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"Night, Liv!" Finn called out, as he waved over his shoulder on the way out of the precinct. "Don't stay too late."

Liv smiled, thinking of Noah. I don't intend to.

She finished the last paragraph of her paperwork and then packed up and headed out. The air was a subtle warmth outside, perfect for walking in. she looked up at the dark sky, grateful to be alive. Not a day went by that she didn't cherish. Sure, life had its ups and downs, but with Noah and work, Liv found a solid reason for enjoying life.

She rounded the corner and up ahead she saw a familiar figure.

Her heart started thumping. It couldn't be, could it?

Each step brought them closer together and once they both recognised each other, they slowed their pace until they came to a standstill in front of each other.

"Liv," he said with one puff of breath.

Liv tried to calm her beating heart. Numerous people called her 'Liv' but only he ever said her name like that, like it meant something, like she was important. It wasn't just a name when it said it, it was attached to an infinite amount of affection.

"Hi, El," she greeted, finding her voice.

He looked much the same, though he had more wrinkles around his eyes and he looked tired and defeated as if life had treated him unkindly. Liv's heart ached at the thought. She liked thinking that he was happily married to Kathy, sharing the life they were supposed to.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"Good," she smiled. She wanted to tell him about Noah, but it seemed too soon to explain how she had come to adopt him. It wasn't the kind of conversation she wanted to be having in the middle of the street. It was more of a cup-of-coffee conversation. "How are you?"


"Hi. I'm Kate," a voice said, breaking through their connection.

Liv turned to see a woman standing beside El. Had she been standing there to entire time? Liv's gaze settled on their hands clasped together and she felt a stab of jealousy. It had been five long years since they'd seen each other. Liv had just assumed that he had gone back to Kathy, and given that he had given up his career that she would have taken him back.

Obviously not.

"Liv, this is my..." his voice trailed off.

"Girlfriend," the woman answered with an air of irritation.

Liv suspected as much.

The woman had short brown-ish red hair and brown eyes. There was no mistaking that she was a beautiful woman, in a natural unshowy kind of way, and why wouldn't she be? El had always had fair taste in women. But there was something strangely familiar about her, as if they had met before... somewhere.

"I'd like to get a cup of coffee sometime..." he said awkwardly. "I feel like I have some things to explain and-"

"We have to go," Kate said, tugging on El's arm. "It was nice meeting you Lisa."

"Olivia," she corrected.

"Yeah. See you."

El looked back over his shoulder as he was dragged away and mouthed 'I'll call you'.

Liv felt her chest tighten as he disappeared into the night.

As she headed home to Noah, she couldn't stop thinking about Kate.

Where on earth did she know her from?

Liv wondered if she even wanted El to call her, or if he would. Perhaps too much time had passed and this was how it was now. People came and went, it was a fact of life.

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