I cannot apologize enough for this horrendously long wait. I was caught up in life and never got the motivation or time. I am hoping to be regular from now on and I am hoping I at least finish this story completely and satisfyingly.

The air was buzzing with energy. Today was the day, they were going to meet their famed mysterious leader. The underground basement of The Mayflower pub was filled with 50 or so people. All dressed inconspicuously in their work clothes. Today they were told that all their questions would get answers.

The clock struck 3 AM and the basement door burst open and a hush fell over. A man ascended from the old stone stairs. He stood tall, with blonde hair and mismatched blue and grey eyes. He wore a long trench coat, somewhat giving him a look frozen in the 1940s.

Everyone now stood looking at him. Anticipation running high. At last he spoke. "My Friends, how are we all tonight. My name is Gellert Grindelwald. And here is my plan to take back control of what was always rightfully ours." He began pacing in the small space and when he spoke, it was with a confident voice carrying a slight German lilt.

"I must confess.." and here he paused, " I am one of them, one of your enemies, our enemies." This statement gave rise to confusion and slight agitation among the people. "I am a Wizard you see.. ". And then he brought out his wand and with a swish made everyone's drink disappear.

And now they shouted, half in anger and half in fear. "Shhh.." said Grindelwald and immediately they quieted down. "You see, I dislike my kind. The wizards, the magical folk. No beings should carry that kind of power. It creates an imbalance and gives rise to tyranny. Of course there are good and evil people in every section, and evil combined with magic amplifies the terror. We need to take back control, we need to establish that the Non-Magique.. the Muggles are no sitting ducks." his eyes held the beginnings of anger.

"Our strength is our numbers. Our strength is our innovation. The Wizarding world is still stuck in the 19th Century. Whereas we have progressed far beyond. Our weapons are superior, our intelligence is superior and our ability to adapt is exemplary. This is the key."

"Our first priority would be to cleanse the world of evil wizards, second would be to expose the wizarding world, thirdly and most importantly establishing total and utter control over them. We are not evil. Nein Nein.. We must show mercy. We must show, we are not savages who believe in tyranny. We must show we are better.!"

Then he floated slightly above the ground and towered over them. "Will you join my cause, my dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters?" They all cheered then. An Energy had spread over them, through them. They were invincible. They whooped and laughed.

A short chapter, but wanted to dedicate it entirely to Grindelwald.