I am young, now, merely a kit. I am six years old, though I turn seven tomorrow. I still don't know what the plan will be for my birthday. It's a surprise. Enough about that, though. Back to the present.

My younger sister, Amy, and I are playing in the field just outside of our home. "Tag! Yer it!" I shout, tagging Amy.

"Ha! Not for long!" Amy squeals in excitement. We run around the bushes and in between trees, me trying to escape the prospect of being tagged.

I hide behind a particularly leafy bush. I wait for Amy. She comes closer to the bush, sniffing around it. I know she's trying to catch my scent. She turns around so that her back is to me. I take that as my chance. I lunge and tackle her to the ground, startling her. "Gotcha!" I squeal.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Amy protects.

"Life aint fair, sweatheart," I reply mockingly.

Amy scowls a bit more before finally beginning to laugh. "Very funny," Amy laughs with a shake of her head.

Just then, mom comes outside. "Kits! It's time for lunch!" She calls.

We head inside. "Wot's fer lunch?" I ask.

"Fruit and fish. Your father is going to try to catch a few birds for dinner," mom answers.

We start heading to the table. Mom stops us with her paw. "Not so fast. Go wash up first," Mom orders.

"Okay, mum," we reply, heading towards the river. We quickly wash the dust and muck from our fur before we return to the cave.

The moment we return, we grab our fish and begin eating. We save the fruit for last. When our meal is done, mom speaks. "Now, Buck, since it's your birthday tomorrow, we can have a party with all of your friends."

I smile. "I can invite Shale an' Raven an' Splash?" I ask.

Mom smiles back. "Of course you can, Buck! It's your birthday!"

"Yeah! 'm gonna go tell 'em right now!" I race off to tell my friends.

I find Shale, Raven, and Splash by the pond, skipping stones. "Guess wot?!" I shout.

"What?" They ask in unison.

"'m gonna 'ave a birthday party tomorrow! Mom says I can invite all of ya!" I smile.

"Yeah! Let's ask mum!" Shale, Raven, and Splash go to do just that.

Shale, alone, returns. "Mum says yes! We can go!"

"Yeah! See ya there!" I race back towards home, an excited grin on my face.

When I get there, I go straight to mom. "Their mom said yes! They can come!" I shout with excitement.

"Well, then, why don't you help me get the decorations. We'll put them up tomorrow," mom suggests.

"Alright, mom! C'mon, Amy! Ya can 'elp, too!" Amy and I follow mom outside.

Mom takes us to a holly bush. "How about some holly leaves to spread around the den?" Mom starts pulling on some of the leaves. Amy and I help her drag the leaves into a pile.

I look around. I spot some red nuts under a tree. "'ow 'bout these as part of a center piece?" I suggest.

"Great idea, Buck!" Mom, Amy, and I take the holly leaves and the red nuts back to the den.

As we are piling the decorations up to put up tomorrow, dad comes home. "Daddy!" I yell. I tackle him in a giant-sized hug.

"Oof! Buck, you're getting to be too big for this!" Dad says.

"Dad, did ya get th' birds that mom said ya were tryin' fer?" I ask.

"Yes! They're outside, waiting for me to prepare. You can help me with that later," dad offers.

"'kay!" I squeal.

"So, I see you're getting ready for your birthday," dad smiles.

"Yep! We got th' decorations! We're gonna put 'em up tomorrow!" I speak up.

"I bet you can't wait since you're another year older!" Dad laughs.

"Yeah! 'm bigga now! 'm a big kit an' get ta do bigga things!" I squeal.

"That you do!" Dad agrees. He looks outside. It's only two hours before dark. "Come on, Buck! If we're going to eat birds, we have to get them ready!"

I nod my head. I follow dad outside. I help dad get rid of the feathers from the birds. Dad builds a fire outside. I help him roast the birds over it. We then bring the birds inside. That dinnertime, we enjoy those birds. I finish mine. I open my mouth in a big yawn. Mom smiles. "I guess it's time for someone to get to sleep," she laughs.

"Awww…But 'm not sleepy!" I whine. I yawn again, immediately contradicting what I just said.

