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For every life, there is death. For every sun, there's a moon. For every head, there's a tails. For every happiness, there's a sadness. For every love, there's a hate. For every positive, there's a negative. For very light, there's a dark and for every shineling, there's a darkling.

Shinelings are beings of holy light. They stand for all things pure and just. They have the ability to control light itself and use it however they pleased. They have pale white skin and neon blue eyes that shine even in the darkest of places. Those who are lucky enough to have ever seen a shineling claim that their eyes are like pools of spirit water while other say they resemble pure spirit light. They all have long hair as it is a symbol of strength among their kind. On their heads are small, snow white wings where our ears would be. Despite their small size, they allow shinelings to fly at great heights. On their foreheads are pure blue sapphires that are merged with their skulls and irremovable. One their chest is a larger sapphire. It's about the size of a human heart which makes sense because it is the source of their life energy and keeps them alive. Like the one on their forehead, the sapphire is fused with their chests. Around these sapphires dark blue markings that almost look like dark blue veins. While these sapphires cannot be removed, they can be damaged and if not fixed soon, will cause a shingling to die a slow death. Shinelings are usually peaceful creature and only kill as a last resort. However, there is one being that they will not hesitate to strike down on site.

The Darklings.

Darklings are the exact opposite of shinelings. They control the darkness like it's their plaything. They are sly and cruel, preferring to play with their victims before putting them out of their misery. Darklings never show mercy and always kill their opponents, no matter what race they are. Despite all of this, darklings can be civilised when they want to be but when it comes to a fight, they will not listen to reason. Their skin is dark and their eyes are deepest shade of crimson. Their hair is short and always black. On the sides of their heads are black horns that point outwards before curving and pointing forward. Male darkling horns and covered in black thorns while female darkling horns are smooth to the touch. These horns are sturdy and unbreakable even to the power of a shineling. Like the shinelings, darklings have gems on their foreheads and chest but instead of sapphires, they have rubies and their markings are bloody red. When a darkling isn't fighting, their usually very stoic creatures. Their blood is cold so they live underground where it's dark and warm, only ever leaving to hunt or bathe.

Both races hold a special hatred for the other, each believing they are better than the other. This belief has caused them to be at constant war with each other since the day of their creation and both sides were too prideful to back down. But while they may have hated each other and constantly argued, there was one they could both agree on.

Both races were incredible singers.

Singing is an important part of both shineling and darkling society. The better your singing, the better your chances are at finding a mate. It can also raise your status amongst your kind as well as find each other when lost.

Now you'd think people would notice such amazing creatures singing and fighting each other day in and day out and you'd probably be right. But they have never been seen for they do not live in the same world that we live in. They live in a completely different dimension that they call "The Void". This world is so different from ours and yet, similar at the same time. It had grasslands, mountains and swamps just like our world but it was also riddled with temples. These temples were known as Mystic Points. Anyone who walked into one would be transported to a different Mystic Point instantly but there were rules. The most important rule was that only one race was allowed to enter a mystic point at a time. Light and darkness must never mix in the temple or there will be consequence. No one really knew what happens to those who break this rule for it was always strictly followed.

One darkling and shineling were about to find out.

A shadow swept across the ground. Its speed made it almost invisible unless you were really looking which is exactly what its pursuers were doing. He tried to lose them by moving in a zigzag pattern but all that seemed to be good for was avoiding the spears of light that rained from above- not that the shadow was about to complain about that.

It cursed under its breath as it tried to think of a way to lose its pursuers. Fighting wasn't an option. On any other day, it would be but they had already injured its left shoulder, giving them a clear advantage. It was already ashamed to have run away, it didn't need the shame of losing to these annoying shinelings to boot. Hiding wasn't any good either. They'd surely notice it among the crimson leaves and there weren't any caves nearby. The shadow's only chance of survival was to try and outrun them and hope that there is at least one full moon tonight.

The shadow moved behind a large boulder, hopping to rest a bit before they found it again -and it knew they would- and chased it. Slowly, it rose up from it shadow, revealing itself. It was a male darkling and a short one which meant it was a young darkling. He looked up at the purple day sky and cursed when he noticed it was slowly turning red. Nightfall would soon be upon him and while he was at his most powerful at night, many dangerous animals came out at that time and with his injured shoulder, he surely be seen as an easy target.

He narrowed his eyes when he noticed how quiet it was. They should have found him by now. One of the many annoying things about shinelings was that they were persistent little pests. They wouldn't give up the chance to kill a darkling so easy. He looked over the side of the boulder but saw nothing. It was as if they hadn't been chasing him at all and he probably would've believed that were it not for his still bleeding shoulder. So where did they….?

His eyes widened before he looked above only to see a sphere of light heading straight for him. He cursed and jumped out of the way but the shockwave still launched him into the air. A jolt of pain ran through his shoulder as he landing causing him to hiss in pain.

"I didn't think you'd notice in time. Points to you darkspawn," said the shineling. "But I'm afraid I must end this now."

This shineling did not look any different from your typical male shineling. He had blue markings and long hair that reached his calfs just like most shinelings did. The only thing about this was one that stuck out was that his hair was black. This was very rare among shinelings since their hair is usually blonde or white. He looked about the same age as the darkling.

His clothing consisted of black shorts near knee length, white bandages from his hands up to his elbows, a light blue turtleneck sleeveless shirt and three extra white clothes hanging from his pants at the sides and the back. He wore no shoes for shinelings spend most of their lives in the air.

