Chapter 2: Giving it a try.

The day after Danzo had his men had announced Tsunade's pregnancy to the whole village, Once the village found out they through a huge celebration in her honour. Everyone clan (except the Uchiha and Hyuga clan) were happy to know about the new heir to both the Senju clan and Namikaze clan because they though once the child was born they thought they could try to make a political marriage arraignment to help boost there clans states seeing how the Senju clan founded Konoha along with the Uchiha. The festival in honor of the soon to be born child of Tsunade Senju and Minato Namikaze. They were drinking, throwing a massive feast, children were games and many more. Word of Tsunade's pregnancy had reached all over the whole shinobi world.

(With Kumo)

"Dad have you heard!" Said Ay the son of the sandaime Raikage. The Raikage looked at Ay confused, "Heard what?" - "Tsunade Senju of the legendary three Sannin is pregnant with the child of Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage." The Raikage eyes widened in both shock and surprise. Their was going to be a new Senju, one that is the son of two very powerful kage level shinobi. "We should send a team to kidnap her at once." Said Ay, "No." Said the Raikage. Ay looked shock and confused, "No?, but why if we get our hands on her and her baby we could start a senju clan in Kumo it could make our village more powerful with in the next few years. "No!, that is finally." Ay was going to protest but his father interrupted him, "Do you have any idea what the Yellow Flash would do to us if we even so much as try to kidnap his lover (AN: The whole element nation thinks that Minato and Tsunade are lovers.) and unborn child, he would do to use what he did to Iwa during the Third Great Shinobi war." Finished the Raikage. Ay paled he now realized what his father was saying and nodded in agreement. Even though they wouldn't try to kidnap Tsunade tgey decided to keep a close eye on her because they knew for a fact that the baby she had inside of her would be a threat.

(With Iwa)

Chaos, that was the best word to describe what Iwa was in now. The villiagers were in uproar and shouting for the death of the Yellow Flashes baby, Onoki the sandaime Tsuchikage had gotten word that Tsunade was pregnant with the Yellow Flashes child and he was furious because the bastard as he would say, that slaughtered his family his son, daughter-in-law, and nephew was going to start a family of his own. He would have declared war to just to kill the child but his village was still weaken gravely after the Third Great Shinobi war that and even if they had enough straight to fight the Leaf they would also have to fight the Sand as well seeing how Konoha and Suna are now allies. The villiagers were in front of the Tsuchikage tower ranting and raving about killing the son/daughter of the Yellow Flash. Onoki gritted his teeth because he knew that this child would be a problem later on in the future.

(With Suna)

The Kazekage heard about Tsunade and Minato's child. To be honest he didn't really see this as a problem because Suna and Konoha are now allies. If anything he saw this as an opportunity to merge his clans name with both the Namikaze and Senju clans with a political marriage so he could also create strong ties with both Leaf and Sand by doing this as well.

(With Kiri)

The orange masked man who used his Sharingan to control the Mizukage to start the bloodline purge was going over the news he had heard from zetsu. "Hm a new Senju." Said the masked man with dark intentions in his voice.

(In the River country)

In the middle of the street a certain white hair sage was angrily heading over to Fire country, he had caught word from the villagers in this country that Tsunade Senju of the sanin was pregnant with the Fourth Hokage child. The white hair man curled his fist in anger and gritted his teeth, "How could you do this to me Minato!" Thought e man.

(Back in Konoha)

During the celebration both Tsunade and Minato were there along with Hiruzen and Shizune even Kakashi was there which was surprising because he's not really a party type of person, they were looking around for a place to eat because Tsunade started to get cravings due to her pregnancy so they decided to walk around and check out what type of food they had at the party. They stop when they saw Tsunade running straight into a ramen stand called Ichiraku ramen, they saw Tsunade ordering over fifty bowls and eating them very fast, Minato inwardly cried because he knew he was going to have to pay. Shizune and Hiruzen also ordered some food as well, Minato and Kakashi stood outside of the store for to reasons the first was because they could better protect Tsunade in case anybody tried to assassinate her, and secondly they weren't hungry. Minato and Kakashi started to have a conversation. "Well this is a bit much don't you think?" Said Kakashi annoyed, referring to the villagers who were getting drunk and acting like idiots. - "Well it seems their just really happy I guess." Said Minato. Kakashi deadpenned, "Really because it seems like to me that their just using this as an accuses to get drunk and act wild. Minato sweat-dropped at his students attitude but still kept a smile on his face. "So... your going to be a father huh?" Minato looked at Kakashi who was looking at him right back. Minato scratched the back of his head sheepishly and smile, "Yeah I guest I will." Kakashi smiled under his mask, "Well i'm happy for you sensei. Minato smiled back, "thanks Kakashi."

