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Andrew POV

Despite the circumstances and the fact that the trio are hiding something about how the escaped conscription, I really enjoyed talking with Percy, he seemed like a good brother to have around.

But then Caitlin and James entered the room to share their results with me, James looking a little worse for wear than Caitlin, what with his hair smoking and all.

I bid Percy farewell and told him I'd be back soon, then walked out of the room followed by Caitlin and James. We walked until we ended up my office where we all sat down, "Well?"

The two looked between each other before James said, "Well as you can probably notice, the daughter of Zeus has a bit of a temper when bothered too much."

"Most children of Zeus are that way, James. You should have remembered that," I scolded.

He looked down, "Yes, Andrew," then I ushered him to continue. "Anyways, she said that she met the son of Poseidon while on the run and the two met the son of Hades while saving him from a monster. She shares our views and mostly uses her lightning powers."

"Thank you, James," I turned towards Caitlin. "Right, well the son of Hades, Nico di Angelo does not sympathize with the enemy and that's why he was running away, he says that he would have been dead without the daughter of Zeus and son of Poseidon if they hadn't saved him from a monster. Then after grilling him for a while I came across some interesting information."

I perked up at this, "What is it?"

Caitlin smiled, "Well the first is that he can shadow travel, which is heard to be extremely difficult and the other is how the escaped conscription age."

"No way!" James said. "I couldn't get it out of the girl I was interrogating."

"My kid wouldn't say anything either," I said shaking my head in disbelief, then motioned Caitlin to continue.

"It seems that we have a few time-travellers on our hands," Caitlin said.

It was silent for a moment in my office before James burst out, "What?! You can't be serious!"

Caitlin nodded, "Completely after that little secret fell, the dam opened up and he spilled many secrets."

"Like what?" I asked.

"Well the trio are from the year 2011 and apparently they are the only demigod children of the Big Three left," Caitlin said.

"What?" I asked again, it seemed like the only word I used nowadays.

"The leaders of the war are all children of the Big Three, right?" the both of us nodded. "Well the Big Three decided that having demigod children would be too dangerous, because their children are too powerful, plus there was the next Great Prophecy to contend with."

"Next Great Prophecy?" I asked.

"Apparently it was made soon after this war," Caitlin shrugged. "It said something about how a child of the Big Three would either save or destroy Olympus."

The three of us sat in silence for a moment to absorb all of this, "Time travellers, crazy."

I clapped my hands together, "Right, we need to come up with a plan. So what we need to do in confront the other two, to see what sort of information we can squeeze out of them, then I will contact the higher ups in the army and all of us pray to the Olympians, got it?"

"Got it," They both nodded.

We all walked in separate directions to get to our interrogation rooms before I steeled myself and opened the door said, "So, when were you going to tell me you and your cousins were from the future?"

His eyes got wide and said, "Well like I said, I wasn't sure if I could and wasn't sure what exactly happened to begin with."

I studied him to see if he was lying, "So there are only three, Big Three children left?"

Percy froze and then said, "Yes."

I narrowed my eyes, "Are you sure?"

He sighed, "Now this is one thing that I am not allowed to tell you, because the Olympians probably don't want this secret out at this time, or any time because it may cause a civil war."

"That makes no sense at all," I said.

"Makes plenty sense where I come from," Percy said. "I can't tell you because it isn't the right time for this information to become public, Hades it wasn't even the right time for it to come out during my time, but it still happened."

I raised a questioning eyebrow at that before he sighed and ran a hand threw his hair, "Andrew," Percy leaned forward. "Thalia, Nico, and I just fought in not one, but two godly wars. Now, the first one went okay, but then there was a bigger threat and we had to combine forces despite our differences, but the reason we had been separated from them was for a good reason."

It was a vague answer, but I accepted it, "Okay, we are going to tell some of the higher ups and then pray to the gods and see if they will help us with this…issue."

Percy sighed, "I hope so, because as much as I like you Andrew and it's cool that I actually have siblings, I have friends and family back in my time that probably miss me."

"Understood, now would you like to see your cousins?" I asked.

He looked relieved, obviously he took family very serious. I probably would if we were all what remains of the Big Three kids, "Yes, thank you," then nearly bolted after me.

Percy POV

Of course it would be Nico that would spill our secret. Never can keep his mouth shut. Love the kid, but honestly he cannot keep a secret to save his life.

When I entered the room where Thalia and Nico were, needless to say Thalia was pissed, "You just had to run your mouth Death Breath!"

"Thalia!" I loudly said before she burned our cousin to a crisped. "Maybe this isn't such a horrible thing."

"How could this now be a horrible thing?" Thalia asked.

"Andrew, my interrogator guy and a son of Poseidon, said that he would be telling his higher-ups and they were all going to pray to the gods about this to see what can be done, obviously we should too," Percy said.

Thalia and Nico nodded, "I can see what you mean and I doubt that we'd get an audience with the gods any other way. Man it was so much easier when we lived in New York!"

"Right, my interrogator asked whether we were the last Big Three children alive," Percy said.

"Careful there are probably recorders or something around here," Nico said.

"Oh, thanks for that Neeks. Anyways, I froze and told them no, but he caught me in the lie and had me explain, I did as vaguely as possible without mentioning them."

"It would be bad if you mentioned them," Thalia said. "We're already at war here we don't want another one starting up."

"Damn straight."

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