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Thorin smirked at the stories being told around the campfire. His nephews had fallen asleep shortly after supper, the whole river incident taking a toll on them. The company, then, took it upon themselves to tell stories of the first time they had seen Fili's protectiveness over Kili become so bold. He looked to Gandalf and shared an amused smile.

"How about you Thorin?" Bilbo asks and the rest of the company look to Thorin in curiosity. Thorin stares into the fire as his smile grows slightly before he begins to tell his story.

Thorin watched in amusement as Fili played with his baby brother. Fili kept hiding behind his hands and then pulling them away and shouting 'boo' causing Kili to squeal in delight. Eventually, Fili stopped but Kili was having none of it. The youngest brother grabbed Fili's hands and covered his older brother's face with them. Then, Kili pulled them away and shouted 'boo' causing himself to giggle and squeal. Thorin and Dis chuckled at the younger boy's antics.

"Oh, Kili, you're so cute I could just eat you up," Dis said with love. Thorin smirked when Fili's eyes grew wide and he stared at his mother. Dis wiped her hands on the cloth and walked over to Kili, intent on getting him ready for bed.

"No!" Fili shouted and grabbed a nearby book. He stepped in front of Kili and held the book like a weapon.

"Fili what in the name of During are you doing?" Dis exclaimed in surprise.

"You can't eat him! He's my brother! I won't let you!" Fili shouted with a determined look. Thorin stifled a chuckle but a smirk made itself known.

"Fili don't be ridiculous," Dis huffed out and stepped towards her youngest son once again.

"Dis…" Thorin warned but it went unheard.

"No!" Fili shouted and began swinging the book at his mother.

"Fili!" Dis shouted but stopped her forward momentum.

"Dis," Thorin said again and this time Dis heard him. Thorin put a placating hand on her shoulder before kneeling down in front of Fili, their gazes meeting.

It took some time for Thorin to convince Fili that Dis most definitely was not going to eat Kili. That it was just an expression. Even still, Fili insisted on Kili sleeping with him for the next week. It was this moment that Thorin realized how far Fili would go to protect his brother.

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