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Chapter 1: Aizen Rolls With it

Clockwork P.O.V

Things had been boring lately, I knew things were going to heat up soon but I was getting tired of waiting for them to arrive. I was seriously thinking about making their job easier, just so they would get here faster. "Okay what's happening in that time line...Oh no that's too boring. Why can't fun things just happen faster is that just to much to-"


"Finally about time you got here," said Clockwork. "Sorry to keep you waiting," said a super smug voice. It was the voice of Aizen. The voice that brought a chill up most people's spines, but it made me want to punch him in the face. He was being accompanied by his eye smiling friend, Gin Ichimaru. "So are you going to let us have him or are we going to have to fight?" asked Aizen. I just glared at him for a bit and threw the thermos to him.

"Wait you're going to willingly give this to m-" Before he could finish Gin whispered in his ear, "Just roll with it." So that's just what he did, he walked out of the room, with his friend and his thermos, and into a portal. 'I honestly can't wait for those two ego centered idiots get knocked of their high horses' thought Clockwork with a smirk.

Danny's P.O.V

"Okay time to learn some new words. Ba-ka. Ba-ka. Ba-ka. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot," said Dad, while holding flashcards in front of Danny's head. "Dad I get it! Baka means idiot, but can you please remind me why I can't use an online crash course on Japanese?" I complained. "Danny-boy, how much times do I have to tell you it's because the ghosts can attack you through the internet because we're trying to stop them," said Dad, completely serious.

"Right, but can I take a break?" I asked. "Alright," said Dad, as he took a bar of chocolate out of his pocket. I quickly dug my hand into my pocket and pulled out my phone and my earbuds. I then started to listen to a crash course on Japanese. "Son what are you doing?" asked Mom and Dad suspiciously. "Oh I'm just listening to music," I said, lying quickly.

Before anyone could say anything, a faint green mist escaped my mouth. 'That's weird usually my ghost sense is blue but there's no time to focus on that, I have to defeat that ghost.' There was only one problem, there were too many people.


Something rammed into the plane, sending it sharply to the left. The good thing was, I had my distraction. I quickly used my cloning powers and made a clone. "Look! I need you to stay here and cover for me!" The clone was not happy because he sharply replied, "Cover for you, cover for you. That's what I always have to do. You get to have the action, but what about me, huh? What about my needs?!"

"We're the same person so it doesn't matter just stay here and cover for me," I said with huff. And with that I turned intangible and flew through the window. 'I gotta thermos this ghost quick, but I shouldn't have to much to worry about...right.' "WHAT THE-" There in front of me was the thing that alerted my ghost sense, it was a huge monster like thing with wings, a mask, and a hole in it's chest.

"Who are you?!" The monster was quiet for a while then it smiled and said, "I'm called Plot, and I know everything that's going to happen, Danny Fenton." Before I could ask how he knew who I was he continued. "I'll tell you this, you'll meet Dani, oh and you'll also be meeting someone you'll LOVE to see. So catch you later...Quincy." And with that he flew off. After that I only had these words in my mind.

"Why do all the people I meet have to be freaking crazy?!"

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