Magic, Friends, Life-It's Complicated originally by Melissa-WolfGirl for the first 3 chapters
Twilight & Winx Club Xover Rated: M, English, Romance & Mystery, Jacob, Bella, Winx Club, Specialists
Chapter 1 What is Love?

I phased in a few minutes early so that I could check in with Paul and Embry on how their patrol went. They were tired and irritated. In fact, we all were. We had been chasing Victoria for weeks but the leech still managed to narrowly escape our paws.

I wanted this to end already so I could go back to my friends, my life and my love, Bella. Bella. I hadn't seen in her two days, that isn't very long but it felt like eternity.

"Quit whining baby beta!" Paul sneered through the pack link. I had almost forgotten that I was on patrol. We were headed home after searching for that red headed leech Victoria.

"Shut up Paul!" I thought back. I could feel exhaustion seeping into all of the pores in my body.

All I wanted to do was go home, take a shower and crash land into my bed but I couldn't. I still had to patrol around Bella's to make sure she was safe. Damn, I needed to see her. Maybe Sam will give me the okay to stop in.

Paul and Embry had reached their homes and phased out with a quick goodbye. Not even a minute later Sam phased in.

"Hey Sam!" I greeted the pack Alpha and big brother.

"Hey Jake, it's been awhile since we've patrolled together. How's everything going?" he asked calmly. How could he manage to stay calm all the time?

"It seemed pretty uneventful," I told him as I showed what I picked up from the others who had patrolled last.

I was just about to Bella's house when the ache to see her intensified with sadness lying underneath. "Sam…" I practically whined to him.

"Yes Jacob, you can go. Just try to stay alert and don't stay too long. You are still on duty until Jared and Quil take over. Oh and Jake? Have a good time," he said earnestly.

I had come to a dead stop at his words. Sam had said yes? I could go see Bella? I certainly didn't think he'd be okay with it. He must be in a good mood today.

"Hey! You make me sound like a bad guy. I'm not like those people who try to keep lovebirds separated. I just want to make sure she's safe and that no accidents happen like Emily's so deep down I'm not a bad guy, now am I?" he joked.

Wait did I hear that right? Was Sam joking? "Hey dude, you okay? I mean, you seem to be in a really good mood today. It's…uh… it's a little unnatural, no offense. Has Emily hit you or something?" I teased him.

"Yes you are right?" he said softly.

"What Emily hit you?" I asked dumbfounded.

"No you idiot," he laughed it off, well as close to a laugh one could have in wolf form.

He showed me a scene from his memory. Emily was happy and she was smiling with silent tears running down her face. "Oh Sam! I love you so much!" she told him. Just then the vision shifted to her left hand. She had a ring on the finger next to her pinky.

It took a minute but I finally understood. "You proposed to her?! WOW dude! Congrats man!" I said excitedly. I really was truly happy for him.

Sam and Emily had been dating for around three years, even before we phased, and now they were going to get married. It had to be an awesome feeling to know someone and love them for so long. Even when the supernatural would have torn them apart, it brought them closer. I instantly thought of Bella.

"Whoa Jacob, slow down! It's Emily and I getting engaged. Not you and Bella…yet," he clearly enjoyed my exuberance. He blatantly laughed at my childishness but I couldn't help it. I suddenly felt younger receiving this news.

"Suck it up Bro! Now tell me, when's the wedding? Why didn't you tell us you were gonna ask? And when were you going to tell us? I am going to be your best man; there are no arguments on that!" I fired question after question at him.

"Jacob shut up!" he laughed again but my wolf took it as an Alpha command. "We are not getting married anytime soon. At least not for the next 2 years, so you can keep your wishes to yourself. No one knows because it literally happened right before I phased. Emily didn't want me to tell you guys as she planned a surprise for you all," he explained.

I made a puppy dog face, I wanted to talk so bad but this stupid alpha command was stopping me.

"Now go, you're so close to Bella's house," he demanded slowly.

I jogged the last few yards to the break in the trees behind her house before I phased. I quickly threw on my cutoffs and scooped up some loose gravel that I tossed at her window. After a few hits, I got her attention; she looked out the window curiously. She looked down and smiled when she saw me. She opened the window and motioned for me to come up before she moved away to let me in. I quickly jumped on the tree and swung into her room.

"Hey Jacob," she greeted me happily, her eyes roaming down my body. I felt a smirk as it formed on my lips. I was used to girls drooling over me but when it came to Bella it was an entirely different thing.

"Like what you see, miss?" I said in a low voice with an eyebrow rose bringing all the blood to her cheeks.

She looked funny, yet so hot, when she blushed. She tried to turn away from me but stumbled. I couldn't help but laugh at my clumsy Bella. She was wearing her PJs and her hair was up in an untidy bow. Wow, did it suit her. She looked incredibly sexy at that moment.

I saw a copy of Romeo & Juliet that I'm sure she was reading before my impromptu visit. "Why do you keep reading that?" I asked her.

She gave a slight huff but smiled nonetheless. "Because it's such an emotional and heart wrenching story," she answered wistfully.

I snorted; I absolutely hated the cowards who took their lives because they were in love. Suddenly something came to me. "Bella, what's your definition of love?" I asked seriously.

She seemed confused; I looked into her eyes drowning in them as I tried to see anything that gave her thoughts away. It felt like an eternity had passed when she finally broke our eye contact. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

As I looked into your eyes

I knew something was wrong

And then you said goodbye

We had been together too long

You said you didn't feel for me

The same way I did for you

And after years of our love

We were actually through

I said you won't go

You said you can't stay

But how was I supposed to know

It would all end that day

I told you how much I would miss

Each and every day

And that was when we kissed

And you turned and walked away.