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Chapter 5: The death of a Kage

At the valley of end:

"Wha?... where am I?" Said Kushina finally coming too.

"So your finally awake." Said the masked man who was in front of her. Kushina's eyes widened she then tried to charge at him but found that she couldn't move. "It's no use your tied up good you won't be able to escape. Kushina's eyes widened now that she realized it she both of her arms were tied to each end of a rock near a waterfall.

Kushina then glared at the masked man. "What is it that you want?, What are you after?" she asked. The masked man looked amused, "Oh please don't play stupid with me, you already know what I want jinchuuriki."

Kushina still glared at the masked man not saying anything. The masked man then shrugged his shoulders, "Well seeing how your not going to survive this I might as well tell want I what. I want to extract the Kyuubi from your stomach and use it to destroy the hidden leaf village." the masked man answered simply.

Kushina eyes widened in horror, "Are you insane?!, your going to free the Kyuubi?!"

The masked man shrugged again. "Oh i'm very sane, but enough talk it's time to get right down to business." Said the masked man walking in front of Kushina.

The masked man then used his Sharingan to go inside of her seal where the Nine-Tailed Fox laid. The Kyuubi was tied to a large rock with chains and stakes pinning each of his tails down.

"Well, well, well look at this the so called mighty Kyuubi chained up like an animal." Said the masked man mockingly. The Kyuubi growled, "WHO ARE YOU?!, AND WHY DOES YOUR CHAKRA FEEL JUST LIKE HIS! Roared the Kyuubi.

"That's none of your concern Biju because your now going to be my puppet in order to help me archive my goal of destroying the hidden leaf."

"NO!, I'M NEVER GOING TO BE YOUR PUPPET!" Roared the Kyuubi while struggling to get out of these chains.

"I'm not giving you the choice."

The masked man then walked up to the Kyuubi and looked him in they eyes. The masked man then focused his Sharingan on the Kyuubi.

As the Kyuubi tried his best to resist the Sharingan, but in the end he failed. His large slitted eyes then changed into the pattern of three tomoe.

The Nine-Tails then roared breaking all registrations that held him to the massive rock and started melt away out of the mindscape. Outside of the seal Kushina was screaming in agony, as many violent red bubbles of chakra exploded from her body. It felt like she was being burned alive.

"Come forth Kyuubi and do my biding!" the masked man shouted, as he placed his hands in a seal. The area around them started to shake, and the Kyuubi had emerged from his host, reappearing in the real world once again after a century.

"Now we head for the Hidden Leaf Village and destroy it," the masked man before turning to walk away from there.

"No...cough!,... St... Stop!" Breathed out a tried and almost dead Kushina who was also trying to stand up on her feet.

The man turned around in surprise. He didn't expect Kushina to survive the extraction of her Biju. He then spoke "The Uzumaki clan truly is something special, even after ripping the Biju out of your body it still didn't kill you right anyway," he said.

He turned to his new pet once again then turned back to Kushina with a smirk. "I believe It's only fitting for the Kyuubi to kill his former Jinchuuriki."

Kushina's eyes widened.

The masked man then used his Sharingan to order the Kyuubi to kill her. The Kyuubi lifted one of his large claws up and then smashed it down destroying the rock Kushina is tied to. The dust soon settled revealing no sign of Kushina's mangled dead body The masked man smirked he had a good guest as to what just happend.

The masked man then looked up and saw Minato who was crouching on top of a large tree, holding a half dead Kushina Uzumaki. Minato's eyes widened in horror at Kushina's current state.

"Kushina!, can you hear me?!, say something!" Said Minato.

Kushina was coughing out blood, "cough!, cough!, ... Minato... I don't think I'm going to make it."

Minato eyes widened, "Don't say that i'm going to get you to Tsunade, if anybody can save you, she can." But Kushina didn't hear him because she passed out.

He then turned to the masked man with a hard look. "Your going to pay for that." Said Minato in a cold voice.

"Oh am I now?" said masked man in a mockingly voice. The masked man the signal the Kyuubi to attack Minato. Kyuubi jumped toward Minato and was about to slash him with his claw, but Minato teleported out of the way.

"Impressive speed." Minato's eyes widened, "now I know why they call you the Yellow flash." Said the masked man who warped behind Minato. The masked man then pulled out a dagger with a sharp purple tip on it from his cloak, he then stabbed Minato in the right shoulder with it.

Minato grunted, he then kicked the masked man back a few feet. Minato saw the dagger that was in his shoulder, he then grabbed it.

"AAH!" Cried Minato has he pulled out the dagger from his shoulder.

Before Minato could do anything he heard Kushina coughing out more blood, "I need to get her to Tsunade.", Minato then looked at the masked, "But I also can't let the masked man escape, I did tell Izumi to go tell Hiruzen and Jiraiya to come to the valley of end for back up." Minato then pulled out one of his tri-kunai, "I'm going to need to by time."

But just before Minato could do anything the masked man spoke, "well as much as I would love to continue are fight I must get going theirs still a village to destroy, plue theirs still something else i'm after... your son. " Minato eyes widened, The masked man then warped away in a vortex with the Kyuubi along with him. Minato suddenly he heard three figures coming from the right, it was Jiraiya, Hiruzen, and Izumi.

