"Are you my Master?"

Those are the words spoken by the person now summoned in the room. I look at her. Those spears she carries. There's something about them which catches my eye. The crimson color of both spears which contrasts with the whole room. While it's starting to get pitch black, the moonlight's reflection gives the shed a color of blue. They're both pretty big… and there's something about them that sends a shiver down my spine. That pair of spears are demonic, their appearance further reinforcing this fact. Red thorns run through the middle of the spears themselves, as if already coated with the blood of fallen enemies.

"I'll ask again: Are you my Master?"


I don't know what to say. Am I really her Master?

"I have come forth due to a call of summoning. I presume you were the one that summoned me? Our contract is now complete. I am Servant Lancer."

I feel a burning sensation on my left hand. Three red seals have appeared. Those seals have the appearance of a sword. While it's not an appearance of an actual sword, these seals resembles one. Questions suddenly pop into my mind...

"Master, huh... I never thought I'd be in this situation."

She turns around before facing the enemy. I'm sure whoever tried to kill me would be slain by her, but I can't let her do this by herself, I'll help her out. I'll never forget this scene even if I were to die right now.

A few hours earlier...

I stop by the rooftop after school. The sun had set, so all there is is darkness.

"Archer, do you sense anyone around us?"


I was getting irritated. My servant hasn't spoken to me since this morning. Looks like there's a bounded field placed here. This field is too strong for me to remove. Doesn't hurt to try though. This must be from a Servant. Whoever decided to place it here must be targeting everyone at the school. I can't believe it.

"Hey Archer, let me know if you see someone around us. I'll try to destroy the bounded field."

I touch the ground. But before I'm even able to speak-

"Hey. Destroying the bounded field is a waste."

I freeze.

This person that has arrived, I get the same feeling when I'm near Archer. Is this a Servant too? I have a feeling I shouldn't even be in his range right now!

"Looks like you at least know the basics of magecraft. Maybe I shouldn't have interrupted you. Since you're a bystander..."

A staff appears in his hand. Slowly inching towards the edge of the roof, I leap off. Something flies past me, a fireball. I can feel the heat that it radiates. If I was a second late, I would've been burnt.

"Es ist gros, es ist klein!"

A spell to lighten my body. With a fall like this, a normal person would've died.

"Vox, gott es Atlas! Archer!"

I let Archer take care of the impact. I cover 100 meters in under 7 seconds due to reinforcing my body. This should allow me to escape. My footsteps make contact with the ground, so all that I can hear are my foot going against the ground.

"Those are some nice legs you have there."

...Oh right. Against a Servant this wouldn't work well. Due to Servants being much more powerful than a magus like me, something like covering 100 meters in under 7 seconds is easy to them. I can't outrun them.


I step back. Archer appears right in front of me. Turning his back, he faces the blue Servant. The same staff from before appears in his hands. This man was wearing his hood before, but now he takes off his hood. I take note of his appearance. Blue hair with a ponytail on the back of his head. Long silver earrings which are runestones on both end of his ears. His outfit is a hood with fur around the hooded area. I'm not sure what is he wearing at all, but it seems that his outfit is from an older time, one where there were interactions with the gods...

"Servant Caster?"

"Archer I suppose?"

In an instant, a white shortsword materializes in Archer's right hand.

"Or maybe a Saber? Just who are you?"


"No, You're Archer. I suppose you don't have a bow."

Archer chose not to answer.

"Archers usually don't go for one on one combat. I'll wait for your bow."

I see. Archer is waiting for me to respond.

"Archer. Show your strength!"


Throwing his sword, it easily slices through the air. Aimed for the neck, hoping to incapacitate the enemy. No normal person could dodge such a thing. Caster simply smacks the sword away with his staff. Archer dashes forwards. Defenseless, but not for long. A black shortsword emerges from his left hand as the previously thrown white sword comes back, Archer catching it in his free right hand, closing the distance. Archer takes a swing at Caster. Casters aren't usually known for their physical strength, so this should be a fatal blow!

But Caster just blocks the blow without any issues. I underestimated him, this Caster is no regular Caster!

"Hah, your tricks are interesting, Archer. But just because I'm a Caster, doesn't mean I'm bad at close combat!"

Setting the edge of his staff on fire, he swings at Archer. Archer leaps back, avoiding the swing.

"You... This is more troublesome than I thought."

In a second, both come into range again.

