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Merry Christmas

"I still think we should have gotten the bigger tree," Emmett's voice could be heard from the backyard, he was carrying the back end of an enormous Douglas Fir tree that he and Jasper had chopped down that day.

"And I keep telling you that if the tree was any bigger it wouldn't fit in the house," Jasper's exasperated voice said. "Besides, that tree had a bald spot on the back and this one was more even..."

"No, it wasn't!" Emmett huffed, "it was the best tree there..."

"That's enough, boys," Esme said with a smile. "This tree is beautiful," she added with an appreciative look. "Put it in the family room."

"Will do," Emmett said, seeming to get over his surly mood quickly today. It was Christmas Eve after all, and he was looking forward to the celebration they would be having this year. There was just something about it being the first Christmas as a complete family that made him extra cheerful this year.

"What are we supposed to do with that?" Renesmee asked when the tree was placed in water and set up in the family room. Alice, having already picked the place where their tree was supposed to be, quickly twisted and turned it so it would show its best features.

"We're going to decorate it," Edward answered and his daughter raised an eyebrow, clearly asking why. "It's a Christmas tradition."

"Don't worry, Nessie... it's going to be a lot of fun," Bella smiled sweetly at her.

"Is it going to be fun like putting the lights up on the house was fun?" Teddy questioned with a smile. He really liked the design that Alice had come up with; he especially liked it when he and his family went home and he was able to see the full effect.

"I think so," Alice smiled, coming back in the room with four boxes of ornaments that she had just bought. "And it's something we're going to do as a family."

"Cool," Teddy smiled, running to her and talking the top box from her. Not wanting to be left out, Renesmee ran to her too, taking the next box. She had to suppress a laugh when Emmett came to her next with the same expression the twins had; he was obviously having just as much fun with this as they were. They tried to decorate the tree at as close to human speed as possible so that they could enjoy the time longer, but it only took half an hour despite the fact that the tree was huge.

"So, who gets to put the star on top?" Rosalie asked.

"Me!" three voice said at once.

Rosalie rolled her eyes at her husband.

"What... I think it's better if I did it, you don't want to show favoritism between them do you?" Emmett stated, giving her a pleading look.

"You're such a kid," Rosalie shook her head.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Emmett said, still giving her the same look. "Please!"

"But I want to do it," Teddy said as Renesmee touched her cheek, showing her how much she wanted to do this.

"Just pick a number from one to ten," Jasper suggested.

"But Teddy can cheat," Emmett pouted.

"I would never cheat," Teddy frowned, looking slightly hurt.

"I can't believe you said that Emmett!" Rosalie glared at him.

"That really wasn't called for," Esme added.

"I really don't think he deserves to be considered any longer after saying something like that," Jasper suggested, smirking at Emmett.

"Now... come on!" Emmett said but it seemed all the girls were in agreement with Jasper.

"So it's decided; Nessie, Teddy, whichever one of you is closer to the number I'm thinking of will get to place the star on top of the tree," Edward said, smirking at his brother.

"At least make it more interesting," Emmett pouted at being disqualified, but still didn't want to make things too easy. "How about they have to pick the exact number and it's one to a thousand."

"Fine," Edward said. "You go first, Renesmee."

"57!" Edward shook his head.

"459!" Teddy said and Edward shook his head again, and Renesmee said her number. It took a minute for the number to actual be picked, after they both guessed a hundred and six times. Renesmee had said 460 (which made Teddy really upset because he was so close with his first guess) and she ran to get the pretty star from Rosalie. She actually had to make a fair size leap to be able to actually put the star up there, but it looked perfect when she landed.

"What happens now?" Teddy asked, not letting the fact that his sister beat him get him down. He was really liking this holiday.

"We can roast chestnuts on an open flame," Bella suggested, trying to think of something to do.

"Um... would we have to eat them?" Renesmee said making a face.

"It sounds interesting to me," Teddy said, he was always willing to try anything once, though it helped that he sort of liked normal people food. "What's the matter, Ren, are you afraid?"

Renesmee glared at him, "I'm not afraid of anything!"

"That's the right attitude," Emmett chuckled.

Everyone gathered around the fireplace then, Teddy sitting in Bella's lap as Renesmee was in Edward's, and it truly was a perfect ending to their day. Renesmee actually ended up liking the chestnuts more that Teddy (though neither one of them liked them that much), which everyone found to be extremely funny. After that it was getting kind of late, so Edward, Bella and the twins went to their home, knowing that they would be back at ten to have the meal with all of their family.