"Minato what happened?! Said Hiruzen he then looked at Kushina who was covered in blood, "Oh no... is she-" Hiruzen was then interrupted by Minato.

"She's still alive but barely, but we need to get to Tsunade now!" Shouted Minato, "That masked man is after Naruto!"

Hiruzen and Jiraiya's eyes widened but then Jiraiya had a smile, "wait Naruto?, you mean Tsunade already gave birth why didn't you call us?"

Minato glared at Jiraiya, "Sensei!, now isn't the fucking time!. We need to get to Tsunade before that Masked man does!" Shouted Minato. Hiruzen and Jiraiya then both nodded understanding that now really wasn't the damn time. Minato then used his Flying Thunder God to teleport them all to the village.

At the Villiage:

The masked man was in an alley way he then went through a few hands signs and slammed the ground, Summoning jutsu!.

The moment when the Masked man did that, the ground all around Konoha started to shake. Many people around the Village felt it.

(With the villagers)

"what is this?" Said one of the villagers.

"Why is the ground shaking?" Said another.

"Wait!, what is that?!" Said a villiager pointing at the giant fox like creature.

(At the Uchiha Compound)

"Waah!, Waah!" Cried a baby Sasuke being woken up by the ground shaking. His mother was cradling him back and forth trying to calm him down, "Shh, don't cry Sasu." Said Mikoto.

She then turned to her husband, "Do you think it's an earthquake?"

Fugaku looked out through his window his eyes then widened at what he saw, "What is that?"

(At the Hyuga compound)

Hiashi was in a meeting with the Hyuga elders they had called him to discuss about the birdcage seal, but it was interrupted by the groung shaking. "

"What is this a tremor?, earthquake?" Said on of the elders.

Haishi had a feeling in his gut that something bad was going to happen.

(Back to the masked man)

The Kyuubi then appeared, "Go now, and destroy this Village."

The Kyuubi then dashed to the middle of the village in the processes of destroying building and killing many people while it was dashing. When the Kyuubi got to the middle of the village it started to use its tails to destroy everything in sight. "Yes that's right destroy this Village, burn it to the ground!" thought the masked man darkly. The masked man then started to head over to the hospital which wasn't to far away, "Time to go and retrieve the new Senju."

(With Tsunade, Naruto, and Shizune)

Shizune was was cleaning up the room, she turned around and smiled. Tsunade had woken up 10 minutes ago and was breast feeding her son after she was done Tsunade then brought Naruto to the room next door and put him in his crib and left but suddenly she and Shizune heard crying. They then dashed to other room and slammed the door open.

Tsunade saw a masked man holding her Naruto who was crying. "Who are you?!, and give me my son back!" Shouted Tsunade mad while glaring at the masked man. The masked man turned Tsunade and Shizune. "No I think not a Senju can be used as a valuable weapon." Said the masked man chuckling darkly.

Shizune glared at him while Tsunade gave him a death glare there was no way in hell she'd let this fuck use her son as a weapon.

Just as Tsunade was abut to attack him, Minato and co suddenly teleported in the where Tsunade was. Tsunade and Shizune were relieved that Minato, Jiraiya, Izumi, and Hiruzen were here right now. Tsunade and Shizune then noticed a bloody Kushina. "Oh my god!, what happened to her?!" Said Tsunade in horror. Seeing Kushina like that made her remember about the Thrid Great Shinobi war and how Dan died.

She then saw Minato glare at the masked man and Tsunade now had a good idea on who did this. The masked man then pulled out another dagger and pointed it at Naruto. He then spoke, "well Yondaime you have to choices either save your son or your Village."

They all then heard a massive roar and the sounds of screaming and buildings being destroyed. Minato eyes widened, "The Kyuubi." Tsunade first looked confused but then she realized just what's going on, "You ripped out the Kyuubi from Kushina and sent it to attack the village!" Said Tsunade shocked. The masked man chuckled, "well it seems your more observant that I thought,so Yondaime which will it be?"

Minato stayed silent.

Tsunade looked at Minato in shock, "Are you actually thinking about this?!"

After a minute of silence Minato spoke, "Okay I've made my choice." Everyone looked at Minato with wide eye while the Masked man smirked.

Tsunade was mad and slighty scared on just who Minato is going to choice. She new a kages duty is to the village, but if Minato actually decided to choose the Village over Naruto, she was going to fucking kill him.

"Minato if you actually choose the village over our son, i'm going to kill you!" thought Tsunade.

"Minato I know this is a hard choice to make but protecting the village comes first." thought Hiruzen sadly.

"Please don't let Naru-chan die, Yondaime-sama." Thought Shizune.

"... I choose both." Said Minato, shocking everyone in the room. "I'm going to save both Naruto and the village." The Masked man then frowned.

Tsunade was relieved that Minato wasn't going to let Naruto die.

The masked man soon after got out of his shock then chuckled, "Oh really your going to save both the village and your son." The Masked man then used his eye to created a whirlwind and shot out two huge Shurikens. Everyone was able to dodge them.

The masked man then took his chance and teleported away. Tsunade eye's widened, "No!, Naruto!" Tsunade then looked at Minato, "We need to find him fast!" Minato looked at Tsunade, "Don't worry." He said calmly.

