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Grover POV

There were only 10 more minutes until the memorial was to begin and most everyone had arrived besides my daughter, Lily and her charge. As much as I wanted to wait by the entrance of Olympus for her to make sure she was okay, I knew that I had to do my duty and sit in front as the Lord of the Wild, along with every other important figure during the two wars.

I walked into the Throne Room, all 14 Olympians were already in their seats, higher up than the rest of us despite them being in their human forms. In seats on the floor people were divided amongst important veterans, gods, and observers. I made my way towards the important veterans and sat next to Thalia and Nico. Sadly Juniper couldn't come to this memorial.

When I looked up at the Olympians my eyes immediately sought out Lord Poseidon. I can never get over how much the two look alike, but like every memorial, Poseidon is brooding, not at all happy to be there are his late son's birthday.

Zeus cleared his throat, "Good afternoon everyone," Everyone mumbled back their greetings. "This memorial we're doing things a little bit differently…" Differently?

Usually during the memorial the people who participated during the war give speeches on their point of view and give sage advice to the audience or the next generation, such as my daughter who still isn't here with her charge. I wonder what could be different.

Whispers broke out throughout the room and it took a minute before Zeus could gain control, "Yes, I know we usually have people give speeches, but some of the gods I spoke to thought it was getting a bit old and repetitive, so instead we had Hephaestus along with his children create a video to commemorate both wars."

Thalia raised her hand, "Yes Thalia?"

"How did you get these clips?" She asked nervously, I felt the same way. There are some parts of my past that I'm not exactly proud of.

"Different sorts of ways," He answered. Well that's specific, I thought sarcastically. "Hephaestus, play the video and dim the lights!"

Suddenly a large screen, not dissimilar to an Iris Message image only larger appeared in front of us.

The clip began with the Oracle of Delphi giving the First Great Prophecy, it skipped to when Thalia was fighting an army of monsters and consequently turned into a tree.

A few years passed with no excitement until Percy showed up and most of the room became sad, besides Annabeth and Jason. We watched as Percy got claimed during Capture the Flag, then being given the quest to retrieve the Master Bolt. Every important event that occurred on the quest was shown in flashes, slow enough that you could process what occurred, until Percy was betrayed by Luke. I looked over at Hermes and you could tell he was holding back tears, despite what Luke thought, Hermes genuinely loves his children.

The clips continued with showing that Thalia's pine getting poisoned, then Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson ending up on the Princess Andromeda. I had heard what happened on that quest, but they decided against showing it, they only showed placing the Golden Fleece on her tree and the Thalia returning to life.

The next showed Thalia driving Apollo's sun chariot which many laughed at and then Percy and Thalia's epic fight in the woods after Capture the Flag, which garnered some raised eyebrows, but immediately moved on when they heard the prophecy that Zoe was given. Again there were flashes from this quest to find Artemis and Annabeth. The first was Percy eavesdropping on the General and Luke and us defeating the Nemean Lion at the Air and Space Museum, many were shocked that Zoe gave the spoil of war to Percy despite it being her spoil.

Flashes went by like when we lost Bianca at the Junkyard and Hoover Dam where Thalia said, "Dam, I wish Kelp Head was here to relive this as well," Making everyone a bit confused besides me. We saw everything that happened at Hoover Dam including Percy attempting to kill Rachel, Percy meeting "Bessie" and Thalia praying to Zeus to animate the statues to take them to San Francisco.

There we watched Percy find Nereus and most people laughed at how he handled the older god how he called Poseidon an "upstart". Finally we watched the fight between Artemis, Zoe, and Atlas while Percy held the sky and then Luke and Thalia's fight. People who didn't know gasped that Percy had actually taken the weight of the sky that could barely been held by a goddess, let alone a half-blood.

Later the room heard Zoe that Percy wasn't anything like Hercules, shocking the room once more.

They conveniently skipped the part where they voted whether Percy or Thalia should live, but showed that Thalia was now a Huntress.

Next it showed clips of when Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, and I were in the Labyrinth. This time many were too fast to discern until it got to the point when Annabeth and Percy were at Hephaestus forge. Most people would have said "aww" when Annabeth kissed Percy but they now knew that it had all been fake. Next everyone say Percy trying to come up with a plan when all of a sudden the volcano exploded. Percy had made Mount St. Helens erupt.

When Percy came back during his own shroud burning, the next image was the same group but with Rachel because she was a clear sighted mortal, which was needed to wander the Labyrinth. Again images flashed by, until everyone saw Pan fade and also saw Luke become possessed by Kronos, but it was hilarious to see Rachel throw her hairbrush at the Titan king.

