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Chapter One

First Sight

Bella was waiting in her room. Her mind was reeling as she nervously went over what had happened during the last few days. How could such a tiny thing like a book change her perspective of everything? Even sitting in the room that she was dreading having to stay in just the other day now seemed nice … this place was already feeling like home. How did that happen? Was it because she knew that she was going to find her niche – or was it that she had already found her place in this town she grew up hating?

"Bella!" she heard her dad, Charlie, call from downstairs. "If you don't get down here soon, you'll be late."

"Coming, Dad," Bella shouted as she got up. She was fully dressed, as she had been for the last few hours after she woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. She was anxious about this day. It was the day that was going to change her life forever, and she couldn't wait for it to get started. Still, she couldn't help remembering her friend Jacob's less than stellar attitude about what she was going to do today.

"I suppose we'll just have to think of something," Bella had said and he looked at her.

"Well, obviously you're going to have to do something about your scent," Jacob said.

"I can't do anything about that," Bella rolled her eyes. "Whatever I do to try to hide it …"

"No, I didn't mean that," Jacob shook his head. "I mean you should somehow let Edward know how deadly your scent is to him…. deadly to you that is."

Bella rolled her eyes, she didn't need the reminder that he was dangerous to her … she knew that quite well. "And how do you think we could do that?"

"I don't know," Jacob said. "Maybe talk to Alice … I'm sure she'll see you coming if you decided to do that and … um … she'll likely help you."

"That's probably true," Bella mumbled, "she might even see that we're friends already and want to help me … but I'm not sure if that would really be best for Edward … if that will help him."

"Of course it is," Jacob snapped at her. "The farther away he is from you when he first …" he shivered, it was obvious what he was thinking about. "The better it will be for you!"

"Unless, it's the fact that he sees me that he's able to resist hurting me," Bella said.

"What?" Jacob frowned and glared at her at the same time, it was an odd combination and she wanted to laugh, but that wouldn't have helped.

"Well, I was thinking … you know when he first saw me," Bella started.

"When he first thought about murdering you and your classmates," Jacob hissed at her.

"What made him stop was seeing my eyes," Bella said, as if Jacob hadn't interrupted, but she was definitely affected when he mentioned the other students. She didn't really like the thought that she was endangering others, but she felt that she was right with this. "Or seeing his reflection in my eyes … and he … well even before he met me he was starting to be protective of me …"

"What's your point?" Jacob said, sure what she was about to say, but he didn't want to believe it.

"Um …. I think it might be best if I just act like I did in the book," Bella said, not sure if this was the right thing to do or not … or if Jacob would agree with her or not.

"That's ridiculous!" Well, it looked like he didn't agree.

"I know it sounds …." Bella started.

"… like you're leaving your fate up to chance!" Jacob hissed at her.

"He didn't hurt me in the book," Bella said, her anger rising a little. "And I have to believe that he won't hurt me in this reality either."

"How could you say that when he's so damn convinced that he's going to hurt you when you're in that meadow alone … and that's months from now!" Jacob shouted.

"Because he's never hurt me," Bella said. "He thinks he will, which is something that I'm sure helps him to keep from actually doing anything …."

"But he doesn't know anything about you now, Bella," Jacob pleaded with her. "He doesn't have anything that will stop him …."

"But he stopped in the book without having anything either," Bella snapped back at him. "All he had was his curiosity about my silent mind and the fact that he didn't want to disappoint his father … if it was enough then, I've got to believe it will be enough now."

"Why do you want to do it this way so much?" Jacob hissed at her this time. "Why do you want to put yourself in this much danger?"

"I just do," Bella said stubbornly, not sure why she wanted things to go this way herself, but she thought dimly that it had something to do with wanting him to fend off the monster inside of him by himself. Edward had to know that he could handle being near her without having everyone looking over his shoulder …. Though twelve chapters had gone by in the book and he still didn't completely believe that … and she wasn't sure if he ever would. She still felt like he needed this first step to happen that way.

"You're impossible," Jacob shook his head.

"So, are you going to tell your dad about this book?" Bella asked changing the subject. He glared at her, but knew he couldn't do anything to change her mind.

"No … not now anyway," Jacob said, scratching the back of his neck. "I'm sure Dad wouldn't react well to this at all … of course with your attitude, I have half a mind to …."