Tsunade then glared at Minato while tears were going down her face, "Don't worry?!, he took our son, don't you even care?!"

Minato then grabbed Tsunade's shoulders and looked at her, "Tsunade trust me he won't get away with our son, I promise." Said Minato dead serious. Tsunade looked at him for a moment then wiped her tears away and nodded.

Minato looked at Hiruzen and Jiraiya, "I need you two, to go gather all available shinobi to hold off the Kyuubi long enough until I cone back I have a plan to stop the Kyuubi." Jiraiya and Hiruzen nodded shushining away.

Minato then put Kushina down on the hospital bed. He then looked at Tsunade and Shizune, "I need you two to help her, while I go after the masked man got it?"

Shizune nodded but Tsunade was hesitant which Minato caught. He slightly cursed himself he had forgot that Tsunade was afraid of blood. Minato then spoke, "Tsunade I know your afraid but please if you don't hurry Kushina will die!"

Tsunade's eyes widened, "Minato's right if I don't do anything Kushina will die." Tsunade's eyes then harden, she looked at Shizune. "Lets get started." Shizune nodded.

Minato smile for a moment then returned to a serious face just as he was about to leave Tsunade grabbed his shoulder, "Minato please come back with our son, promise me."

Minato looked at her for a moment and spoke, "I promise both Naruto and me will make it back okay." Minato kissed her which she soon returned and then Teleported away, Tsunade could tell Minato was only telling half the truth. She then began operating on Kushina along with Shizune.

At Hokage Mountain:

The masked man was watching over from the mountain seeing the Kyuubi destroy the village. "That's right burn, burn to the ground." He chuckled. Naruto was still crying. The masked mqn suddenly felt something touch his arm.

It was Minato who quickly send a Rasengan straight at the masked man's chest blasting him back a few feet, but not before teleporting Naruto to him. Minato was glad that he put a Hiraishi seal on the Masked man when he stabbed him in the arm with a dagger. Naruto then opened his eye seeing him father holding him, he then smiled.

"Ugh!" Grunted the Masked man trying to get up but Minato then activated the exploting tags he place on the Masked man when he grabbed his arm. "AAAHHH!" Cried out the Masked man in pain as his arm was blown off. Minato then teleported in front of him and placed a seal on his chest.

Suddenly he couldn't fell his connection with the Kyuubi anymore, "What did you do?!"

Minato then spoke "This seal will cut off your hold on the Kyuubi."

The Masked man glared at Minato, "Damn you?!"

Minato then started to fell weak, "...What's, what is happening to my body?" Said Minato on one knee while still holding Naruto.

The Masked man smirked seeing Minato like that. "So the poison is starting to take effect."

Minato eyes widened, "What poison?"

"The poison that I injected you with when I stabbed you with that dagger." Minato's eyes widened he rememberd the dagger that the masked man stabbed his shoulder with did have a purple tip on it. "The tip of that dagger was poisoned." Said Minato now understanding.

The masked man nodded, "Yes and that isn't just any type of poison, it's a rare type. First it causes your body to be weak, then you'll start coughing out blood, and finally after that is over it'll kill you if not treated fast, you'll die far before the village is destroyed."

Minato looked shocked but then spoke, "There's something I want to know."

"What is it?"

"... You were able to control the Kyuubi and you have a Sharingan. There hasn't been any Uchiha's out of this Village except one. One that was Banished almost 100 years ago. Are you Madara Uchiha."

The Masked man didn't say anything and started to vanish away but not before saying one last thing. "Even if you somehow stop the Kyuubi, I'll just come after it again and use it to destroy your Village."

Minato stood there breathing heavily, he then looked at Naruto who was smiling at him, Minato then smiled back. "I'm glad your safe Naruto I don't what I would've done if you were hurt."

Naruto giggled and Minato chuckled. Minato then bit his lip looking at Naruto with sad eyes, "Naruto I have a plan to stop the Kyuubi and... all I can say is that i'm sorry and that i'm not going to get the chance to see you grow up."

Minato then used his Hiraishi and teleported awat with Naruto.

(With Jiraiya and Hiruzen)

The Kyuubi was rampaging through the village destroying everything in sight. Hiruzen , Jiraiya, and every other clan and shinobi's tried to hold it off but ended up either by failing or dead. The Hyuga and Akimichi clans were on the front lines fighting the Kyuubi.

"Lord Third the Kyuubi his heading straight towards us." said a Jonin. Hiruzen nodded, "Okay just like we planned. squad 1 get ready!."

"Hai!" Said a squad of both Jonin and chunin up on top of the buildings near Hiruzen.

"Squad two ready?!"

"Hai!" said a squad right in front of Hiruzen staring at the Kyuubi who was charging at them. "Hyuga and Akimichi clans move out of the way now!"

They all nodded doing as the Hokage said.

"Okay... Now!" said Hiruzen. The first squad all went through the same hand signs, Fire style: Great Fireball,they all shot a Fireball from their mouths. All the Fireballs then fused together making a giant Fireball almost the size of the Kyuubi.

While that happened, squad two a squad made of mostly of the Sarutobi clan, all went through the same hand signs, Wind Style: Gale palm, all the wind blast fused together and hit the fireball making it increase twice in size and move extremely fast.

