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Hello guys. I'm back! Yes, I am back! I had started this story at the end of last year and I stopped writing it. But by a request by a very close friend of mine. It has been re-continued. I'm proud to say that I will try to be updating more often, but it will be difficult. I will honestly try. I'm sorry guys for making you wait so long for another update. In the meantime...please enjoy the prologue. I'm currently editing the First Chapter. And it will be up as soon as its ready.

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A simple breeze blows through the broken windows of a small shed, ruffling the brown hair of a man, who lays upon the ground, using an old sheet of tarp as a to cover the ground. He shifts softly before deciding it's time to rise. As he sits up, the rays of sunlight shine into his eyes and he squints softly. He adjusts the cuffs of his plaid shirt and breathes deeply as he stands up. He glances around and seems pleased to see that everything is just where he had left them the night before. He kneels down next to his backpack and unzips the front compartment to grab a protein bar from the large stash he had.

He had been lucky enough to find a small convenience store to break into. He was positive the place still must be stocked and sure enough, he had been correct. He found the protein bars and several bottles of water. He also had found a backpack. He also grabbed a pocket knife and several bottles of salt from the shelves.

He unwraps the wrapper and takes a bite of the bar, giving a long sigh of happiness. He had been rationing his stash. God knows how long he'll be able to go without food...and let alone water. He glances outside before slinging his backpack across his shoulders and grabbing his shotgun that he had resting against the wall. He slings the strap across his shoulder and places a gun into the waistband of his pants.

He steps outside and allows his eyes to scan the landscape before starting to walk off along the dew kissed grass.

Thanks guys for reading the prologue and I know its short...but I'm working on probably 5 things at the same time here while trying to manage my school work so it could be a while.

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