Okay, quick update for now. I just changed the ending. I may be continuing this. Maybe. Perhaps. I decided I didn't like the previous ending that much, so I added some parts to it. I felt that it was otherwise too... final. I'll probably be writing a new story soon, so watch out for that I suppose.

"What do you mean Frisk left?!" Undyne shouted, and Toriel looked away, attempting to ignore the bustle of sounds around them. Most, if not all monsters had left the Underground and were now patiently waiting for what was to come next. Some had set up camps with different monsters lounging around, chatting excitedly about the sky and the stars. Asgore had gone with Papyrus and Sans in order to introduce himself to humans and to explain that they just wanted to live peacefully. Undyne had wanted to go with them, but Asgore had decided it would be best if she stayed, as she could be and look rather intense. Alphys, not wanting to leave Undyne, stayed as well. Toriel had decided it would be best for her to stay and look after all of the monsters, as well as keep everything in order. She had been strangely down the entire evening, and when Undyne noticed the lack of Frisk, she had immediately decided to confront the former queen.

"It means exactly what it means. They said they had things to do," Toriel replied softly, not daring to look at Undyne. Said ex-captain was fuming.

"And you didn't try to stop them?!" She yelled out, only to flinch when Toriel pinned her with a sudden heated glare.

"What was I supposed to do Undyne?" She hissed out. "I couldn't tell them 'No you can't leave', could I?"

"You could have tried Toriel! Talked to them! Asked them why and if they would ever come back!"

"It isn't that easy!"

"Yeah it is! It's just some words! Some questions!"

"It's not like that for me Undyne! You've never lost a child before! You don't know how it feels, to hear your child say they want to leave!" Toriel howled. By then the entire area had gone mostly silent, with only a few murmurs here and there.

"Um…Is-Is everything alright?" Alphys asked quietly, confused by the commotion going on. Undyne turned her gaze to her girlfriend, her eyes becoming a tad softer, before hardening again as she looked at the former queen.

"Frisk's gone. Toriel says they left," Undyne snarled out. Alphys jumped at the frustrated tone of her girlfriend, before putting a scaled hand onto the other's arm.

"D-Don't worry U-Undyne! Frisk will… Frisk will come back soon! So we should… just wait for them! Get a room for-for them and learn how to make their favourite food so we can s-surprise them with it!" Alphys stuttered out, her face reddening as she saw the queen's and Undyne's gaze on her. Slowly, a small smile appeared on the fish woman's face.

"Yeah… Yeah, you're right Alphys!" Undyne's smile turned apologetic. "Sorry for yelling Toriel. I just… I was just surprised and worried for the punk."

"No. No… It's my fault. I-I should have tried harder to stop them, or at least asked where they were going and when they would come back," Toriel replied, a sad smile etched onto her face.

To be honest, Sans had no idea what to feel when Toriel had announced that Frisk had left to go… somewhere. He had been confused at the kid's unusual decision at first, before feeling slightly miffed, if not a little resentful that they had left after everything everyone had done. It felt as though the kid was spitting on all of the kindness and love everyone had shared with them. As if the adventures and hardships they had all suffered together meant nothing. Then again, he was being slightly bitter towards Frisk. Sans wasn't as close to them as Papyrus or Toriel was. Any time they had spent together was usually tense and broaching sensitive topics. Of course it didn't help that he had pretty much threatened the kid, with not an ounce of subtlety at the MTT Resort.

Frisk was dangerous in Sans' eyes. A kid shouldn't be able wield the powers that they did. The ability to save, reload…

And Reset.

That was what scared him the most. The fact that the kid might be unsatisfied with this ending. That it was too boring for them. That they would reset everything and everyone would be trapped in the Underground again.

When a month had passed by and there was no reset, Sans had a faint feeling of hope. He hoped that maybe, just maybe this timeline was going to be safe. That he and all the other monsters could finally live above-ground in freedom and peace. When another month went past and still, nothing happened, Sans was overjoyed. Papyrus had been confused, yet happy, with his noticeable good mood and (slightly more upset with Sans') terrible puns. Not everyone was as cheerful a he was however. Toriel had been slightly more subdued and getting more anxious by the day. Papyrus was wondering where his human had gone and he was slowly getting more suspicious of the constant excuses everyone gave him. Undyne was somewhat angry at the kid's disappearance, but she didn't worry all too much. She was convinced they would come by soon.