The Fireball hit the Kyuubi causing a massive explosion that destroyed and burned the buildings around the Kyuubi.

"RRRAAAHHHH!" screamed the Kyuubi while being burned, the Kyuubi then fell down on the ground.

Hiruzen, Jiraiya, and everyone else looked at the Kyuubi. "Yes!, the damn demon is down!" Shouted a jonin. Everyone but Jiraiya and Hiruzen started to cheer. "It's not over." Said Jiraiya.

Hiruzen looked at his student and nodded, "All of you don't celebrate it's not over!" Shouted Jiraiya. Everyone looked confused, "what do you mean Jiraiya-sama?" Said a chunin confused, "The demon is dow-" the chunin didn't get to finish his sentence because the Kyuubi bashed his body with his paw, killing the chunin.

Everyone looked in horror as the Kyuubi started to get up and he looked pissed. Hiruzen then spoke, "Men I want all of you to keep up the same attack got it!" Hiruzen then turned to the Hyuga and Akimichi clan members, "And I need you back at the frontlines go it."

"Hai!" They all said doing the same Fire and Wind attack and Hyuga an Akimichi clan members going back to the frontlines. Hiruzen then saw more reinforcements come. Their were all from the Iruri clan. The man standing in front of them is the clan head of the Iruri clan. Gen Iruri, he had long silver hair, a pair of nightshade sunglasses on, a long smoking pipe in his mouth, he wore a mesh shirt with a grey jacket over it with his clan symbol on the back, he also had on black pants and shoes, he had a huge war axe as well.

"How can we assist you lord Third." Said Gen. Hiruzen looked at him and spoke. "I need you and all your clan members to go in the frontlines with Jiraiya, Hyuga and Akimichi clans."

Gen nodded. "Come on men lets go!" Shouted Gen, everyone in the Iruri clan yelled in a battle cry and charged.

Hiruzen then turned to Jiraiya.

"Jiraiya! I want you to summon Gamabunta to help our forces hold back Kyuubi for as long as you can. I will go back into the village and try and find Minato and get him to help us on the frontlines so he can use that plan of his to stop the Kyuubi ."

Jiraiya nodded in acknowledgment and was but to head to the frontlines with the Hyuga, Akimichi, and Iruri clans when he suddenly heard a familiar voice. "You won't have to since I'm already here."

When they heard that voice the Hiruzen and Jiraiya both turned around to see Minato behind them holding his son Naruto in his arms, while had blood coming out his mouth. Minato then coughed out blood.

"Minato!, are you okay?!" Said Jiraiya worried. "And why the hell did you bring Naruto here?! Do you want him to get killed?! This is no place from him!" cried Jiraiya.

"I'm fine." Lied Minato but Hiruzen and Jiraiya knew. "And...the reason... why I brought Naruto here is because it's part of my plan to...Cough!, cough! Minato was coughing out blood and he would have fell on the ground if Jiraiya had not caught him and Naruto.

"No your not what happened, why are you coughing out blood and why is your body so weak and how is bring Naruto here part of your plan?" said Sarutobi.

"The... reason why... I'm like this is because the Masked man poisoned me and if not treated soon I'll die." Jiraiya and Hiruzen were shocked. "And the reason why I brought Naruto here is... because he is... going to save Konoha from the Kyuubi" replied Minato.

This cause a confuse look to appear on the two older men faces, in which Minato decided to explain further.

"Naruto is going save Konoha by... becoming the host of the Kyuubi since I plan to turn Naruto into a Jinchūriki by... sealing the Kyuubi into Naruto and therefore stopping it and saving Konoha".

This of course caused the Jiraiya and Sarutobi to gasp in shock.

"Minato you can't!, first off you can barely even stand and this is your son for god sake!" cried Jiraiya.

"I can... last long enough to seal the Kyuubi away, also I have no other choice" said Minato sadly.

"Minato how do you even intend to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto?" Said Hiruzen.

"Sensei!" Said Jiraiya shocked that his sensei is agreeing to this.

Minato then spoke, "since the Kyuubi... is too powerful for any normal Fūinjutsu to be sealed into Naruto... so my plan is to... use a Uzumaki's Clan's Fuinjustu technique that Kushina taught me, the Reaper Death Seal to summon the Shinigami. It should be powerful enough to seal the Kyuubi away" said Minato.

This of course, caused both Hiruzen and Jiraiya to gasp again in shock.

"Minato you can't! you know what will happen to you if you use that Jutsu" said Hiruzen who knew just what that Fuinjutsu technique would do seeing how he learned it himself. When he was around 20 he had gone to Uzu and met Kushina's father who taught him it.

"Yes... I know, I will die." Said Minato coughing out more blood, "We don't have time."

"But still how can you seal the Kyuubi into Naruto, from what I know about the Jutsu is that you seal the soul of the person into yourself where the Shinigami would then consume both you and the other soul" said Sarutobi.

"I plan on... splitting the Kyuubi's charka in two, the... Yang half will be sealed within Naruto with the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, and the Yin... half will be sealed with me with the Reaper Death Seal. This.. will make sure that the evil influence of... the Kyūbi will not affect or corrupt Naruto as he grows" replied Minato breathing heavily.