Minato then frowned when he saw Kakashi's face become more serious. "So how do you think Kushina and Jiraiya will take it, the whole you knocking Tsunade up thing, I mean we both know the Jiraiya loves Tsunade so will probably be mad if or when he finds out and the same can be said about Kushina, and we both know when she's angry she tends to get violent." Minato frowned at what Kakashi said and he knew his student was right, jiraiya would be furious with him and he couldn't really blame him seeing how he slept with the woman he loved and got her pregnant. As for Kushina she would probably be angry that the day after they broke up he immediately slept with another woman. He then signed he really hopes that they both take it well he doesn't want a man who he considers a father hate him, and as for Kushina he really hoped she wouldn't do something stupid or violent like attacking Tsunade or something. "So how is it going to work, you know the whole baby thing." Asked Kakashi curious. Minato signed, "I don't really know to be honest." - "Have you thought about maybe to try to have a relationship with her, you could start by asking her out on a date maybe. " Minato eyes widened in shock and looked at what his student just said. "Wh..wh...What!, were did that come!" Stuttered Minato with blushing. He thought about what it would be like if he did have a relationship with Tsunade and if it would work. He then frowned when Kushina popped into his mind because he still remembers the time when Kushina broke up with him and how bad it felt, after the break up he didn't want to start dating anytime soon because he didn't want to risk getting hurt like that ever again.

Kakashi looked at his sensei and looked worried because he could tell that his sensei is thinking about his ex. He knew how bad Minato felt after Kushina rejected his marriage proposal and broke up with him, after Kushina dumped him he tried to get his mind of her by getting drunk or by keeping himself busy with work, to be honest he hoped that his sensei could have a relationship with Tsunade because of many reasons the first it would get his mind off Kushina, the second he could get over his depression of never being able to find someone, and finally even if it things don't work out between the two his sensei could still get over his depression by raising a child. Kakashi then gave him a grin and then spoke, "Well I don't really see what the big deal is I mean you already slept with her what the hell is the big deal about a date." He said in a teasing tone. Minato blushed red at what Kakashi said before he could say anything Kakashi cut him off, "But seriously though." Said Kakashi looking and sounding serious. "You really should try to make this work with her sensei I mean do you think you son or dauther would feel comfortable having to be shared between his or her parents. Minato looked at Kakashi for a minute and he knew that he was right, he should the very least try to make it work. "Okay your right Kakashi I guess I should the very least try." Kakashi nodded, "Don't worry sensei because if it doesn't work out you know I'll help you out on this right?" Minato smiled at his student, "Thanks Kakashi and I know you'd help me out." Soon after they saw bright red look on Tsunade's face and a smirking Hiruzen and Shizune coming out. Minato looked confused. "Hey Tsunade why are you red?, are you sick?" Said Minato touching her forehead, Tsunade eyes widened. "NO, no i'm fine I just ate to much." Said Tsunade taking Minato's hand off your forehead. Shizune and Hiruzen chuckled, Tsunade gave them a glare which made them stop. Tsunade then looked at Minato slightly nervous. "I'm going to head home see you later." said Tsunade walking away heading home with Shizune following her. Minato was now really confused he then looked at Hiruzen. "Um did something happen?"

