It has been a couple of weeks since Thomas attacked and at least a week since the kits were born. They are quickly turning into cute little fur-balls. Like our first litter, they also cry a lot. But…we love them just the same.

I am not quite healed from my injuries, though most of the pain is gone. I still have to rest in our nest, though, since my injuries are still sore. I hate that. I would rather be helping Taisley to care for our newest kits. Every time I tell Taisley that, though, she just tells me to stop acting so silly. She doesn't mind caring for the kits by herself until I heal.

My mother and father are helping Taisley with our kits. They are being very supportive of me since I was injured. Shale, Raven, and Splash are also offering up their assistance. Marie, Lily, and Timothy stay closer to me. They are doing what they can to help me heal. They apologize nearly every minute for the actions of our brother. Every time they do, I tell them to stop. It's not their fault that Thomas is like that.

As for the herd, they are visiting me in our cave. Ellie is concerned for my well being, considering that I am still injured. I tell the herd, especially Ellie, that I don't need them to worry. I'm healing well and most of the pain is gone. I am fine, as far as I know. I will be perfectly fine.

All in all, everything is working out well. Taisley is fine. The kits are fine. My mother and father are fine. They love me. Of that, I am sure. My siblings and my friends are all fine. Ellie and the rest of the herd are also perfectly unharmed. I am grateful to all of them. Everything is fine. I have my family. I need nothing more. I am happy, now. Things are as they should be. This is where we belong.

A/N: I split the Fanfic into 3 parts (with a possible fourth in the future if I get my inspiration back).