"Minato at least let seal the Kyuubi in another child, you know what kind of life Jinchūriki's have, they are either turned into human weapons or they are treated like the worse kind of trash or outcast in most places because of people fear of the demons inside of them. Could you actually do that to your son!, To Tsunade! " yelled Jiraiya with tears down his cheeks.

Minato eyes widened he was about to say something but Jiraiya spoke again.

"How will Tsunade take it knowing that another man she loves is going to die again!, How do think she'll take knowing you would leave her with such a burden all by herself!"

Minato's eyes started to get watery, and he bit his lip.

"And what about Naruto?!, it would even worst for him!, he might be treated like an outcast even though he's your and Tsunade's so!, and How do you think hell feel growing up with out a father and what do think he'll think of you knowing you would do this?!" Cried Jiraiya both sad and angry. He then showed Minato, Naruto.

Minato looked at Naruto who was looking sad at him. Minato then had tears pouring out his eyes.

Jiraiya knew he couldn't blame Minato this wasn't his fault it was that Masked bastard's. He also understood a Kages duty but if Minato did do it Tsunade would be all alone and end up worst than before when Dan died and Naruto could be treated like an outcast despite his heritage and he would grow up with out a father.

"Sensei... I know and the last thing.. I would ever want to do is this!" Cried Minato looked at Jiraiya in the face while crying hard. Jiraiya looked surprised at Minato's face.

"But how!, how could I ask another family to give me one of their own children to turn into a Jinchūriki when I myself cannot with my own son!, Besides you can't hope to image how hard this is for me to do sensei!, I know full well what kind of life I may be condemning him to but I...I...have no choice!" shouted Minato glaring at Jiraiya while tears went down his face.

Jiraiya cringed and step back and then lower his head in shame since he knew Minato was right after which he then looked up.

"And I know Tsunade will take it hard and leaving her is the last thing I would ever want to do, but there's no other option." Said Minato getting up.

"If that the case then show me how to do the Jutsu and I do it, since you will need to be there for Naruto when he growing up to protect him and be a father for him" said Jiraiya.

Minato smiled, "Thank you sensei but as one of the Hokage's its my duty to protect the village." Minato then took Naruto from Jiraiya and turned around.

"I couldn't agree more." Said Hiruzen who chopped Minato in the back of the head knocking him out, but not before snatching Naruto out of his hands.

Jiraiya looked at his sensei in shock. "What are you doing?!"

Hiruzen smiled at Jiraiya, "I'm going to seal the Kyuubi I already Know The Reaper Death Seal technique. Jiraiya looked shocked yet again.

"If you knew it then why did-"

Jiraiya he wouldn't have made it long enough to use the technique, plus like Minato said. It's a Kage's duty to protect the village."

Jiraiya looked at his sensei sadly. "... so your really going to do it huh." Said Jiraiya already knowing his sensei's answer.

Hiruzen smiled sadly, "Yes, I am." Hiruzen then signaled an ANBU to come. It was Kakashi.

"Inu once I seal the Kyuubi away I want you to bring Naruto to Tsunade." Kakashi nodded, Hiruzen then looked at Jiraiya, "Bring Minato to Tsunade quickly before he dies. Jiraiya nodded picking up Minato. Hiruzen went to the unconscious Minato and spoke, "Minato knowing the fact that you were willing to give everything up to save the village proves that you truly are the right choice for the Hokage position." Hiruzen then smiled, "Its to early for you to die, you still have a long way to go, plus you have a family that loves and needs you."

Hiruzen started to walk away but before he did that he asked Jiraiya for a favor, "Jiraiya tell my son Asuma that I love him and that i'm sorry for how things ended between us." Jiraiya nodded.

Hiruzen shushined away, Jiraiya did the same.

(With Tsunade, Shizune, and Kushina)

Tsunade and Shizune had just finished operating on Kushina and it was a success mostly because of Kushina's Uzumaki blood and the fact that she never used the Kyuubi chakra if anything she suppressed it with her chakra chains meaning that she wasn't to connected to the Kyuubi. Kushina was going to alright she just needs a lot of rest.

"Good job sensei." Said Shizune with a smile, Tsunade nodded not smiling she was worried about Naruto and Minato. Suddenly Jiraiya shushin in the room witha bloody and unconscious Minato.

Tsunade and Shizune's eyes widened in horror, "Hurry he needs help now or he'll die!"

Tsunade and Shizune quickly put Minato on the hospital bed new to Kushina. "What happened?!, what's wrong with Minato and where is Naruto?!"

"Minato is poisoned and if you don't treat him now he'll die, and Naruto is with sensei but Kakashi is going to bring him here soon."

Tsunade took what Jiraiya and nodded she then quickly as possible started to cure the poison in Minato's system. While she did that Tsunade asked Jiraiya something.

"...sensei plans on sealing the Kyuubi in Naruto isn't he." Said Tsunade surprisingly in a calm voice. Jiraiya looked shocked at what his teammate said.


"And it was Minato's plan to do it but sensei probably knocked him out." Said Tsunade injecting Minato with an antidote. Jiraiya bit his lip.

"Tsunade, Minato never wanted-"

"I know which is why i'm not mad at him."

Jiraiya again looked shocked.

"Your not?" Said Jiraiya surprised.

