liara glaring at him with a look of cold determination. He managed to turn his head to spot the charred corpse of Saren on fire just before it turned to ash.

Tali was worried about Jango but was currently more worried about the battle. The entire fleet had barely been able to get past the Reaper's shields. She needed to think of something fast or this was going to be a slaughter. She turned the Slave I around and flew right by the Reaper before releasing some cargo next to it and flying away.

There was stillness in the battlefield for a few seconds. For a few moments that seemed to stretch on the entire battle seemed to freeze. It was almost serene before a giant explosion rung out. In actuality they didn't hear the explosion itself but the force of the explosion caused the ships to rock and groan. It looked like a wave of energy had bypassed the Reaper's shields and hit its mass.

Its armor was thick but the wave seemed to cut it like a sword. The Reaper tilted for a second as a large section was cut and bent inward as pieces of it scattered. She needed to do that again. "Show off," she heard the voice of Joker say over public comms as she smiled.

She was about to make another run when red lights seemed to dance across the Reaper's surface. It slowly detached from the tower before falling down towards the bottom of the Citadel. Its shields were down, now was the time to strike!

All ships opened fire as the Normandy swooped in for one last strike to break the Reaper into pieces. She saw a large piece heading towards the tower.

She was in the public comms as everyone was trying to coordinate and heard Joker say, "we need a team to the Council chambers. Shepard and her team are in there!"

Her heart sank as she realized who was most likely with Shepard.

Jango awoke to darkness—no that wasn't right—he could see light out of the corner of his eye. He managed to roll himself over and saw what looked like a hole. It took him a few seconds to get oriented but with one arm he began to crawl. He dragged himself out of the hole and saw that he was still in the tower.

The room had been trashed by pieces of the destroyed Reaper. He had been nearly crushed under one of the pieces he had just crawled out of. He managed to turn his head to see a blood trail behind him. He needed to find help fast but he could feel his strength fading. It was an effort just to stay conscious at this point.

He could vaguely hear voices as he managed to lift himself onto a piece of the Reaper. He groaned as he pulled himself up. His helmet was now blocking his vision as there was blood on his visor. Hell even if that wasn't happening one of his eyes refused to open. He just had to get up this piece of the Reaper and then he'd be fine.

His vision was fading in and out. He remembered his clan as his mind wandered. They were strong, honorable, and wise. He remembered the Deathwatch traitors and the Jedi who killed his clan. His clan didn't deserve that death, they had done nothing wrong.

His rage fueled him forward as he climbed.

He remembered his parents dying at the hands of Deathwatch.

His suffering fueled him forward.

He remembered strangling the traitor of his clan.

His retribution fueled him forward.

He remembered personally executing the leader of Deathwatch.

His vengeance fueled him forward.

He remembered Tali who would be saddened by his death.

His loyalty fueled him forward.

He thought of his son Boba.

His son fueled him forward.

Finally he crested over the piece of metal he was climbing up. He could see across the room, individuals were digging through the rubble although he couldn't discern who they were or what they looked like.

He raised one arm up and let out one last defiant roar before his vision grew blurry and all became dark.

Shepard and her crew had nearly been crushed by the wreckage of Sovereign that had destroyed the Council chambers. In fact her crew had even thought she was dead before she had come up and over the remains of the Reaper.

She was currently talking with some of the emergency response units and Anderson. She had come out but she hadn't seen Jango. "He's still in there; I didn't see him come out of the rubble."

One of the paramedics was looking around the general area but it was a big room and hard to traverse due to the wreckage. Shepard was sitting down exhausted with Garrus and Liara when everyone heard the sound of metal scraping against metal.

From the far side of the room the noise grew to an aggravating level. Many of the paramedics stopped for a second worried that the Reaper wasn't fully dead but a few moments later it was apparent none of the machinery was moving.

Then a small blue figure raised himself up and over a broken piece of the Reaper. Shepard instantly recognized it as a bruised and beaten Jango. He let out a weakened moan as he raised up his arm before seemingly passing out.

Shepard allowed herself to smile for a moment knowing everyone had made it as the paramedics rushed to get the bounty hunter.

Jango awoke coughing and in a great deal of pain as he realized he was being carried on a cot. He looked and saw a few paramedics carrying him somewhere. His helmet was still on which he thought was odd but he couldn't move a good majority of his body so he couldn't get it off.

