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Messed up timeline

"Hey! You bunch of no good hooligans! Are you all can't fight for your own fight, so instead you end up to ganging up?. So Low! You all better go and die in hole!" A curly blonde haired boy shouted out to the group of boys that no doubt are his opponent. Another blonde boy but with hair more brilliant and straighter behind him, hit his shoulder in a scolding manner.

"Neo! You're only making them more furious!" the boy hissed. The curly blond boy,Neo, rolled his eyes.

"Don't be such a wimp Grisia. Moreover, everything I said is nothing but fact" Neo smirked. The brilliant blonde boy,Grisia, shaking his head furiously like signaling to his friend to stop.

"How arrogant!" "I'm sick of him!" "bastard!" and many more hateful comments got threw to the blonde duo, Neo doesn't see to mind it though, as he just sneers at the group of boys.

"One is arrogant prick and the other is nothing but useless person." one of the boys spat. Grisia narrowed his eyes at this, he gritted his teeth in agitate. A soft wind blew Neo's hair and instantly Neo knew that his bestfriend is enraged, the wind is blowing un-normally that is the first easy sign to notice his best friend's emotion, Neo got to feels the wind more sensitively after he learn this. Neo hold his hand beside him right front of Grisia, making some kind barrier between their bullies and Grisia.

"Hey,hey seriously? You said Grisia is useless? Look at yourself! I don't even remember your name, that's how useless you are." Neo stated simply.

"Arrogant bastard! Still act all cocky even though it's clear he is outnumbered and would get beaten up," a boy with dark brown hair sneered. Neo snorted,

"Heh! You just jealous, because I and Grisia perfectly passed the look of a proper Sun Knight." Neo stated.

"I'm sick of it! Attack!" with that all of the bullies charged head on, Neo clicked his tongue and unseathed his sword (need to clarify, it's a wooden sword).

"Go, Beat them up Neo!" Grisia yelled and flip his hand to the sky, Neo smirked

"Of course!" a bright light engulfed Neo and enhance his speed, he fastly run and caught his opponents off guard.

"Surprise!" Neo kicked and slash them all away when they're still haven't got out of their stupor.

"Dammit! Charge again!" someone commanded. And the fight continues.

Neo dodged and parried every attack directed at him and slash anyone who got in 1 meter range. Though Neo is a genius in fights and really powerful for a boy his age. Ten vs one is not a good number, slowly he got pushed back, he gritted his teeth as he parried another attack.

"Look out!" a familiar voice sounded in alarm, *battts* (dammit someone! Give me more sfx!).

Neo craned his neck to see his back and see Grisia standing there with a sword in hands blocking another sword, Grisia's opponent took several steps back, probably trying to create some space so he can jump on Grisia.

Grisia instantly raised his sword, everything come in slow motion. Neo's eyes widened and jaw dropped as he quickly kick his opponent away like a peeble and turn his body toward Grisia, holding his hand in front of him desperately trying to stop Grisia,

"Nooooooooo!" His voice dramatically filled the air, but Grisia ignores it and still brought down his hands to slash his opponent, unfortunately he only brought down his hand and not with the sword. Neo watched in horror as the accursed sword dramatically soaring in the air, he took a step back, all the bullies stares at the soaring sword in slight awe and jaws dropped. Grisia, realizing that the sword in his hands is gone, let out a confused 'eh?'. Everything come back to a normal motion as Neo scoops Grisia up and carry him bridal-style,

"Every man for themselves!" Neo shouted out and ran to a safe distance. Every boys stopped to process Neo's sentence when the 'accursed sword' (as Neo dub it), fell on top their leader's head instantly knocked him out. The boys got dumbfounded at this, as they only stood there and staring at their leader's cor- er... Unconscious body laying there.

Neo let Grisia down after they reach a distance that Neo deemed save (which is 200 meters, mind you.) and observe their opponents from a far. "Damn it Grisia! I've told you to never swing a sword, someone bounds to be hurt when you do that!" Neo scolded. Grisia frowned and fold his hands on his chest,

"But when you swing a sword, you intend to hurt someone" Grisia stated.

"Smartass." Neo grumbled.

"Moreover, one of them trying to sneak-attack you! I can't just sit still!" Grisia complained. Neo exhaled,

"You could just cast light shield!" Neo stated, he once saw it when a cleric cast it , it protect someone from an attack. Grisia looks at Neo weirdly,

"I haven't learn that spell you know?" Grisia said. Neo raised an eyebrow,

"You haven't?" now if Neo think about it again, he was indeed alone when seeing the spell performed.

"Let's just ask some higher up clerics to perform it tomorrow, tomorrow is a day off right?" Neo offered as he shoves his hands to his front pockets and walk off as he gesturing Grisia to follow him. (Those bullies don't seem to wanna continue fight for the current time). Grisia follow him voluntarily with a cheerful smile,

"Hm~ yes, yes! Tomorrow is a day off. You would accompany me to buy some blueberry goods right? You promised." Grisia stared at his best friend, Neo rolled his eyes

"Right, right, I will. Maybe we could find some street mages in our way, so you could pick up a few tricks from them" Neo said absentmindedly.

"Hey, you know what? Maybe we could get some extra pocket money from the clerics. They're all so nice, maybe if we asked nicely they would give us some." Grisia offered with a cheery smile. Neo grinned, Grisia is still so oblivious to his own charm after all, whether they ask it nicely or not, the clerics would give them the money as long as Grisia is there to smile at them.

"Sure." Neo replied simply. He scretched his body,

"Ah~ I'm sleepy! Let's go to our room, the last one is the cleaner for tomorrow!" Neo declared and then ran off leaving Grisia dumbfounded. Grisia gasped,

"How cruel! Neo, wait up!" Grisia yelled then run after his best friend

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