"I think I'll take this with me," Bella said picking up the book they had just finished reading and Jacob grimaced.

"Just promise me you'll call me when you get home after school on Monday," Jacob said, knowing already that it was going to be a long wait for him.

"Of course," Bella smiled at him. "But I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"If you want," Jacob shrugged, but then smiled. "So you weren't just using me for the book after all …."

"Of course not, Jake," Bella said."Um … I should be going …. Charlie's expecting me home soon."

"Okay," Jacob said. "See you tomorrow, Bella."

They had gone to the beach … it was an ugly gray color, but he showed her the driftwood fire, it was amazing how the flames were blue … it really was pretty watching the wood burn. Then they went to the tide pools, something she had always loved as a girl. It really didn't matter that it was raining lightly, the aquatic life in the pools were unaffected by the weather.

It had been a nice way to spend the day, but still she couldn't get her mind off of Edward at any time. She had dreamed about Edward both nights since she had finished reading the book and hated that he seemed so foggy and unreal to her. She needed to see him in real life … to know that he really existed. Which just made her all the more anxious to get to school … to meet him.

She had decided to dress in the least appealing and flattering outfit she could. She didn't want to tempt Edward any more than she knew she was already going to … not yet at least. Plus, if the other guys around school thought she didn't look good … that would be fine by her. However, she seriously doubted that this would have any effect on the other boys. After reading the first chapter several times, to make sure that she said all the right things to Jessica and the others before she actually met Edward, it was clear all the boys wanted to look at the shiny new toy. She groaned at that thought, but pushed it aside … she had a lot of other and better things to think of.

She went down to eat her breakfast, not tasting the food at all, and could only manage a nod when Charlie had wished her luck on her first day of school. She was definitely going to need that. Bella looked at the mantle as she walked through the living room. She had taken down all the pictures of her early years … imagine if Edward saw those … she shuddered at that thought.

In no time at all, it was time to leave and she got in the truck … not noticing at all that the object of her thoughts wasn't as far away from her as she thought.

"I really wish we could have gotten her a better vehicle than that," Emmett muttered as they watched the truck roll out of the driveway. He was trying to mask his own excitement, telling himself that he was here to make sure Edward could handle himself when he took in Bella's scent for the first time.

"Me too," Edward said, his eyes were on the truck, his stilled heart almost felt like it was pounding in his chest. It had been impossible staying in Denali, 'watching' Laurent, when all he wanted to do was see Bella … talk to her. He'd stayed there for a week and a half, and he was convinced that for the time being they didn't have anything to worry about. Laurent was clearly trying to adapt to the new lifestyle, finding it very difficult, but he was trying. Edward had to remind himself how hard it was to not kill without understanding the reason. Laurent hadn't evolved as the rest of the Denalis and Cullens had, believing that humans had a quality about them that was worth preserving, so it would be very hard for him to change his ways.

However, Edward could see that there was nothing malicious in the other vampire's mind; he didn't live for the hunt as he had seen in James and some of the other vampires they had met along the way. And then there was Irina … it was clear that his cousin was a good influence on the nomad and he now knew he had done the right thing. At least most of him knew that, for he could see in their minds … he saw how happy the two of them seemed now that they were around one another.

That was why, though he was happy for them, he had to leave Denali. The forming bond between the two of them just made him long even more for Bella … for the start of their relationship. However, before he left he had a talk with Tanya, who had been acting oddly around him. She always seemed to close her mind when he was around.

"Edward," she had said that day.

"Mm …." Edward answered looking up at the stars that painted the cloudless sky. It was brilliant there, but his mind kept going to what Bella would say if she saw this, or what her expression would be. He found that the sky, in all its brilliance, couldn't hold his attention … nothing could.

You seem different Edward, Tanya thought as she walked near him. "But I just don't know why."

"Do I really seem happy?" Edward raised an eyebrow. He didn't think happy was really what he was feeling. He would have said anxious to almost the point where he was miserable … waiting like this was excruciating.

"Em …." Tanya hummed to him, he could see in her thoughts how closely she was looking at him and was a little surprised to see that they didn't have the normal edge to them … she didn't seem to long for him like she always had in the past. "It's not obvious, of course … it's just like you know what you want to do with yourself now, if that makes any sense."

"Oh," Edward said looking at her and she was smiling sadly at him.