He could see Shepard from where he was. She wasn't very far away and it looked like she was with Anderson and an unfamiliar figure. They were arguing about something as the paramedics put him down on a hard object. He couldn't tell what it was but with the way it hummed he imagined it was a vehicle of some kind.

Shepard was now yelling at Udina who was in turn yelling back. He could only make out bits and pieces of it but he managed to pick out that Udina wasn't going to be the human Councilor. Weren't there only three Councilors?

It was only then he heard a single line that caused him to worry. "You can't just take everything he has. Jango helped bring down Saren and you're going to arrest him?" Shepard's voice was distinct which helped him piece out what she had said.

On a positive note he had gotten in the good graces of Shepard, but if they were going to arrest him, they were going to strip him of his weapons and armor. He had bigger problems to worry about if he was going to be thrown in prison but he couldn't really move to get away. He didn't have many options but to hope that Shepard could get him out of this situation; so much for having the only weaponry that could go through personal shields in the entire galaxy.

Now that he thought about it they might try and get Tali and the Slave I. That was his ship but more importantly he imagined Tali wouldn't be treated very kindly. Quarians were shunned in Citadel space because of the Geth and she had been collaborating with him. He had to do something but from his position he couldn't physically act.

He slowly raised his good arm to his helmet. His comms finally came on as he spoke in a quiet tone, "Tali are you there?"

There was a few moments of silence before he heard her reply, "yeah I'm here, are you okay Jango? I was worried after that piece of debris crashed into the Council chambers."

Jango coughed a few times before replying, "I'm fine. Where are you right now?"

"I'm by one of the docking bays. I was waiting to meet someone from security so they could take me to you." Tali's response didn't put Jango at ease as he realized what was likely happening.

He found the strength to speak in a stronger tone as he replied, "you need to get back to the Slave I and leave. They're confiscating my equipment and taking me into custody. They'll likely do the same to you and the Slave I."

It was a few moments before Tali replied, "what about you?"

"Don't worry about that. I'll be ok but you need to get out of here. Take the Slave I and keep her safe. Use her to take you back to the Quarian fleet." Jango cut himself off as he began coughing furiously.

"I don't want to leave you here," Tali replied in a worried tone. "You're always doing things your own way and by yourself but I don't want it to be like that."

Jango really didn't have the time for this. She had to leave before whatever security they were sending showed up. "Just go, we'll meet up later. Besides you need to get back to the Flotoya fleet and prove you did something worthwhile for your pilgrimage."

Tali sighed before saying, "its Flotilla not "Flotoya." And that's an individual ship, you're thinking about the Migrant Fleet. I don't even have a way to prove I did half these things without Shepard besides I want you to see the Migrant fleet with me." In truth the Migrant Fleet isn't very welcoming of outsiders but she'd tell half-truths if he'd just come with her.

"There's video records I have saved for bounties on the Slave I. I'm uploading the current video feed from this mission from my helmet to the Slave I as we speak," Jango replied as he tried leaning up in his cot but failed. He could feel the vehicle lift off as it took him to what he assumed was a hospital. "There's a password for the files in there. It'll ask the question, "which individual encompasses all the values of a Mandalorian." The answer will be "Mandalore." That should be enough to prove you completed your Pilgrimage."

There was silence on the other end for some time before Tali finally replied, "you promise you'll be ok?"

"Promise," Jango lied as whatever he was riding cruised through the Citadel. "Now get going."

There was silence on the other line and Jango took that as she was following his instructions. He decided he should catch some rest for now. Not like he was going to be doing anything exciting anytime soon and he was tired.

The Mandalorian awoke to the sight of Shepard standing over him. He had been stripped out of his armor and he was lying on a bed of some kind. He had been going in and out of consciousness for some time and this was probably the longest he had been awake so far. "Shepard," the bounty hunter greeted.

She was still in her armor so that meant it couldn't be that long after the battle. She put on a small but forced smile as she replied, "glad to see you're awake." There was an awkward pause afterward as she appeared to be thinking of what to say next. "First things first, the doctors say you're lucky to be alive. You suffered plenty of wounds in the fight but apparently you also had preexisting wounds that were worsened. It was impressive hearing a list ranging from concussion, to bullet wounds, to broken bones, then deep gashes, and finally internal bleeding. Of course there was also the deep gash in your leg as well which will require therapy to be fully functional again. There was more but I can't remember it all."