Tsunade them smiled while looking at a now cured Minato and stroked his hair. "No Because I already knew the only way to stop the Kyuubi is by sealing it into a person. Minato loves our son I know he wouldn't have wanted to do something like sealing a Biju in our son."

Jiraiya smiling happy that Tsunade wasn't mad at Minato or hated him.

Kakashi then shushin in the room holding a sleeping Naruto.

Tsunade saw Kakashi holding her so and she dashed to Kakashi and snatched Naruto hugging him not to tightly she was happy that her baby was alive and okay. Jiraiya smiled as well.

Tsunade and Jiraiya both then had sad looks on their faces.

"So sensei is dead isn't he." Said Jiraiya not asking it in a question.

Kakashi nodded, "Yes he was successful in sealing the Kyuubi away, but at the cost of his life."

Tsunade had tears going down her face become she had just lost her sensei someone who she considered a father.

Jiraiya was sad as well he didn't cry he already knew that his sensei was going to die.

She turned to Kakashi and smiled wiping away the tears, "Thank you Kakashi for bring Naruto here safely." Tsunade then gave Kakashi a kiss on the cheek making him blush.

She then decided to stay at the hospital until Minato woke up.

Soon after awhile Minato woke up, he got up the bed and looked around he then saw Tsunade who was resting her head on the side of the bed. "Did she stay by my side the whole time?"

Tsunade then opened her eyes and they widened. She then smiled happy and hugged Minato. "Your awake!" Said Tsunade happy sh then kissed him and he returned it.

"I'm so glad your awake Minato." Said Tsunade smiling while crying in joy.

Minato smiled back but then frowned and his eyes widened in shock realizing something. "Wait!, what about the Kyuubi, and Naruto, and, Konoha!"

Tsunade stopped crying ad looked at Minato with a sad smile. "Minato you've been asleep for two day's straight. The Kyuubi was stopped, sensei died sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto so don't worry both Naruto and Konoha is safe."

Minato put a hand on his forehead, "Hiruzen... no, this is my fault if I wasn't so weak by the poison I-" Minato was cut off by a slap in the face from Tsunade.

Tsunade glared at Minato, "Don't say that!, don't ever say that! Sensei choose to do it instead it wasn't your fault." Minato stared at Tsunade for a moment then hug hwr tightly which caught hw off a little. But she then hug him back.

"Your right Hiruzen chose to sacrifice himself for the village and blaming myself won't do anything."

Shizune, Kakashi, and Jiraiya all came in the room with Naruto so see what all the yelling was about.




Minato smiled at them and Shizune then gave him Naruto. Naruto was sleeping peacefully.

"So where their any problem with the sealing?"

"No I went over it many times the seal is full proof." Said Jiraiya.

Minato nodded.

"Danzo has call a council meeting." Said Kakashi.

Minato, Jiraiya, and Tsunade all narrowed their eyes. "It's oblivious what he call a meeting for." Said Tsunade gritting her teeth.

Minato nodded getting up and putting on his white flames coat, h jesterd Jiraiya, Kakashi, Shizune, and Tsunade to come with him. Minato then teleported eveyone with him.

At the council room:

Minato and co teleported in the meeting. Tsunade sat next to Kushina seeing how Kushina was the the head of the Uzumaki clan and Tsunade was the clan head of the Senju clan she was also holding Naruto and slighty tighten her grip when she saw Danzo eyeing her sob.

In the council room it was filled with all the clan heads of Konoha, Hiashi, Shikaku, Inochi, Choza, Shibi, Tsume, Gen, Fugaku, Tsunade, and Kushina. The elders were there has well as the civilian council. (AN: Yeah so just like in my other story I either plan on getting rid of the civilian council or make sure they don't have any power at all.)

"Now that Yondaime is here we can start." Said Danzo

"Actually before we start, I'd like to ask the civilian council to leave seeing how this is a shinobi matter." Said Kushina who never liked the civilian council because when she first came to the village they tried to get the hokage to have her follow under the CRA law, but the Sandaime denied it stating that not only does that law apply to men but it is optional.

A civilian glared at Kushina this person was Sakiri Haruno (AN: I don't know what Sakura's mothers name is mostly because I didn't give a shit enough to check. "Shut up you red haired bitch, shouldn't you be be in the hospital dying somewhere Said Sakiri. Kushina glared at her.

"Enough." Said Minato he then turned to the Civilian council, "Kushina is right seeing how this is a shinobi matter none of you should even be here." Said Minato in a steel voice. He then signal his ANBU to escort the civilians out of the room despite their protest.

Danzo because the support he needed to have Tsunade and Minato's child in his ROOT and turn him into a weapon was now gone.

Danzo didn't tell anyone about Naruto having the Kyuubi sealed in him. He was planning on telling them during the meeting because he had thought if he told the civilians about how the Kyuubi was seal in Tsunade's son then they would vote with him to have him put Naruto in his ROOT. But thanks to both the Yondaime and Kushina his plan was ruined.

"Now then there is something all of you need to know." Spoke Minato getting everyone's attention. "The Kyuubi attack was planned."

"What?!" Shouted Hiashi, Fugaku, and Chozain shock.

"A masked man broke into the village, he then ripped out the Kyuubi from Kushina's stomach and took control of it to have it destroy the village."