Teddy woke up early the next morning. He wasn't really sure why he was this excited, but this was the first kind of celebration that he knew of and he was really looking forward to what was going to happen. When he left his room he noticed that his parents were sitting near the fireplace just seeming to enjoying each other's company. He always loved when he saw his parents like this. It was like he could almost feel their happiness (though of course he couldn't).

"Do you want to join us?" Bella asked him with a sweet smile, holding out her arms.

He didn't answer; he just sat in between them, resting his head on his mum's chest as she stroked his hair. As he sat there he looked around the room and noticed that each of the stockings that they had hung up were now filled with things. He wondered what was in them, but he decided not to do anything about that... he had a feeling he had to wait for his sister before he could open it.

His dad chuckled and projected his thoughts; you're right about that... everyone has to be here.

That's okay, Teddy thought back to his dad, I don't mind waiting.

"What are you two thinking about?" Bella huffed; she didn't really appreciate the fact that she was the only one that couldn't share thoughts (though she had learned how to control her shield enough so that she could let Edward hear what she's thinking from time to time).

"Just the Christmas stockings," Edward chuckled again, kissing the top of his wife's head.

"What about the Christmas stockings?" Renesmee asked, walking into the room looking rather sleepy.

"It's time to open our stockings," Teddy said, jumping out of his parents' arms and running over the fireplace and taking down his stocking before anyone else could even move.

"Go on," Bella said trying to suppress her laughter at both her son's actions and the confused look on Renesmee's face.

Renesmee didn't move quite as quickly as her brother, still not really understanding what was going on, but she had noticed that the stockings were now full of things and she was curious about what might be in them.

"Cool!" Teddy said, as he pulled out an iPod, "It's already full of music?"

"I thought you would want to listen to something right away before you have a chance to change the songs," Edward answered, knowing his son like a lot of different kinds of music, a lot of which he doesn't listen to that much.

You're such a brat, Teddy, Renesmee thought at her brother, "I love my iPod, Daddy."

Of course you do, you love all Dad's favorite songs, Teddy glared at her. "I never said I didn't love my iPod too, I was just curious about it already having music on it..."

"Please don't fight," Bella said to her children, who were now glaring at each other.

"Okay, Mommy," they both answered before looking back at their stockings.

When Renesmee pulled out a pretty little locket, she opened it and read 'more than my own life. She ran to her mom, touching her cheek to show how much she really loved the present. She asked her to put it on for her and then stayed sitting in her mom's lap.

"Um... is it supposed to look like this?" Teddy asked with a frown. He was holding a nice looking watch that had an engraving on the back that read:

My favorite surprise

Bella frowned at this response.

"No, it's not supposed to look like that, but seeing as you're still young we had to change the band of the watch so it would fit you," Edward answered, looking warily at his wife. "Once you've grown a little more we will be able to put the real band on and it will look better..."

"Oh," Teddy said and put the watch on.

"I just wanted you to be able to use it now, but also be able to keep it once you grow older," Bella said still frowning.

Teddy looked at her again and smiled, "I really like it, thank you so much, Mommy... Daddy."

"You're welcome," Edward smiled as Teddy came to join the rest of his family on the couch. They stayed like that until it was time to leave and join the rest of the family at the main house. Though it was daytime, Alice had left the lights on and because it was an overcast day, the effect was actually rather nice. When they got into the house they immediately realized that the Denalis were there already, talking to the rest of the family. However, as soon as they came in, every eye seemed to be on them.

Tanya ran over to them first, having already seen the children she was comfortable greeting them. "Wow, everyone warned me, but I still can't believe how much they've grown in three months!"

"I know, they look like they're three years not three months old," Bella sighed, but smiled as Renesmee put a hand on her cheek, inquiring about the other people that were there. Bella then said, "she wants to be introduced to the others."

"Of course," Tanya smiled as the others started getting close to them. "This is my sister Kate and her mate Garrett. My sister Irina and her mate Laurent... and Carmen and her mate Eleazar."

"Hello," Renesmee said as Teddy waved at them, both of them enjoying the attention they were getting.

