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A/N: So I got a quick brain bunny while chatting with AStoryInRed which started because of a funny Javert-in-Beauxbatons-uniform picture. So what if Jean Valjean was a wizard but left the world after losing his friend Fantine and keeping her daughter safe. How would the story have played out?

Chapter 2

What if Jean IS actually a wizard that decided to leave the world for the sake of her adoptive daughter, and to keep her safe?

Jean Valjean watches Cosette brighten up the room with an orb of light that appears from her fingertips. The shy eight-year-old girl smiles triumphantly at her creation, after having another nightmare about her late mother Fantine.

"Are you ready to go to sleep now, Euphrasie?"

"Yes, I am ready to sleep. Thank you for always being there, dad." Cosette replies, as Jean brings up her comforters and watches his adopted child sleep once more.

'Fantine, I wish you could see her now. She's turning out to be a natural, just like you.'

In a snap, he's back to that one fateful and stormy night when Cosette was three-years-old.


"Are you sure you want to do this, Fantine? You have a child and you're leading a strike team into Voldemort's foothold here in France" Valjean asks, with worry visible on his face.

Fantine, in his eyes at least, is the best and the rose of the gendarmerie. Unknown to her lead and their entire division however, the Head Unspeakable also has her run missions with him, Huginn and Munnin for infiltration missions, just to see what technological advances the sans magique France has.

"Tyr, It's our only lead into the stronghold here in France."

'It must be this serious for her to use my call sign.' Valjean voices out, "But it's a trap, especially if the information's coming from Felix Tholomyes. I can pull a favor from Huginn and Muninn to scout first. After that, you and your team can strike with wands blazing."

"Odin's orders. He wants results and wants results now. Du Pont refused to run the mission twice but that man threatened to strip him of his rank. My boss had to make the judgment call."

Jean shakes his head in disbelief, ignoring the unspeakable badge slowly heating up underneath his vest. 'I don't care if Head Unspeakable wants to call on the entire division to call me out of retirement, I'm not reactivating. I'm done with the game, especially after that close call from that sans magique Inspector named Javert. That one tried to capture me while I was seriously injured and without my wand after I stole some bread. He almost caught me several times.'

His glances at the silver candlesticks from the sans magique Bishop Myriel for a moment. It brings back images of the bloodbath he escaped from during a raid against Voldemort. 'Voldemort is too powerful, but I and my team hopefully saved a good many people that time.'

Fantine snaps Valjean's musings with another pop, this time, carrying her sleeping daughter. Her eyes show worry, fear, and panic. "I've explained to Cosette that I had to go to work tonight and have my friend Jean take care of her." She quickly transforms one of his setting chairs into a comfortable child's bed and tucks her daughter beneath the blankets.

"Why me, though? Why not your friends Lia, Zéphine, and Favourite?" Jean frowns and decides to coax a bit of the truth, knowing there's more to the story than meets the eye.

Fantine sighs and sits down for a moment to watch the torrential rains outside. She bites her lip then looks back at Jean, "The Death Eaters have a large foothold here and I can't subject my other three friends to what those monsters would do to Cosette. I'm not exactly the most popular or well-connected of my team. I've put some of their ranks to the sword, while most are locked behind Fort de Tournoux, their families in the Ministry shamed by every capture or kill I made."

The room is silent for a minute or two, before she adds, "I hate to call on favors, but I have to call one today, for my daughter."

Valjean gives her a melancholic smile, "Yes, I remember the debt, but save that favor for another day. I will look out for Cosette, and you will return here tonight, alright? I'll take care of her with no questions asked. She will be safe here, but if the worse happens, I think it's time for me to disappear." He offers her his right hand.

Fantine nods slowly and shakes Jean's right-hand firmly in agreement. "I'll see you soon, you'll see." She smiles at him with her pearly-white teeth and shiny blonde hair. She doesn't notice the subtle and small blue rune on her left boot that he places. She apparates away and Jean monitors Fantine's heartbeat all throughout the night, holding on to the letter she has for Cosette on the transfigured bed.

"Please Lord, let them get out safely." He solemnly prays while looking at a small and simple wooden cross next to the candlesticks.

Twenty minutes later, the floating line that shows her steady heartbeats turn into faster and faster blips before flat-lining abruptly. This jolts Jean into action.

