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"Stupid Muggles, never notice anything do they! And look at them. Such dull species. And we are here to protect them..! "He said in a condescending tone. The men were in a muggle cafe, dressed in deliberate casual clothes, and having a cup of coffee. They were minor magical law enforcement personnel's, having being assigned the duty of "Muggle watch". "You know.. I would rather die than be a muggle", with that comment, they rose and walked out of the café' in the pelting rain.

A man watched them leave. He was a middle aged, fit man, having seen his fair share of years. Having had served in the military as a tactician, he was able to discern suspicious movements in a flash. And the men who just exited looked rather silly and loud in his eyes. But their serious faces and sneers made him uneasy. He had seen them look around and point at the public and saw their lips move, he was sure, with a sarcastic remark.

Simon got annoyed. He hated idle careless remarks like these. He got and left his unfinished coffee, donned his coat and stepped out, umbrella raised against the falling rain. He could see the two men far ahead , standing under a shade of a tree. He got into his car and drove as discreetly as possible towards them and stopped when he was 10 feet from them. A hedge separating them. As the wiper worked to dispel the water on the wind shield, he watched them from the gaps in the buses. It gave him a thrill of sort.

Instinctively he felt there was something odd about them and as he peered closer , he gasped. The rain water which escaped the umbrella, was just bouncing off their coats and shoes, as though it was water falling on wax. Their shoes and clothes were oddly dry and with not even a water droplet in view. One of the men suddenly looked up towards the sky and moved so that his back was facing Simon. The man fumbled in his pocket and a moment later raised his arm high above his head. He could not decide what was held in his hand..Was it a wooden stick he was not sure. And as if by miracle, the falling rain came to an abrupt halt. Simon looked up amazed as the sky began clearing in minutes and bright sunlight peeked through the white clouds. He was shocked and was sure many people were too , as he looked around. He looked back at the two men and saw the man who had held his hand high, give a satisfied grin to his companion who in turn clapped him on his back. They spoke few muttered words and sped up each in an opposite direction. One of them disappeared in to an alley , out of Simon's view and the other entered a nearby bookshop.

A few seconds after the man entered the alley , he heard a sound like a car back firing from the Alley and pigeons suddenly took flight from there. Simon quickly sped up towards the alley , and screeched to a halt at the entrance. There was no one and the alley had no exit. Heart thudding he looked up desperately and noticed a CCTV street camera directly pointed at the Alley. Simon smiled.

Meanwhile, Cornelius Fudge exited the New Muggle Prime Minister's office as the Prime Minister stared miserably at the gerbil on his desk.