Flashback 5 minutes ago:

Tsunade, Shizune, and Hiruzen were in the middle of eating ramen. Shizune then asked Tsunade a question. "So sensei how are you and Minato going to do this?" Tsunade looked confused. "Do what?" - "You know the raising a child thing, are you and Minato going to talk about talk about who gets custody or are you two going to raise it together." She said with a smile. Tsunade eyes widened then turned sad, she signed. "Look I know what your implying but it would never work out between us." Hiruzen looked confused, "Why wouldn't it work out between you two?" Tsunade had a sad smile. "I mean first theres the age difference between us, he also just got out of a relationship a few months ago so I don't think he's in the mode to start dating or being in a relationship with anyone right now." Tsunade then looked sad with made Hiruzen and Shizune frown their eyebrows. "After all losing Dan was hard enough for me, after he died I never wanted to date or be with another man because I didn't ever want to go through the pain of losing someone I love and I still haven't fully got over him." Said Tsunade now looking down at her food. "Plus what do you think Dan would think of me right now knowing I got pregnant with other man's child because I got drunk and had a one night stand." Said Tsunade slightly depressed while shedding a few tears into her ramen, Hiruzen and Shizune looked at Tsunade with sad looks they both knew that losing Dan devastated Tsunade.

They didn't say anything for a minute but soon Shizune spoke. "Look sensei to be honest I don't know what my uncle would say to this if he was here but I think he would be sad knowing you were having a child that wasn't his." Tsunade looked even more sad, "But answer me this question do you want to keep the baby?", Tsunade looked up from her bowl and turned to Shizune nodding, "Are you happy about being a mother?" She nodded again which made Shizune smile. "Then he wouldn't be mad that your having having this baby, he would only be mad if this made you unhappy, he loved you sensei to him if you were happy he was happy." Tsunade looked at her for a minute, she then wiped her tears away and smiled at what Shizune said, "Thanks." Said Tsunade about to start eating her ramen again but was cut off when Shizune spoke again. "As for the whole you and Minato having a relationship thing, I pretty sure he doesn't care about your age see how he already slept with you." Said Shizune in a teasing tone with a smirk on her face, Hiruzen smirk as well. Tsunade eyes widened and she blushed hard at what Shizune said. Very soon after Shizune and Hiruzen started to have a little fun by teasing Tsunade some more. "Okay that's enough i'm leaving!" Said Tsunade annoyed. She then turned to ramen chief who was holding the bill he wasn't going to let Tsunade skip out on paying seeing how she literally eat all the foodin the shop, "Don't worry about that the blonde hair guy waiting out side is going to pay." Teuchi gave her a smile, "Oh okay so your boyfriend will pay got it." Tsunade blushed red. "Boy...boy...boyfriend!" Stuttered Tsunade, Shizune and Hiruzen started to laugh. "He's not my boyfriend!" Said Tsunade embarrass. "Oh so he's your husband." Concluded Teuchi. Shizune and Hiruzen were now laughing hard while Tsunade left in embarrassments.

Flashback end:

Hiruzen gave him a smile, "nope nothing happened, well I better head home see you later." Minato nodded still confused. Hiruzen then turned around, "Oh I almost forgot." - "forgot what?" Hiruzen handed Minato a piece of paper which Minato took then he walked away." Minato and Kakashi looked at the paper and Minato looked at it in horror while Kakashi looked at his sensei in pity, it was the bill for all the ramen Tsunade had ate. "I didn't think that many zeroes could even be on a bill." Said Minato in horror. "Man I got to say she sure likes ramen." Said Teuchi with a smile. Minato and Kakashi turned to the ramen shop owner. "That's some woman you got their." Minato blushed, "Oh um thanks but she's not my woman she's just a friend." Teuchi raised a brow them smiled. "Oh my bad sorry, It's just that your paying for her food and that's normally something you do on either a date." Minato eyes widened he then paid for Tsunade food then he and Kakashi left.

