"Hmmm, wonder which of us could eat more." KF hummed thoughtfully before his face lit up with mischievous light. "Say! Why don't we find out?! How 'bout a food eating contest?" At this Lavi brightened with curiosity, and Allen, enticed by the thought of lots of food, quickly agreed. Lenalee sighed, exasperated at their antics, but a small smile graced her face as well.

Wally was actually curious about Allen's eating habits. It wasn't everyday that he a met someone whose appetite could even begin to challenge his, and while he didn't know how the other boys Innocence made him eat so much the scientist in him pushed him to see it in action. It why he'd suggested the competition. He would probably still have to hold back a bit for the kid though, even if he had to feed his Innocence as well, Wally doubted that he could eat as much as a someone whose metabolism had to literally eat enough for several grown men every meal. That isn't to say Wally was about to let the kid win, Batman knows how competitive Wally could get and heck! There were even bets going around! There was no way Wally was going to go down!


~An interlude from Allen~


The thing about Allen was that even though he ate a lot every meal, truthfully he had always been holding back, only filling his stomach halfway. He didn't want to trouble the order too much and as is, his normal eating habits created a humongous bill. But when it came to competition, he was not going to hold back, he was going to make as much money off of this as he could. His Black Allen self wouldn't let him do otherwise. This Kid Flash boy? He wouldn't stand a chance.


By the time the food got out, the hungry pair had drawn quite the crowd: finders, scientists, and exorcists alike. Bets were going around, though Wally suspected Lavi was the one who'd started that, and the rules were set up. The winner was the one who ate the most; speed didn't matter (for a person with superspeed that'd practically be cheating. Allen might eat fast, but Wally was the fastest man alive! (His uncle hadn't been born yet so he didn't count)). No messing with the contestants. And have fun! Well, the last one was kind of a given but since Lavi had brought out a white board from somewhere (Seriously! First it was a clipboard and now a whiteboard? Where are these things coming from?!) and listed the rules, it had become one.

"Alright!" Lavi announced out of a megaphone that once again seemed to come out of nowhere (no one would ever know that the objects were popping up simply because the author wanted them to) as plates heaped full of food started to come out of the kitchen. "You all know why we're here! I want a nice friendly competition between the Beansprout and Neon Sign here!" He was cut off by indignant "Heys!" but he completely ignored them, just like he always did. "So! Let's have our competitors shake hands and get this things started!" He finished off, his voice getting more giddy as he went on. Allen got up with an exasperated sigh at Lavi antics and Kid flash with a playful smirk shook his hand.

"May the bigger bottomless pit win!" He told the white haired boy, making said boy's smile turn a little devious as his Black Allen side came into play.

"Of course!" Allen replied, and at the display Wally began to feel that maybe, just maybe, he'd underestimated him. Oh, well. He was still going to win this. With that each boy went to their seat, grabbed their eating utensils and awaited Lavi's mark to dive in.

"Are you ready?! On your mark! Get set! Go!" Lavi yelled happily over his megaphone, and instantly both boys dove into their food. Off the bat, both found that the other wasn't going to lose without a fight, and that only served to entice them to shove more food down. For any observers it was near impossible to tell who was winning, as on both sides the food was disappearing faster and faster (surprisingly, Allen kept up with KF's speed eating fairly well), and soon they had to call Jerry to cook them another round of food for both were still heartily eating on.

It was hours later and three more rounds of food before either teen showed signs of actually stopping. At this point their empty plates had formed whole towers (which, after Lavi had grown bored of simply watch the two boys eat, decided to make them fully functioning towers, complete with doorways, windows, stairways, and battlements. Don't ask him how he did it, as actions taken in the pursuit to negate boredom have no logical explanation of how exactly one completed them. It just sorta happened. *) and it was Lavi sitting from the top of his tower who was the first to notice. Which made sense, as no one else was really paying attention anymore. There were many who'd started reading books, playing chess (Johnny), or were just engaging in conversation. Plus, this was Bookman Jr. we're talking about, it was his job to pay attention, even if he was also doing something else, (Like, say, building a tower out of dishware). So of course he was the first to notice.

"Hey! They're slowing down! I think we'll finally get our winner!" And of course, this drew everyone's attention (they had money on this!) and true enough, both boys had slowed to a normal eating pace (which to both of them, was a pace equivalent to a slugs when it came to eating) and after about twenty more dishes, they stopped, utterly full.