I pout, making mom laugh. "Come on, Buck. It's time for bed. Just think, the faster you go to sleep, the quicker you get to have your party!" Mom points out. I yawn again, my head drooping as I start falling asleep right there.

I feel myself being lifted. I look up drowsily to see mom's smiling face. I close my eyes, yawning again, as I fall asleep.

The next day is party day. I'm so excited. Mom has a hard time trying to groom me. "Sit still, Buck! I'm almost done!" Mom tells me. She's trying to get me to stop bouncing around so much. I'm quite literally jumping up and down from my excitement.

"But mom, 'm just too excited!" I whine a little.

"I know, Buck, but it won't be long," mom replies.

"'kay…" I sigh.

When mom finishes grooming me, I help her with the party decorations. We lay a few holly leaves on the table. I place the red nuts in a circle on the leaves. Mom and dad put some holly leaves around the top of the den. Even Amy pitches in, even though she's little. She's the one that hands our parents the holly leaves.

Not long after the preparations are complete, I hear a knock on the door. I race to answer it. I see Shale, Raven, and Splash, along with their parents. "'ello! Thanks fer comin'!" I laugh.

"We should be thanking you! We love parties!" Shale smiles.

"Who doesn't?" I reply.

My friends and I go to play some party games, while our parents sit down and talk. One such party game is pin the tail on the weasel (AKA me). I don't much like that game, mostly because I'm the victim of such torture. It's too bad mom and dad forbade us from playing spin the bottle. That would've been way more fun. Though, I get why we can't play. The only girls are Raven and my sister. Plus, spin the bottle isn't really a game for boys.

An hour after the party begins, dad brings out the cake. It's a cake made to taste lemony with a hint of apple. Nuts and seeds are sprinkled on top of it. I make a wish and blow out the candles. We start eating. I savor every bite. The frosting tastes creamy and delicious. I lick every bit of it from my mouth. From the looks on my friends' faces, I can tell that they share my opinion.

Another hour passes before it's time for our guests to leave. I bid my friends goodbye, before turning to Amy. "Well, how'd my favorite li'l sister like th' party?" I ask.

"I'm your only little sister, and I loved it!" She squeals.

"I thought ya might!" I hug her.

"Thanks for letting me help," Amy thanks me.

"You're welcome, Amy," I reply while ruffling Amy's headfur.

Mom approaches us. "Alright, kits! It's time for bed!" Mom tells us.

"Awww!" We whine, not willing to go to bed. We head off to bed anyway.

I call out to mom before she can leave. "What is it, dear?" She asks.

"Can ya tell us a story?" I ask, my eyes wide with a pleading look.

"How can I say no? Now, what kind of story would you like?" Mom asks.

"How about a love story? You know, the one about Iris and Talo!" Amy requests. I sigh in fake annoyance. I really like the story, too, but my friends would think I'm a sissy for liking a love story.

"Alright. Once upon a time, there was this weasel girl named Iris. She was the daughter of Sholafin, the leader of her clan. Sholafin was strict and over-protective. He'd never let Iris out of his sight for fear that she'd get hurt. Sholafin was old fashioned. He wanted her to marry another clan leader's son of his choosing. That way, they'd never be able to hurt his daughter. However, she never loved any possible choices. Then, one day, she met a handsome male weasel. His name was Talo. He wasn't highborn, but she fell in love with him. She knew Sholafin wouldn't approve, so they married in secret. When Sholafin found out, he was angry. They fought. Not long after Sholafin found out about the wedding, a war between two clans broke out. Iris was nearly killed. If it weren't for Talo, she would've died. Sholafin saw this. It was this single event that caused Sholafin to give his blessing. He knew that Iris' happiness meant more than anything else and now trusted Talo with his daughter. Iris and Talo lived together forever. The end," mom ends the story.

"Did they have any kits?" Amy asks.

"As a matter of fact, yes. They had two little ones. Now, it's late. Goodnight, my little ones. Sweet dreams," mom tucks us both in. We close our eyes. It isn't long before we fall asleep.