The battle was sad and I blushed when they feature me causing the Panic and then Daedalus killing himself so that the Labyrinth would collapse.

The next started off with Beckendorf and Percy flying towards the Princess Andromeda and then Percy telling Beckendorf that he'd cause a distraction. He did by awesomely taking on a giant crab and then some dracaena. Most smiled when Percy told the kid to get off the ship, it was so Percy. When Percy reached Kronos and they began to fight, but Kronos slowed down time, they were shocked that he was able to break the spell. Then he learned that there was a spy and Beckendorf had to sacrifice himself. Meanwhile there were clips of Poseidon underwater fighting Oceanus and the other Olympians fighting Typhon.

They saw Percy walk into the River Styx and then a few minutes come out steaming, then a few minutes later defeat a huge army of the dead plus Hades.

The Battle of Manhattan had started and Percy had told where he wanted each cabin or group like the Hunters of Artemis to go. There was so much fighting and death, but you could tell that everyone was determined and everyone was determined to at least protect the Olympian's thrones. Percy was battling Kronos who was sometimes struggling to keep hold because Luke was trying to break through. Luke ended up stabbing himself to defeat Kronos.

Later the Olympians gave their thanks and gifts to many and offered Percy immortality, but he declined and asked for many selfless things. The next image was a completed Olympus and the new cabins at Camp Half-Blood.

"We didn't get much footage from the Roman fighting, but they were fighting bravely on the other coast. We should take a break –" The Throne Room doors slammed open and first I recognized my daughter, Lily and then I thought I was dreaming, it couldn't be, my best friend, Percy Jackson, only he looked 12 again.

"Lily, why is there a picture of me on the screen?" The boy who looked like a younger Percy asked, shocking everyone in the room.

Percy POV

Argus drove us rather fast through the New York traffic and Lily tried to explain more about the half-blood life and the gods. The funny thing is that whenever one was mentioned I got a funny feeling as if I knew them, like their personality and not just because of their title but because I had talked to them before. Like when Lily mentioned Hermes, all I could think of were two snakes and one asking for rats while the other chastised the other.

While Lily was rambling, Argus kept looking back at me, like he was verifying that I was still sitting there.

"…since we'll be on Olympus, I hope that your godly parent will claim you even though you're only 12," Lily said.

"How did that come to be again?" Percy asked.

She shrugged, "Like I said, once we turn 10, the next memorial we have is when we learn everything. I turned 10 about a month ago, but I look older so that I can be in your grade to keep an eye on you and because I'm a satyr."

I just nod and look out the window, I had never been to this part of New York and I had mostly stayed in the area by my orphanage and school.

Suddenly the van stopped with a lurch and Lily climbed out, "You coming Percy?"

"Yup!" I waved good-bye to Argus and ran after Lily who made a streamline towards the front desk.

"We need to get to the 600th floor please." Lily said politely to the guard that was reading his newspaper.

"No such floor kid," the guard said, barely looking up from his newspaper.

Lily huffed, "Look, I'm late for the memorial. Do you want Lord Zeus to shock you into oblivion for holding us up?"

His eyes went wide and gave Lily the key card, "Just make sure that no one is on the elevator with you."

I had remained mostly silent and followed Lily. Once we got into the elevator Lily said, "You might want to hold onto something."

I gave her a confused look, "What, why?" I understood immediately when suddenly the elevator shot up at an incredible speed. "Okay, I get it now."

Lily gave me an amused look and grabbed my hand, "Come on, we're already late," We ran towards the largest building on Olympus, when I was just outside I heard, "…we should take a break." That's when we swung the doors open a little louder than we meant to and I looked at the screen. It was a picture of me and I couldn't keep my mouth shut, "Lily, why is there a picture of me on the screen?"

She shook her head, "No idea Percy," then grabbed my hand and we made our way towards the front, but didn't notice the wide-eyed stares as we did so. We bowed to Zeus and Lily said, "Sorry we were late Lord Zeus, we just had some complications when I was retrieving this new half-blood."

Everyone kept staring at me and didn't say anything so I said, "Lord Zeus, my name is Perseus Costas Jackson, but I don't know my godly parent," still no one said anything so I turned to Lily and asked her, "Is this normal for them?"

She shrugged, "I don't think so," She turned to her dad who was in a similar state of shock, "Dad, what's happening?"

He shook out of his state of shock and then asked me, "You say your name is Perseus?"

"Yeah Grover," I said.

Everyone looked at me confused and then Grover said, "I never told you my name Perseus."

"Oh," I ran a hand through my hair, a nervous habit I had, and said, "So can I like sit down or is there something you all need?"

"We can discuss this later, we were just about to have a break anyways, Olympians remain," Zeus said.

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