"Devine pest…." spat the darkling. He knew this shineling personally for they had fought many times before. "While I'd normally love to end your worthless life, I'm afraid I don't have the time nor patience to deal with you Dnaeqayq."

Dnaeqayq smirked at his comment. "You can keep up that brave act all you like but you aren't fooling anyone. Even if you could fight me, you are far too injured to win. It's over for you Ednaerizz."

Ednaerizz growled in anger and frustration. The only thing worse than a shineling was a right shineling. He clenched his good hand, getting ready for an attack.

And that exactly what he got.

Dnaeqayq pointed his fist at the darkling and open his palm. In front of it appeared a small, yellow halo, about the size of his hand. At the center of the halo, a ball of light began to form. A smirk appeared on Dnaeqayq's face as the ball grew. When the ball took up almost the entire inside of the halo, he spoke.

"Farewell parasite."

And with that, he unleashed his attack. A large blast of energy shot towards Ednaerizz at such a speed that he almost did have time to avoid it.


Once the smoke cleared there was no sign of the darkling. He narrowed his eyes and looked around but didn't see him anywhere. He knew he wasn't dead, there would've been a body if he was. So where did he…?

"Foolish shineling, " his eyes widened when he felt something incredibly cold grab his ankle. He looked down and saw the darkling, half submerged in his shadow with his hand reached upwards. His entire hand was covered in in a long tendril of darkness. He sent him a smirk before thrusting his arm downwards, slamming the shineling to the floor. The impact was hard enough to knock the wind out of him and caused him to groan in pain. He tried to get up but found him shivering as he fell the cold sensation of darkness wrapping itself around his body. Ednaerizz walked over to him, his hand outstretched and his finger slightly bent.

"I could crush you right now if I wanted to but your screams would alert other shinelings so I will show you mercy. Be grateful worm," he said as he sunk into his shadow. Once he was fully submerged, he took off in some random direction in hopes of finding someplace to recover.

The darkling didn't have any destination in mind. Any cave or hole will do. He just needed a place to lay low until nightfall. He needed to move quickly for that stubborn shinebrat would not remain trapped for long. That's when he caught a lucky break. After a while he found himself in a clearing. But what really caught his attention was the old temple that stood in the middle of it. He emerged from his shadow with a smile on his face.

'A mystic point!'

He had never been so happy to see one of these in his life. An interesting thing about mystic points was that if you didn't have a destination in mind, it will transport you to some random area. This was usually a warning but Ednaerizz saw this as a way to lose the annoying shineling. He ran towards the temple entrance only to be stopped by a spear of light stabbing the ground in front of him.

"You're not going anywhere darkspawn."

He in annoyance before turning to face his opponent. He wasn't surprised to see Dnaeqyq again though he was amused to see him angry and shivering. This was most like due to being wrapped in darkness for too long.

"By the Eclipse, you're annoying," stated the darkling as he got in a fighting stance. "I knew I should've just covered your mouth and stabbed you."

"Silence! You're going to regret letting me live parasite!" Yelled Dnaeqayq as he readied another blast. "Now die!" and with that, he unleashed his attack. Ednaerizz cursed before submerging into his shadow and moving out of the way, avoiding the shock wave this time. He then emerged from his shadow and raised his good arm, summoning a swarm of dark needles. He pointed his arm forward, sending the needles at the shineling who managed to block the attack by summoning a wall of light. After dispelling the wall, he summoned two swords of light and flew towards Ednaerizz. Knowing that he wouldn't be able to dodge the attack in time, Ednaerizz engulfed his good arm in darkness and elongated it, creating a curved blade. He held it in front of him, stopping the attack, but now they were stuck in a battle of strength and will. They glared at each as they tried to outdo each other.

"Give up darkspawn, there's no way you can win with that shoulder of yours. Accept your death with honor."

Endaerizz chuckled at his statement. "You know what's funny Dnaerqayq?" Dnaerqayq narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything. "You shinelings spend so much time in the air," a large grin slowly spread across Ednaerizz' face. "That you never think to look up."

The shineling's eyes widened before he suddenly jumped backwards. He looked up, expecting to see something coming straight at him but so nothing. He then Ednaerizz cackling. He looked back at the darkling and saw him running towards the mystic point, cackling at him all the while. He cursed and gave chase, hoping to catch him before he entered the mystic point.

Ednaerizz couldn't believe he had actually fallen for that. He honestly didn't think that would work. Now not only will he be able to escape but he'll have one oblivion of a story to tell the other darklings. He was only a few feet from the entrance of the mystic point when he suddenly felt something tackle him from behind.

"Oh no you don't!" Yelled the shineling. Unfortunately, what he didn't realise was that Ednaerizz was already very close to the entrance as it was. The force of the tackle sent them both into the entrance, causing them to land with a painful thump.

Sensing two lifeforms in its presence, the mystic point immediately activated. A wall made of strange symbols blocked the entrance, trapping them inside as a bright light began to shine from within the temple.

"You fool! Do you have any idea what you've done?!" Yelled the darkling as the light got brighter and brighter. Soon it began so bright that they had to shut their eyes to avoid being blinded. They screamed as the light enveloped them and then everything went silent. The lighter faded but the darkling and shineling were nowhere to be found.