Yesterday at the Senju compound:

Tsunade was in her house sitting at her table, Shizune was making her breakfast because she didn't want her sensei to stress her self off. Tsunade was going over her thoughts about yesterday she was still thinking about what Shizune said about her and Minato should try to have a relationship with each other, she blushed at thoses thoughts, "Me and him dating.. it wouldn't work out I mean he just got out of a relationship a few months ago, plus why would he even want to have a relationship with, I mean he could have any girl in the villiage." Suddenly she heard a knocking from the door, snapping her out of her thoughts, Tsunade then opened it and saw Minato who was looking nervous. "Um how can I help you Minato?" Minato looked at her for a few seconds not saying anything, "Are you busy later tonight?" Said Minato nervously. Tsunade was confused, "No why." - "do you.. would you... um.. like to go on a date tonight." Said Minato blushing hard. Tsunade's eyes widened in shock she never thought that Minato would ask her out, before she could answer Shizune did it for her, "She loved to meet her here tonight around eight. Minato nodded an left. Tsunade closed the door and glared at Shizune, "Why would you do that?!" Shouted Tsunade. Shizune gave her a serious look, "oh come on sensei it's just a date what's the worse that could happen." Before Tsunade could talk Shizune spoke again. "Plus who knows you might actually have a good time." - "Shizune." Mumbled Tsunade quietly, "Just give it a try sensei please." Said Shizune softly. Tsunade looked at her and thought about it, it wasn't that she didn't like Minato she did but mostly in a friend type of way, I mean she think he was handsome and all but he was still younger than her, She then thought about what Shizune said and spoke. "...alright fine I'll go." Said Tsunade with a smile, Shizune smiled back nodding happy.

Later tonight at the Senju compound: Minato's POV

Minato was walking on his way to the Senju compound to pick up Tsunade for their date, "Why did I let Kakashi talk me into this." Thought Minato it wasn't that he didn't like Tsunade he did but in a friend type of way, I mean he did think she was beautiful and all who in the village didn't but when he asked her out he could tell she didn't want to, Minato signed, "Maybe I should just cancel, I mean I wouldn't fell comfortable going on a date with someone who doesn't want to go out with me." Minato was at the front of Tsunade's house he knocked the door. "Coming!" He heard Tsunade say opening the door. Minato's jaw slighty dropped and he blushed when he saw what Tsunade was wearing, she had on a black dress the showed off her perfect curves and her cleavage a little, Tsunade also blushed when she saw what he was wearing, he had on a tux with a white shirt dress shirt underneath half the buttons on the top of the tux wear undone as well as the shirt showing a little skin. "So are you ready to go." Tsunade asked me, "sure, but if you don't want to we could cancel, I wouldn't want to force you into doing anything." I said looking at her.

"Nah I mean your already here plus i'm dressed up so lets just have a good time." She said with a smile, I smiled back and nodded. We then left saying bye to Shizune. Me and Tsunade were walking down the street neither of us said anything which was awkward so I tried breaking the ice first, "So were would you like eat at." Tsunade jad a thoughtful expression on then she looked at me spoke, "How about ramen place we went to yesterday." - Um sure I guess but are you sure that's were want to go to." I asked her, she nodded, "yeah due to the pregnancy I've been having a craving for ramen." I chuckled, "I guess the kid is going to be a ramen addict huh." Tsunade chuckled, I guess your right." She said. Soon after we arrived at the ramen shop. "Well if it isn't the couple from last night what can I get you." The ramen chief said to use. Both me and Tsunade blushed at what he said but for some reason neither of use said anything we just took a sit and sat down. Tsunade and me started to order some food, I order one bowl, Tsunade ordered one of everything. Soon after the chief brought over the food, and we started eating. "So how have things been." She asked me. "Well I've been with work so far I've been doing some negotiating and if it goes well theirs a chance a new clan will join Konoha." I said, "How about you." Tsunade shrugged "Not much really if anything I have to much time off, not that i'm complaining." She said with a smirk. Soon after we finished our food and I paid. We walk towards the Senju compound together because I wanted to make sure nothing would happen to Tsunade or the baby. We were soon at the front of her house. "Thanks for the good time, I had fun." she said with a smile, "No problem." I said witha smile as well. She reached over and kissed me on the cheek, I blushed hard when she did that, "Good night Minato." She said smiling - "night" I said back smiling back.

End of POV:

After Minato and Tsunade finished their date and went home neither of them noticed a certain red haired woman who was following them all night burning in both anger and jealousy. "I can't believe he's dating her of all people." The red haired woman taught mad.

Chapter end

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