Everyone looked shocked even more.

"Wait a minute Kushina you were the Kyuubi jinchuuriki?!" Said Tsume shocked. Everyone stared at Kushina in shocked because they didn't know that.

Kushina was hesitant but then nodded.

"How come we were never told about this." Said Fugaku.

"We didn't want to risk other villages knowing who had the most powerful Biju sealed in them. We did it as a safety procaution." Said Koharu.

Homura nodded, "Besides the reason why none of you we told was not only that but we couldn't risk any of you opening your mouths about it."

Most of the Clan heads glared at Homura but he didn't care the slightest.

"How?" Said Danzo with narrowing his eye.

Minato narrowed his eyes as well, "How what?"

"How was this intruder able to control the Kyuubi."

Minato looked at everyone in the room then at Fugaku, then back to everyone else. Minato knew he had to tell them about the mask man's ability's and Sharingan.

"The intruder had a Sharingan." everyone gasped at what Minato said, Fugaku specially.

Danzo soon got over his shock then narrowed his eye's at Fugaku. "So this was your clans doing."

Fugaku glared at Danzo, "How dare you!"

Danzo didn't stop. "Now that I recall during the attack your clan seemed to have the least casualites"

"Watch your tounge Danzo because I will not just satand here and let you accuses my clan for this attack." said Fugaku who turn on his Sharingan while glaring at Danzo.

Danzo glared back. this would have excelated even more but Minato intervened.

"Enough!" said Minato. both men stopped but kept glaring at each other.

"I don't believe that the Uchiha clan had anything to do with this."

"How can you be sure Yondaime." said Homura. Fugaku glared at him.

"Because I have a reason to believe that this person was Uchiha Madara."

Everyone's jaw dropped including Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi's.

"Madara Uchiha?!" shouted Kushina in shock.

Minato nodded.

"Why do you think he was Uchiha Madara?" said Tsume.

"Because there as been only one Uchiha who has been able to control the Kyuubi." Minato then looked at Fugaku, "Fugaku if I recall what you told me back in our academy day's, you said that Madara was the only Uchiha outside of the village right?"

Fugaku nodded, everyone else started to now understand why Minato thought that.

Shibi then spoke, "If you don't mind Hokage-sama their is something i'd like to ask."

"What is it?"

"As we all know Hiruzen stopped the Kyuubi at the cost of his life." Minato, Jiraiya, and Tsunade all looked down in sadist, even Danzo frowned we he mentioned that. Even though him and Sarutobi didn't see eye to eye he was still upset that his childhood friend was dead.

Shibi continued, "How did he do it, from what I saw the Kyuubi just vanished." Minato, Kakashi, and Jiraiya flinched while Tsunade held Naruto tightly and protectivly.

"... the only way to stop the Kyuubi was to seal it away inside someone."

Everyone's eye widened except Danzo because he already knew who the Kyuubi was sealed into.

"Who?" Said Inochi.

Minato signed, "... he sealed the Kyuubi in mine an Tsunade's son."

Everyone immediately looked at Tsunade who was holding Naruto.

Fugaku then spoke, I say we kill the chil-ughh!"

Fugaku was interrupted by an inhuman punch Tsunade set to his face. He was set crashing into a wall, the punch almost shuddering his face and entire body. Tsunade then gave everyone in the room a death glare so terrifying most of them pissed their pants but not before he handed Naruto over to Kushina.

"IF ANY OF YOU SO MUCH AS GLARE AT MY BABY I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU ALL!" Shouted Tsunade in a menacing voice.

Minato looked at Fugaku who was vomiting out blood and council with hard eyes, "Just like Tsunade if any of you try to touch Naruto, l will kill you as well." Said Minato.

"I agree with Tsunade and Minato if any of you touch him, I'll even help them." Said Kushina with hard eyes. She was beyond grateful to Minato and Tsunade because if it wasn't for them she would have died.

"Me too." Said Jiraiya glaring.

No one said anything, after 5 long minutes of silence Danzo spoke, "Then I suggest you give him to me for protection." Minato and Tsunade gave him glare. "I could keep him hidden away from any enemy's as well as train him in my ROOT, so he could become a powerful shinobifor the village." Said Danzo. His true attention was to make Naruto a loyal weapon for himself.

"I agree with Danzo, he'd be better off with him." Said Koharu who also shared the same ideals as Danzo.

Homaru nodded.

Minato, Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi all released K.I on them making the elder look at them in fear.

"No, and if I ever hear you say that again I WILL kill you three right here and right now." Said Minato darkly. "Besides he will be trained by me, Kakashi, Tsunade, and Jiraiya. So we won't be needing your help with his training."

"Yondaime." Said Shikaku. Minato looked at him while Kushina gave Naruto back to Tsunade who sat back down. 'I fully agree with you and trust in the Sandaime skills in Fuinjutsu, so you have my clans support."

Minato smiled and nodded.

"Mine as well." Said Choza

"Me to." Said Inochi

"Me also." Said Gen

Tsume and Shibi nooded meaning they support Minato.

The only one who didn't was Fugaku who some how recovered from Tsunade's punch and sat back down on his seat.

"Okay then meeting a-" but Minato was cut off by Shibi.