After I decided to stay after school to clean up the Archery club, I heard noises. So I decided to check it out. My decision to visit the school grounds immediately fills me with regret. What I see is a battle of two unknown figures, one of them dressed in blue clothing, the other in red. With a quick glance, I can tell they're both not normal human beings.

My body is telling me to run. I shouldn't be looking at this. But I can't look away. They both seem to be pretty evenly matched. The one in red who is armed with two shortswords, his weapons breaks many times throughout the clash. He just creates them anew in an instant. Meanwhile, the one in blue seems to excel at both close and far range combat. At close range he can beat his enemy away with his staff, while at a distance he casts spells by tracing the air with his staff at inhuman speeds. These aren't humans nor magus. If I stay any longer, I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I don't want to die!

"Huh? Who's there?"

The one in blue stops and looks in my direction. Did his eye catch mine? No time for questions now. My body automatically jerks back, and I start to run towards the opposite direction. I can only hear my footsteps as I run towards the school. I hastily open the door and run pass all the closed rooms. Is there an exit somewhere here?

I don't know how fast I ran, but I ended up in the hallways of my school on one of the upper floors. I stop to catch my breath.


Am I safe? I look up in front of me-


-The man from before is right in front of me. My whole body goes numb except for my heart.

"You ran pretty far. But you can't escape from a Servant that easily."

I don't see his staff with him, but a branch is in his right hand. Instantly, the branch turns into a wooden spear.

"Well, you saw us. So die."

Before my mind can process the situation, I'm pierced through the heart with the wooden spear. Collapsing backwards, my body falls towards the wall. He pulls out the spear from my heart. He says some things which I can't seem to hear… Am I going to die like this? All my training all led up to this moment, where I just die?

"You were just unlucky kid."

With what little consciousness I'm trying to maintain, I hear footsteps. I can't seem to hear what they're saying, but it seems like it's two people nearby...

"We should just let the boy die."

"No. We can still save him."

I don't know what else they said, but the next minute, my heart has seemed to return to normal. I think I'll just take a nap...

What was I thinking? Saving someone who's not a magus? That jewel I used had all my saved mana from the past 10 years. And most of it is now gone. My father's probably turning in his grave right now.

"Rin, we should've let that boy die."

"Shut up Archer!"

I arrive at the front door of my house. I saved my classmate's life. I unlock my door to my home, placing my used pendant on a desk.

I take a deep breath before exhaling. Something does seem off though...Wait.

Caster killed a witness and chose that over finishing the battle. What would he do if he finds out his witness is still alive?

It's been a few hours, but I can still make it in time.

I wake up. I feel sick. My body hurts, especially my chest. Did I get-

"Stabbed through the heart?"

This looks like a murder scene. This place is covered in my blood. The smell is foul. This is where I died.

I better clean it up. Getting a mop and bucket, I clean up the mess, then pick up and throw away any trash lying around. I feel like a criminal destroying evidence. I can hardly think straight right now...

When I got home, I turned on the lights. I try to take a deep breath, but all I feel is pain. I was killed today, but didn't stay dead. Even though I'm still alive, my heart is still trying to recover. I turn off the lights. I should lie down...

I hear the doorbell ring its usual tone. Who would be at the door at the time like this? Taiga isn't staying here today and Sakura is at home. The bounded field went off. Is it a thief?

I better get ready if it is one. The only thing lying around here is a poster Taiga gave me to me. This will have to do.

"Trace, on. Basic quality, analyzed."

I start analyzing the structure of the poster. What the poster is made up of, and the materials are in my head. As I roll the poster up after analyzing it, I pour my magical energy into it. This poster is now as hard as metal, but still light. This would do. If I just stay here, nothing would change. I will die once again. If I can go to the shed, there are plenty of things I can use as a weapon there. Now then, when will he arri-


He swung from the side! I block the attack from the side. I could feel the impact of the attack going through my whole body. The poster still holds up. Two swings from both sides. I twist my body backwards and repel the two attacks. With each clash, the sound of wood clashing into metal is heard. My body shouldn't be able to keep up with any of his attacks, but I'm barely holding my own right now. I'm a few meters away from the window.

"I never thought I'd kill the same person in a day."

Touching one of the tables in the room, he inscribes words that I don't know of on it, and a second later, it turns into a spear. What the hell?!

"A spear. If only I was summoned into the Lancer class. But this will have to do for now. Now die."

