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AN: Most of these little drabbles are when Fili and Kili are young, under the age of 10 by our ages, but Dwalin and Balin's are when they are young teens.

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The company goes about their business; at least, they make it seem they're going about their business. In fact, they are watching Fili and Kili who are on the other side of the camp. Both heir had almost drowned in the raging river trying to save one of the ponies that took fright. It was Kili who went after the pony first. Fili had followed closely behind trying to save his brother.

Now, Kili was sitting on a rock and Fili was attempting to check him over. Much to Kili's chagrin. The whole ordeal was something to experience. Not because they almost lost the boys but because they were able to see Fili, the next in line to the throne, show outright his protective streak. Specifically, over his brother.

It wasn't as if Fili being protective of Kili was out of the ordinary. It was just usually shown through the little acts. Such as, pulling Kili away from a ledge, casually looking over a cut, his eyes searching for Kili the moment one of them walks into the room, always knowing where Kili is, or silently handing over dry clothes when Kili's become soaked. No, those happen all the time. It's the bigger ones that happen and anyone who witnesses it feel privileged to have done so. And it's this time, seeing it again, that the company thinks back to the first time they witnessed it.

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