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Juan's point of view

It's so ironic that I, the president of my country; the man with so much power is sitting here hopelessly waiting for news of the woman I love so dearly.

It was only 3 hours ago I got the call. Eva collapsed. The doctors have no idea what could be wrong with her. I took off for the hospital before the call ended. I remember pushing the guy in front of me so I could get to Eva. The doctor explained that they had to open her up to see what is going on.
The doctor that did the examination felt something hard in her stomach. He told me that it could be a tumor. I asked what else it could be. I was praying that there was another possibility. He said it could be any number of things.

{Once we open her up we'll know what we're dealing with}

The doctor told me the surgery could take hours or it could take minutes. He said the longer it takes the better it is for Eva. One thing he suggested was it could be a cryptic pregnancy. A baby? We had no time to prepare but I would welcome the child created from our love. Hell, I would welcome a child not created from our love if it means Eva would be alright. Right now there was literally nothing I could do. I had to wait and hope. My mind was racing.

I have literally never felt so hopeless. This isn't a situation I have any control over. Who knows how long she's been sick? She never showed any symptoms. I mean she was tired sometimes and occasionally she had a backache or wasn't feeling 100 percent but my GOD nobody is in perfect condition all the time. Still, I'm her husband. How could I have not seen something was wrong. How could I have not realized it. If she hadn't been doing so much maybe she wouldn't have gotten sick.