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''The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a large part of one's self to others.'' ―Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.


Mismatched eyes slowly, yet fluidly fluttered open, focusing on the empty space that laid before him. A small, unnoticeable frown wrote itself across the young male's face while his pale right hand slithered over to the spot as if to confirm that no one was sleeping beside him now that he was awake. The afternoon sunlight that had once shone through the blinds had now weakened to a dark shade of indigo, speckled with a few white spots―most of the spots were helicopters or something other than what he always wanted to get a better look at―the stars. The window taunted him from where he laid on the bed, but he didn't bother to get up, knowing that if he did, he'd probably tire himself out to the point of sliding off the edge of how much he could endure. During the past few months before he told Kaito, Piko hadn't been getting the sleep that he desperately needed due to the nightmares he somehow picked up after that night with the said blue haired male who deceived him and his closest friends. He knew Miku would be the one to punish the bluenette for being such a cruel person and that she'd worry about Piko a bit more than she already was. Rin was the same way―most of the girls worried about him because of how shota he and Len were, but more importantly because they all cared about him deeply―mostly because they loved dressing him up. He cared for everyone as much as they cared about him. The only person who rose above them all in the beginning was Kaito. Only until he realized that lust was the only thing that he felt for the older male, unlike Gakupo whom he felt true love for. The young male who was at least three months along shifted slightly when feeling the pain of sleeping on one side, for quite some time without anything to cushion his pregnant belly, shoot through his lower abdomen. Piko had wanted to get up, only he was a bit too lazy to do so.

A cool breeze swept across the room as the young boy's mouth opened wide enough to allow a long, soft sigh pierce through the silence that overtook the entire room. The breeze seemed to whisk the breath away from him like a soul drifting through the wind on it's way to the sky overhead―on it's way to the stars to become one just like them. A brilliant ball of gas that's millions of miles away burning bright enough for one to see if it happened to be large enough for one to see. Piko's eyes flicked over to the door that was partially open, light streamed through the open section of the door, warm and welcoming. He sighed before pushing himself into a sitting position, then from there he slid out of bed still wearing those basketball shorts Gakupo had lent him―even the shirt that, thankfully, covered up his pregnant belly since he didn't feel like answering anyone's questions if the purplenette had someone over―then again who would be over at this time of the hour? It was at least four in the morning and he had woken up alone in bed. The worst part of it all was that he almost freaked out when Gakupo's protective arms weren't wrapped around him anymore. Instead, he was surrounded by a bunch of pillows and soft, fluffy blankets that welcomed him in just like the light. If you looked at it from the right perspective, you could see that it looked like a type of nest.

He swept a pale, gentle hand across the stomach that was now showing itself due to the whitette having placed his free hand on his hip, allowing it to jut out just a bit. A smile graced his features before he wandered off around the house in search of his boyfriend. After minutes of searching, he happened to find the older male sitting with his back to him on the living room's couch. The older male's ears were plugged up with headphones while music sheets were spread across the coffee table in front of him. A few other music sheets and important papers laid on the cushion next to him as well, but not as many as there were on the coffee table. Not wanting to disturb―more like break his concentration―him, Piko turned around and began heading for the room he had first been placed in, feeling sleep hit him in the face once again. Just as he was leaving, Gakupo removed his headphones from his ears, turned around and called the younger male over, noticing―taking in every detail with those blue eyes of his. They were like the sky itself, only trapped within. He was also able to catch a glimpse of the lingering smile in Piko's mismatched eyes. It only made him, himself smile. Even though the being in the whitette's stomach wasn't his, he'd learn to love it as much as he currently loved Piko. He did know one thing: It would take time, time for them both to get used to. Time for them to learn. The thing that made it easier was that they were both willing, considering the fact that Gakupo had already finished school and Piko happened to be younger than everyone at his school, only making it worse for the young star. If the worst scenario came, he'd have to take online classes just to hide his belly from everyone. He didn't want people to know about his condition.

The ahoge atop Piko's head twitched as if to accept all the comfort the older male had given him over the past few hours―and how willing he was towards the said boy. The whitette plopped himself down on Gakupo's lap, allowing the other to wrap his arms around Piko, but once his hands landed on the said boy's stomach he flinched away like he'd been slapped. Gakupo took it as a sign to back off, but Piko opened his mouth to speak.

''All you did was surprise me, so you didn't do anything wrong. It felt electrifying―in a good way though since it was a very welcoming gesture.''

Gakupo let out a loud yawn, eyes watering as he did so. He then placed a kiss on top of the whitette's silky hair, his eyes closed for a brief second before opening once again. Piko could see the older male didn't get much sleep other than the hour or two he'd slept with Piko before leaving. The younger male hid his face within the purplenette's neck, sighing loud enough for the both of them to hear, he knew that they'd have to do something for his schooling, but neither of them wanted to talk about it at the moment. They just wanted to be in each other's arms, feeling completely protected now that they had each other. Sure Piko had thought about his current job and what he'd have to do about it―most likely try to get put on some type of leave that was long enough for him to stay with the baby after it had been born. He should at the very least get one to three months to spend with his baby rather than having to go back to work almost straight away.

Another sigh, this one content, slipped from the whitette's lips. The older of them both, partially irritated at how the shirt the whitette was currently wearing happened to be covering up the small stomach that was showing but not enough for it stick out. A small wave of pain crawled up the right side of Piko's lower abdomen, causing him to wince in pain, yet it was not enough to be categorized as severe. Just as the pain seemed to worsen a bit, Gakupo's fingers slid under the shirt he was wearing and began to rub soothing circles near the said spot. It helped Piko relax and get used to the feeling of hands other than his on his stomach―not that he didn't like the feeling. It just felt...different. He most likely wouldn't complain out loud unless he was totally uncomfortable with it. The older male placed the free hand that he had on Piko's forehead. The touch contrasted against the warm flash he was currently dealing with.

Gakupo's voice pierced through the things Piko was dwelling on, ''Do you want me to open a window?"

''No. Just stay here with me, and―and don't let go,'' he huffed out, eyebrows knotting together as he felt butterflies return to his stomach for the millionth time―this time they were stronger than the other times, ''God, this is horrible. Can I just vomit, curl up, then die?''

''Unfortunately, no. I don't need to be a single parent. I'd rather have you here with me―by my side,'' Gakupo chuckled out the rather cheesy line before pressing a kiss to Piko's left cheek, he watched as a small smile spread across the boy's face. For once he didn't look like he was in pain or seemed to be hiding things behind his back like a child who was about to receive a scolding from it's parents for doing something that he shouldn't have done. But it was his fault. Kaito had fooled them all and tricked them into thinking that he'd actually love someone as kind as Piko, even though deep down he never could. The whitette dozed off, the smile still visible on his lips. His entrancing mismatched eyes had already closed, exposing long, white eyelashes that twitched every few seconds before he saw that the pregnant male had fully fallen asleep or at least deep within sleep enough for him to brush those snowy white bangs out of the young male's face. Before Gakupo knew it a smile had bloomed on his own face. He now knew something new about Piko―something he hadn't actually put quite a lot of thinking into until now.

Piko's smiles were contagious. And he gladly accepted them.

The mood then shifted back to Kaito, of course; the one who ruined everything and thought that he had to be just 'perfect' in order to stab everyone in the back with knives―Hell, he should've used a sword if he wanted to impale so many people from behind without having to use more than one knife for one person when you could just slam a sword into the person's chest without them even knowing up until the last second or even minute. Anger coursed through the purplenette, but he knew he couldn't make any rash decisions for the time being, considering the vulnerable state Piko was currently within, the whitette would possibly lash out at any given moment if he were to confront Kaito about the situation, already aware that Piko had talked to the bluenette about it before he retreated to the purple haired singer, seeking comfort and support with the decisions he had made. Gakupo's thumb brushed against the smooth skin of Piko's belly, the smile once again gracing the beautiful whitette's features. Maybe he should take the boy back to the room before he fell even deeper into the tides of sleep―something he had desperately needed at the time, due to all the nightmares he had and flashes, vomiting, and dizziness; he hadn't been able to sleep quite right for a few weeks after having his innocence gladly ripped from him. This was the time when he needed to step in or something would go wrong.

''Chibi―'' he nuzzled the sleeping whitette before giving the said boy a swift kiss on his nearest cheek, ''―can you eat something before you sleep. Please?"

A labored sigh slid from the boy as his mismatched eyes opened―the right one green and the left blue. Both were breathtaking―astonishing to him. Every time he looked into those eyes of Piko's, they somehow would manage to take all the breath from him away in an heartbeat. White eyelashes fluttered once again before his eyes fully opened, gazing up into the purplenette's sky-blue eyes. If they both were to talk about what they loved about each other, they'd end up saying cheesy things, something they both seemed like they wanted to do, but Gakupo had other plans. He wanted Piko to get the well-earned sleep that he hadn't had for almost three months. He wondered how the young male had been able to deal with all the vomiting, outbursts, and other problems before he had contacted Kaito then him. Did he cower into a corner, sobbing until the morning light reached his eyes? Did he vomit, but not eat much afterwards? Was his heart torn? Did he eat and sleep enough? No one other than Piko could answer his questions, put his worrying to an ease. Just how did he intend to work his way around to the questions without the whitette catching on? That right there was the ultimate trick. Something he could possibly put off unless he actually needed such questions answered. As if sensing the questions that filed into Gakupo's mind, Piko's eyes flashed with a smile lingering within. Piko grabbed at the long purple hair that framed Gakupo's face, running his fingers through the soft strands, ''It's too much effort. I'm going to throw it up either way,'' he sighed, as if giving up on bothering to stuff his face with food like he used to. The want flashed, trying to hide itself within his eyes, yet Gakupo spotted it.

''You should still eat something. Afterwards you'll probably feel way better than you do right now which is like shit, I'm guessing.''

''I'm not craving anything at the moment though.''

''What's the first thing that comes into your mind? Or I'll make something for you since I don't want you burning my kitchen down.''

''Who says I'm a bad cook?"

''I do. I've heard tales of your cooking―''

Piko laughed, ''Did Miku or Iroha tell you about that?"

''Both of them told me that you had almost burned down the school's General foods department while trying to make cupcakes.''


''Is that what you want now―cupcakes at four in the morning?''

''Yes. Or an orange. I told you I'm not that hungry,'' Piko whined, nuzzling the older male's neck once again.

''An orange. Maybe something that will actually fill you up rather than keep you going for thirty minutes.''

''Don't judge.''

''Not judging. I don't want you to die from starvation.''

''Okay, Okay. I know what I want now.''

''Let's hear it.''

''I want a sandwich that has tomatoes and bacon.''

''I'll have to buy bacon and tomatoes in the morning then.''

A giggle erupted from the half-asleep whitette, ''It's already morning.''

''Well, sorry. I was working on stuff until you came and tried to take off on me.''

''I didn't want to bother you.''

''You weren't. We should probably get back in bed if you'll still want something that has bacon and tomatoes in it. Let's just hope you don't change your mind. You can come shopping with me if you'd like?"

''Well I need something to do other than fret about my work and how I'm going to have to start doing school online now. Should I bring my stuff over to you place or do you want to summon me?"

''I don't live that far from you so you could walk or I could walk, but then again, walking is good for pregnant people―especially in the beginning.''

''Are you a pregnancy expert now?" The pain that had appeared before was now reappearing in the same spot, earning a groan from the whitette who shifted in Gakupo's lap. He would soon get up either way, seeing as he still wanted to do nothing but sleep at the moment, yet he was entertained with the conversation he was having with the other Asian male. He seemed to have matured even more―if possible. He was extremely willing on his end of their relationship. All Piko had to do was accept the fact that he loved the said male.

''Maybe, maybe not. Who knows?" He shrugged, realizing the pain in the younger's stomach had returned like a cat appearing only for it's meals, possibly scratching the person feeding it in the process. He leaned into Gakupo's gentle touch, thankful that he had someone to help him. The samurai android silently nuzzled the younger looking android, smiling happily before breaking the silence that had once again befallen the two who seemed to not care either way. They didn't seem like they'd want to do anything just yet. They were lazy like cats sunbathing in patches of sunlight, rolling around lazily, not fully knowing if the sun would return the next day, warm and welcoming as usual.

''Seeing as you're closer to finishing your classes rather than everyone else you could probably convince the school to get you to do online classes. And we should get you into a clinic so you can get prenatal vitamins seeing as you haven't been to one since the incident that happened. You freaked out after hearing the results of your blood and urine tests.''

''I don't like being near those assholes. I don't like needles either. When I ran out I was terrified...I-I couldn't…'' tears welled up in the whitette's eyes, but he didn't bother wiping them away. He took deep breaths, pressing his back against Gakupo's chest to seek the comfort that laid within the said man.

Gakupo realized this and pulled the younger male in closer to him, nuzzling the boy's neck. ''Don't worry. You're fine now and nothing can harm you when you're with me.''

''Thank you,'' Piko breathed out, now rubbing at what was left of the tears that lingered in his eyes. ''I'll need to schedule for an ultrasound sometime soon. It's been over the recommended amount of time. It should've taken place a few weeks ago, but I was scared to death of what the outcome would be. I didn't know something like this―'' he placed a hand atop the almost nonexistent belly that would show more than it already was, ''―would, no, could happen. I just hope that I'm not carrying more than one, seeing as one would be enough for me to handle with all the other things that's going on in my life at the moment. There's my career, school, being an android, you, then this.''