"Now I have a serious question for you," Tanya said, bluntly changing the subject, cutting her thoughts off. "Aren't you missing important classes right now, young man?" she said in a stern voice.

Edward's mouth thinned.

"Esme called … she misses you," Tanya said.

"Yeah, I have been gone for a long time," Edward said getting up.

"Don't worry, Edward, I'll keep an eye on Laurent," Tanya said.

"Thanks," Edward smiled at her and within the hour he had left.

The next thirteen days he had to wait, counting down until she would be there, were just as hard as it had been in Denali. Though, of course, here everyone knew why he was both happy and miserable … and most of the people were feeling the same way. It was also clear to see that everyone was preparing for Bella's arrival. The most noticeable was Jasper. He seemed to have redoubled his effort to not be dangerous to anyone, least of all to Bella. Edward had joined him in this, knowing that his self control around normal humans was perfect, but being around Bella would be an immensely different scenario. So, he hadn't hunted in weeks, and he wasn't going to hunt until right before he met Bella, and that night he was going to hunt until he was way past his limits … hoping that would help.

Then there was Alice. There seemed to be something that she wasn't telling him and he was quite annoyed by that. He wondered if it was anything that he had to worry about. This of course, just made him want to worry more. However, she wouldn't say anything to him about this until one day she snapped at him and said, 'honestly Edward, if Bella was in any danger, don't you think you would be the first to know?' He had to admit that was true, he could feel the love that his whole family, and Alice in particular, had for Bella. Still, he had a funny feeling that he wasn't going to like it once he found out whatever it was that Alice was withholding from him.

Then there was only two days left until Bella would be there, in the small house that everyone just happened to know exactly where it was. Everything started to really get crazy. Everyone's nerves started to peak and Alice called a family meeting.

"What's up, Shortie?" Emmett asked impatiently.

"Well, it just became quite clear to me that we all need to talk about what is going to happen in a few days," Alice smiled at him, speaking in a crisp voice at human speed.

"I will only listen to you if you stop doing that," Emmett glared at her, hating when she talked slow, knowing full well that she only did it to annoy him.

Alice smirked at him and then said, "I know that you all have been making plans on what is going to happen on your own but it really is time that we talk about this as a family."

"Okay, and what do you have in mind?" Edward asked, knowing that she had everything mapped out already.

"First, no one is to go near the house now," Alice said. "I know, believe me, I know that we all want to see her … but you have to remember that she doesn't know who any of us are."

"We know that," Emmett rolled his eyes.

"… which means we have to let Edward be the one who approaches her first," Alice went on.

"And you're sure I can handle that?" Edward inquired softly, his mind for the last four weeks had been on plenty of things, but the one thing that never left it was what Bella's scent meant for him. "I'm not sure if …."

"Obviously we're not going to just let you go in there without help," Emmett said, patting him on the back. "You can start your stalking a little early this time around …."

"My thoughts precisely," Alice said. "You're going to have to go to Bella's room and get used to her scent."

Edward sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He couldn't help but let his worst fear take over him as they talked so causally about this. Not one of them knew how strong her blood was going to be for him … not even he knew that. What if it was strong enough to make him forget everything that he was … everything he had learned?

Edward, it's going to be okay, Jasper thought to him, obviously concerned about the direction Edward's emotions were going.

"I think it would be best if someone was with you while you do that," Alice said cautiously.

"Yeah, to make sure you won't react like some kind of blood thirsty monster," Emmett laughed.

"Thanks, Em," Edward groaned, but he did like the idea that someone would be there for him … a reminder to him if he should forget.

"Does that mean that I get to go with you?" Emmett asked hopefully.

"Sure," Edward chuckled.

Edward I wanted to go! Alice shouted in her thoughts.

"Then you should have said something," Edward smirked at her.

"You know that was what I was thinking," Alice hissed.

"Which is why I said 'said'," Edward chuckled. "And what about class … Biology class. Do you really think that knowing her scent at that time will be enough?"

"Yes, I do," Alice said firmly. "Of course you don't have to believe me. There is nothing saying that you have to meet her the first day if you can't handle the scent."

"Did you really have to say that?" Jasper groaned. "Now Edward is all conflicted again."

"What is it this time?" Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Dying to meet your beloved Bella, but not wanting to because you're worried that you might be pushing yourself too fast?"