"Ughhhhhh. I don't think I've been this full since before I got my powers! Heck even then I've never been this full!" The redheaded sidekick, erm, I mean, superhero moaned from where he'd flopped forward to lie his head on the tabletop, The boy next to him nodded, and moaned along.

"This is my first time feeling full. If this is what it feels like, I'm content to go a little hungry!" ** Wally turned to the slumped boy next to him, bewildered.

"Dude, you've never felt full before?" Allen shook his head.

"Huh... So who won?" Wally asked, content not to question him further about it, (Being best friends with Robin he had learned sometimes it's better to let some things go unasked). For a second everyone just looked at each other, they hadn't really been paying attention…. They had no clue who'd won.

"Please tell me someone was keeping track." Wally groaned, facepalming on the tabletop.

"I did!" Lavi said laughing, "Just your faces when you thought no one had! Priceless!" The Jr Bookman was thrown glares by everyone, but he took it in stride, continuing to laugh. Wally threw a left over plate at him and nailed him right in the face with the pie it held, (Thank you Black Canary's target practice lessons!). That shut him up nicely.

"Shut up and tell us usagi!" Allen yelled at him simultaneously. Lavi pouted through a face full of pie, wiping off his eye before answering, "It was a close match. But Allen emptied 27 more plates than Kid Flash. Allen won!" The crowd groaned, cheered, and exchanged money, and Allen and Wally both received many pats on the back; Allen's congratulatory, Wally's 'a better luck next time'. Still both boys shook hands and congratulated each other. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the two lazing around till they found the will to actually move, and pleasant conversation between all the present exorcist and the speedster. Wally couldn't really tell you what they talked about, he was still in the state of lazing about and so he only really knew they talked about everything and nothing, that he'd happily call these exorcist his friends any day, and that he must have fallen asleep at some point because he was suddenly in a very different, strangely familiar place, surrounded by the team, and by the team he meant the young justice one, not the exorcist one, with his uncle by his side as well.

"What happened?" He mumbled as he groaned and sat up, startling awake the others in the room.

"You don't remember? You jumped dimensions for a day, we only just got you back. We thought you we dead." His best friend told him, after tackling him into a hug.

"I thought I'd died too. Glad I didn't." Dick just hugged him tighter.

"Don't ever do that to us again." Wally nodded, though he knew if it came down to it, he'd pick the world, his friends, his family, over himself again. Dick let him go and sat back in his chair.

"So what was that universe like?"


And this is where I'm going to end this story! I'm not completely happy with the ending, but I couldn't think of a really good way of getting Wally home, and I didn't really want to give a particular time when this happened in either show. I kinda just wanted it to be so this could have happened at any point in the shows so if someone has limited knowledge of later episodes they can still read this without any difficult. And also because when I first started writing this story I hadn't seen the second season of YJ.

I've seen it now, of course but I still didn't want to pin down the timeline of everything. So having characters like Dick (Robin/Nightwing) come and get him would be hard because you can't get him there without deciding for certain at least what season this happened (depending on whether you call him Robin or Nightwing.). So I couldn't do what I really wanted…. But oh well! I'm still happy with it! And we still get to see Dick! But if I'd introduced him to the DGM cast he'd have to go by his hero name and as I already explained, I didn't want to. Anyways! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Thank you for reading and if you would be an awesomely amazing person and leave me a review you'd make me a very happy person! X)

The * is there because I thought that that statement might be a bit confusing so I'm going to explain it here. "Don't ask him how he did it, as actions taken in the pursuit to negate boredom have no logical explanation of how exactly one completed them. It just sorta happened. " What I meant by this is when you're bored, things that it shouldn't be possible for you to do, like getting your head stuck in a chair, or getting all your clothes stuck to the ceiling are suddenly quite possible even if you aren't quite sure how you did it. It just sorta happens... Does that make more sense? I hope it does. I liked how the sentence sounded even if it was a bit confusing, so I kept it, but i didn't want to have to explain it in the middle of the story so... Yep! That's why this paragraph is here and you're reading me.

The ** is because I know some of you might think it's weird that Allen's never felt full before, but think about it. As a little kid he lived on the streets and was always going hungry and then even when it got better when he was with Mana, they were stretched for money and won't have enough for him to be properly feed even then. And then after his Innocence activated, it'd be nearly impossible for him to feel full.