"May I?" Kate asked Edward and he handed her Teddy as Carmen seemed to claimed Renesmee. However, they were passed around to each of the others quickly. Neither Teddy nor Renesmee minded this much, for they were curious about the new vampires just as much as they seemed to be with them. By the time that Charlie and the Quileutes started showing up, Teddy found himself back with Garrett and Kate, being interested in the adventurous vampire and the stories he was telling. Renesmee seemed to like Carmen.

"Hello, Dad," Bella said when Charlie came in, giving him a hug, while holding her breath. For the most part she had control of her instincts but she didn't want to chance breathing when she was this close to him. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas," Charlie repeated, looking around the house with an awed expression. "I don't know why I'm so surprised when I knew Alice would be involved, but I think she really outdone herself this time."

Bella sighed at that. "She certainly did."

"I wanted the twins first Christmas to be special!" Alice huffed, and then smiled at Charlie. "You don't think I went overboard with the decorations do you, Charlie?"

Charlie looked slightly uncomfortable before he smiled at her warmly. "No, I think they're lovely."

"Told you so," Alice beamed at Bella who rolled her eyes.

"I can't even get you on my side," she said shaking her head at her dad.

"Sorry," Charlie chuckled and gave Alice a hug, "So where are my grandchildren anyway?"

"They're in the family room," Bella smiled, and he made his way through the house to find them.

"Grandpa!" they both exclaimed, running over to him (at human speed) and giving him a hug. Soon he had joined everyone else, pleased when his grandchildren chose to sit next to him.

It was ten minutes later that the wolves started showing up, starting with the Clearwaters, though Leah had decided to patrol rather than get anywhere near the bloodsuckers. Embry and Quil where next to arrive, followed by Sam, Emily, Paul and Rachel, who brought Billy with them. Jacob was the last to show up. He was nervous as he approached the house and stopped short when he saw that Edward was outside.

"Hey," he said to the vampire that was frowning at him.

"Hello, Jacob," Edward said, trying to look as friendly as he could, but he was still wary of what was about to happen.

Jacob seemed to understand what he was thinking and said, "If you don't want me to come in, I would understand..."

"Jacob, to be honest, I probably never will be ready for you to see my daughter," Edward said truthfully. "But I've been outvoted..."

"Sorry," Jacob bowed his head.

"It's not that bad though... at least I like you," Edward shrugged, with a grimace. "Besides, I can see that Bella really has missed talking to you."

"I miss talking to her too," Jacob admitted. That was the hardest part so far about not being able to see them; he hadn't been able to talk to his best friend for months. He knew that as soon as he saw the little girl that was his imprint that this would change, that she would become the most important thing in his life, but right now he missed Bella most.

"That's interesting," Edward said, "Come on, let's get this over with."

"Hey, Jacob," Bella said before they could even get into the house.

"Hey, Bells," Jacob beamed at her and gave her a hug, one that would have nearly crushed her before she changed but now didn't seem to do anything. As he pulled away he was shocked by the fact that he didn't even think of her as being a vampire... Yes, she had changed, she was more beautiful than ever, but she was still Bella. Even with the offensive smell and the fact that she was now hard as stone couldn't change who she was inside.

"It's good to see you, too," Bella chuckled, this time hugging him back with some of her strength and he winced. "Oops... Sorry..."

"You did that on purpose," Jacob pouted at her.

"Maybe," Bella chuckled. "It serves you right for all the time you hugged me like that."

"Sure sure," Jacob just chuckled, too.

They walked into the house and then into the now full family room. It was loud in there as Emmett, Jasper and Laurent argued about some silly fight in one of the corners. Charlie had gravitated towards Billy, Harry and Sue; obviously more comfortable than he was when he first got there. Carlisle was talking to Eleazar, Carmen and Irina. Garrett was actually talking with the werewolves, at first so he could apologize to Quil and Embry for the effect he had on them. After that had been settled, he seemed to have come up with something they could all talk about and they were actually having a good time. Teddy had joined them, again enjoying the interesting tales that were being told there.

However, what caught Jacob's eyes almost immediately was the corner couch where Esme, Alice, Tanya, Kate, and Rosalie holding Renesmee sat. The little girl looked up at him almost as soon as he came into the room, her brown eyes so much like her mother's use to be, and yet they seemed to be even more beautiful. He felt it as soon as he saw them, his world being ripped away from him... changing completely from what it used to be.

She was now his world.

Renesmee wasn't sure what it was about this new guy. He looked a lot like the other Quileutes she had met both before and earlier today, but there was something different about him too. There was just something about his eyes that made her want to look at him. She held her hand to her Aunt Rosalie's cheek, asking her who this guy was. She felt her aunt stiffen, and she felt like she asked the wrong thing.