Edward didn't answer, but Rosalie was pretty much right.

"I also think it's best if you try to stay away from the Swan residence as much as you possible can before you actually meet her."

"Why?" Edward asked he wasn't lost enough in his own thoughts to miss the almost amused note in her voice … or was that her thoughts? Why did he have to pick that moment to be caught up in his own thoughts?

"Because I don't want you running across Bella's scent for the first time with her in striking distance," Alice said coldly.

Her words rang so true and hit the nerve that he had been nursing for so long that he didn't argue with her after that. He would not endanger Bella like that. "Fine, I suppose I really should go hunting now anyway."

"That's right," Emmett smiled; you've got to gorge yourself on all those mountain lions. Where are we going anyway?

"What makes you think you're coming with me?" Edward raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not letting you out of my sight, Eddy," Emmett shrugged.

They had driven to Mount Rainier, taking Emmett's jeep knowing that it would take longer using the car than it was to run, but that was what Edward needed. No, it wasn't what he needed, but if he was going to run, somehow he knew that his feet would take him towards her. Every day it got harder to wait, and knowing it was killing him. After getting more than his fill of mountain lion, and other animals, they started heading back home, getting there just before the sun rose.

This was it, the first day of his new existence. As he got out of the jeep he knew that he had to do it, he couldn't stay away any longer. He lasted much longer than he thought he would, but still he was afraid of the longing he had, afraid that he was going to lose the control everyone praised him for. The worry wasn't enough to make him stop.

"Em …. I've got to go," he said, he didn't want his brother to come with him; he didn't want to have to have a chaperone, but the alternative … the thought of what might happen if he was left alone was painful to think about.

"Then let's go," Emmett said, and they both ran to Bella's house, Edward having to force himself to go at Emmett's pace; he shouldn't outrun his brother this time.

Edward stopped when they got to the edge of the woods where they could see the house. A police cruiser and a beat up truck sat in the driveway. He could feel the faint buzz of a mind that he assumed was Charlie's, after all he wouldn't be hearing Bella's. He listened closely, he could hear two distinct heartbeats coming from the house and it didn't take long for him to distinguish which one had to be Bella's, having known which room was hers. He closed his eyes and just listened to that sound. It was soothing to him, and it was incredible how much that sound already meant to him.

Emmett didn't say anything and as he kept his eye on his brother, trying not to let his thoughts betray that fact. It was impossible, of course. Edward knew that Emmett was watching his every move, not that he was moving, not that Edward gave much thought to that … his mind was on the beautiful sound of Bella's heartbeat. Still, the thought that was clearest in Emmett's head was Bella's safety, and that thought too, was soothing to Edward.

Bella made her first signs of moment as the sun rose, like she knew that this sunrise was somehow different than any other she had experienced before and she wanted to wake early for it. Edward rolled his eyes at his thoughts. No, she doesn't realize yet what today was. What this sunrise meant.

Edward snorted.

"What is it, Eddy?" Emmett questioned.

"I think I might have become optimistic," Edward smiled.

"Heaven forbid," Emmett chuckled.

Edward chuckled, too, before Bella drew his attention again as he heard her yawn and then get out of bed.

You really are going to find endless entertainment watching her sleep, aren't you? Emmett thought as Edward could see his face in Emmett's thoughts. He had a serene expression.

"Yes," Edward answered with another smile.

I think I'll stick to just watching what she does or says, Emmett thought, too bad Alice wouldn't let me try and switch my gym class … that would have been priceless.

Edward rolled his eyes as Emmett amused himself with what he thought Bella's gym class would be like, of course keeping his eye on Edward the whole time.

"What is she doing?" Emmett wondered hours later. They could tell that she wasn't moving …. at least not moving much, but she hadn't gone back to sleep, her breath wasn't even enough.

"I don't know," Edward said frowning a little, "probably thinking about something."

"Right," Emmett said amused and couldn't stop himself from thinking, she's thinking about something and you don't know.

"Emmett!" Edward said annoyed. He really was curious about what she was thinking and was just starting to understand how difficult this really was on his book self.

"Bella!" they heard Charlie call from inside the house. Edward read his impatience and nerves, but the thoughts were hard for him to make out. "If you don't get down here soon, you'll be late."