He grasps his wand and waves it with one smooth stroke. All the trinkets and household equipment around him shrink, fly and arrange themselves into his suitcase. He carries Cosette with him and disappears, then both of them reappear into the Unspeakable Division's secret apparate point. The errand only takes him an hour with a disillusioned and still sleeping Cosette on his left shoulder and arm, in order to delete every public and private record he drew runes in at the Ministry. 'It's as if I never existed.'

He walks briskly back to a point, expecting no one at the apparition point. To his surprise, a young pair of Unspeakables are there and waiting for him with knowing smiles.

"You two troublemakers, I swear." Jean smiles affectionately at the pair, a black-haired man with a well-kept beard and his half-veela partner. "I just went for a quick visit like old times' sake, but I was just leaving. Call it a long and overdue vacation."

"Tyr, we know why. But we'll keep silent," the veela pauses for a moment, collecting her thoughts and adds, "You take care of her, alright?" She tilts her head at the disillusioned and sleeping child on his shoulder.

"Apolline De Villepin, remember, I wasn't here. Place me as KIA at Fantine's mission," Jean mentions, turning his attention to the man next to her.

He grins approvingly then surrenders his unspeakable agent badge and his Alder wand to the black-haired man. "Louis Delacour. Take care of France for me, I have a favor to uphold. Also, keep my wand safe. I don't have the heart to snap my dearest friend."

The last thing the two unspeakable agents see is Jean disappearing with a subtle pop.


Looking back, it does take him a while to adjust to living without his wand as a sans magique. But with a bit of effort and perhaps some judicious use of runes to make his life a wee bit easier, he is now a white-hat hacker in the advent of the computer age. At the same time, he takes on the habit of gardening. It's been a peaceful five years, but ever since Cosette accidentally displays some magic, it's usually interrupted by an obliviator pair.

'Wait, three squads? That's different,' Jean tells himself, disabling each team, using his trusty shovel, some barbells, and his spare but busted computer set.

Time seems to move slowly for him, effortlessly dodging spells and items without needing to use a wand at all. That left him with the gendarmerie leader who looks oddly familiar, even though he never interacted with any of them during his unspeakable agent stint.

The leader's reflexes were good, but not as good as his. A swift left hook on the right armpit makes his opponent drop his wand and the CPU to the torso ends the fight.

"Now, will you quit coming into my home? I am aware my young ward is a witch because her mother left me this note before that mission which got her killed." Jean remarks with his boot on top of a tired and beaten leader.

Jean gives the letter from his vest and the leader exclaims, "Fantine, mon Dieu!" His proud eyes become downcast at the very thought of his favorite protégé and field operative.

Jean Valjean takes his foot off the CPU and gently places it aside. "I gave her my vow to take care of Cosette. What is your name?"

"I am Alexandré Du Pont, the head of the Magical Gendarmerie and Aurors corps. We do have our own police and government too. Normally, I would have to erase your memories because we have to keep our world separate from yours, but…"

Jean nods and takes Du Pont's wand. With a mischievous smirk, he waves it once and the damage disappears, repairing all the broken glass and wood. "And I am Jean Valjean, a humble and retired unspeakable."

Shock is evident on Du Pont's face, "No wonder Fantine left her with you. Where have you been all these years?"

"I left the magical world to protect her. I owe Fantine a favor after saving my life during one of our missions. Leaving that world has been the best years of my life. I finally knew peace. Especially after the death of Voldemort." Jean answers, tapping Du Pont's wand on his lip and ponders, "you have left me in a bind, however. The blood and magic purists may still be there, wanting their piece of flesh against her child."

Alexandré is silent for a moment then he suggests, "I'll put you and her under a false surname. After that, place you on the Oblivation Blacklist. I can also submit to an unbreakable vow."

Jean contemplates the offer but shakes his head at the last one. "The false surname works, no unbreakable vows needed," He grins mischievously with a wink, "I'm a sans magique after all." He offers his hand to Du Pont to guide him up from the grass and adds, "Also, if you may be so kind as to send my regards to Louis Delacour and Apolline De Villepin. Tell them Tyr sends his regards and would like to ask for a favor to keep Cosette safe in Beauxbatons."

"You mean the Delacours? They have a smart little girl studying in Beauxbatons and have another one who's younger than Fantine's child."

"They're married?"

"Happily for several years now."

Jean laughs and says, "About time!"

Alexandré gives Jean a bow and disappears with his obliviators. A few hours later, he places M. Jean Lumiere Fauchevelent into the Obliviation blacklist in front of the Obliviators office.