"That's Jacob," Alice was the one to answer. She seemed to be frowning too and Renesmee was left wondering what she did wrong. "Would you like to meet him?"

"Yes, please," she answered and Alice took her from Rosalie, who seemed more upset than ever, and walked over to the guy, Jacob.

"Hey, Nessie," Bella said when Alice approached with her daughter, taking the little girl in her arms. Renesmee touched her cheek and she saw Jacob in her mind and the obvious question of who he was. "This, sweetie, is my best friend Jacob."

"Hello, Nessie," Jacob said, smiling at her in a wide contagious smile and Renesmee found that she was smiling too. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"You too," Renesmee said, but she was frowning.

"What's the matter, Ness?" Bella asked.

"If he's your best friend, why didn't he come here before?" Renesmee asked and Bella had trouble not reacting to that questioned, her daughter was too observant for her own good.

"I've been really busy at school," Jacob chuckled. "And learning how to be a good leader..."

"Leader?" Renesmee frowned.

"Jacob is the Alpha of..." Bella started to explain.

"But I thought Sam was the Alpha?" Renesmee looked more confused than before.

"Sam is the alpha of one of the packs, but seeing as there are so many of us along with some other things, it was best that I took more responsibility," Jacob smiled. "I think I've learned a lot about being a leader these last three months..."

"Like what?" Renesmee asked. She was fascinated by Jacob, there just was something about the way he talked that made whatever he said interesting.

"Well, for one thing, I've learned that it's not all fun and games... there's a lot of work involved," Jacob said seriously, finding it very easy to be honest with Renesmee. They continued talking until Esme called all the humans to dinner and the others stayed in the living room discussing other things. Renesmee, even though she didn't want to eat anything had decided to stay with Jacob so she could hear more of the stories he had to tell. She quickly realized that he was going to be her favorite wolf and before her mom left her she asked if Jacob could come over more often.

"I'm sure he will," her mom answered in an odd voice that confused Renesmee but then she was smiling again. "I would kind of like to see him more often too."

"Don't worry," Jacob said to her mom. "I'll make sure not to make a nuisance of myself."

"It's too late for that," Rosalie grumbled from the living room, causing several vampires and werewolves alike to snicker.

Renesmee frowned, not sure why her aunt would say that but otherwise let it go. She enjoyed talking to him throughout the meal and when it was over and she got back to the living room they joined her parents and Seth on one of the couches.

"Who are you?" Teddy asked, coming to the couch to join his family and giving Jacob an odd look. He had not been oblivious to his sister's thoughts and he really wasn't liking how much this new guy seemed to be in them.

"I'm Jacob." The guy smiled at him as if they were friends.

Teddy, be nice! Renesmee huffed in her thoughts.

I don't have to be nice if I don't want to be, Teddy shot back at his sister, mentally sticking his tongue out at her. The only effect this had was his dad's to mouth thinned.

Dad! Renesmee thought at her dad, pouting at him.

"I'm sorry," he chuckled. "Come here, Ted."

Teddy went to sit on his dad's lap and then looked over to Jacob curiously, still wondering who this guy was and why he was invited to this dinner.

"Jacob is your mom's best friend," his dad explained and Teddy seemed to relax a little at that, but still wasn't pleased about how much his sister was thinking of this guy. However, by the end of the night, as he watched his mom, dad and Jacob joke around about things he had to admit the guy wasn't so bad.

All in all it really was a wonderful Christmas, the dinner and the company. Even the wolves and the Denalis seemed to have gotten along rather well. They could sense that this was going to be a tradition that they were going to try to keep up for as many years as they could.

A/N: I'm not sure how this turned out, I wasn't really planning on writing about Christmas but a lot of you asked for this and seeing as it is Christmas time right now, I thought it would be a nice present for you all. The more I think about it the more likely I feel like I will make a sequel to this story, though I really don't have the time to do that in the near future. However, I probably will be able to give 'one shots' every once in a while. I will just be adding them to the end of this story because I don't actually like writing one shots (I like long stories like this one). It is my hope that these will bridge the gap between Eternal Sunrise and the story I'm planning on doing about Teddy that will take place about fifteen years in the future. (So in fifteen years of time I should be able to come up with a few one shots to give you). Anyway, hope you like this chapter.