Summary: The demon who wanted to be a saviour and not a destroyer wanted to change; he didn't want to be the thing that people and demons thought he was. He wanted to protect and guard the things that were most wanted and desired in the worlds of Gehenna and Assiah; he wanted to protect the sons of Satan.

From his friends, family and anyone that was close or an enemy of the brothers and he intended to die trying to protect them.

After all, might as well die trying to save the ones you love and cherish then die for nothing.

Demonic Angel

Chapter 1: Satan's Son

Golden skin, eyeless sockets, pointed horns, razer teeth

This is what hides beneath

The monster known for being a destroyer

But wanted to be a saviour.

I sat on a roof, staring down at a church, the seals and charms prevented demons from getting in and I was one of those demons but I was higher than most ones of the lower levels and I could still get in with some pain. My pure white hair was tied back with a navy ribbon as golden horns that looked similar to my companion were shown on my head. A thin golden tail swung behind me, it also looking like his small companion. His mercury eyes flickered to gold as the scar running down his face shifted to a black; his teeth were sharp as he grinned down at his companion.

His companion was a gold sphere that sat on his lap, its round body having two small gold horns on top of it head, a long tail and four short legs. It face spilt in two as it revealed sharp pointed teeth, it seemed to be grinning as it fluttered it wings.

I chuckled at Timcampy – the golden ball – as he flew away from me slightly; he flapped his wings happily as he flew away and towards the church. I cursed as I jumped from the roof and ran towards the church, Tim flew through the barrier with ease as I stared at it before placing my hand on it only to get zapped and pull my hand away. I hissed in pain slightly as a priest made his way out of the church, he looked at me with narrowed eyes. "What are you doing here?"

I moved back slightly as my tail swung in a lazy manner, my eyes flicking gold. "My companion flew into your area, exorcist."

"What does this companion look like?" The priest moved forward till he was leaning against the gate of the grounds, a cigarette in his mouth.

"He's gold and round." I said while trying to figure out how I was going to get Tim if the priest wouldn't let me get him. I sighed as I patted a Coal Tar away from my face; these little demons can be annoying sometimes.

"How did he ge–" The priest stopped speaking when a scream was heard from in the church. He sent a glare towards me before a young boy around the age of ten ran from the building with Tim chasing him. He ran over to the priest and hid behind him.

I glared at Tim as I held my hand out for him to land on it, speaking softly. "Tim, leave the poor boy alone. I've told you not to behaviour like that to children."

Tim flew over, sitting on my shoulder as he wrapped his tail around my throat. I crouched down to the boy's height as I offered him a small smile revealing my pointed teeth. "I'm sorry if Tim scarred you, he's normally nicer than this. My name is Allen."

The boy just stared at me with fear in his blue eyes as the priest hid the boy behind his back; I looked up at the priest as he spoke. "You have your companion now, Allen. Is there any other reason you are here?"

I tapped my chin in thought as I nodded, getting on one knee and bowing. Looking up at the young boy with a charming smile as my tail wrapped around one of my legs. "I'm also here to protect the one that has and hasn't inherited my Lord's abilities."

The priest stood there shocked as I slowly stood up straight, his eyes narrowed slightly as the young boy peeked out from behind him. I fixed my black trench coat as the priest dropped his cigarette to the ground and stomped it out. "Who sent you?"

"You could say that Mephisto sent me to watch over them," I looked to the side as I looked at the little boy, a smile working its way onto my lips as I hide my tail in my coat and pulled my hood up to hide my horns, "You don't have to tell the other priests what I am if ya want and I can hide my other appendages. I promise you, Shiro Fujimoto."

The priest sighed as he rubbed his temples, muttering something under his breath that I didn't quiet catch. He looked up at me and fixed his glasses; he looked down at the little boy and rested a hand on his head. "You can help protect them but I will take you down if you harm them."

"Understood, Shiro." I inclined my head as I forced myself through the barrier, it burnt my flesh slightly and caused a small amount of steam to come off my form but other than that nothing else happened.

I let out a quiet hiss as I bent down on one knee and held out one of my hands to the little boy. "What might your name be lil' boy?"

The boy stayed behind Shiro as he looked up at him then back to me, he slowly inched out behind his back and grabbed my hand. His voice was quiet and barley heard as he shook my hand. "I'm Okumura Yukio."

I smiled at the boy as I stood up once again, looking at the church with storm grey eyes as my tail was hid under my coat. Shiro walked towards the building with Yukio clutching his coat as I followed, a quiet chuckle leaving my lips as Tim nuzzled my throat. 'This is going to be interesting.'


Five years past and to say they were interesting would kinda be a lie. It mostly involved Yukio secretly training to be an exorcist and Rin getting into fights and causing trouble. Yukio knew about my horns and tail when we he was younger and saw them but the rest of the priests didn't know about it.

I sat in the church on a beam looking down at everyone that came in or worked around. Rin and Shiro were in the confession booth talking about something until Shiro burst out of it yelling about a girl or something.

I chuckled as Rin just stared at his 'Old man' before sighing when Shiro began to lecture him about fighting. Yukio enter the building a little later as the other priests were talking about how Rin should be more like his younger brother.

"SHUT UP!" Rin shook in anger as he yelled, the heater exploding in blue flames causing me to fall from the beams, a surprised gasped leaving my lips as I fell. The others either checked the heater or me.

Rin looked at me with a concern as I slowly pushed myself off the floor, Shiro looking towards Yukio. "Yukio tent to Rin's wounds."

Yukio nodded while walking off to tent to his wounds, I followed after him calmly as I reached into my hoody pocket and pat Tim's head only for him to bite my finger, I yelped causing the other two males to look at me with confusion. I smiled at them wearily as I fixed the grey beanie on my head, it covering my dyed black hair as I had to hide my white hair and scar on the left side of my face. I looked away from the twins outside as I mentally was scowling at Tim for biting my finger, his teeth were sharp.

Yukio treated Rin's cuts whiling giving the same lecture as Shiro did, I didn't really listen until they were shouting something about food, I turned to look at them as Rin held a box with a suit in it saying that he was going to a job interview. I raised a brow but didn't say anything as I followed Rin. "I hope you get the job, Rin. You might never be able to have a normal job like this again. Good luck and give a shout if ya need me."

I grinned at him as Rin just stared before trying to tie his tie up, I chuckled as I walked away from him. I stood at the entrance of the church as Shiro tied Rin's tie. It had been amusing watching these two people treat one another because it always ended up with Rin saying something stupid or incorrect or Shiro being… Shiro.

Rin walked out of the grounds as I slowly made my way after him, Shiro giving me a look before I left the grounds. I followed Rin to his job as he went around doing his jobs that the manager asked of him and when he was leaving – after being told that he got the job – a little girl chasing her scarf caught Rin's eye and he tried to help her but when he saw what had the scarf he was certain he would get it for the girl. As he was chasing the creature he wasn't prepare when he slid into a stack of boxers where he and the little girl were buried in them.

After an hour or so of watching Rin destroy and cause mayhem did I decided that I should step in. I stood behind Rin as he stared at the ground in front of him as he gently swung on the swing. A frown was on his lips as I smiled slightly towards him. "Hey Rin, I already know you lost your job, don't worry I bet if you explained that Shiro would understand."

"But I can't… I don't even know what happened myself," He scowled at the ground as he fisted his hands, "I tried so hard to make sure I kept the job but I ended up blowing it again… I'm only good at causing destruction and chaos."

"That's not true Rin, if anyone is good at causing destruction and chaos… It would be me. Trust me, I have had more chaos in my life compared to you but I do agree that you do tend to create chaos but that can also be a good thing you see. For if there isn't chaos then there is no way to create anew. Now, I reckon we should head home, Shiro and the others are probably worried." I smiled gently at him as he sighed and pushed himself off the swing, putting his hands in his pockets as we headed back to the church.


I awoke the next day to the sun hitting my eye lids, I groaned as I pushed myself out of bed and stretched my muscles, a yawn leaving my lips. I looked around the slightly dim room as the sun was still rising into the sky; I pushed myself off the bed as I grabbed the closest chair near me and began my daily workout of vertical push-ups on a chair with it only on one leg.

After doing a couple hundred of those vertical push-ups did I decided that getting something to eat would be good. I throw on my usual grey t-shirt, navy blue trench coat, and dark grey skinny jeans with black knee high combat boots and dark grey gloves. I clipped my sliver hoops in my ears as I put on the foundation that covered my scar. I placed the grey beanie on my head as it hid my golden horns from all eyes.

I walked out of the room that had been mine for the last five years and made my way to the kitchen only to nearly bawl over by Rin who ran outside. Food forgotten for a moment I followed Rin outside and watched as he looked at all the Coal Tar that flew around the place. I grinned as he looked around frantic as he stared at all of them, I reached into the trench coat's pocket were Tim hid in when I wasn't alone in my room or by myself somewhere and patted his head.

A boy with bleach white hair and bandages on the left side of his face appeared at the gate, he had to goons standing behind him as he lured Rin away. I narrowed my eyes as the Coal Tar seemed attracted to this person. I followed Rin as they were lead through the city and to an alley way with a drum full of burning coals and a metal rod that was used to stir the fire.

I watched from the shadows as the boy – Shiratori – provoked Rin until he ended up punching him and making him fly back. Shiratori pushed himself of the ground as he sauntered over to Rin, pulling the metal rod out of the hot coals as he order his goon's to hold him down.

The metal rod seemed to glow a burning red as he moved it towards Rin's right eye, smiling wickedly as he was forced back with the blue flames that came off Rin. His goons ran away as Shiratori's form had shifted, he had goat-like spiral horns, long sharp nails, and canine like teeth, red eyes, a Demon tail, and a long tongue that flicked out for a second. Shiratori kneeled in front of Rin as he rested a hand out towards him. "I knew I was right when I saw you, young Prince. My name is Astaroth, King of Rot. The Gehenna gate awaits you where I'll bring you to Lord Satan, young prince."

"Now, Astaroth why would I allow you to take him? After all he is under my protection." I moved out of the shadows as I stared at Astaroth and he smiled broadly at me as he laughed wickedly.

"Ah, it's been a while since I've seen you lil' pet." I narrowed my eyes slightly as I my posture remained calm as I slowly made my way over to him.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that…I'm not HIS pet." I hissed as Shiro came in and exorcized Astaroth from Shiratori's body. I looked at Rin who was shaken up and confused as Shiro dragged him around and getting rid of any demon, ghoul or monster that stood in his way.

I ran after them as I stopped before entering the church's ground, narrowing my eyes as Rin and Shiro disappeared inside. I couldn't get inside with all these barriers up and I doubt that I could do anything to get in either. "Tim, go and protect Rin."

Timcampy flew out of my pocket and into the church where he sat on Shiro's shoulder and watched Rin.

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