Wally West was pretty sure he should be dead. Very, Very, dead. The amount of energy that zapped him definitely should've killed him. But he wasn't. Instead he seemed to have fallen through the roof of an office, and landed in a soft cushion formed from the mountains of paper that lay about the room.

Apparently, the sound that must've been created as he crashed still wasn't enough to wake the only other occupant in the room who seemed to have fallen asleep while he was working. The man had face planted, pen in hand, and was now snoring quite loudly. In fact, that had been what had woken the speedster up. The man had dark, almost black, purple hair that was long enough to brush the top of his shoulders, and glasses clung cock-eyed to his face, a white beret covered the top of the man's head and he also wore a white lab coat, though it was covered in various colored stains.

Wally moaned as he sat up, his head throbbing. 'Where am I? What happened to everyone? Are they alright?' Just as Wally was about to stand up and look around, a soft knock was heard from the door, just before it was pushed open.

"Komui, we're back!" Said a young, male voice.

Wally, still wobbly on his feet, didn't have time to hide before the voice's owner stepped into the room, followed by a few others. The one who had spoken had pure white hair, silver eyes with a peculiarly shaped, bright red scar running through his left eye, and he was wearing what was obviously a uniform, complete with silver trimming. A golden orb floated in next to him that reminded Wally of a snitch from when he and the team watched 'Harry Potter' as a 'team building exercise' (which, of course, just turned into a food fight after a while. Wally would like to be able to say he won that fight, but sadly the title went to the boy wonder.)

The next to step inside was a redhead, with hair as bright as his own (quite the accomplishment in his opinion,) tied back by a bright green bandana. This boy was older than the first one, and quite a bit taller (though the first one was really short). The boy's right eye was covered with an eyepatch while the left shone bright green, filled with intelligence, and this one was wearing a uniform as well. Same silver trim, but a different design to suit the wearer.

The third to walk in was a girl, her dark green hair tied back in pigtails. She was about two inches taller than the first boy who walked in, but still shorter than the second. She had amethyst eyes, and though they were very pretty, what attracted his eye was her uniform. It was the same material and colors as the others, but what he appreciated was the shortness of the skirt. (She was definitely a babe in his mind. Not that he looked very long, he was in love with Artemis after all, but he could still appreciate it, couldn't he?)

The last to walk in confused him for a minute as to whether they were a girl or a guy as the person had extremely long, silken, midnight blue hair that, though tied in a high ponytail, hung down to the person's mid-back. Their eyes were a coal black, and were slanted to indicate asian descent. This person was also the tallest out of the four and wore the same uniform, though it was the longest, reaching down to the person's ankles, (at this point Wally was beginning to think it was a she, no guy he knew took that much care of their hair).

All of them noticed him immediately, and for a moment nobody moved, all of them just studied each other, trying to figure out what was going through the others head.

"Ah, who are you? How'd you get in here?" The girl asked taking a small step forward, "and what on earth are you wearing?!"

"Kid Flash at your service," Wally said, finally standing and stable(ish) on his feet, gave a quick bow. "And I'm really not sure how I got here, wherever here is, but it might have a little something to do with the giant hole in your roof. As for my clothes, you got your uniform, I got mine. Now, If I may ask,what is your name babe?"

The girl scoffed at the word, not that that really mattered because suddenly Wally felt an ominous aura behind him, one that caused him to quickly turn around and jump back. The man who had been solidly sleeping just a moment before (who hadn't even woken up for him falling through the ceiling) was stand walking towards him holding a drill and had eyes that held murderous intent.

"So, there's a new octopus that's come to take away my dear, lovely sister. WELL YOU'RE NOT GETTING HER!" The murderous man yelled as he charged towards Wally.

"Wait! No! Stop! I didn't mean anything by it! It's just a friendly name for a girl where I from! Really! I was in no way trying to flirt! I promise I didn't mean anything by it! I have a girlfriend!" Wally yelped, dodging with so much panic that he forgot he had superspeed, (though he was smart enough to realize it was the pet name that had set the man off).


"BROTHER! STOP!" The girl who had been the topic of conversation burst in, giving her brother a high kick to the face, which made the man promptly collapse. "He just said he didn't mean anything by it! Calm down! Why can't you be rational about these kind of things?!"

"I'm being completely rational!" The girl's brother whined, rubbing his head. "He was trying to steal you away from me! If Reever hadn't dismantled all my komurin's this morning, this octopus wouldn't even be here anymore! Darn Reever!" The girl just glared at him till he finally gave up, while all the others (who knew what a Komurin was, mind you) sweatdropped.

"You okay?" The white haired boy asked Wally, as he helped the speedster up from where he was cowering behind a mountain of papers.

"I'm fine, just wasn't expecting that from a guy who was snoring just a couple seconds ago…" Both boys let off a nervous chuckle.

"Yeah, Komui's just like that when it comes to Lenalee. He has a serious sister complex...Sorry about that. I'm Allen. Allen Walker."

"Kid Flash."

"That can't really be your name." A new voice joined their conversation, a voice coming from a certain eyepatch wearing redhead. "Lavi by the way."

"Well that would be because it's not my real name."

"So why use it?" This time it was the girl, Lenalee, who asked.

"Beauti-, eh, well I mean... when you're in the crime fighting profession, it's not always best that your enemies know who you really are, for the safety of your friends and family. I'd think it would be rather obvious, what with no one in the league using their real names, you'd think some people would get the idea."

"What league?" Lavi asked, leaning in, intrigued.

"The Justice League? Surely you've heard of them, you'd have to be living under a rock not to hear about them!" Wally said, a little exasperated.

"Mighty big rock then," Lavi said thoughtfully. "We've been all over the world, and none of us have ever heard of a 'Justice League'." At this Wally gaped, how could no one know about the League? Unless….

"Where am I? Heck, when am I?" He asked, starting to panic.

"A secret location in England, June 7th, 1886. Why?" Lavi replied, though by the look in his eye, he already had an idea as to what had happened to the boy in yellow.

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