Juan's point of view

The doctor came out. It had been 13 hours.

"She had a massive tumor inside her ovaries," he explained, "and in addition she's pregnant."

"She is pregnant," I asked, "Not she was pregnant. She is pregnant?"
My mind was spinning. If she is pregnant she's still alive.

"Early stages," the doctor told me, "But we got the entire tumor. She won't need chemo or radiation but she will need to take it easy. She's going to need to take care of herself. She is still very at risk for pregnancy complications and infection. She is going to have to slow down."
Eva and I made sure to comply with the instructions given her by her doctor. On the 4th of May we were back in the hospital again. This time however I wasn't in the waiting room. I was in the delivery room. They had given Eva morphine so she wouldn't feel her labor. Eight minutes passed the hour of 3 in the morning Evita Juanita Peron entered the world. The doctor cleaned her up. We had decided to name the baby after both of us. When I held her for the first time I fell in love all over again for the second time. Life was good now. I was grateful. We were complete.