"The punk's probably just spending time with their human family!" She would yell energetically, and that would somewhat cheer everyone up. (Except Toriel. She seemed to droop whenever Undyne would say that.) Sans himself didn't really care where the child was, as long as they didn't reset. Besides, they must have been in a wonderful place in order for them to not come at all. He supposed that was another reason he disliked the child. They hadn't come to visit yet. And while that usually wouldn't affect him, it was making Papyrus and Toriel sad. And no-one got away with making Papyrus sad.

And so, Sans began his (some-what reluctant) search for Frisk.

They stared at each other for a while. Since Sans had called out to them they hadn't spoken a word to each other. Frisk carefully kept their face blank, while Sans' grin seemed to be slightly strained. Frisk was wondering what they should do. What Sans might do. How to react, what to say, how to smile, how to say 'I missed you' to someone who hated them. Eventually Sans cleared his non-existent throat and tried to widen his grin.

"So, Kiddo, where've ya been?" He sounded light-hearted, but there seemed to be something hidden behind the cheerfulness. Frisk easily recognized it as disgust and vague annoyance.

"At home, with my parents. How have you all been?" They asked quietly, plastering a soft smile onto their face.

"Wow, I didn't know you cared considering you've been, well, gone. We've all been fine. Great even. You should visit sometime. Pap and Tori miss you. So do the others," he announced, watching them carefully. Frisk registered his words and wondered how they could have ever thought that Sans maybe didn't hate them. His first sentence was proof that Sans absolutely despised them and hated them for leaving.

"Ah. Yeah, I should. Where have you all been living so far?" They asked, attempting to sound curious and happy. They had to pretend they were happy to see Sans. Pretend that they weren't about to jump. They just had to pretend everything was wonderful for (hopefully) a few minutes until he left.

"Ahh, ya know, around. We've made a small town on the outskirts of the mountain. So, how are your family? They must be pretty glad to have ya back."

Oh if only Sans knew. But he didn't, so Frisk put on a happy grin and nodded.

"Yeah!" They can't bring themselves to say anything else about their family. They have no idea what positive things they could say about their family. Worst of all, they didn't think they could say anything good without looking like a complete liar.

"That's good, I suppose."

The both of them lapsed into silence once more. Frisk hoped that Sans would leave soon. They didn't think they could keep on the happy smile for much longer and the desperation for death was getting stronger every moment. Sans was vaguely wondering why they had been up alone on the mountain. Deciding to ask his question, he inquired: "So what are you doing up here all alone? You wanna see the Underground again? Or are you going to do something stupid?" Because if the little brat was going to reset everything after the hope he had felt, after everyone's dreams coming true… Then he would honestly murder the kid right there.

Frisk froze when they heard the deep and angry voice, and tried not to look in Sans' blank (empty, so so empty, why is he staring at them like that, why can I feel the hatred rolling off him in waves-) eyes.

"W-What do you mean?" They stutter anxiously, because dear god if Sans knew what they were going to do (what they were still planning to do)… If he knew… They didn't even want to think about it.

"You know what I mean kid," He growled out and Frisk felt themselves shake slightly. Oh god he knew. He knew what they were going to do. They couldn't take it anymore.

They just couldn't hold it all in.

They were tired.

They couldn't keep up this façade.

"…Yes. I was going to do it." Frisk did not expect the sudden blue magic to engulf them and throw them down onto the floor. They gasped at the shattering pain they felt and gave out a choked cry.

"You selfish shit! You're just going to destroy everybody's dreams like this? You're just going to reset everything, trap everyone down there again because of your sick desires?!" They blinked.

"What?" They croaked out in confusion, wondering what Sans was talking about. He paused and stared incredulously at Frisk.

"You- What-?"

"Reset…? Why would I reset…?" They asked softly, having no idea why on earth Sans would think that they would reset. Frisk wasn't even going to broach the topic on how the hell he knew. That would be a can of worms they didn't want to open at that moment.

"Then… What were you going to do? What stupid thing were you going to do?" He questioned and they went rigid, before tugging the corners of their lips to make a painfully wide grin.

"Nothing! Don't worry about it, it was stupid!" They chirped, as they slowly rose from the floor, wincing at the aches and bruises.

"…Sorry 'bout that."