"Coming, Dad," Bella then said, and a smile came to Edward's face as her voice washed over him. It was so sweet to finally be able to hear her voice. It was warm and kind like she was.

"You hear that, Edward … she's coming," Emmett laughed.

"Shut up!" Edward hissed at him, dammit, he really should have taken Alice with him.

It wasn't long after that that he saw Bella for the first time in real life. Though it was impossible for her to see him where he was standing, he almost felt as if she was looking right at him when she first walked out of the house. He could see her eyes, they were the warm brown that he expected to see, and yet there was more to them than he had thought. The pictures in the other peoples' heads could not do them justice; there was so much life in them.

Yes, he would definitely be able to see what she was feeling clearly enough. Take now, for instance, she was worried about something, but had a certain air of determination about her. He wasn't sure what she was determined about. Was that there in the first chapter of the book? He didn't remember that, but perhaps she didn't think about it.

When her eyes moved to her truck he was able to look at her other features. He looked at everything, taking her all in, already making a list of everything he liked. Her expressive eyes were, of course, at the top of that list, along with her heartbeat that he already was sure he could pick out of any crowd.

Once she had driven away, so far away that he could no longer see her, he turned to Emmett. "Let's go." They ran to Bella's house. Edward was holding his breath; he wanted to be bracing himself when he was faced with her scent, making sure that he wouldn't let himself get carried away. When he tried to open the window he noticed that it groaned, it obviously hadn't been opened in many years, he would have to do something about that.

"Wow," Emmett said, he had been breathing normally. I didn't realize that her scent would be this good ….

"Em, please," Edward said shifting uncomfortably as they moved into her room. He didn't need to hear Emmett's thoughts on the scent, especially since he was so appreciative of it.

"Sorry," Emmett sighed, now trying to block out the fact that it had surprised him how good Bella smelled, with little success. Instead he tried to pick up other scents in the room.

Edward ignored his brother as much as he could as he stood in the middle of the room. Taking a quick look around and noting everything that was in the room. In truth, it was exactly how he had pictured it since he read the books. After he was done cataloging everything, he stilled his body in place, concentrated on not moving a step and took a breath.

It was unimaginable. It was worse than his worst fears. The scent was so much stronger than he could prepare for and the monster that he kept at bay for most of his existence was definitely trying to break free. It was imagining following this scent to where it would find its prey and then …. Edward shivered, and his mind snapped back into its proper place.

The moment the monster had Bella in its sights he felt a pain in him so feral it nearly knocked him to the floor. He stopped breathing then. He could feel her scent still swimming in his head, still tempting the monster within, but the pain was there too.

"Are you okay, Edward?" Emmett asked out loud, he had been thinking it for the last thirty seconds as he watched Edward react to the scent, but Edward couldn't concentrate on his thoughts as the monster raged in him.

"No," Edward said through gritted teeth. The pain was good, it was keeping him rational, but it wasn't enough yet. He had to keep breathing; he had to master this monster … or at least make sure Bella was always in his mind when it was around ….

So Edward took in another deep breath, and this was just as bad as the first. It burned his throat and he knew that no amount of hunting would help him with this new thirst. The venom rose to fill his mouth and he was dying to sink his teeth into something … someone …. NO! Don't think of that!

Edward forced himself to picture Bella, whose eyes that he had just seen, those eyes that were anxious but determined. What was she thinking this morning? To his surprise, this curiosity was helping, the monster was not as strong as a moment ago, but it was still growling. Begging him to let it go for just a few seconds. Never, Edward told it and the monster lashed out, by showing himself crouched, ready to spring on those curious eyes ….

Edward's whole body shuddered at that image, as pain and sorrow swept through him again. The monster was losing ground now, his body and mind were starting to reject its whispering, but it wasn't going to go away that easily. "Em … can you get me something of hers?"

Emmett took a deep breath, ran to the closet and took out the article of clothing that had the strongest scent still lingering on it. He handed it to Edward, who was still frozen in his spot in the middle of the room, not daring to take a step. Edward took the shirt that was handed to him, and feeling like the biggest pervert but knowing that it was necessary, held it to his nose and breathed deeply again.

He couldn't believe how much stronger her scent ensnared him, driving him and the monster even crazier than before. Conflicting thoughts fought against him, but they all seemed to want the same thing, they wanted to be near Bella. He concentrated on his better thoughts, of the ones where he was just near her, but he could hear the monster longing for the same thing and that scared him.

