Clary's ringtone was painfully loud in the semi-quiet of the restaurant. She jumped marginally, digging in her pockets trying to remember which pocket she had even put her phone in. Why was someone calling her?

"Hello?" she had not bothered to look at the caller ID, she had a pretty good guess at who was on the other end.

"So, I have this theory," it was Jace, starting out the conversation in a very Simon like way.

"Yea?" she cast an apologetic look at Nora and Vee. "What theory is that?" she asked turning away from them.

"That sitting in a café all day will improve my demon slaying skills," Jace answered instantly, which was almost as ridiculous as some of Simon's theories.

"Oh?" She brushed her hair back, tucking it behind her ear.

"Yes," he answered instantly again; "In particular when this leisured sitting session includes gossiping with over coffee."

"Are you asking me on a date?" Clary's brow furrowed. "Because honestly, this is one of the worst invites you've come up with."

"If I wanted a date, I'd ask you," Clary could hear the agitation in his voice. "I'm just trying to figure out how lunch dates to gossip at a coffee shop counts as training at the New York Institute."

"Yea, that sounds great," Clary snapped her phone shut before Jace could make another comment and shoved it back in her pocket. Her eyes scanned the sparsely populated shop, looking for Jace's halo of golden hair. She had not been expecting him to come in that little shop to eat.

That had been stupid, Jace had to eat at some point. This shop was as good as any. But why did he have to come in the same little café thing that Vee and Nora wanted to eat at? Why did he have to come in while she was still there?

"Who was that?" Vee asked, looking at the jacket pocket where Clary had dropped her phone.

"Just my boyfriend," Clary caught sight of Jace with the corner of her eye as she turned back to Vee and Nora. "He had this crazy idea about a good place for a date," she brushed her hair back, tucking a stray lock behind her ear again.

"What was it?" Nora asked, her eyes scanning the room the same way Clary's had. What could Nora see in the crowd? Would she recognize Jace sitting near the door? Would she suspect something from the phone call?

If Clary had been in her position she would be suspicious of the phone call. She had been in a position like this before, when she had first met Jace. Her entire world had been altered from that encounter, and it seemed her encounters with Nora were having the same affect.

This single afternoon had given her more information than she had thought she would get, though none of it was helping her find the demon.

"Something about the cannels in Venice, and starlight diners," she answered, her mind flashing to their last date in Venice, when Jace had been controlled by Sebastian. "It'll probably be really cheesy and over the top," she held her hands up in front of her chest, shaking erh head as if embarrassed by the idea.

"Starlight diner in Venice," Vee sighed, propping her head up on her hands. "That sounds so romantic."

"Yeah," Nora sighed. "I wish Patch would take me somewhere that romantic."

"Patch?" Clary perked up slightly at the name. Nora had not mentioned her boyfriend before during this talk. Could that be the demon's name? Was this finally something useful?

"He would, you just don't want to leave Coldwater," Vee responded a little sharply. "I bet Patch would do all that romantic stuff from the books if you would let him take you somewhere romantic."

"Vee, I don't want to talk about this again," Nora started with a sigh.

"We haven't really talked about it," Vee retorted, cutting off anything else Nora might have said. "And if you have any say in it, we never will."

Clary looked between the two of them, picturing the way she acted with Simon about similar topics, or Jace with Alec and Isabelle. They were best friends, the very best of friends. And they were Nephilim just like her, and Simon, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle. "So who is Patch, exactly?" Clary tried again.

All she needed was just a little information. Just a few details about Patch that could help her find his hiding place. Otherwise this whole afternoon would be wasted.

"He's a Fallen Angel," Vee answered, shooing Nora's hand away when the girl smacked at her shoulder. "He was banished to Hell but came back to save Nora from Hank's army. He's the last Fallen Angel on Earth, since the others were banished after their feathers were burned."

"That makes him a demon," Clary responded. "The angels cast from Heaven are demons."

"I don't think so," Vee responded, shaking her head. "He's not in Hell, he's here in Coldwater."

"Vee," Nora narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"Nora, come on! They've been looking for him for three months," Vee narrowed her eyes in return. "And they still haven't found him."

"Not for lack of trying," Clary muttered as Nora and Vee continued their glared argument. "So, he's still here?" she asked a little louder.

"He wouldn't have just left Nora behind," Vee laughed, lighting hitting Clary on the arm in a familiar friendly way. "You're super romantic boyfriend doesn't leave you behind, does he?"

Vee had no idea.

Clary's phone started ringing again. She managed not to jump, and at least knew which pocket it was in this time. She pulled it out and made another apologetic gesture to Nora and Vee as she answered the call.

"Did you learn anything?" Clary looked across the café to where Jace was sitting, watching her as he stirred his water with the straw.

"Not the time," she hissed in the phone.

"So you did? They told you something?" She could hear the excitement in his voice. After three months, she should have been more excited about the almost lead she had. And she probably would have been, if Jace had not interrupted her twice during the same conversation.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" she hissed into the receiver.

"I have a demon to slay, I assumed you were helping," Jace answered. "You are helping aren't you?"

"Later," she snapped the phone shut again. "Sorry," she turned back to Nora and Vee.

"Boyfriend again?" Vee asked.

"No, it was my brother," she shook her head as she returned the phone to the pocket of Jace's jacket. "It's nothing, he just wanted to tell me a stupid joke," she lied instantly.

The phone rang again. "You sure are popular," Vee commented as Clary pulled the phone out once more.

"What?" she answered, sharply. If it was Jace again, she might just throw her phone at him. This was ridiculous, three phone calls in less than fifteen minutes. It was like he was trying to ruin her plan.

"Where are you at?" She winced hearing her mother's sharp tone on the line. Maybe she should have checked to see who was calling before she snapped as a greeting on a phone call.

"I'm in Maine," she answered, trying to convey her sorrow about her short attitude. Her mother knew all about the demon campaign in Coldwater, she had listen to Clary complain about it enough. Just saying she was in Maine would be enough to tell her that she was working.

"Is Jace there? Maryse was asking about him? Thought you would know?"

That was a lie. Maryse either knew what Jace was doing, or she would call him and find out. And if Jace ignored her call, Maryse would have just called Clary. Jocelyn was just checking to see if Clary and Jace were together, she still did not fully trust Jace.

"I thought he was at the Herondale estate," Clary feigned confusion at the question. She could not let Nora know that Jace was nearby, looking for her Fallen Angel/demon boyfriend. "That's where he was yesterday," she lied to her mother, so that she could continue lying to Nora and Vee. Her mother would kill her for that."

"When will you be home?"

"Tonight," she answered.

"I'll see you then."

Clary snapped her phone shut, and ran her fingers through her hair. "Why do mothers never trust their teenage daughters and their boyfriends?"

"My mother never trusted Patch," Nora responded.

"She was kinda right not to," Vee added. "And for the record I didn't until I knew the truth about the guy."

"You're not helping," Nora half laughed at Vee's comment. "But she's just trying to protect you. That's what mom's are for."

"Right," she sighed, straightening in her seat. "I'm sorry about all the phone calls. I don't normally get that many in three seconds."

"It's fine," Nora smiled, standing up and throwing her bag over her shoulder, clearing meaning the diner date was over. "Thanks so much for diner."

"Not a problem," Clary answered, pulling her clutch wallet from an inside pocket of Jace's jacket. "I enjoyed talking to you."

"Us too," Vee came around the table and wrapped Clary in a hug. "It's so nice to meet a normal person who gets this stuff."

"Yea," Clary awkwardly hugged Vee back, while trying to separate herself from the tall girl. "Same here."

Clary let Vee and Nora leave while she paid the check. She smiled and waved at them as they started down the street, and turned her attention on something else instantly. Within moments she could see Jace coming to stand behind her.

"I'll pay for hers," he smiled, offering his own check to the girl at the register.

"I can pay for it, Jace."

"I know," he answered. "But I want too. You can pay next time we go out."

"That's so romantic," Clary scoffed, putting her wallet away. "It's such a tempting offer, paying for Jace Herondale to eat."

"Many others have begged for the opportunity," Jace smiled as they walked out of the restaurant. "So what did you learn?"

"The demon is defiantly still here," Clary answered. "And he won't go anywhere without Nora."

"Which one was Nora?"

"The short one," Clary answered dropping her hands in the pockets of the jacket she wore.

"Compared to who?"

"Very funny," Clary elbowed Jace in the ribs. "Compared to her friend, who is a giant," Clary continued.

"So all we have to do is corner Nora, and we'll have our demon?" Jace's eyes lit up at the prospect of finally catching the demon and having the Coldwater issue settled.

"Or follow her to where they're hiding," Nora pointed down the street, picking Nora and Vee out of the crowd as they climbed into a car.

"I can't believe you told her that Patch was still here," Nora slammed the passenger door shut, throwing her bag down on the floorboard between her feet. "That's what she was after, so she could kill him."

"I don't think so," Vee shrugged, starting the vehicle. "She doesn't seem like a coldblooded killer to me."

"She thinks Patch is a demon," Nora glared at Vee. "Killing a demon is not a coldblooded act Vee! It's in her job description!"

"I think you're over reacting, just a tad," Vee's face twisted comically as she held her hand up, measuring out just how much Nora was overreacting to the situation. "Clary wouldn't kill Patch, he's not a demon."

Nora let out an exasperated sigh and flopped back in her seat. Why could she not get Vee to understand? And why did Vee have to say that Patch would never ever leave Nora behind? That was exactly the kind of information Clary would have been waiting for.

Nora knew that was the actual reason for that diner. Clary wanted information, and she paid for it, probably a bit more than she bargained for with Vee's ramblings, but still. Nora had been carefully guarding anything that could be important, and then Vee had to go and say something like that!

"According to whatever rule book that Shadowhunters use, he is." Nora covered her eyes with her hand, "That's the reason they're still here, Vee. Because Patch is a demon in their eyes."

"But Clary was so nice," Vee whined slightly. "I don't want her to be a coldblooded killer. It'll ruin our friendship."

Friendship? That one afternoon was not enough to make them friends. It was a good start, Nora could admit that, but Vee was stretching it a bit.

"Besides, I did something good today," Vee sounded pretty proud of herself.

"What?" Nora could not bring herself to look at Vee.

"I took Clary's phone."

"You what?" Nora sat up, turning to look at Vee, who held Clary's phone up for inspection. "Why would you take her phone?" And she had been the one talking about ruining friendships…

"To read her texts," Vee answered like it was obvious. "See who's been calling her, stuff like that."

"We don't know who any of these people are Vee, that information won't do us any good."

"Knowing she lied to us isn't worth knowing?" Vee asked cryptically. "Because she did."

"About what?" Nora narrowed her eyes in suspicion. There were probably a lot of things Clary had lied to them about, but which one had Vee picked up on and seemed upset about?

"Her call log says she received two calls from the same guy while we were eating. From Jace?"

"Vee stop the car!" Vee slammed on her brakes instantly.

"What is it?" she asked looking around for the cause of Nora's panic. "What's wrong?"

If Jace called twice, and Clary lied about it, it could be because he was in Coldwater. If he was in Coldwater, he could have been watching them all day, or while they ate with Clary. He could be there now, in the car with them on his way to their hideout on the cliffs.

"Take me to the farmhouse," she whispered. "I don't think we're alone."