"Don't worry."

Silence reigned once more. On one hand, Sans desperately wanted to know what Frisk was going to do, but on the other hand…

It wasn't his business. Besides, they could deal with their own problems, especially after abandoning everyone.

He tried to ignore the soft dread creeping along his rib-cage.

"Anyway, I best be going. You should really come visit. Here's the address," he handed the bruised child a slip of paper, pretending not to see the hidden dullness behind their (fakefakefakefakefakefakefake) sparkling eyes.

"Will do! Tell everybody I say hi, okay?"

"Sure. See ya around."

And in a blink, he was gone.

Sans tried to shove the crawling feelings of terror and anxiety down, but they continued to plague him. He had no idea why he felt so panicky and worried. It couldn't be the kid, they were fine. But as soon as he thought about Frisk, the horror spiked upwards and made him flinch.

He hadn't felt like this since Alphys tried to-

Oh god.

Oh god, please no.

The kid seemed fine. The kid was happy.

(But it wouldn't be the first time someone pretended to fine.)

Sans froze and felt the violent urge to vomit. And he couldn't suppress those blank, blank (dead, empty, sick, tired) eyes he saw on Frisk.

While Sans didn't like them very much, he didn't want them to die. Not like this.

How could they even feel that way? They were just a kid! They had a good family, a good life-

But did they really?

Sans broke into motion, immediately teleporting himself back to where they were before. He watched as Frisk stumbled closer and closer to the edge, a small, tired, content smile on their face. He felt sick. How could a child be so willing to die? How could a child accept death so easily?

"Frisk. What are you doing." It wasn't a question. It was a statement.

Frisk froze when they heard Sans speak up again, and whirled around to face them.

"Oh, just enjoying the-"

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm tired."


"I just can't go on."

"You'll just come back, you know that right." Another statement.

"…That… That isn't entirely true."

"What do you mean? If you die, everything just resets again-"

"Not if it's willing."

Sans paused, staring in disbelief at Frisk.

"What do you mean?"

"…I can only come back to life, or a save point if you will, if I have the determination… to live. To survive."

"…I see."



"Why?" Sans finally asked, not looking them in the eyes. They shrugged.

"Don't give me that bull-crap. Why?"

And Frisk told him everything.

When they were done, Sans stared at them critically.

"Come with me then. Everyone misses you. I'm sure you miss everyone too." He said and Frisk gave a small broken smile.

"That's the problem though. I would not be able to give them the love they deserve. Not only that…" They looked up at the sky, small tears beginning to fall from their eyes.

"I can't feel anything anymore. Everything would be wasted on me."

He narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

"Kid that's utter bollocks and you know it. Just come with me. It's easier for all of us."

"Easier for all of us? Or just you and the others?"

They closed their eyes.

"I'm sorry Sans." They swallowed.

"But I'm tired."

"I just want to go to sleep."

Frisk stepped off the edge.


It took a moment for Sans to realize what had just happened. Suddenly, every noise seemed blocked out. White-noise echoed around him as he sprinted to the brink of the mountain.

His mind was blank as he stared down, arms falling loosely to the sides.

Blood spilt around the broken figure of Frisk. It pooled around them like a crimson lake, their mangled form an island in the liquid. Their head had burst open like an overripe watermelon, bits of gore flecked onto the ground.

He didn't realize he was crying until he felt his tears damp against his skull.

Oh god.

Oh god.

How on earth was he going to be able to tell the others? How was he going to explain that he just watched it happen?

How on earth did he let this happen?

Suddenly a soft hissing sound echoed around him and Sans froze. Ripping his eye sockets away from the (deaddeaddeaddeaddead) kid, he stared upwards. The sky was beginning to disintegrate into tiny dust-like particles. Sans barked out a manic laugh at the sight. He was very familiar with the view. The blue of the sky turned darker and darker. No sound occurred throughout the entire world, with the exception of the hissing sound. If one were to look at a city, they would notice that everything was frozen. Nothing would move. No sounds would be heard.

"So much for your theory, you brat," Sans croaked out, his grin widening.

"Willing death equals no reset, my arse."

Yes, Sans was very familiar with what was occurring.

The timeline was being wiped out.

The world was resetting.

"See ya on the other side kid."

Christ on a bike cycling to mass on a Friday this chapter was hard to write. I am sorry it took so long.