I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or Heroes of Olympians. The italics are direct quotes or paraphrases from the book that would make sense with my story (ex. The first one, younger Percy doesn't know any of the characters so he can't exactly say mom in the quotes or Grover.)

Percy POV

A woman, boy, and older me tore through the night along dark country roads. Wind slammed against the Camaro. Rain lashed the wind-shield. I didn't know how this woman could see anything, but she kept her foot on the gas.

Every time there was a flash of lightning, I looked at the boy sitting next to me in the backseat and I wondered if I'd gone insane, or if he was wearing some kind of shag-carpet pants.

"Um….what are you, exactly?"

"Blaa-ha-ha! There are satyrs who would trample you underhoof for such an insult!"

"Whoa. Wait. Satyrs. You mean like…Mr. Brunner's myths?"

"Were those old ladies at the fruit stand a myth, Percy? Was Mrs. Dodds a myth?"

"So you admit there was a Mrs. Dodds!"

"Of course."

"Then why-"

"The less you knew, the fewer monsters you'd attract," the goat boy said. "We put the Mist over human eyes. We had hoped you'd think the Kindly One was a hallucination.

"Who I-wait a minute, what do you mean?"

A weird bellowing noise rose up again behind the people in the car.


The bull-man bore down on the goat boy, who lay helpless in the grass. The monster hunched over, snuffling him, as if he were about to lift the goat boy up, I couldn't allow that.

I stripped off my red rain jacket.

"Hey!" I screamed, waving the jacket, running to one side of the monster. "Hey, stupid! Ground beef!"

"Raaarrrrr!" The monster turned towards me, shaking his meaty fists.

The bull-man staggered around, trying to shake me. I locked my arms around his horns to keep from being thrown. Thunder and lightning were still going strong and the rain was in my eyes, and I swear I could smell the smell of rotten meat in my nostrils. The monster kept shaking himself to try to throw me off. Meanwhile the goat boy was groaning on the grass.

Suddenly I got both hands around one horn and I pulled backwards with all my might and with snap, the horn detached itself, but I fell off and my head landed on a rock.

I rolled to one side and came up kneeling. As the monster barreled past I drove the broken straight into his side, right under his furry rib cage.

That dream was the first of many, after the first few dreams I began to see things that I knew normal people must not be able to see, I even saw the bull-man that had been in my first dream once!

No one believed me when I tried to tell them at the orphanage that I had been left at since birth. I had been dropped off at Vesta's Orphanage the day of my birth with nothing but a blanket with my name and birthday stitched in: Perseus Costas Jackson and August 18th, 2010 (AN: BoO was published in 2014, but wouldn't it take place in 2010? Also it will explain, but I chose his original birthday). Things got weirder when two years later the orphanage was able to go on a field trip to the local YMCA swimming pool. The orphanage bully, Matt, decided it would be fun to push me before we had even taken our first swim lesson.

I had been expecting to drown, but instead I felt stronger and could even breathe under the water. It was then that I realized that I must have been under for a while and people might have been worried, so I came back up only to find no one had noticed and we began with our lessons.

School was a drag, because I had ADHD and dyslexia which made it almost impossible to learn. I listened to the lectures that my teachers gave, but always got restless half-way through them which got me in trouble. I devoted a lot of my time to swimming and outside research on Greek and Roman mythology. I figured the monsters I was seeing were from that and maybe they weren't so "mythology" as I had once thought.

Life was pretty normal for the next few years of my life I had even made a friend at school after all these years named Lily. She's a bit odd, but we get along. I have a feeling that something is going to happen soon, whether I'll like it or not is just the question.

Grover POV

I crossed the borders of Camp Half-Blood after months away, happy that I would finally be able to see my wife, Juniper and daughter, Lily. As I crossed the border I got an IM from my daughter.

"Lily?" I scrunched my eyebrows together, confused; I was just about to see her.

"Dad, I was waiting for you to cross the border of camp before contacting you, I just wanted to tell you that I am not at Camp Half-Blood," My daughter said.

"What, why not?" I said in a panicky voice.

"Relax Dad, I found a very powerful half-blood and he has the scent to be the child of one of the Big Three," Lily said.

"That can't be," I said. Even though the prophecy had come to pass, the pact had still remained in place. After all, their children were too powerful.

My daughter shrugged, "I don't know what to tell you."

I bit my lip, "Bring him to Camp Half-Blood tomorrow Lily, but don't take him straight there. You can bring him to the memorial on Olympus; it might be good to get this half-blood immersed."

"Got it dad, see you tomorrow on Olympus!" with that she swiped her hand throw the Iris Message. She was excited, it would be her first time hearing about Percy Jackson and the wars, everyone that was involved swore on the River Styx not to tell the kids until they were a certain age, so this was Lily's first memorial.

I still couldn't believe that tomorrow would be twelve years since my best friend, Percy Jackson, died. Tomorrow was a memorial for the Giant and Titan wars, but since it was held on August 18th, Percy Jackson's birthday, it often turned into people telling their favorite stories about the Savior of Olympus, The Greatest Hero most would say.

I trudged along to my home when suddenly a bright light nearly blinded me and Annabeth Chase or should he say, Lady Annabeth, Goddess of Architecture appeared before me.

I gave my former friend a mock bow, "Lady Annabeth, what can I do for you?"

She smiled at me; she hadn't seemed to notice my sarcasm or was just ignoring it, "Grover it's been too long."

"Well, being Lord of the Wild I have many responsibilities," I said to her. "I also have a family that I don't neglect so if you'll excuse me."

"Wait, Grover. There is something I wished to discuss," Annabeth said before I could get five feet away from my former friend."

"And what is that?" I asked.

"I was just wondering if you were planning on telling more stories of Jackson tomorrow," Annabeth asked innocently.

"I don't know, it never is planned, why?" I crossed my arms. I wasn't the same satyr from when she was seven.

"It's just Jason and I believe that it takes away from the rest of the memorial, thus the rest of the heroes that put their lives on the line," Annabeth said.

I gave a bitter laugh, "See that's where you and your boy-toy are wrong," Annabeth pursed her lips at that, everyone had been furious when Annabeth had told them that she had never loved Percy, even her own mother. "We may tell stories about Percy, but every story incorporates another hero."

"We'll see about that," Annabeth said and turned away from me, but before she could turn away I said, "You are the only one who feels this way Lady Annabeth, everyone else would rather bask in the good memories of pre-battle, not the actual battle."

She gave me a furious look and flashed away, but I didn't care, all I cared about was getting back to my wife and worried about how my daughter was doing with her latest, powerful charge.

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