"Hokage-sama you do know that the village will want to know what happened to the Kyuubi. So what are you going to tell them?"

Everyone stared at Minato.

Jiraiya looked at him with a worried face. He was worried if Minato was going to tell them about Naruto's jinchuriki states.

Kakashi and Kushina looked worried while Tsunade slightly scared.

"I will think about it, everyone but Tsunade,Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Kushina leave."

Everyone nodded and left. Minato then put sound proof seals all over the room.

(With Minato, Tsunade, Kushina, Kakashi, and Jiraiya)

"So what are you going to tell the village." Said Kushina.

"... everything."

Everyone's eyes widened. "Minato you can't!" Said Tsunade holding her son tightly.

"There's no other choice because if I don't then Danzo just will."

Tsunade looked at Minato for a moment and she new he was right if he didn't Danzo just would but make it worst. Everyone elso also came to the same conclusion as well.

Tsunade looked at Minato with a serious look. "Okay but if anybody dare tries to hurt or treat Naruto bad in any way, I'll fucking kill them." said Tsunade menacing.

Minato nodded agreeing with Tsunade because if anybody hurts his son he will kill them.

At an unknown location:

The masked man who just caused the kyuubi attack was limping in an underground secret base, "Damn you Yondaime." thought the mask man sneering at the last part, his thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of an infant crying.

"Waah!, Waah!, Waah!"

The masked man turned around to see two (Three) figures coming towards him. One of them was white and had a spiral face, his name was Tobi (zetsu).

While the other one had one half of his whole body black while the other half was white, his name was zetsu.

"Shh, shh don't cry Mara, uncle Tobi is here." Said Tobi holding the baby girl while cradling her slowly back and fourth trying to calm her down, but failed as she still cried. The baby had both black eyes and hair, she always had a slighty pale skin tone. This infant was the granddaughter of Uchiha Madara. Uchiha Mara.

"Well it seems like you failed to destroy the leaf village and take the Kyuubi... Obito." said Black Zetsu not amused.

The masked man turned his attention away from Tobi to Zetsu. He took off his mask revealing his half mashed up face and glared at Zetsu for his comment but didn't say anything.

"Hey now don't cry Mara-chan, Obito I think she's hungry can you can and get same milk?"

Obito glared, "No i'm not a babysitter you do it, also even though she's is Madara's granddaughter I don't see why we have to watch her, all she is, is a annoyance."

"Obito that's not very nice, she's just a baby." Said Tobi.

Zetsu nodded, " Madara wanted you to train her for our plan in capturing all the Biju." Said the white half of Zetsu.

"Plus Madara made it very clear that if anything happeneds to her he'd kill you. said the black half of Zetsu.

Mara cried harder, and Obito pinched the bridge of his nose. "Fine!, I'll get the milk just get her to shut up!, Also contact Pain and Orochimaru and tell them to meet me at Kiri." Zetsu nodded.

Obito then vanished, and when he left Mara stopped crying and she even started to giggle.

Zetsu looked at Tobi, "Do you think she was crying because Obito was here to begin with."

Tobi shrugged, "Probably." Tobi then started to tickle Mara's stomach making her laugh.

Back at Konoha:

Minato had just finish telling everyone's the truth about the Kyuubi attack, and how it was all caused by a maked man with a Sharingan and how the Sandaime sealed the Kyuubi away in his son.

The people of Konoha would have just flat out to their anger and hate out on the person who th. Kyuubi was sealed in but they didn't for many reasons. The first being that the person who had the Kyuubi sealed in him was not only the son of their hero Yellow flash and the son of the great Slug Sannin but the last Senju clan heir, the same clan that founded Konoha.

The second reason was that the attack wasn't even the Kyuubi's fault sure the fox was the one who almost destroyed their village and killed many people but it was being mind controlled by a masked Uchiha.

And finally the third reason being that they blamed the Uchiha clan seeing how the one responsible for this tragedy was an Uchiha. The people would have started to attack the clan but he Yondaime stopped them. Telling them that it wasn't even the Uchiha clans fault and that he was disgusted with how they were acting. Most of them put their heads down in shame but some of them still blamed the Uchiha clan and wanted revenge.

Minato signed, he then told everyone to go home and he then teleported to hi,Tsunade and their son's house in the Senju compound.

When he got home he smiled seeing a happy Tsunade feeding their son at the dinner table, Shizune had just made a huge dinner. Minato sat right beside Tsunade and their son, he then kissed her and they all started to have dinner together as a family.

Chapter end:

AN:So when you read the title you probably thought I meant Minato right?

So first off let me tell you, I did not want to kill off Hiruzen. The only reason why I choose to kill him off was because it was either between him Jiraiya, or Minato seeing how they were the only ones who knew the Reaper Death seal technique. Minato I wasn't going to kill off and Jiraiya he's going to have to be the one to get info on pain.

I'm sure Danzo probably knew it to but be honest would he do it?

As for the whole Uchiha clan being blamed for the Kyuubi attack, well Minato had to tell the truth or else Danzo would have and since the villagers know the truth about the masked man (Obito) they don't blame Naruto. But they decided to blame the Uchiha's seeing how the person who started the Kyuubi attack had a Sharingan.

So just as a heads up. Not all the chapters I make for this story will be long, so if you wanted it long then sorry.

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