Using the spear, he swings at me. I manage to block it. Before he is able to take another swing, I jump through the window and roll a few meters. The window breaks and I'd need to clean it up. But that's the least of my concerns right now. I don't see him. Maybe if I can run to the shed-

A thrown projectile. The spear from before. He throws it at me and I move to deflect it. I end up in the air. Because he kicked me. My back hits the wall of the shed.


My body hurts. I can barely breathe. But I crawl quickly to enter the shed. He picks up the spear he made, and enters the shed too. A thrust. I can barely survive his swings, but a thrust would kill me. Opening up the poster as a shield, it protects me from his fatal blow. But the poster is of no use, transforms back to its base form of paper. I'm flung backwards by the impact and hit another wall. As I recover, I scan the area for a weapon. But it's too late. His weapon is already pointed at my heart.

"You're quick at thinking. You seem to be a novice at magecraft though. I guess you aren't old enough."

A quick thrust would kill me. This is stupid. Bullshit. I don't want to die here. It pisses me off that I'm going to die again here. I don't want to die. I… I won't be killed. Not by you!



It all happened like magic. A magic circle underneath Caster glows white. What's this magic circle and how long has it been there?

Someone appeared near me. All that I know is that whatever stood next to me looked feminine. Deflecting the thrust and standing up to the enemy, my enemy makes a face full of regret and shock.

"You?! Out of every Lancer that could have been summoned, this boy had to summon you?! Just my luck...!"

Caster takes a swing at her. But she deflects his attack with not one, but two red spears. Sparks seem to fly all over the place when they cross lances.


He leaps out of the shed. She turns around to face me.

"Are you my Master?" she asks me.

Master? This turn of events is making my head spin. Not only was I about to die again, I was saved by this women just before that was about to happen. She stares at me, waiting for an answer.


Master...what is she talking about? Master?

"I'll ask again: Are you my Master?"


I only repeat that word. Master. She's just like that being who tried to kill me.

"I have come forth due to a call of summoning. I presume you were the one that summoned me? Our contract is now complete. I am Servant Lancer."

"Contract? What's that...?!"

My left hand hurts. I grab it with my other hand. She only nods and turns the other way to face the enemy. Her purple hair is different than what is around us right now. Since it's dark outside, I'd say that her hair stands out the most in the dark moonlight, along with her eyes too which are crimson. Her outfit isn't what one would call...normal. Infact her outfit is a black tightsuit that emphasizes her breasts and aside from her chest and the area between her legs, her outfit is see through. It's snug in all the right places alright. She's wearing what seems to be a mouth cover, akin to a surgical mask that's the same color as her attire. She also has two shoulder plates which are copper colored. Seams are all over the ends of her arms, her legs, and chest. She wears steel boots. Her outfit reminds me of the blue figure that tried to kill me. Are they related in any way?

That spear, no wait, those spears she's holding. They're red too and give out a murderous vibe. And the aura I feel around her is like that of a warrior.

"Master, huh... I never thought I'd be in this situation."

She looks at the door and sighs. I can't let her do this by herself. Even though I could still barely stand up, I managed to do so anyways. I know that she could take him on but I'd like to give her as much support as I can. The enemy is outside.

As I manage to stand up, she quickly leaps out of the shed. I run outside and get a better view of the situation.

Lancer is only using one spear now. But even with only one spear, in a fight of close ranged combat she overwhelms Caster. The noise of each clash is loud that it's as if there's a sonic boom. With how loud it is, I'm surprised no neighbors are waking up. Caster face is filled with regret, lots of it. With how the fight has turned around and how it's now him that's having trouble keeping up, is he going to run away?

"You're lucky I wasn't summoned as a Lancer!" Caster yells out to us.

Caster takes a quick stance and starts thrusting his spear at Lancer at many angles. My eyes can barely keep up with how agile his attacks are. If I was in Lancer's position, this attack would've been impossible for me to dodge. But Lancer is different. Instead of being ripped into shreds, she does the same move as Caster but with much more ferocity, parrying each and every single one of his blows. If Caster is a wild dog, then Lancer is a charging bull.

With each clash, Caster is slowly backing away. Against Lancer, Caster was outclassed. I haven't seen him cast any spells yet since he's a Caster, well except for that one spell which turned a branch and a table into a spear. Seriously how does that work?

"I would love for us to continue our fight Lancer. But my master is telling me to go."

Quickly inscribing something on the ground, a pillar of earth rises underneath Caster and with it, he leaps away and disappears.

