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In the international airport, Yuichiro was looking for some available tickets for the last minute flight. He originally didn't plan to leave this early. But after visiting the Imperial Hotel, he just couldn't bear to stay in the city a bit longer. He was afraid meeting the love of his life. He's afraid of her reaction once she read the letter. He's afraid of her choice, and what could be unfolded.

"I'm sorry sir, but there's no available seat anymore. Though there are some for the next flight,"

"When will it depart?" asked Yuichiro.

"It's around two hours later, sir. Would you like to book one?"


Upon arriving in the airport, Shinoa rushed to the departure hall. She was frantically looking around. She's been with Yuichiro for some times, so she's confident she could spot him in a glance. While Shinoa's checking the queued people before the entrance gate, she caught a glimpse of a familiar black jacket at the outer window not far from where she's standing.

"Yuu-san !" she screamed unconsciously.

Yuichiro who's about to book a ticket for the next flight flinched while hearing that call. Ever so slowly he turned his head. Then he saw it, the floating purple hair with its symbolic ribbon came in speed toward him. Within a blink, the woman threw herself into his embrace.

"I caught you, Yuu-san" she whispered and tightened her arms around him.

"Shi…noa…." said Yuuichiro dumbfounded.

"Please stay! If you really love me, then stay! Don't push me again! Don't leave~" Yuichiro could feel it, the tears on his neck, the chocked breath of hers, the thumping of their hearts. And he encircled his arms on the petite's back. Ah… this isn't an illusion. She's real. She's here.

"Then I won't hold back anymore. I won't let you go anymore" whispered Yuichiro. Shinoa nodded her head and cried even harder. Yuichiro hold her tightly while landing a kiss on the top of his dearest's head.

Years Later

"Then… then… what happened next mommy?" asked a sweet voice of a five years old girl.

"Then your uncle called me back to bring Yuu-san to meet Grandfather. He had it hard to gain their approval. But eventually we're together as today, and you guys are with us as well…" told Shinoa.

"Don't you get tired hearing this story again and again?" sighed Yuichirou.

"Well, your love story is beautiful. I won't get tired," said his first daughter who's just passed her ninth birthday.

"Me too... I'll find someone like daddy when I'm bigger!" said the youngest daughter.

"Then I'll find someone like mommy," intruded her twin brother while hugging Shinoa. "If you want to find someone like me, then you have to grow up like daddy," she teased.

"I will!"

"Okay now, time to sleep. If you guys sleep any later you won't grow up like your mom… Aww!" cried Yuuichiro in pain due to Shinoa's pinch. She's always sensitive whenever her height was poked. The children just laughed at them. Well, this is a usual occurrence in the family, anyway.


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