That was a long list, even for him. Jango sat for a moment and then replied, "how long was I out?" After the question, he took a few seconds to stare down at his right arm. He still couldn't move it and being out of his armor made him feel more vulnerable than he already was. In fact now that he focused he couldn't feel his arm at all and why did they cover it? His faced turned to one that was a mix between frustration, anger, and grim acceptance as he realized the implication.

"It's been about three days," Shepard replied as she followed his line of sight down to his arm. Her smile turned to a grimace as she continued, "your arm was the worst of it. They couldn't figure out how you even got your arm that fucked up. The muscles, bones, and pretty much everything else melted and fused into a completely unrecognizable liquid substance inside your skin." She paused after letting the truth of the matter sink in. Shepard looked Fett dead in the eyes before continuing, "they had to amputate your arm. They've given you a temporary cybernetic replacement but don't want you escaping so it's not attached."

Jango looked across the room at a metal case. He couldn't believe it. His arm was actually just gone. It was an odd feeling. He knew it wasn't there but it still felt like it was there just completely numb; like some part of his brain just refused to accept it.

Shepard gave him a sympathetic smile but it once again turned to a frown as she continued, "I'm afraid that's not all." She tapped on her omni-tool a few times before a screen popped up. News headlines sprawled out across the screen. Most read something along the lines of, "Terrorist Stopped by First Human Spectre Commander Shepard." It wasn't the headlines that caught his attention however.

The article described some of her adventures and even her crew was included to a degree. The real problem was that he didn't see himself anywhere in all of this. Shepard pointed to a subsection of the thread; there was a small page for himself that read, "Jango Fett: dangerous outlaw and bounty hunter was seen hindering Commander Shepard on multiple occasions. His whereabouts are currently unknown but the Council has assured us that this criminal will be brought to justice."

An aggravated frown adorned Jango's face as he did his best to get his thoughts off his arm. "They're covering it up. I have a few guesses but any reason why," Jango questioned as he put a finger to the holographic image and scrolled down the page.

"Apparently they don't want a less than reputable element tarnishing the story. Well that's the reason they've given me but I'm pretty sure they're lying," Shepard replied as she pulled up an image of C-Sec officers transporting what looked like his weapons and armor into a high security facility. "What they really wanted was the equipment you had and taking technology from a criminal is legal," Shepard said as she closed the image.

The bounty hunter sighed as he leaned back in his bed. Things could be better but at least he wasn't dead. He rubbed his missing arm as he continued, "I'm being charged aren't I?"

Shepard nodded her head as she replied, "you're being charged with a lot. I've got a lot of pull and sway right now so they probably won't get too far but I can't promise anything." She looked away before continuing, "we've had our differences but what they're doing to you is wrong." Jango was about to reply with a "thanks" before Shepard cut him off. "I appreciate what you did for Kaiden, thank you."

Jango was pleasantly surprised how much saving Kaiden had affected Shepard. "Thanks but that was mostly Tali, how is she doing?" Jango had lied to her but he hoped that Tali wouldn't be too angry. More importantly he hoped she had gotten away. Besides if he somehow got out of this without going to prison he might not have lied at all.

Shepard's frown disappeared as she replied, "Tali was able to make it back to the Slave I before anyone could even talk to her. Apparently she got an anonymous tip that she was wanted for questioning by C-Sec and took off." Shepard's tone had grown playful as she gave the Mandalorian a wry grin.

"Don't read too much into it Shepard," Jango replied as he squinted at her. It would have been intimidating if he wasn't bed ridden. "I take it you don't know if she got back to the Fleet yet?"

Shepard shook her head before she replied, "no. No one has heard from her since she took off."

Jango nodded before replying, "that's alright. She's resourceful and she has the Slave I." The Mandalorian yawned as he began to feel drowsiness falling over him.

Shepard smiled before saying, "I'll let you get some sleep; talk to you later Jango." The Commander stood up from her seat before heading for the door.

"Good luck with the bureaucrats Shepard," Jango replied as he closed his eyes.

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