''I'm here for the both of you so don't go around taking on all this burden like it's yours to shoulder―alone at that. You're not alone.''

''I just wonder how I'm going to tell the rest of the squad―I don't know if I can even tell them. I'll probably have to make a few more appearances at concerts before I disappear for the next six to eight months. I'd like to spend some time with the baby, you know. It's supposedly good for mothers to spend time before returning to their natural daily routines, and I'd most likely become more attached. Either way, I do not like the sound of leaving my child so soon after birth.''

''The squad should take it fine. The girls will that is. What they'll want to do more than anything in the world once you tell them is to get you ready for a baby shower. And I'm afraid you know how those girls can overdo things. They'd want and need to overdo this since they want us to be happy. I'll probably let them do whatever they like when orchestrating the shower.''

A melodic laugh sounded from the pregnant male who had covered his mouth from sight with a fist, smiling. ''I can see all of that happening. I on the other hand will not let them go overboard with the shower―especially not the cake. I don't want leek flavored cake or orange flavored cake. I don't want Miku trying to stuff leeks into the cake when I'm not looking because I know she'll try each second she gets.''

''Ah, I remember your birthday last year. That was laughable.''

Piko elbowed Gakupo in the stomach, earning a grunt in response.

''She had leeks on everything―my cake, cupcakes―from the wrapping paper to the walls. I don't want to know how she could get leek wallpaper without me noticing it,'' a shiver slid it's way down PIko's spine, slow and glacial-like which only made it worse for the young teen. When the shivers subsided after a few minutes, he calmed down enough to allow his eyelids to sag as if they were heavy like lead.

''Sleeping on me now, are you?" The purplenette questioned while those mismatched eyes of Piko's finally closed. The two of them took in a breath, yet Piko didn't respond. He kept his eyes closed, clearly exhausted today as well. And it was only the beginning of the day. Maybe he'd let the younger male sleep in for a while until lunch time when he'd take the said boy out but not without something to hide away the small bump that would show―if there was a wind it would show up more likely. Gakupo himself happened to be exhausted as well from the hours and hours he spent working on a song's melody to creating the lyrics (with some help from other androids). He just hoped that no one would try to hack into Piko's system later on, almost always resulting in him having cat ears and a tail along with something else―something that would stand out. One time it happened to be a bow, the other time they tried to go swimming but found out the whitette had a stomach piercing. A few times it would be strange tattoos or designs that people had decided to place on the Sony android. This time would be different though. He was pregnant and no one would want someone hacking in while carrying could possibly worsen the situation. Pregnant males―Piko in this situation would be considered weaker than a pregnant woman. The fact that the whitette's organs would have to adjust to the situation make him able to catch things easily.

Then again, cat ears alongside a tail didn't seem that bad…

Gakupo let out a long sigh, sky-blue eyes shimmering with amusement. He rhythmically ran his fingers through the whitette's hair, quickly rewarded with the soft sound, of what sounded like, purring that erupted from his throat. He was clearly content and Gakupo planned that Piko should stay that way throughout the pregnancy in case any risks would have to be taken due to his situation being different and the fact that his body was more feminine, he'd at least have a few nonlethal pregnancy and birth complications―the birth being the most serious―something they both should look out for as the pregnancy progresses. But with Gakupo helping, the younger teenager surely would pull through without any problems whatsoever. The only thing they both could possibly be at the moment was optimistic. Very optimistic―up until the end. Hope was another important factor that could be thrown in against optimism. Optimism wasn't always Gakupo's thing. It had mostly been Piko's, causing people to assume he would be more female than male, considering the fact that his female friends had completely wiped out his wardrobe and replaced it with girly things (other than his boxers, so he was fine with that). Although he had a feeling deep inside that was telling him he'd wake up to see what he feared, he pushed the thoughts away.

Sighing in complete bliss, Gakupo continued running his fingers through the other's silky white hair. It made him look like an angel, but he had never seen an angel in all his years of living so he assumed that Piko was more beautiful than anything he had laid eyes upon―if he did stumble upon an angel, he'd still think the same thing. Piko made angels look horrible. He was beauty itself. Breathtaking, captivating, and definitely mesmerizing within his own eyes. That was something he'd never forget.

They were in this thing together.


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