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I paced the bathroom in tears, that's when I felt him lightly grab me from behind and turn me to face him. "Cathy. It'll be OK. Plenty of girls your age skip a month. It's not the end of the world" he said but he wasn't looking at it like I was.

"Not every girl my age had sex with her brother in an attic Christopher!" I yelled in tears. I had no way of knowing if I was carrying a child, Chris could see that look in my eye and he sighed softly.

"Cathy the chances of a pregnancy are very little. Besides soon it won't matter. I'm going to get us out of here. And you can get the care you need" he said kissing me softly before walking out I quickly followed so I could check on Cory. He had been so unwell. I feared the worst. But Chris insisted we couldn't leave until we had enough money. So we waited. As Cory grew sicker and sicker and a baby bump began to form. I knew now that I was carrying a child and that Cory was going to die. We needed to leave. But it wasn't that easy...

I woke up early one Friday morning and grabbed one of Christopher's shirts so our grandmother wouldn't know. She came with our food and those four powdered doughnuts which were the only things Cory would eat at this stage. She looked me up and down with disapproval before walking out. I poured some water into a sippy cup for Cory and brought him a doughnut. "I don't want no icky water" he complained.

"Cory you need to drink it if you wanna get better" I said frustrated and he drank quietly. He was much more obedient than Carrie. I did feel awful though. He forced himself to eat which made him violently sick and I just couldn't bare to watch him any longer. Once he and Carrie were settled I laid by Chris.

"You've been stealing for weeks now Chris. We need to leave. Cory's sick and..." I placed his hand on my stomach. "We have our baby to think about. We can't raise a child in this tiny room. It's bad enough we're stuck here but to have a baby here... I can't..."

"We'll leave on Sunday while the servants are in the village" he said kissing me softly. We had stopped caring about the rules or god's view of us a long time ago. We would leave and be the perfect family. No one would know we're siblings because Christopher stopped being my brother a long time ago. I couldn't change that now. But we could accept it and escape. Right?