Edward stayed there, breathing her scent in, trying to control the monster, and knowing that when he was really near her the scent would be even stronger still, as hard as that was to imagine, he knew it had to be true. Still, after hours of burning in her room, he was sure that he could handle meeting her at least.

"It's almost lunch time," Emmett pointed out. I don't know if you ….

"Let's go," Edward said, and he turned to leave the house, again going at Emmett's pace, showing his brother that he wasn't some out of control monster.

Hm … he seems okay, and I suppose if there really was any threat Alice would be outside the school to meet us, Emmett thought as he ran beside Edward, but when he noticed his brother tense he decided to change the subject. "Did you happen to notice the other scents in the room?"

"What?" Edward questioned. "No, I could only smell Bella."

"That make sense, I guess," Emmett said, a passing thought going to the women that had smelled too good to him, but he moved from that thought quickly. "Well, there seemed to have been someone in her room …. I would say two days ago."

"You mean besides Charlie?" Edward asked, a little panicky.

"Yeah," Emmett said, not blaming his brother's panic. "The smell was sort of familiar, but no one I knew …."

"You think it was one of the Quileutes?" Edward asked, stopping as they got to the school's parking lot, slowly emerging from the woods and now walking at a human pace.

"Yeah, I think so," Emmett said. But clearly it wasn't a wolf …. I don't think even you would have missed that scent.

"Why would one of the Quileutes be there though?" Edward frowned. "And you said two days ago?"

"Yeah," Emmett said. I don't know, Eddy. Maybe they were just helping Charlie get Bella's room ready for her or something ….

"But there weren't any changes to her room since she was a little girl," Edward frowned, "except the computer … maybe that was it?"

"Sounds plausible," Emmett shrugged as they heard the bell ring for lunch. Yes, here just in time.

"Right, let's go," Edward smiled at his brother's enthusiasm, but he was starting to think that something else was going on here. Why was there that odd scent in Bella's room? No, he didn't have time to worry about that, he had to concentrate on Bella. He had to make sure he wasn't going to be any kind of danger to her and that was more important than some stray scent.

They sat at their normal table and were soon joined by the rest of their family, every one of them almost as anxious as he was.

"I'd hate to be you, Jazz," Emmett teased in a whisper that no one but them could hear.

Jasper did indeed look more anxious than anyone and it was as if they could all feel him trying, vainly, to calm them down.

"So I take it this means it all went well at Bella's?" Rosalie asked.

"As well as to be expected," Edward answered, suddenly worried that he was pushing himself too hard, he couldn't get the scent out of his head and then Bella walked in the room and he knew it was okay. Because nothing would keep him away from her and he was now forcefully beating that monster down. It would never cause the girl, his Bella, any harm.

Yes, yes, this is finally happening, Alice screamed in her head, willing herself to stay in her seat. She had been the one to suggest that they should try and keep things normal, and she was the one most tempted to run over to Bella now and act like they were best friends already.

Edward, however, didn't pay attention to his family's reaction to seeing her; they were all similar to Alice, though not as extreme. He hung onto every word she said. Her voice was peaceful to listen to, though he wished that she would say more than she did, he mostly had to listen to Jessica Stanley explain everything to her. He was watching her closely, he would have watched her closely anyway, but somehow he was almost expecting something different to happen this time around, though he knew that shouldn't be the case. However, nothing changed, Bella had asked about them, and he was sure she was noting all the ways they were different, just like she had in the book.

Ah, that was an interesting question, how was Bella going to find out about them in this reality? It wouldn't be safe for anyone for them to tell her, and yet, he longed to tell her himself. Would she run this time? No, not if he waited to tell her until he knew she liked him. And then about the books … He stopped thinking about that again because Bella had spoken again, and he could waste his time on musing about this when she wasn't around.

Yes, everything was quite the same as the way it had gone before, though when Bella mentioned Esme's kindness about adopting them all, there was an understanding there that he didn't think he would hear. And her anger at Jessica's words seemed to be fiercer than he imagined her getting. In that moment he longed to know what she was thinking, the thought was just as overwhelming as her scent had been. It seemed that he really was feeling a watered down version while reading the books and he wondered how much more he was going to love Bella when they finally got to meet.