Lancer stops. After the short battle she had, I run up to her. No injuries at all. Without Caster nearby, I am able to take a look at Lancer without any chance of harm. Everything about her appearance is to say, alien to me. That armor, if you can even call it that, fits her figure well. Her skin which the moonlight reflects on looks soft. Her hair, which reaches past her waist is beautiful. Maybe I could ask her if I can run my fingers through her hair? What am I thinking? I push aside all my thoughts and ask her a question.

"Who are you?"

"You summoned me, no? I'm Servant Lancer." she replies to me.


"Yes. Call me Lancer."

Her tone is affirmative. She wants me to call her Lancer. I'm feeling weird right now, why are my cheeks turning red from Lancer saying that? I'm getting flustered just talking to her right now. I asked for her name, the most I can do is the same.

"Uh. I'm Emiya Shirou. I guess you could say that I live here-no I mean, I do live here!"

Am I stupid? I do live here. If I could just lie down and process everything that has happened to me today…

No response. She just stares at me, with her face looking confused? I'm really not sure. She finally speaks up.

"I can tell you didn't mean to summon me. But you're still my Master because of our contract. Or would you like me to call you Emiya instead?"

Emiya. I like that instead of being called Master.

"Yeah. Call me Emiya."

I grip my left hand. Pain. The sensation of burning. There's a tattoo?

"That is a Command spell. Three to be exact. With each use, the Servants would obey each order. Careful when you use it. Only use it for emergencies."


Before I could ask another question, the atmosphere changes.

"Emiya. Stay here. I sense two enemies nearby."


Just like Caster, Lancer leaps out of my backyard. Two enemies nearby? I can't let her fight! I move my body, and dash towards the gate. My hands trembles when unlocking the gate. My whole body is shaking uncontrollably not only due to the cold, but because of my nervousness. I finally unlock it, and jump outside


I stop to catch my breath. In under the span of a few minutes, I had seen a white flash near the Emiya residence and Caster who had left the area.

"Archer, do you think that that all seven Servants are summoned now?"

"I'd say so. Whoever summoned the last one, that means all Masters are here now."

I didn't expect what would happen next. Multiple red spears are flying towards me in the air. Even if I move my body, I would still get hit by one. I'm going to die.


Archer pushes me aside. He manage to projects his twin swords used against Caster in time to redirect a few of the spears, but there was too many. The other spears impales him. Instead of a fatal blow, it turned into a crippling blow. The Servant who was able to match Caster is down in the span of a few seconds. He can still make if I can put him back in spirit form.

"Archer, disappear!"

This time, I make it. Before the enemy was able to thrust her lance at me, Archer dematerializes. Looks like I used up one of my Command Spells, that command must've been excessive. There's only one command spell left that I can use. The enemy dressed in black swings her spear at me. Because Archer was able to hold off those incoming spears for me, I dodge her swing in time. Taking out a gem, I throw it at her and it breaks. The sound of the gem cracking fills the ears of both of us. A wind spell which can blow a house away. It does nothing however. The instant it touches the enemy, it simply dissipates. Such strong magical resistance, this did nothing to her at all!

"That was a nice spell, magus."

I look up. She points her lance straight at my heart. I could only dodge a single attack from her. Archer's wounded, my spells won't work on her, and I'm about to die.

"Your death approaches, Master of Archer."

Nothing I can do could fix this situation right now. The lance will pierce my heart and I will die. But will I have any regrets? I don't think so. I accept my death. I, Rin Tohsaka, will die on the third day of the Holy Grail War. While I wanted Saber, I got Archer. But this Servant, Lancer. I feel like this servant is even stronger, stronger than any Saber that could be summoned. This figure who I was only able to glance at for a few moments, I can tell that she will make it all the way to the end of this war.

A/N: Credit for Caster's ability to turn things into a spear is from Mook91's "Nasuverse Rune Magic Brainstorming Thread/Rune Magic in general." thread from Spacebattles. If anyone knows how to send PMs on there, tell me. For some reason I can't send PMs on there even though I made an account.

So this is my first story, hopefully you guys will enjoy it.

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Master: Emiya Shirou
True Name: ?
Class: Lancer
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: C
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Mana: D
Luck: C
Noble Phantasm: B+

Class Skills:

Magical Resistance: A

Personal Skills:

Primordial Rune: -
Wisdom of the Abyss: A+
God Slayer: B

Noble Phantasms: