I don't know what's gotten into me when i wrote this... I think it's all happens because I lost my spark to write but still write anyways because I don't wanna lost it... I want to search it back, and yeah... A few fics born from that state well most of it instantly got thrown by me, because I couldn't felt any 'spark'... So I'm sorry if this one is crappy... I actually wanna make a series from this but... As you had read, I couldn't got the spark right, I'm such a failure right? So, I just leave it be like this.


Grisia slide on the ground a little before he stood up and straightened himself, his glare is getting deadlier by seconds.

"Despicable!" he spat out to the group in front of him. Georgo rolled his eyes, apparently Grisia Demon King state is not really creative with insults.

"How long?" Georgo asked airily.

"Almost there" Lesus answered. Roland brought up his sword again to counter Grisia's attack while Elmairy dutifully shoots countless Holy light arrows to distract Grisia, after a few minutes, Grisia slowed his pace.

"Ugh..." he grumbled weakly but quickly make a thick dark barrier in front of him to shield himself from Roland's deadly swings. Both of the parties looks exhausted, tired because od days non-stop fightings.

"Now!" Lesus ordered. Grisia glared up,

"You can't seal me again!" Grisia stood up limply to blast them off, but Roland hold him down preventing him to do anything that he might regret later on.

"Ugh!.. You will pay!" Grisia yelled then chanted some incantation. He finished the incantation as the others completed the seap, a bright light appeared in the same time a darkness swirling. Everything is happening way too fast that Roland couldn't registered a thing. After everything's calmed down, Roland slowly opens his eyes to find himself sitting in the ground withand unconscious white haired Grisia in his embrace. He looks around and suddenly his expressionless and solemn mask slipped and his jaw dropped. Grisia shifted slightly in Roland's hold and slowly opens his eyes.

"Urgh..."Grisia moaned. "Ugh, Roland? It's finished?" he asked the obvious, but unlike what he expected, Roland isn't answering him at all.

"Roland?" he called out but still no responds. Grisia curiously followed Roland's gaze to find... Oh no... It's impossible, nope! It can't be happening! He find ten toddlers surrounding him and Roland, with frighteningly familiar uniform oversized around them. Grisia gulped, what kind of food did he ate in his Demon King state to have him this drunk?

"Erm... Roland, It's either a dream, I'm really drunk or it is indeed there's ten toddlers surrounding us?" Grisia asked hesitantly. To be honest he's afraid to hear the answer.

Roland moved his mouth, "G-Grisia, I think we're in a very serious trouble." he stated in horror. Grisia looks at him incredulously.

"I was hoping for you to say it's all a dream." he mumbled helplessly. He took a deep breathe and exhaled it.

"Can I panic now?"

The Pope of the Church of the God of Light, a person who always solemn and collected, always could solve any problems with cool head, money problems more than the others... But, right now he really couldn't keep his solemn and collected facade as he gaping like a fish out of water when he sees the... Abomination. Nope! It must be an ilussion, 'Grisia must be playing trick on me'. But that thought vanished when he sees a rare 'panic' in Grisia's eyes along with Roland's, who is most certainly couldn't acting.

"Pope! Help! This... That... I don't know! Everyone!" Grisia blurted out unclearly, with a green haired toddler held close to his chest with his left hand, his right hand's securing a pink haired toddler, and a brown haired toddler clinging to his back, the scene looks so ridiculous that Pope would laugh his lung out if it's not because of the fact that he's still in shock.

After a few seconds, Pope snapped out of his shock, "What on Earth has Happened!?" he shrieked, he didn't care, he's in the secret room for teleportation right now, no one could hear him.

"I don't know!" Grisia cried out.

"Waaaaah!" one of the toddlers burst out crying.

"Roland! Put your disguise on for goodness sakes!" Grisia yelled out, then took a deep breathe, after he calmed down, he opens his mouth.

"Pope! My comrades, everyone. Turned into toddlers!" he finally explained. 'I know! It's obvious!' Pope countered mentally but nonetheless still asked,

"How could this happened!?".

"Demon King Grisia cast a spell on us before he got sealed." Roland explained while craddling a red haired crying toddler. Pope took several minutes to calm himself down and process the information while Grisia and Roland are busy with the toddlers.

"Alright, I got it. I'll search a way out to fix them" Pope stated and closed his eyes tightly out of stress.

"But,... With Ten out of Twelve turned into toddlers, who in the name of heavens will go out to carry out missions?!" he yelled. Grisia hold a toddler that look like Lesus close to him as a comfort.

"I don't know..." he mumbled uncertainly then continued, "Just send the Vice captains with a whole platoons or something. The mission couldn't be that hard.". Pope narrowed his eyes.

"Which one is Storm?" He asked. Roland hold up a toddler as an answer, Pope nodded and turn to Grisia.

"What about the documents, huh?" Pope tapped his shoes. Grisia lowered himself as like wanted to melt down and disappear from there.

"You, are gonna be the one that corrects the documents!" Pope stated in final.

"What!?" Grisia shouted but Pope ignores him and continued.

"Storm's documents, Earth's documents, Leaf's documents, Cloud's documents, Blaze's documents, Stone's documents, Metal's documents, Moon's documents, Ice's documents, Judge's documents, Your documents." he counted slyly.

"Wait, are you trying to kill me!?" Grisia shouted in panic.

"I'm off, to search a way out from your fault." Pope said and whirled around exiting the room. In the room full of toddlers' cries, Roland walk up to Grisia who is rubbing Lesus' hair blankly, He tap Grisia's shoulder softly. Grisia turns to him and broke down, he clutch Roland's collarbone helplessly shaking him slightly.

"Oh, Roland! You wouldn't leave me are you?" He cried out in despair. Roland pats Grisia's head softly,

"I'm not gonna leave you, I will help them too..." Roland assured, there's no way he would leave his comrades when they need him.

"No, it's not about that, what I meant is you wouldn't leave me correct all the documents alone right?" Grisia said bluntly, instantly crushing all the dramatic atmosphere he made just now. Roland went silent for a second and sweat dropped over his own idiotic thought, then he relucantly nodded to Grisia's plea of distress