"What's the matter, Edward?" Jasper asked, he could feel Edward's increasing curiosity and annoyance, and he was as amused as he was nervous about what it might mean.

"It was hard for me to really conceive what this would be like," Edward said. "Reading the books … it was all there, every word of it was hers … and now. Nothing. I have no idea at all. What is she thinking?"

Everyone tried not to laugh at that, with varying degrees of success.

"Well, get used to it!" Emmett boomed out laughing and it was then that the bell rang and it was time. Time for the biggest test of his life.

"You'll do fine," Alice said scanning the future and seeing nothing to suggest that anything bad was going to happen.

"That can change in a second," Edward felt he had to point out.

"I'll be watching closely," Alice promised. "But I honestly think you'll do fine."

"Thanks," Edward said, and walked away toward the Biology classroom. When he got there he waited patiently for her to come, he was holding his breath. As much as he knew he had to get used to the scent, he wasn't going to have it wash over him like it did in the book. No, he was going to wait for the best time.

When she walked into the room her eyes were immediately on him and there was a look like she was expecting something of him and he didn't know what that meant. She was also frowning at him, like something wasn't right about him, but he knew that he wasn't glaring at her like he had been in the book. Perhaps he was letting his longing, happiness, excitement … or a number of other emotions he was feeling show. Normally, he would have thought that he had masked them perfectly, but at least, Bella wasn't normal, and there was no telling what she had noticed.

She talked to the teacher and then walked towards Edward. She kept her eyes down, and she moved kind of stiffly, almost as if she expected him to attack her. She sat in her seat, staring straight ahead, not looking at him again … something which Edward found to be very annoying. Her eyes were the key, after all, if he was ever going to have a hint about what she was thinking he was going to have to see her eyes. He had only one option left to him, and he was happy to use it.

"Hello," Edward said in a calm and friendly tone. Bella stiffened, and Edward could hear that her heartbeat had just picked up. He was pleased by this response and yet it confused him too. "My name is Edward Cullen."

Bella slowly turned to him then; her eyes were confused, as if she couldn't believe that he was talking to her. Did she believe the gossip that he and his siblings didn't talk to anyone? She didn't seem to in the books, but why else would she be looking at him like that?

"You must be Bella Swan," Edward went on, wanting her so desperately to talk to him, to stop staring at him so suspiciously. He even called her Bella, knowing that she would think it odd that he knew not to call her Isabella; of course he also used Bella because it was what he always called her.

The suspicious glance increased and she looked really confused and almost upset about something. "How do you know my name?"

"Oh, I think everyone knows your name. The whole town's been waiting for you to arrive." He answered word for word what he had said in the book, smiling wryly, so it seemed like they were going to go straight into their second conversation. Well, that wasn't so bad; at least he hadn't given her death glares … yet. However, he was out of breath, so it was now time to see how strongly her proximity affected her scent.

The burning was again stronger than anything he had ever felt. The venom filled his mouth, and yet the curiosity and all his other feelings for her seemed to keep the worst of it away. Pain, longing, need, they were all there, but he had enough control to stop them from making him move.

She continued to question him about why he used Bella instead of Isabella and he noted that it was almost exactly as she had said in the book and yet the way she said it had to have been different. She didn't look surprised or annoyed at all to hear that the whole town had been talking about her, which Edward found to be really odd. She was supposed to shy away from attention like that. But she was too busy looking at him oddly, seeming to be confused about what was happening. Plus, as she spoke it almost sounded like she was reading a script that she only half remembered.

He wanted to question her about it, ask what was going on, but all he could say was, "oh." After that she turned to the front of the class and it looked like she was thinking about things just as hard as he was. They were both wondering what was going on and finding no answers to explain it.

There was no time in this class for him to talk to her again, Mr. Banner lectured the whole time and all Edward could do was look at Bella, hiding behind her curtain of hair, not moving an inch as if she was wary about what her movements would mean to him. It was unnerving sitting there for that hour. It was like some strange mixture of their first two meetings and he wasn't sure what to do with himself. So he practiced taking in her scent, it wasn't getting any easier, nor was it getting any harder. Still, he wished he would find a way to make this lessen soon.

When the bell rang, Edward nodded towards Bella, he didn't know what else to do and she nodded back, still quite confused, and then he went to Spanish class. He had two questions on his mind: What's going on here and what am I going to do now?

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